Apr 13 2015

Some Thoughts by TeraS

Unexpected situations, like one I was in yesterday, sometimes lead storytelling to unexpected places. Still, the thought counts, in many ways, and so …


Some Thoughts
By TeraS


The chambers of the Court of the Realm were, as they tended to be, a quiet place at three o’clock on one particular morning. Most rational members of the Realm where off in their beds, or snuggled with their Eternals, or pets, or … well, to be clear, there were many places for them to be and, as such, that wasn’t an odd thing.

While the chambers were quiet—the walls in shadow, the night filling the space—off behind the throne there was a small alcove. It was the spot where, on occasion, in the past, an advisor of the reigning monarch would be positioned to listen to the goings on and, sometimes, whisper some needed fact or other tidbit so that the one making the decisions could do so with a good grasp of the situation. But, for quite some time now, it had not been used, because Tera didn’t feel like using the throne, or the chambers for that matter, when decisions had to be made. Oh, it was fine for pomp and ceremony, of course, but, for the most part, Tera would be out and about, meeting with others as needed and avoiding this place which wasn’t where she wanted to be.

On this particular night, however, someone was sitting in that alcove, and that someone was Tera. She reclined there, in a space where she was not really meant to be, and she remembered …

She remembered sneaking into the chambers one day, quite early, and wedging herself into the alcove long before her mother and father arrived to hold court. Being that, at the time, she was a child, her understanding of things was a child’s understanding, and she thought of the alcove as more of a hiding spot to see what her parents were doing. She smiled as she realized that, while a child could well hide here, an adult, such as herself, would have never been able to do so. Still, she recalled listening to the pages and others rushing about the room, none of them looking into the alcove and seeing her.

None of them, that is, until he spoke to her: “Princess Tera, what are you doing here?”

Queen Tera remembered him well. He was quite old, even all those years ago. His white hair had always fascinated her at the time, because, as far as she knew, he was one of the oldest of her kind there. He was a kind, patient soul, one that she loved dearly for all that he had taught her.

“Uh … I wanted to … sort of …. well …”

She remembered his red tail: how it always held a quill, and how she never quite understood how he managed to write with it.

“Princess, you shouldn’t be here. After all, your mother expects her advisor to be where you are, to assist her in matters of state.”

How she replied, was, as she thought about it now, a clear indication of who she would eventually become: “Can’t I help?”

She always wondered why he didn’t just take her hand and lead her away, or scold her for being where she was. Instead, he just nodded: “Very well. But you must not speak unless asked a question, Princess. This is important.”

She remembered zipping her lips and nodding enthusiastically then crossing her heart: “Promise! Thank you!”

She had scrunched herself up into a smaller space, so that he could be where he needed to be, but, instead of doing so, he walked away for a time. She had feared that he had gone to tell her mother what she had done, expecting her mother to appear and scold her for being inquisitive. What happened instead was that the trumpets sounded, the chamber filled, and then her mother, the Queen, was announced along with her father, the King. She didn’t have time to question why he didn’t return to his spot in the proceedings before she heard the voices of her mother and father as the day began for them.

Tera remembered how boring everything sounded, how there was all of this pomp and ceremony, how her parents spoke in such an odd way. She knew it was her parents, but it wasn’t how they spoke with her. It felt as if they were putting up a wall between themselves and those who approached them.

She managed to make it through the morning attendance, not even falling asleep, as she recalled. She remembered her father calling the proceedings to a close, bidding all in the room good day, and then hearing sounds of everyone leaving the room. Young Tera remained there, out of sight, but thought about how strange it was, how odd, and, eventually, she made up her mind that really all of this … stuff … wasn’t for her.

She didn’t move until she heard the last footsteps leave the room and the doors close. Once that happened, she wiggled herself out of her hiding space and looked around the side of the alcove, intending to leave for her room, this adventure having run its course.

Except it didn’t.

The sound of her mother’s voice was clear in the empty space: “Tera, come here, sweetheart.”

When Tera poked her head around to look, she found that the place wasn’t as empty as she thought it was. Not only were her mother and father there, but the white-haired incubus was, as well. Worse still, the entire court of the Realm was there, too. Two thoughts came with that realization. One was that it was a good thing she had dressed up a little—though what she was wearing would never be appropriate for the court—and the second was that it was a good thing she hadn’t said a word. Embarrassing her parents by being there would have been bad enough, but speaking out of turn at a wrong moment could have done a lot of harm. She remembered standing in front of her parents, fidgeting and knowing that every eye in the place was looking in her direction.

Her father asked, “Tera, why were you hiding?”

Her answer, as she thought about it now, was truthful: “Wanted to help. But … this place isn’t for me.”


Tera smiled in the present as she remembered how blunt her words were then, a clear message to her parents and the assembled court that she was going to be a pain in the tail: “I can’t hide me. Don’t want to dress up, be something I’m not. Want to help as me.”

Tera realized that she got her little quirk of tilting her head to the right from her mom, as she remembered her doing the same thing, but to the left, before she replied: “Tera, you don’t have to dress up. You don’t have to hide yourself. But you do have to be yourself.”

The chuckle from her father echoed in her thoughts even now: “But next time, no running shoes please? They squeak when you are hiding.”

She blushed as she recalled that first time that she remembered her father chiding her gently: “Yes, Father, I promise.”

There was the sound of a door opening and a ray of light from the outside hall etched itself across the chambers to where she reclined. A figure called out to her in a familiar voice: “That place is too small, you know.”

Tera sat up and looked at him across the way. So many years had passed and yet he was still the same as she remembered him: the only one in the Realm with shockingly white hair and a red tail.

“I don’t believe my tail is all that fat.”

She watched him enter the chambers, the sound of his walking stick clicking on the floor as he did so. When he saw Tera getting up, he waved his hand at her: “I’m fine. No reason for you to get up.”

She paused at these words. She was the Queen, she didn’t have to do as he asked, but she was going to. They had an understanding, one that she respected and cherished. “I was just … thinking.”

He stopped to her right, looking past the throne and where she rested: “About that first time you snuck in here?”

“Yes. Why did you let me stay?”

She saw him scrape the tip of his cane on the floor before he replied: “You were the Princess of the Realm. You had every right to be there with your parents, to rule with them, to advise them.”

She knew that he would see her tail making a question mark as she answered: “I was a child. I didn’t know the first thing about what was going on.”

Turing to look at her, he replied: “You knew enough to know that you wanted to change things. While that took until you became Queen …”

She narrowed her eyes, knowing full well that he knew how she felt about being called by her title and not her name.

Still, he continued nonetheless: “… Speaking your mind showed that you weren’t going to be a pushover, which is what your parents wanted the court to see.”

Tera blinked: “You set me up, didn’t you?”

She could just make out his smile: “You granted the opportunity. I had concerns that you might be influenced by others, that you would allow yourself to be pushed around, guided, told what to do.”

Tera sighed and ran her fingers through her hair: “The crown weighs heavy upon those that wear it.”

“It does. But then the crown does not weigh upon you like it did your parents. It is there, you accept it, to a point, but you do not allow it to become you, Tera.”

She could just about here the word “Queen” in his voice: “I’m too stubborn for that.”

“True. But you have something that your parents did not. Something I was not.”

Tera just looked at him. He was their closest advisor, he was family, he did so much and more for them all.

“I was not their heart. The one you call your heart has done more for you than anyone in this court could.”

“He’s family … He’s …” Tera shrugged: “He’s my heart.”

He nodded: “Precisely. He knows the Realm, your soul, that of your Eternal. He knows when things are not well, when you are not true to yourself. He does not influence you, he speaks truths that you know.”

Tera brushed off her legs and stood up: “My heart is wise, and I trust in his wisdom.”

He nodded: “But the choice is yours, the decisions are yours. He supports you in whatever that will be. He is the Queen’s heart, the only one that has ever been.”

She walked over to her old friend and trusted advisor, placing her hand on his that held his cane as he continued: “Did you know there is only one koi pond in the entire Realm?”

She smiled: “It is, as you know, a rather large one. I don’t think we need a second one that big.”

He patted her hand: “Quite true. We would have run out of room by now.”

Tera leaned in and kissed his cheek: “Thank you, uncle.”

He gruffly answered as he turned around to leave the chambers: “For what?”

“For telling me.”

He gave her a hug as they walked away from the spot where Tera’s reign started so long ago: “You deserved it. Besides, you’ve been listening to my ranting this long.”

“Ah, but I love hearing from you. So, tell me, how did your team do today?”

As the doors closed, from out in the hallway his voice could be heard … ranting about hockey, of all things … and Tera’s voice, giggling softly as they both went on their way …

For no king, no queen, no counselor, not even one’s heart can match the thoughts shared between an uncle and his niece …

Apr 12 2015

A Review of Demon in Disguise by Roxie Lee

Demon in Disguise by Roxie Lee

Demon in Disguise by Roxie Lee

Once again a review of a work that was intended to be the first in an ongoing series which never materialized in the wake of it appearing. It’s a shame this happens so often because there are a lot of good stories and ideas that come from these works that wind up leaving the promise they hold behind in time.

There is such a thing as soul mates. Where the questions begin is: What does that really mean? Does it change you, do you have any kind of choice in the matter, and if not, does the one that claims you actually have the understanding of what that really means?

It is the story of:

When Lacey Michaels receives a surprise invite to Incubus—a notorious BDSM club in San Francisco, she jumps at the opportunity. After all, she’s a journalist and curiosity is her middle name. What’s more, if she finds the rumors about the club are true, she’ll make a name for herself in the business.

A Demon by nature and a soul catcher by trade, Kurt Samuelsson is enchanted by the beautiful dark-haired stranger who visits the club. He instinctively knows she’s everything he needs in a woman, and is therefore his promised one—the soul mate who will be his for eternity.

As Lacey discovers all manner of strange phenomenon pointing to demons and devil worship at the infamous venue she becomes frightened, but also sexually drawn to the good-looking guy who always seems to be staring whenever she glances in his direction.

Lacey hadn’t reckoned on falling for the tall, enigmatic stranger with the mesmerizing eyes, and as a result her priorities become unclear.

Should she sample the demonic sexual fruits on offer from Kurt, or should she see sense and simply run from Incubus with her story, never to return again?

Lacey goes with a friend to the Incubus club, where she believes that something odd is happening there. She meets someone who takes control of her, mind, body and soul, and then has no other choice but to submit to his command.

The theme of this work revolves around the idea of soulmates which I hoped would be approached in a tasteful way. The thing is that, at least for me, it really isn’t. There’s a good deal of “instant” mind control being used on Lacey by Kurt, the incubus, and it feel very wrong when Lacey’s personality goes from independent, intelligent woman into simpering love slave. It’s a bit worse when all of the talk of love and compassion that Kurt thinks about after meeting Lacey gets tossed aside for a erotic scene that takes a position on D/s relationships that I cannot subscribe to.

Lacey’s treatment, after her mind is changed, her past is forgotten and her world is twined around Kurt’s finger is what many poorly thought out and misunderstood ideas about D/s relationships go. There’s no compassion, no understanding, no depth of caring or concern. It all circles around Lacey falling to her knees and Kurt doing whatever he wants to her. Incubus or not, that just didn’t have any heat for me and I didn’t find that enjoyable.

All of what I didn’t enjoy takes up the latter third of the work and before that point occurs, the story prior to that moment is so much better and so much more interesting. Lacey has a past, a goal, a life and a purpose. She’s conflicted in a lot of ways, but tries as well as she can in the situation she finds herself in. Even when she meets Kurt for the first time, she doesn’t fall under his spell completely and that’s good because it’s more interesting to read the struggle, to see her thoughts as she experiences events and try to understand what happens.

The same can be said of Kurt, to a point, in that his background and story are interesting, if only fleetingly delved into. Again, before he turns into “Master” he is much more interesting and has more depth than when the erotica starts and his attitude changes dramatically, every bit as much as Lacey’s does.

There is a lot unspoken in this story, mainly around why Lacey’s personality changes and how. There’s also the question of what the club is about, what the plans of the incubi characters are, what some various references mean and so on. It’s confusing at times to trace the path of the story and it need not have been.

In a lot of ways the story gets washed out by the D/s themes, how Lacey is treated and how things are spoken of before that moment. Talking about caring about soulmates and then treating one poorly doesn’t feel right. It’s a problem that shouldn’t be. Yes, there are dominant characters and yes there are submissive ones. Both should be treated with respect in a story. It is a two way street, mind changing powers or not and that doesn’t happen here.

All of this was meant to lead towards a series and the next work in it, but that never has appeared. As a result the work ends at a point where there are many questions, many paths to take, and a lot of explaining to do. Whether or not that would have transpired in the next work cannot be said, but at the least I would have wanted to understand what, exactly, soulmates mean to the incubi in this work. From all appearances, my definition of that word isn’t what this universe believes it to be.

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

I have to assume that a lot of the open questions left in the wake of this story would have been answered in the next work in the series, but that hasn’t appeared as of the date of this review. I want to understand how things work in this universe, there’s too much hand waving and not enough substance at times. The D/s theme was uncomfortable and far too one sided for my personal tastes as well. Rushing through a story simply to get to the erotica is a problem and considering the building up of the story before the main characters meet, what follows afterwards is a misremembered dream.



Apr 12 2015

A Review of Demon Lover by Wayne Nix

Demon Lover by Wayne Nix

Demon Lover by Wayne Nix

A very short incubus story to review on the Tale today. Sometimes it seems like the stories that appear are teases. They read like a summary of a longer work and that gives me some pause. I’d like to know more, but there isn’t anything more to read. There’s an idea, but it doesn’t go anywhere as it should.

Hot flashes can be a lot more than they are if they are allowed to become something more as well…

The story is about:

A quiet librarian finds an ancient book and summons her demon lover.

Liz looks around a garage sale and finds a book that reveals some of those that had summoned Incubi in the past. Her sexuality gets the better of her and she summons one. That is pretty much the story in a nutshell. It sounds like a interesting read but I did have some problems with it.

Probably the biggest one was how Liz summoned the Incubus in the first place. It was… well.. brutal in a lot of ways and at least to me it wasn’t sexy. Beyond that point the heat in the erotica wasn’t so much heat as pain. I didn’t care for that all that much either.

Really the core of the story is the sexual moment between the two main characters and then it ends rather abruptly. There is not a lot of background, but what there is actually is more interesting than the story itself at times. I found myself wondering about the other stories in the book that Liz found and perhaps that might be something for the author to consider.

I don’t feel like the story lived up to its potential. It could have with a longer story and a lot more background, but as it is there is but a small hot flash and then the story is over.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

There is promise here, don’t get me wrong. But promise alone really isn’t enough…



Apr 11 2015

A Morrigan and Lilith combo YouTube

It’s actually rare to find images of Lilith and Morrigan Aensland together. I think that’s a real shame and, for me at least, it’s always nice to when I find art with them both. A YouTube today that has quite a number of images of them together… The music is a little too frantic for my tastes but there is one image in particular that just made me smile…

And if the video can’t be seen on the Tale, try this link:


And here is the one image that just made me smile… Really it’s all about Lilith here…

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland

Honestly I love seeing Lilith wearing glasses… It’s just too cute by far and I just adore the look she has as well. Mind you, I think that Succubi that wear glasses are adorable in the first place, but then I’m rather biased in that thought…



Apr 10 2015

A Review of the Incubus Series by Jason Daniel Kowalczyk

Incubus: A Hardcore Erotic Short by Jason Daniel Kowalczyk.

Incubus: A Hardcore Erotic Short by Jason Daniel Kowalczyk.

I’ll be reviewing a short series about an Incubus this time on the Tale. Personally I don’t enjoy horror stories all that much. I don’t enjoy watching pain and suffering, or worse, happen in them. If the story holds my interest, then that for me is something positive.

However, an interesting story cannot keep my interest when the works in question need an editor so badly that it hurts to see all of the errors that crop up.

  • Title: Incubus: A Hardcore Erotic Short – Parts 1-5
  • Author: Incubus: Jason Daniel Kowalczyk.
  • Publishing Date: May 31, 2014 onwards
  • Length: Between 10-19 Pages per part
  • ASIN: B00KP0TNV2
  • Publishing Date: May 31, 2014 (Started)
  • The first work in this series at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

A erotic ride along with an Incubus, An evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping, who finally finds his match. What will happen when the woman whom has held his attention for the past few years wraps him around her finger and teaches him a lesson.

This is a series revolving around horror erotica, which a slight emphasis on the horror over the erotica. There are some very violent scenes of death and destruction, there are moments where the blood is flying in buckets. The characters are violent, there is no doubt of that, and with that comes an attitude, experience, and need that just made the series difficult for me to read.

We never learn the name of the Incubus, and while he calls himself one, and he does state that he takes souls as well, what his form, the real one, appears to be is more monstrous, beast-like, than being classically Incubus in form. His thoughts are violent almost all of the time, his needs are animalistic and that coupled with the horror aspects of this series just didn’t do very much for me.

There is a Succubus as well that appears in this work, but again in her case she isn’t all that interesting as a character from what is seen of her. There’s a lot of confusion in the series about her, and in that comes a moment where the story takes a turn for no clear reason. When that happens, and the main character becomes entangled with her… it takes a turn that really it didn’t need to.

I mentioned this series was more horror than erotica, which it is, but there are moments of domination, both male and female. With that comes some very violent scenes of erotica that might be a heated read for some, but I didn’t honestly enjoy. Again, that’s my own issues with horror works more than anything else. But there were other problems as well with the series.

There are several things about the series that I had problems with. The main one, and it is the one that just removed any interest I had in the series as a whole was the overwhelming number of word, spelling, and other errors that made the series very hard to read at times. The other thing that bothered me was having to read the last page or two of the preceding part of the series before the next part began.

The story could have been something, it tried to be, but the process of creativity ran over the need for editing and making the work read, look, and be better. That’s a shame. Very much so.

I think the author would have been better served to gather all of these parts into a single work, find an editor, and then take that editing to heart and create something better from what is really a series of fragments.

I’m giving this series one out of five pitchforks.

I wish the author would have taken the time to edit things better. I wish that the story would have been more than what it turned out to be. I wish that how the parts were presented would have been better done.

I wish for a lot more regrettably.



Apr 10 2015

A Review of Surrender by Alisa Easton

Surrender by Alisa Easton

Surrender by Alisa Easton

Another work to review this time that promises to be the first book of a series, but then nothing more comes to complete the story. Questions are posed, trouble brews and the erotica is very hot and delicious. But leaving the story on something of a cliffhanger is really disappointing.

After spending so much time to create the characters, to build up the story, the heat, the moments to then suddenly end the work in a way that pulls most of the heat away with a “coming soon” ending just really is bothersome.

  • Title: Surrender
  • Author: Alisa Easton
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 28, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Some creatures stalk the night in search of prey to satiate blood thirst needs. Others, equally dangerous, stalk the night in search of carnal pleasures to ensure survival. Rachel Morina had been roaming the earth as a succubus for more years than she cared to remember and somehow she never tired of the perks of the job – including gorgeous men who fell down around her, willing to satisfy her every need. Her mood and her appetite constantly evolved but her primal need for sex never faltered. But no life is perfect and Rachel knew this all too well. While she could have any man she wanted, there were always dangers that potentially lurked around every corner and as a result, she could never stay in one place too long and she could never have the same man more than once. Above all else, she could never know love.

When she meets Devon, she knows there is something unusual about him but will she surrender to the power he holds over her or will she destroy him?

Rachel is on the prowl again. The needs of a Succubus to find not love, but raw passion run deep and her needs are strong. Encountering Devon, things do not go as she expects, her world changes, not for the better, and when she realizes what has happened, it’s far too late.

Rachel is rather a dominating and controlling personality when she first appears and considering that her goal is to make men have sex with her in order to survive, that does make a good deal of sense. To listen to her internal monolog as the story goes on tells a lot about her and who she is. There’s a certain amount of jadedness to her personality that makes it a little hard to feel sorry for her when Devon appears and things get away from her.

There’s an inherent structure to this universe in that succubi need certain things, and there are other beings, like Devon, who use those needs to dominate over them. In the aftermath of their first meeting, the events that follow for Devon cause a lot of harm, the question of who’s more at fault for them is debatable however. It’s never really clear what Devon is exactly, but as a whole he’s almost, but not quite, a stereotypically dominate incubus in this story who has found Rachel and intends to make her his forever.

That is the core of the story. It’s Rachel’s fight to try to resist Devon’s hold, to try to survive, but it’s made very clear that Devon holds Rachel’s life in his hands and the only means to her being able to live, to feed, is to submit to him. Rachel went from being a strong, controlled personality into something very close to a junkie needing her fix and that was disappointing.

While the erotic scenes are very hot, there’s a sharp edge to them that pushes at the boundaries of the struggle between two dominant personalities. There’s really one side to them, mainly that Devon is in control and Rachel loses all self-control as a result. It didn’t feel right at some points, but managed to get past that into the deeper question of what exactly happened and what it all means.

The climax of the story revolves around Rachel being forced to give into Devon, to admit she is his, and then she gets her “fix” from him. Once that happens, there is a glimmer of the strong, independent Rachel and the story begins to move onwards from there. But then the story ends with what can only be described as being a setting up of the next work in the promised series by this author. But that hasn’t appeared at the time of this review.

That’s a problem because there are a lot of questions left unanswered, such as what exactly Devon is, how it is that he as control over Rachel, and what happens when they have to live, and possibly, try to love each other. In spite of the very open ending, the writing is solid, I especially liked the scenes where Rachel was trying to continue her life without Devon and what happened in those moments. There’s a sadness, a need, and then a realization in Rachel what’s happen and what little choice she has.

When that comes to her, the independent nature within herself comes out and it’s clear that she doesn’t want to give into Devon. When their next meeting happens however, that found strength is gone in a heartbeat when Devon “orders” Rachel around. I’m not exactly sure what, if anything, Devon feels for Rachel, but I would hope it’s more than what he seemed to show here.

Complex characters, a story with some history and background to it. A pair of hot flashes to bookend what otherwise is an exploration of wants, needs, and desires. But as good as the work is overall, the ending is disappointing for how abrupt it is and more so that the promise of another work with these characters has not materialized.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Written well, telling a really good story with a main character that has a lot going for her. The ending was a bit abrupt and in being so took some of the wind out of the story’s sails. It’s a shame that nothing has continued from this work since as there’s a really good Succubus story here to tell. Perhaps sometime soon the author might complete the story or, if not, at least tie up some of the loose ends.



Apr 09 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 377

One of those images of a Succubus this week on the Tale where I just really love the outfit she is wearing… And it makes me wonder if it isn’t something that I can’t bring into the real world for Halloween somehow…

Succubus by yulijeon

Succubus by yulijeon

This art is simply titled Succubus and is by an artist on Pixiv called Yulijeon. You can find the original page with this art here on Pixiv.

I just adore her outfit, and, assuming she has thigh-high boots, I think I can create a look very much like this for Halloween. Yes it will take some time and yes my seamstress will be giving me some looks I can tell you… but… there’s just a lot of seductive cuteness in this outfit and that really does suit me very well…

Beyond that, I love her tail, her horns and wings aren’t silly or look like they’ve been damaged in some way and that as well adds to her beauty. Her body shape isn’t over the top, really does mesh well with her clothing… I like her hair, that little locket she wears too…

Prehaps she’s something like a guide? To help those that need to find their way to… something more?

That’s an interesting thought…