May 23 2015

A lovely Morrigan Aensland Cosplay YouTube

It’s been a while since I’ve featured cosplayers on the Tale and really I need to do so more often. I did find a nice YouTube which shows the talents of many wonderful cosplayers which is what I’ll be sharing today.

And if you cannot see the video here, please try this link:

It’s very hard to pick just one cosplayer, they all put so very much into this and as such I really don’t want to pick just one to be “the best” as that isn’t fair.

So I won’t do that.

But I will, as I find them, be sharing much more cosplaying going forwards as there is so much talent and passion shown in what is created…

And isn’t that what Succubi are all about?



May 22 2015

A Review of Dentata by Layla Hart

Dentata by Layla Hart

Dentata by Layla Hart

One of the themes that comes up fairly often with stories about succubi is erotic horror. Personally I find it hard to enjoy those sorts of stories because at the point where the erotica heats up, or the succubus appears and looks to be someone interesting, the story takes a turn directly into horror and I just find whatever enjoyment I had to that point vanishes.

Usually that happens when the story doesn’t give a clue about what the theme is going to be. Sometimes the title tells you exactly what is going to happen and it really doesn’t add much to my enjoyment of the work.

  • Title: Dentata
  • Author: Layla Hart
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • ASIN: B00LS7M9OE
  • Publishing Date: July 13, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

James, a self-proclaimed “seduction expert,” is in a foul mood after striking out with a hot girl at the club. His luck seems to turn around, however, when he runs into the sexy and mysterious Lucia just before closing time. He can’t believe how easy it is to convince Lucia to come home with him. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why she agreed so quickly, and James is about to learn that inviting her into his apartment will prove to be a costly mistake…

…because Lucia is a succubus who consumes predatory men. And she has a special punishment in mind for James, which may or may not include a brand new body and with a jagged, gnashing bonus between the legs.

James goes out looking for a one-night stand, and after being turned down by several women meets Lucia who agrees to a drink at his place. However, Lucia tuns out to be a succubus, one that seeks a measure of revenge on men like James and takes that on him, leaving him with a problem. One that he won’t ever be freed from.

There are a lot of stereotypes in this work from beginning to end. All of the men seem to be the worst they can be, all of the women seem to be much the same. Lucia is more of a monster than a seductress, and in the end when James’ fate is sealed, even that turns into exactly what you would expect from the beginning of the story.

Lucia does, for the shortest of moments, act at least somewhat seductive towards James, but as soon as possible she turns towards being a monster, doing her best to be a monster and then… she vanishes leaving James to his fate. Initially I liked Lucia just in her attitude more than anything else, but when her true self came out it was apparent the she really was a stereotypically evil and single-minded monster. She isn’t however stereotypical in how she deals with James in the story, though for those that read Hentai, I’m sure you have an idea how that part of the story goes.

When James comes out the other side, and discovers that he has been changed, altered, transformed, the story goes a bit into the stereotypical gender switch moments of self exploration before he. now she, makes a fateful choice which turns the story towards the more graphically horrible part of the story. When that moment arrives, and then passes rapidly, the story comes to a rather unsatisfying end and that, more than anything else, really hurts the story to that point.

The work managed to make what happens between James and Lucia erotic, even having some good heat in that part of the story. The aftermath when James discovers what she is now cursed with and must do, just pushes any seduction or heat away as quickly as possible to get to the horror and bring the story to a rushing conclusion.

The work is rather short as a whole in that the lead up to Lucia meeting James takes up a large portion of the work. What actually happens between them passes very quickly and it seemed like it was cheating a bit to make that part of the story, which is the core of it, to be so short. The same can be said about the ending which takes a very few pages to get through and come to the end. I think that as a whole the work needs about ten more pages of story and most of that needs to be in the aftermath of James discovering what happened to him.

The writing is very descriptive. I liked the voices of the characters and the beginning of the work showed a lot of promise towards what it could be. But whatever heat was built in the story didn’t really go anywhere for me, I didn’t really care about any of the characters and I should have.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

While the writing was very good, and the characters were very strong, I just came to that point in the story when I cringed, sighed, and turned the pages. It shouldn’t have been like that for all of the promise that led up to the final moments of the work and I don’t think it needed to.



May 22 2015

A Review of Opus Covetas: Succubus Summons by Branford Hubbard

Opus Covetas: Succubus Summons by Branford Hubbard

Opus Covetas: Succubus Summons by Branford Hubbard

Dialog is one of the most difficult things to be able to write. If it is managed well, it ads a lot to a story and its characters. But a lot of the time there is something off, odd, or just wrong and it’s a jarring thing.

It’s more confusing when a character appears with one voice, a modern one, and then suddenly loses that voice to one of the distant past. That’s a bit of a hard thing to ignore when it happens. But it does.

Still, technology can fix almost anything…

It is the story of:

Virgil is an average college kid looking to shed his innocent demeanor – he’s tried everything humanly possible, his loneliness drives him to click on what he’s sure is a scam of a dating site, but can he be sure of that? Virgil soon learns that his idle investments in this site, and its mysterious ebook, the ‘Opus Covetas’ may not even be of this world!

Virgil resigns to rewatch one of his favorite movies with his two friends, but when the electricity goes out and he finds himself face to face with the girl he met online. There is something…supernatural about her, but he finds himself unable to resist her, even with his two friends in the room.

Virgil finds himself checking out a website about devil women and through this comes into contact with a particular book. And through that book he finds that some legends are, in fact, very real indeed.

As a whole I thought the overall story concept was interesting. Man finds website, is given an eBook that opens the door to a Succubus. She is drawn to him, of course, and then… the most obvious ending possible happens. There is a twist, but nonetheless, the ending was obvious so far in advance honestly.

Ishesistrinaw is the Succubus of this work, Virgil calling her Isis as he cannot manage to pronounce her name. She’s very much a Succubus with a single purpose in her thoughts and, of course, Virgil and his friends find themselves “doing” things with her. She has a heart-tipped tail, which I liked, and there is a hint of Morrigan Aensland in her appearance otherwise. But what’s most confusing about her is the language she uses.

Before Virgil actually comes to see her, she has a very modern style of speech. By that I mean the two of them text and chat several times and there’s all of the appearance of a person with a good grasp of modern language there. When she actually appears she doesn’t speak in that way. It’s very odd and stilted,  sounding very medieval in tone and character. And that’s a real problem. It’s hard to accept her real voice and that other voice as being the same being.

She is, as a whole, rather stereotypical in nature and the usual things happen to Virgil and the others she comes into contact with. I had problems with that mental image of her because her closing words in the story just didn’t seem to ring true. There was something missing… in the translation I think is the only way I can put this.

The work itself needs an editor to fix the oddness of the dialog, the halting interactions, and most of all, the single-minded turn the work takes for really no good reason that I could figure out. It began with a premise that I thought could turn into something really interesting and instead it just devolved into a sex scene which really didn’t do much for me.

Where the work ends leaves some thoughts behind to ponder. There’s a lot of problems left in the wake of Isis for one, and for the other, the questions about the site Virgil found and what exactly all of this means, including the book he downloaded, are just left as afterthoughts.

I just don’t think it needed to end on this point, nor do I think that the heat was as good as it should, or could, have been considering a Succubus was involved… But that’s me.

I’m giving this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Needs some editing, some focus, better dialog (read it out loud and you’ll see why it’s so weird) and a lot more heat than what is there. The promise is there, it just needs to find the way onto the page.



May 21 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 383

The question of what Succubi Royalty looks like is one that I do think about for obvious reasons. Personally I rather like fashionable seductive with a bit of mischief… Think the SuccuDress and you’ll have a good idea what I mean… But of course there are many Succubi and many artist ideas of what they look like…

Hail to the Queen by Velthice

Hail to the Queen by Velthice

This work is called Hail to the Queen and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Velthice. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page is here on DeviantArt.

This is a really interesting, sort of decoish piece of art that I think gives a rather unique twist on Succubi. I like her outfit, I think the patterns and shaping adds a lot to her form. It also makes a striking contrast to her skin for one, but also how it, in a way, fades into the background around her. It reminds me of a portal in a way, she stepping out from it.

Having her horns match the shade of her clothing works well here and they being somewhat large for her really doesn’t bother me all that much. Her eyes are a bit odd, the red is slightly disturbing compared to the rest of her. Overall however, I do like the entire work, the strength of character that is shown within it, and the thoughts that it brings…




May 20 2015

A long name for a Costume, but I sort of like it

Sexy Corset Deluxe Women Devil CostumeSomething of a costume that I do rather like in spite of the ridiculously long name it has. Perhaps it is the combination of black and red and how that happens to match up with my own mythos…

This is called the Sexy Corset Deluxe Women Devil Costume and it comes with a corset with boning, the skirt, sleevelets, and the horns. It does not include shoes and it sells for $60 US.

I like it mainly because it is the sort of thing I could wear at the door to hand out treats and not freeze in it. It’s not too over the top sexy, but there is a certain amount of attitude in it that I find attractive.

But the horns are those ones with fluff at the base, they would have to do, there is no tail, and those laces on the front of the corset, which do nothing for me, I do not like at all.

As a whole, I think it would look a lot better if the laces weren’t there really. To me they cheapen the look a lot and that need not have been.

I will add that the shoes the model is wearing do work and I’d have to dig a pair of my platform heels out, I’d likely trip over the hem if I wasn’t careful.

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks.

Call it a… backup costume… in a way.



May 19 2015

A Review of Nailed By A Nightmare by Chelsea Chaynes

Nailed By A Nightmare by Chelsea Chaynes

Nailed By A Nightmare by Chelsea Chaynes

Dreams and nightmares are the things that each of us holds within our own hopes, fears, lusts and wants. They can be the things of wonder, or the ashes of despair. They are also, sometimes, the stuff of legends.

Telling a story of confronting those nightmares, the legend within them, and what it can do to one’s mind, body and soul is an interesting concept. The only thing is when the nightmares turn really dark does that help the story or harm it?

  • Title: Nailed By A Nightmare
  • Author: Chelsea Chaynes
  • Length: 34 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 25, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

It had been six months since Nancy last slept through the night. She feared her bed, she feared the night, and she feared the monster that did whatever it wanted with her helpless body. In order to stop the monster she must venture into the deepest recesses of her mind and battle him for control, but fears like hers aren’t easily conquered. They put up a fight.

Nancy’s nights are filled with nightmares of a being that attacks her over and over again. A visit to the doctor, a bit of information, and a change taken result in the worst battle she has ever faced. One that she cannot avoid for her own mind takes her there.

The work focuses on Nancy, her stresses, her moments of trial and conflict that she deals with every moment of her life. Coupled with that comes the experience of sleep paralysis, if it is that, for her dreams and reality become very bundled together as the story progresses. Her dreams are very violent and are described in a way that makes it clear she is being attacked and put through experiences that are terrifying.

The glimpses of the creature in her dreams do make it clear that it could be called an incubus as physically and the way the creature uses Nancy and what it wants from her seem to be very incubus-like. There is a beast-like aspect to the creature and it does, for all intents and purposes, act like a stereotypical incubus in many ways.

Once Nancy comes into the climax of the work, when she finds a means to confront the creature of her dreams, the true character of Nancy comes out and for a few pages I had to wonder if she was in fact a succubus in some way considering her actions, words, and desires in that part of the story. She turns as violent and animalistic as the creature that is tormenting her is. That particular passage of the work I found difficult to read as the violence I did not care for very much.

While I understand that in the framework of this story, the violence needed to be there, that didn’t mean that I had to like it and I have to admit that at points I skimmed the pages to get back to the story itself. When the story was there, when the reasons for what happens to Nancy are clear, the story is very well written. But the harsh, almost foul encounter and its contrast with Nancy’s dreams was a bit of a problem to get past.

The work ties up the plot well at the end, though it is slightly abrupt in the way that unfolds. I can’t say that I wanted more story as there really isn’t anywhere for the story to do, or for Nancy to move forwards with her own desires and thoughts.

There is some erotica in this work, but it isn’t much in the way of romance. It is a darker, more horror focused erotica which isn’t something that I liked. The physical pain and suffering that Nancy must deal with didn’t sit well and as such there wasn’t a lot of heat in the story for me. Some mint like the brutality of the creatures actions, or the confrontation that Nancy pushes through towards the end of the work. I did not as a whole.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

The violence in the story makes sense in its context, but I didn’t really care for it very much overall. The story itself was well written and overall the concept works in this case. But it is the violence that just made is hard for me to enjoy the story and that’s a shame.



May 19 2015

A Review of the Lilith the Demon series by Charlotte Chase

Lilith the Demon: Full Series by Charlotte Chase

Lilith the Demon: Full Series by Charlotte Chase

It’s becoming more and more obvious over time that most of the shorter works with succubi, or succubi-like characters appearing in them are tending to focus on something in particular. I’d like to say that the focus was on story, perhaps some well written erotica. I would even be happy if the character was, just a little bit, not as stereotypical as most.

But it seems, sadly, that many authors are not putting all that much effort into actual writing, or editing for that matter, and just publishing something that really doesn’t have much going for it.

Stereotypically, of course, that means that some stories just amount to very little to like and even less to remember when the story is over.

The work tells the story of:

Lilith the demon has an ingeneous plan to bring about the birth of the Antichrist: obtain the seed of the Devil himself, then change into a man and find the most innocent woman on Earth to share it with.

Part One: Lilith is excited about phase one of her project, the one where she seduces the powerful and dangerous Prince of Hell. Lilith is experienced with seducing men; as a succubus it is her job. But this time the tables are turned on her, as the Prince of Hell commands far more control and respect than Lilith could ever prepare for–and he’s not going to let one uppity little demon have her way, not without punishing her first and using her body for his own dark, perverted pleasures.

Part Two: Lilith’s plan enters phase two. With Satan’s seed boiling inside of her and an innocent, holy woman picked out, all she has to do is seduce the unseducable. But the poor young widow inflames Lilith’s passions, and she can barely control herself as she takes her first female lover.

Lilith is a scheming succubus with grand plans. Wishing to make “a name” for herself, she entwines herself with someone she shouldn’t have and after being used in every way possible, she returns to Earth to complete her plans.

And in reading that entire summary, you’ve pretty much read the entire series from beginning to end. There’s very little story as the majority of the series focuses on Lilith having sex and that’s about all.

Lilith herself is stereotypically evil, self-centred, completely dislikable, but most of all, in being all of these things and more, that only serves to leave not much else in the story as a whole. The erotica is, as well, really not much more than a hot flash, if barely. It’s over the top, bland at times, and just didn’t do anything to hold my interest in the work.

Even when the work moved towards telling a story, it felt half-hearted and uninspired. This could have been something better as a whole if there would have been more story to balance out all of the erotica. I would have liked more about the characters, the reasons for why the story went the way it did and so on.

Overall, the series felt like a typical porn movie in who the characters were and what they did. This is especially true in how the story ended, which was extremely rushed. I wonder if the author came to the climax and then gave up on the series as a whole. It seems like it, in a lot of ways.

Blandly written, uninteresting characters, a plot that was very thin and only existed to give a reason why Lilith acted as she did. Needs more story, more character development, but most of all, the erotica needs to be so much more than it is.

One out of five pitchforks.

I don’t expect a third work in the series for one thing, but I would have liked the author to try rewriting things a little bit and reissuing this series. Flesh out the characters, tell a story and build some heat.

There might be something then.