Jul 05 2015

A Review of The Price of Changing by Abigail Pierce

The Price of Changing by Abigail Pierce

The Price of Changing by Abigail Pierce

One of the themes that is booming more popular of late is to combine Succubi and Incubi with other, wider fetishes. Notably among these are stories where a character is, or is transformed, into a futa or some description.

Overall this usually leads to a work that has a lot of sex it in, not much in the way of story, and when that happens I really don’t care for stories like that much. However, sometimes there is a single line of text which catches my attention and I wonder if the story will do something with it. And then there are times when I wonder what was the point of the Incubus being in the story in the first place?

  • Title: The Price of Changing
  • Author: Abigail Pierce
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • ASIN: B010W8KH84
  • Publishing Date: July 2, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Erica always wanted a cock. So when an Incubus offers to give her one, of course she accepts!

However, there is a price to be paid, if she wants the cock to remain permanently: she needs to fuck both a man and a woman with her new cock.

Her new dick is irresistible, though, so it is easier than she thought.

Erica has always had one dream. An incubus appears, gives her what she wants, and then puts her on a quest to keep it. Erica finds her dream, as reality, is everything she wanted and more.

Overall this work is primarily one about futas, transformation, a bit of mind control and a series of short hot flashes. There really isn’t a lot of story, the work almost immediately dives into erotica, though it does break things up with a little bit of story here and there.

There is an incubus to be found, making a couple of appearances, but overall he is a means to Erica’s transformation and putting her on a quest. Beyond that, there is not all that much known about him, least of which is his name. However, and this is the part that I found interesting, he does note that succubi and incubi, at least in this universe, do not take souls and I did like that part of his character.

But there wasn’t really much else about him to be told. His entire appearance in the work comes to perhaps two pages, if that. So I’m not sure what the point was for him to be in the work, save for bringing the story into focus. After that, the incubus isn’t part of the story again until a very short appearance at the end.

The rest of the work is Erica learning what her new abilities are, using them on two people in her office, and enjoying that. The erotica itself is a bit bland at times, I did like the mind control aspect, but overall it was just two very quick encounters that ended about as quickly as they started.

The writing is a little plain, it certainly needs an editing for the mistakes that cropped up in it. For example calling a character “miss Rye” instead of “Miss Rye” for one. There are some spelling mistakes, the dialog is very odd and stilted at times and it just made for a very difficult to read piece of erotica.

The work is more erotica than story, and it needed to have more of a balance overall. It is short, which is a problem, but even so the questions sit there by the end of the story unanswered. The main one being… why? Why did the incubus do this? What does he get out of it and why Erica?

The ending itself was disappointing in that it was a bit rote, a little expected, and as such that didn’t sit right with me. There’s a story in this somewhere, but it didn’t come out as much as the characters did.

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

Not an incubus story, not really, the futa is a bit expected and with the writing not carrying the work, that makes for a difficult read with little heat to enjoy.



Jul 05 2015

A Review of Witch Lover by Eden Redd

Witch Lover by Eden Redd

Witch Lover by Eden Redd

There are some aspects of the Succubus legend that aren’t really made the focus of many works about them. The rather significant part of the legend says that Succubi mate with men in order to take from them what they need to create new Succubi and Incubi in women elsewhere.

Taking that legend, and putting a new twist into it made for a story that I rather liked a lot. Save for one small, little thing… The Succubus herself should have been more than a hint, a mystery, and a bit more involved in the story more than she was.

  • Title: Witch Lover
  • Author: Eden Redd
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • Publishing Date: September 26, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


This work tells the story of:

Eva Morgan is a witch trying to hone her craft. She exiled herself from civilization to devote to her studies. She has spent nearly a year away from all human contact as she studied the dark arts in peace and quiet.

All that changed when she received an urgent call from a childhood friend. Daniel races to her remote location. He has a mysterious bite and wild urges plaguing his every thought. Daniel knows that Eva is the only one he can trust to help him.

Eva breaks her exile to sets about to help her long time friend. But during the process, old feelings bubble to the surface. Eva wonders if she can keep her true feelings aside from the stricken Daniel. As the clock ticks, Eva must decide if she will keep her feelings to herself or expose them to her long time friend who is fighting a monstrous lustful poison in his veins.

Eva is learning to be a witch, a rather powerful one, and in order to do so she has isolated herself from her family, friends, and all that she knew. Daniel calls, asking for help, and Eva cannot turn away from him. She discovers that a Succubus has her hooks in Daniel, and Eva knows exactly why that is. The question is, does she give the Succubus what she wants, and in doing so, do Eva and Daniel possess what they both need?

Eva is a fascinating story on her own. The story of her past, how she learned to be a witch, what she has grown into, all of that makes for captivating reading and I enjoyed that. I liked the strength of her character, her will, and when things come to the moment where she must make a decision, her single-mindedness in that. She is a very strong character and that served to make her narration of the story, as it is told mainly from her point of view, really well done.

Daniel is almost as good a character in that his emotions are there in the open, he appreciates Eva for who she is and is not afraid of what she is. But it is a little difficult at times to separate the real Daniel from the Daniel possessed by a Succubus. After the resolution of the story arrives, it’s very clear what Daniel’s personality is, and the connections between himself and Eva are just beautiful and I loved them dearly.

The Succubus herself is, for the most part, not seen in this work, though her effect on both Daniel and Eva are very clearly told. It’s a bit difficult to see what she wants as the story begins, but when Eva finds the answers, it makes a lot of sense and I liked where that led the story to. But the main problem for me was that through most of the story the Succubus is never seen, she is never given a name, and she just… isn’t there really. At the very end of the work she does appear, black horns and tail, which made me smile, and that was a mental picture that I rather enjoyed thinking about.

The thing is, that moment passes quickly, she vanishes once more and then the story comes to a close. With all of the build up, the story telling, the moments of passion and erotica that come before the ending, it felt a bit… rushed. It wasn’t that the conclusion of the story didn’t work, it did and well. It was that the story left me wanting to know what happens next, both for Eva and Daniel, but also for the Succubus herself.

I felt like there could have been a lot more told in this story, perhaps from the perspective of the Succubus herself that would have added depth to the story. Perhaps in the space between the climax and the conclusion there could have been time spent with her, she telling about why she chose Daniel, her fears and hopes, and perhaps more about her kind in this universe. That would have been very interesting I think.

The work is written very well, lovely characters, scenes, moments and passions. The erotica isn’t over the top or silly in nature, which for how the story is told, what it means to both Eva and Daniel, makes that very important. Enjoyed very much and, in a way, spoke to me quite deeply in what the succubus desired most of all and her reactions at the end of the story.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

I loved the story, the building of tension and then the erotic release that comes with the climax of the story. The ending was wonderfully told and with it came a tease that begged to be explored further. But the Succubus herself isn’t, her is an adjunct to the main story and that bothered me somewhat. I’d like a story about her, what her world is like, for just the glimpse was enough to set my imagination racing and wondering.



Jul 04 2015

Steampunk Morrigan Aensland is an interesting idea…

I do like different looks for Morrigan Aensland. I think she can just about fit into any sort of look or situation and still keep her personality vibrant in doing so. One thing I have never seen, until now, was Morrigan in a steampunk sort of setting…

And I think this really works amazingly well…

Steampunk Morrigan Aensland by AriaDeVida

Steampunk Morrigan Aensland by AriaDeVida

This work is called Steampunk Morrigan Aensland and is by an artist on etsy.com called AriaDeVida. You can find this work of art here on that site, but I don’t expect it to be there any longer when this art appears on the Tale.

The reason for that is there was but a single copy of this art available and I am quite sure that someone has added it to their collection of Morrigan art by now.

I really would have liked to see the entire outfit that Morrigan would be wearing as the little snippet shown in this art really is quite the tease. I love the goggles, such a wonderful stylish touch by far. The lace top and chocker feel like they just would be something that Morrigan would wear regardless as they just fit her look and style quite well.

Really one of the best “what if” looks for Morrigan that I have seen this year and I really do adore it…



Jul 03 2015

A Review of Succubimbo by Skye Maze

Succubimbo by Skye Maze

Succubimbo by Skye Maze

There are, I have to admit, some ideas which make me wince a bit. I really have never quite liked the idea of mixing bimbos and Succubi together, mainly because it just doesn’t quite fit my own view of Succubi.

However, that doesn’t mean that an author can’t write something that might be more than I expect it to be. Today’s review is of the sixth work in an ongoing series, but according to the author it can be read as a stand alone work. The title, I will admit made me wince a bit, and I didn’t expect much really from the work as a whole… But I could be surprised… It’s a shame that I really wasn’t.

  • Title: Succubimbo
  • Author: Skye Maze
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ASIN: B010R2AKWS
  • Publishing Date: June 30, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Having escaped from the clutches of six demon mistresses, Kai returns to save his friends. Used up and dominated in the dungeon, his Coven witches have lost all hope – but when Kai reveals the huge secret in his pocket, their infernal captors will do anything for a taste. Before they know it, these sexy succubi might be submitting in ways they never thought they would – or could.

There is a hidden trap which catches succubi unaware, and Kai has the means to use the trap and gain his freedom. If that means taking some succubi as his playthings, then that is what he will have to do.

The author made the note that this work could be read as a stand alone story and I have to say that really it can’t be. There is story preceding this work that I think would have made a difference for how the work read. but it isn’t in this work. The main focus in this work is the submission of a group of succubi, focused on how that unfolds and what happens through it all.

There are a few relatively hot parts in the work, but overall there was too much BDSM in play and they didn’t do much for me. While I know the characters are supposed to be otherworldly and so on, I kept wincing at the abuse being throw around that was trying to be erotic and it just didn’t work for me.

The work becomes more confusing when one succubi after the next has their name changed… and it is the same name. While I understand that is due to the spell they are under, and it is core to how the story unfolds, it just became irritating. While the main character does given them slightly different names, it doesn’t quite work in the end and needing to read the descriptions of each of the succubi to figure out which was being talked about bothered me.

There really isn’t much plot to speak of, the work drives directly into the erotica, and in doing so that makes the suggestion of this being a stand alone story a bit hard to accept. There’s no real explanation to why things are happening as they are, who the characters are, and how they all wound up in the situation they find themselves in.

There was a summary of the preceding works in the series at the end and that filled in a lot of the blanks, but that shouldn’t have been needed. Taking a few more pages to bring the story up to speed would have been nice. Having more story would have been as well.

I can’t say that I really liked the work, even if there was some good mind control erotica at a few points, even if there was one scene where there was some hot succubus erotica. The main problem I had was all of the focus on the over the top BDSM themes that, for me, pushed all of the heat out of the story.

As well, the title of the work gives a certain expectation to what the story will have as a theme. Now, I will admit that I was looking for a succubus who was a bit of a bimbo, acted like one and so on. That didn’t happen in this work at all. Yes, there is a lot of demand for bimbo themed stories and I am sure that an author could tell a good one with a succubus who was a bit of an airhead, but this wasn’t it.

The work is a hot flash, not having a lot else within it and I’m not sure if I want to go back and read the preceding works in the series or follow it forwards. I don’t like abuse all that much, and some of the scenes were pushing the envelope for me. Some will enjoy this work, I just couldn’t find my way into the heat past the suffering.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Better to read the proceeding works and know where the story came from and where it is going than to just take this story on its own merits. Not enough heat to sustain the work and not enough story to make it more than the flash it is.



Jul 03 2015

A Review of Slave for the Incubus: Catholic Schoolgirls Sinful Journey Into Lust by Arcadia Black

Slave for the Incubus: Catholic Schoolgirls Sinful Journey Into Lust by Arcadia Black

Slave for the Incubus: Catholic Schoolgirls Sinful Journey Into Lust by Arcadia Black

A story with an Incubus at the core this time on the Tale. Sometimes the title of a story tells you exactly what a book is going to be about. You might hope it is something more than what you expect it to be, you might expect that from the beginning of the story things could be more story than sex.

Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. Then you wonder why it went in the direction that it did for a long time afterwards… And why it had to be just so stereotypical…

  • Title: Slave for the Incubus: Catholic Schoolgirls Sinful Journey Into Lust
  • Author: Arcadia Black
  • Length: 40 Pages
  • ASIN: B00O1462DK
  • Publishing Date: September 23, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The work tells of:

Three teenage catholic schoolgirls get more than they bargained for when they inadvertently summon a sadistic Incubus of sexual lust and perversion while attempting a prank.The Incubus and his hyper-sexual Gargoyles drag them into a dark world of eroticism and hot lust from which they cannot escape.

Abigail and her friends find a book in the library and after some consideration, decide to perform the summoning it tells of as a joke. The problem is that they do summon an Incubus that had his way with them all before turning them loose on the school they attend.

The most disappointing thing about this story is that it contains just about every single stereotypical erotic scene that has something to do with catholic schoolgirls. To say that the main characters of this work are hyper-horny, undersexed and wanton would be an understatement. Almost every scene has one of the students doing something erotic and that’s well before the Incubus appears.

There’s little in the way of story that doesn’t directly lead to some sort of sexual encounter and with that comes a repetition of assorted sexual innuendo, the students “making out” and assuming they are not being seen, but they are, and silliness continues from that point onwards. Even when there is some time given to the reasons to why the students are reading the book they find, it is mixed with what is really personalities that are just this side of vapid. Which, for me, was a complete turn off well before the work turned towards the Incubus appearing.

The Incubus, Mizazu, is yet another example of a stereotypically evil, mean, cruel and nasty creature that has his way with the students, bends them to his will, and forces them to pay the price for summoning him. This leads to some “monstrous” erotic scenes that, again, didn’t have any heat for me in them because they were, as a whole, just scenes of the characters being abused.

The latter part of the work then returns to the students being in school and having to obey the will of their “Master” which results in yet another stereotypical sex scene with the staff of school they attend and then other students as well. The story ends on a note which obviously seems to be meant to continue in another work.

As a whole, this sort of work does nothing for me at all. The work reads as very bland with an attempt at shock hot flashes mixed with some tentacle and monster erotica to give it some flavour. There is a story somewhere in all of this, but finding it means getting through all else which had no interest for me at all.

I think that the story needs a rewrite that lessens the “monster” part of the story and improves on the characters of the students. Less “air-head want to be slut” and more “reality” might help in that. Less “porn scenes” and more “actual erotic moments” would help as well.

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

There was some promise at the beginning that might have kept my attention, but I just found that things were too formulaic for my tastes. Too many stereotypes and fantasies that didn’t have any heat in them for me at least. Perhaps for others, but I couldn’t find it. Just disappointed with the work as a whole and I won’t be reading further if there is a second work.



Jul 02 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 389

Some cute and wonderful Succubi art today on the Tale… Another of the fun Succubi that I adore in their personality, poise, and expression… All good things for those with tails and horns…

Devil by pandakim

Devil by pandakim

The art is simply called Devil and is by pandakim on DeviantArt. You can find the original page here and this artist’s page can be found here.

I feel like this particular Succubus would fit right into the Realm really well. There’s something about her look, the way she holds herself. The outfit is deliciously sexy and fun, her tail just works with her body in just the right way too.

I like the way her horns match her outfit and shoes, it’s a neat little touch. Normally I don’t care for long pointed ears on Succubi, but they fit her well and seem like echoes of her horns and I think that’s a neat little touch.

The background just frames her in the right way, bringing the drawing’s focus inwards to her face, the quizzical expression she has, and the look in her eyes. There’s an amazing personality and character to her and that, for me, is the thing that makes this art one of my favourites for the year…



Jul 01 2015

The Realm’s Canada Day is here once more…

Canada Day has arrived in the Realm, and as such it is the tradition that our Poet Laureate gives another verse in the wonderful version of O Canada that he has been generously creating each July 1st… And so, with no further delay…


O Canada!
No Realm, but one nice land!
True patriot love in succubi command.
With playful hearts and glowing eyes,
quite mischievous and free,
above our bangs our horns shall rise,
O Canada, for thee.
Gorgeous and glad, glorious and free,
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.

Incubi, too,
stand proud, tall, and erect
(watching their mates results in great effect)!
Their tails reach out to wrap around
the beauties whom they see,
arousal in each sight and sound
sets their libidos free!
He touches her, Eternal-ly!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!

In Canada
we try not too make spills,
and, in the Realm, we first break stiff men’s wills.
We don’t approve of making mess
that’s not necessary.
With huggles we get more success
(what fireworks we’ll see!).
We’ll tie and rub to set you free;
send Canada upon a lustful spree!!
Send Canada upon a lustful spree!!

Come closer, dears;
our scents are in the air.
You’ll be seduced, and we’ll not leave our chair!
Your Queen is neat. Ours has her beat
in sexuality.
Both Will and Kate will feel so great
once they stop in for tea
(or Diet Coke). Just watch and see.
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!

Will Canada
hang on to all its dough
while other lands have economic woe?
Those succubis have tempting eyes.
One look, we think of sex!
Not one pays out; one stare, one pout,
she instantly collects.
Their bonds bring sweet maturity.
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!

In Canada
state secrets do not leak.
No Snowdens here
to dig them up, then speak;
but succubi, were they to try,
would get them in a blink.
It’s no surprise; the coolest spies
melt, babbling, at a wink.
With one soft kiss, they’d take a knee,
and, Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!
O Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!

O Canada,
your capital is hot.
Your leaders, though . . .
. . . most definitely not!
How could Rob Ford be so adored?
He’s one big, sweaty mess!
Our Queen is cool, makes thousands drool
in her red summer dress.
Cum, vote to live harmoniously.
O Canada, enjoy all we can be!
O Canada, enjoy all we can be!

Hey, Canada,
are you sure its July?
Grey, chilly, damp;
when will we see blue sky?
No cloven feet, but we’ll bring heat
and warm you one by one.
With horns and tail, we never fail
to make warmth so much fun!
Friends from the Realm thaw you with glee.
O Canada, we’ll get you hot quickly!
O Canada, we’ll get you hot quickly!


Oh there will be quite a lot of heat… That much I do promise…


Happy Canada Day!