Jun 13 2015

An interesting Succubus game transformation

I came across a YouTube of part of a video game that I have never heard of called Summons War. Now the game itself doesn’t really appeal to me all that much, but there is, in a way, a Succubus character transformation that caught me when I came across it on YouTube…

And if you can’t see the video on the Tale, try this link:


And, as sometimes YouTube makes videos vanish. here are two image of the Succubus herself, one at the beginning of the video and one at the end when she has been transformed a bit…

The video calls this character Selena, which I think is a lovely name for a Succubus, but I have to admit that her outfit gives me something to think about…

Her stockings have given me an idea to work on for perhaps a bit of a different look this year for the Queen of the Succubi at Halloween… Latex of course for one, but the rest will take some thinking and considering I think.

Regardless of those thoughts, I think she’s really cute, her outfit has the right smexy and as a whole she is a wonderful Succubus…



Jun 12 2015

A Review of Succubus #2 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #2 by Rob Hicks

Succubus: Issue #2 by Rob Hicks

After a bit of a delay, the second issue of the comic book series Succubus by Rob Hicks was published at the end of May 2015. I had previously written about the premiere issue of this comic book series in the Tale here and I thought the series had a lot going for it and wondered where it was going next.

Some of the questions that I had at the time were: What does Ximena, the main character of the series, look like when she transforms into a Succubus? What is the story about Gigi, her roommate, friend and webmistress? What was Ximena’s mother like?

The first issue left a lot of questions behind after introducing Ximena and her world, and I was wondering where the story was going to turn to next.

There isn’t a good summary of this issue available as such, so, from my perspective, I think it can be best summed up as:

Ximena’s webcam show goes all out, but then her past comes calling and things turn from heated to hunted. Payback can be a bitch, and Ximena knows her far too intimately.

In the second issue, there’s really a lot that happens in a very short period of time. We see Ximena and her girlfriend Gigi doing a webcam show, Ximena’s mother appears, as does Luna, Ximena’s sister and then something unexpected leaves the issue at a cliffhanger.

What’s more interesting is that, for a moment, we see Ximena looking more Succubus-like, thanks to a spell her mother put on her, but I’ll get back to that a little later. What I thought was interesting about that was the question of which form is her real one? Is it human looking Ximena or Ximena the Succubus? It is a bit of a mystery and one that I hope will be explored further.

Getting back to the content of the issue, the webcam show tells quite a lot about Ximena’s past, mainly that she’s had only eight camshows at this point, but also it tells a bit about Gigi, her personality and that she isn’t quite what you might expect her to be. The show takes up a good part of the issue and when it is over with, a call to Ximena’s mother comes next.

There’s not a lot really told about her, her name isn’t revealed, it’s clear, at least to me, that she is a Succubus as well, and she seems to be a Domme of some sort, and a wealthy one at that. Ximena gets the news that her sister, Luna, has gotten loose and this puts Ximena into a panic. There’s a hint that Luna isn’t exactly little Miss Wonderful by any means, and the little tease of her that is seen before the end of the issue leaves a lot of questions about her.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger, really one that I didn’t expect, and considering a comment by Ximena’s mother, I’m not quite sure to take what happens as it is… I’m expecting something is going on, not sure how that unfolds exactly, but I expect it will be interesting.

I have to admit that Ximena’s Succubus form, horns, tail and all, is very unique and as a whole she’s very sexy and the entire look really works well… save for her horns. For me, they are a little too small, they look a bit odd, but that might be the angle of the image. We’ll see I suppose in the future about that.

There was a lot in this issue that was covered, a lot of characters brought out and a lot of plot lines started. I think there might have been a little too much done in that, the issue seemed really packed with things going on, more so than the first issue and I think that hurt things a bit.

The art is wonderful, some of the settings and moments were really well shown and in being so it brought for me a little bit more about each of the characters. Each of them is unique, and the art plays upon that really well. I will admit that the webcam show was, in an amusing way, a little over the top, but considering the two characters, who they are, and more importantly, what makes each of them special, it worked as a whole.

I’ll give the second issue of Succubus three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Compared to the first issue, there was a lot of plot and characters that appeared in this one and I felt that hurt things a touch. I do know that everything was to set up the series going forwards, but somehow each of the characters, especially Ximena’s mother and her sister, needed to have more fleshing out than what happened.

I’m hoping to know more about Ximena’s mother especially, and yes, I know a little tidbit about her which Rob shared with me. When that comes out, eventually, it has a rather special meaning to me, one that made me smile, considering the name. I’m hoping to know more about Luna, Ximena’s sister, what her story is, and why she turned out the way she did.

Lastly, I’d like to know more about magic, about the Succubi in this universe, and most of all, I’d like to know just how close to the mythology of Succubi they are. I expect, as a whole, they are not stereotypical, at least all signs point to that, and in being so i think there’s a lot of interesting stories that can be told.

You can find the publisher’s listing of their comics, including Succubus at Spiral Ink Comics here.

You can find the publisher’s Facebook page here.

You can find Spiral Ink Comics’ online store here.

To order a PDF copy of this issue, please email spiralinkcomics.info@gmail.com for further information.

As an aside, the second issue will be the last individual one that is physically printed. Going forwards, the individual issues will be available as PDFs only. Current plans are to produce a collected physically printed edition of the series every four issues.

I would like to thank Rob again for answering some of my questions about the series and allowing me a peek inside. I’ll be watching for Issue Three and wondering…




Jun 12 2015

A Review of The Succubus and other Femdom Stories by M.V. Gaius

The Succubus and other Femdom Stories by M.V. Gaius

The Succubus and other Femdom Stories by M.V. Gaius

There are some stories which have a theme of female domination that I have problems with. That has a lot to do with my own view on the subject, what I believe a Domme should be, should act, and most of all, should regard those that give themselves to her.

I don’t care for abuse, pain, suffering, or anything that gives a Domme the appearance of being simply someone that wants to belittle, control, and, unfortunately, punish repeatedly those that submit to her. A true Domme is more than a whip or other means of punishment that she uses. Many that write about Dommes haven’t quite the right understanding of the relationship between a Domme and her sub.

  • Title: The Succubus and other Femdom Stories
  • Author: M.V. Gaius
  • Length: 93 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 13, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is a collection of:

“The Succubus and other Femdom Stories” is a devilish good romp of five hell raising tales of Femdom, CFNM, Foot Worship, Forced Nudity and loads of Tease and Denial for the demon in all of us. Keep your holy water ready to douse yourself before reading as each tale is hotter than the next.

  • The Succubus – Wealthy and handsome Dr. Pincher thought a vacation in rural Romania would be the trip of a lifetime. Finding an ancient book of arcane spells, and summoning the Succubus to service his carnal needs, he wishes now he had read the fine print before performing the ceremony.
  • Snowed In – When the worst blizzard in a hundred years hit the state, Steve thought the weekend was shot. Thinking he would be cooped up and bored, things turned quite hot when one of his three gorgeous roommates broke out the wine and suggested a game of strip monopoly. Finding himself the loser when he lands on boardwalk with two hotels, he further discovers that their evening of fun has awoken some dark desires in his roomies as they administer his penalty for losing.
  • Panty Raid Gone Bad – A simple raid on the freshman girl’s dorm goes horribly awry as young track star, and rushing pledge Carl gets captured. Tied, stripped, shaved and milked he pays a high price for his attempted theft.
  • Why I hate Colonial Williamsburg – Tri-corner hats, cheesy touristy t-shirts and the obligatory staged photo, Colonial Williamsburg has something for everyone. When the handsome, yet perpetual dog, Ted plays a game of truth or dare with some college hotties in the middle of the night, he thought for sure he was heading for a threesome. When he finds himself helpless and naked in public in the stockade he realizes he might just end up the most popular new attraction in the Old Town square.
  • The Big Game – Jordan Baker was a star. Handsome, hung and Captain of the football team, he had everything a college boy could hope for. Drowning in endless tail, he was living the dream. When he learns that if he wins the big game he will be given the opposing teams cheerleaders as his own personal sex slaves for the summer, he thought life could not get any better. He should have thought about what would happen if he lost, as his summer dreams turn into an embarrassing and very frustrating nightmare.

As this is an anthology of works, I will be reviewing the succubus story in this collection and then make some comments on the works as a whole.

Thomas Pincher is a of wealth, position, and a somewhat aloof and self-assured character. In a search for rare books he finds the rarest of all, a book which holds the spell to summon a succubus. Begin that he also is rather sexually focused as well, he goes about summoning a succubus for one night, but finds that being self-assured does not mean that one knows everything, or can assume anything.

As a whole, Thomas was the sort of character that from the moment he appears you expect something will befall him, something will go wrong, and the sooner it does the quicker the story can get into the real story that surrounds him. He tends to be the sort of person that looks down on others, gains what he wishes from others, and overall, just is what some might call a bit of a cad.

Most of the story circulates around the attitude that Thomas has, what his wants and needs are mainly focused on, and the seeming way that his entire life unfolded in such a way that he has every advantage and uses that over each and every person he encounters. But when he finds the book, reads that he can summon a succubus to him, of course he does so. But it is that arrogance, that assumption that everything will go his way that turns the tables on him in the most obvious way possible.

The succubus of the work is never named, nor does she appear as herself but as another characters in the work that Thomas’ attentions were drawn to before the summoning. She is seductive to a point, but then Thomas’ mistake changes her attitude, she becomes very dominant and then does things to Thomas from which there is no escape. There is some heat in that part of the work, which was written well, and the ending made sense considering what happened during the summoning and otherwise.

While not the strongest story in the collection, I did enjoy it for the seduction the succubus ensnares Thomas with and then the chains she uses to bind him. It is a complete story, the ending ties up the loose ends quite well, and the ending tells exactly what Thomas’ future will be, if not what the succubus herself might do in the future. That might be an interesting story to tell considering who and where Thomas is connected to and what might transpire from that.

The story does take some time to develop, to set up the situation, and once the succubus appears the climax of the work comes very quickly. I’m not sure that the balance of this work, the background verses the succubus works well as the beginning of the story did seem to go very slowly, but then it needed to in order to set up the latter part of the work.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The balance of the collection are a series of stories that for me run from hot to cold. The thing that makes the difference is the level of abuse that some of the male characters suffer through. In some cases the themes are cute, funny, and I couldn’t help but smile. In others I shook my head, sighed, and turned the page.

I am completely aware that some like harsher Dommes, but personally I never could understand why it was that they had to be abusive, cruel, and sometimes just a person that I just could not like at all. In those cases the heat that came in the story was severely muted for me and I just didn’t care for the story. Of the balance of the works in the collection, Snowed In was my favourite by far. The one I cared for the least was The Big Game and the difference was that the first was fun, cute and I could see love in the characters. In the second that just didn’t seem to be there and I couldn’t enjoy the story at all.

For the anthology as a whole, I’ll give it three out of five pitchforks.

A collection of stories with various themes, actions, and consequences for all those involved. There is really something for everyone overall in the collection, but for me the majority of the work didn’t have the heat I was looking for or the story about Dommes that I prefer.



Jun 11 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 386

A slightly different concept of a Succubus today for the Succubi of the Week… Sometimes the darker aspects of the Succubi do appear, the problem is how to show that darkness and yet still remain true to the seductive nature of them. I think this is one very interesting way to manage that…

Succubus by RedBast

Succubus by RedBast

This art of a Succubus is by the artist RedBast on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page is here.

This artist brings a very unique style to the image of a Succubus in quite a few ways. In this case she seems a bit more animal-like in her form, her hair and as well her tail. Her eyes are quite contrasting to the overall dark shades here and by doing so that does seem to bring them a more powerful effect which I think works really well. Her corset seems a bit at odds with the rest of her form, it almost seems like a bit of “control” against the wildness that makes up her form.

I find this a very thought provoking work about Succubi as it does give form to both the wild and the more controlled sides of erotism and sexuality. Wild things sometimes are only covered by a thin veil… and when they appear in all of their power… the unwary should be very careful…



Jun 10 2015

Some Angels could be Succubi with some better costumes

Angel of Darkness CostumeSometimes I think about taking one costume idea and changing it a bit to make it a little more Succubi-like. Sometimes that’s not easy to do, sometimes it isn’t. And sometimes I just have to stare and wonder…

This is called the Angel of Darkness Costume and it comes with a stretchy black dress, belt, black halo headband made of feathers, fingerless gloves, a choker, and feather wings that go from black to red.

It sells for what I think is a fairly reasonable $50 US on the web and overall for what is included that seems to be a fairly good deal.

You still need, however, to find the boots the model is wearing, they don’t come with the costume.

I do, I have to admit. like the dress and the wings really are interesting in their own right. The halo doesn’t do much for me, nor the choker, and the gloves really should be a lot more shiny than they are. But as a whole, there is something overall that I do like about this costume and it might make for the place to start for something a bit more… Succubish.

Obviously there needs to be a pair of red horns, a red tail, and those gloves need to changed to something that matches the dress at least. I do think that latex stockings and some shiny black heels would work better with the dress than the boots as well.

I think as sort of a “last minute” thing this could work well as something one of the Succubi might wear and it is something for me to ponder in that way. I might not ever actually wear this exactly, but it is an interesting place to start and sometimes that’s worth more than the costume itself.

I’ll give this three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s a good place to start, all it needs is the right touch of red in the right places…



Jun 09 2015

A Review of the Devil’s Threesome series by Olivia Scott-Hill

Devil's Threesome by Olivia Scott-Hill

Devil’s Threesome by Olivia Scott-Hill

A review of two short works that, as a whole, were the beginning of what seemed to be something of an interesting succubus transformation story, one with some rather unique approaches. However, the series didn’t go past the first two stories, and that was a bit of a shame really.

World building is a difficult thing to do, it takes time, and if that world makes sense, then the story itself is so much better. Sadly, the author didn’t return to this series, moved onto other works and left things, quite literally, hanging in mid-air.

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: Devil’s Threesome
  • Author: Olivia Scott-Hill
  • Length: 27 Pages
  • ASIN: B00L4S71U4
  • Publishing Date: June 19, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

It’s the night before Halloween and self proclaimed ugly duckling Emma and her hot best friends Aiden and Taylor are looking for a thrill. The boys want to hit up a bar, but Emma deems the idea lame.

Then Taylor suggests they visit the local cemetery. There is a secret beyond the iron gates that he wants to share with his friends. He leads them through the dark woods and into a long forgotten graveyard for “undesirables” that includes the graves of some women who were hanged for witchcraft.

A statue of a woman wrapped in a snake stands in graveyard’s center and Emma finds herself drawn to it. She touches the snake, becomes possessed, and finds herself starving…for men.

It is Halloween night and Emma finds herself back with her long time friends. A visit to a long forgotten part of the local cemetery brings changes to them, Emma most of all.

The majority of the first work in the series is mainly focused on Emma, Aiden and Taylor, their long friendship, and their lives. It tells of what happened to Emma in the past, how it changed her outlook of herself, and the conflict that is within her.

All of this takes about three-quarters of the work before they all arrive in the cemetery, Emma comes into contact with a statue which has some very obvious imagery around it. Soon afterwards Emma is, for lack of a better explanation, possessed, in a way, and she changes both physically and mentally.

She becomes far more dominant, having control over her friends and, in the wake of this new found power, they fulfill all of the fantasies that Emma has held deep within herself. When this all comes to a close, Emma has two thralls, and she has a need within to seek out others to feed the darkness within her.

As a whole, the work does well in making the reader care about the characters, wanting to know what’s happening, and what the events all mean. There isn’t much in the way of any explanations however, the work moves away from story to erotica in the last part of the work. There are some hot flashes along the way, and there is a very strong hint of Emma becoming, at least in some way, succubus-like even if she doesn’t actually transform physically into a succubus.

I think as the start to the series, the work sets up things well, offers a mystery to unfold and a group of characters that have their own personalities, problems, and with that the work has a solid foundation to build on. But when the erotica comes into play the work turns a bit stereotypical in that it seemed like the characters were acting on rote. Perhaps that is part of the story, there is a good deal of mind control in this work. In the end, Emma’s power over her friends is quite interesting and leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A good start, a bit lost when the introductions are done and the erotica begins, but there is promise, which is always good to see.

Devil's Threesome 2 by Olivia Scott-Hill

Devil’s Threesome 2 by Olivia Scott-Hill

The second work in the series moves onwards from the first. I had hopes for something more than in the first in that I wanted story, not horror or erotica to take over. But the story faded out to be replaced by the horror for the most part and the the erotica did the same.

In doing so, in setting aside the mystery for the horror and erotica I found that this work wasn’t quite the same in holding my attention as the first was.

The second work in the series is:

  • Title: Devil’s Threesome 2
  • Author: Olivia Scott-Hill
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 8, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

It’s the morning after and Emma is left alone to pick up the pieces. She can only remember flashes of the previous night – three bodies, naked flesh, filthy acts in the graveyard – but she’s lucky. Her best guy friends Taylor and Aiden don’t remember anything at all.

As she attempts to contact her buddies, Emma finds herself starving, but nothing in the fridge will satisfy her. Then the cute mailman comes knocking and she realizes that it’s not food she’s hungry for. At the same time, a coven of reanimated witches trolls the town looking for snacks to feed a similar hunger and Emma finds herself strangely connected to their evil souls.

In the end, with her zombified mailman lover in tow, Emma reconvenes with her friends to attempt to fill in the missing blanks from the night before. Fortunately for Emma and the guys, the blanks won’t be the only things getting filled!

Emma’s day after is not at all what she expected. Her hunger is worse, her powers grow, and she is starting to slip away. Horror appears among them all, and where that goes next is anyone’s guess.

The core of this work is, really, horror over everything else. In focusing on the horror aspect, which is quite violent at times, I found the story hard to read because the contrast between the horror and the erotica was so severe. In being so, the erotica was well out of place, didn’t read as well as in the first work and I didn’t find myself as interested in the work as I felt I should have been.

There are some revelations about what exactly is going on, to a point, and those are interesting, but this is fleeting and soon gives way to the horror. The blood flows, things become violent and this just didn’t do anything for me. Emma becomes less succubus-like and that’s a shame really. Her powers tend towards her being a succubus, but rather than holding her story in the realm of mind control and some kind of succubus transformation, it doesn’t go there. Emma becomes a monster, like the others that appear in the story and i just found that to be a shame.

While the work is written well, there just seemed to be a focus on shock and horror over the story, over the erotica, and, to a point, the reasons why all of this unfolds. The explanation takes up about two pages and it felt rushed. Perhaps more time should have been spent on the past, how this all connects to the present, and the why of it all.

This work, and the series, ends on a cliffhanger, which really isn’t much of one. It’s clear what Emma expects to happen, what she intends to do, and as such the next work in the series, if it ever appears, seems to be spoiled in the last page of this work. If that’s true, then it seems very stereotypical. That’s a shame because I don’t think it needs to be, there’s something more here and I hope the author intends to use that to their advantage.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

These works were reissued on Amazon a short time ago, and as such the release dates on Amazon show them to be in 2015. I wonder if the author has decided to continue onwards here or not. I would like to think they might in if they do, I hope they turn back to telling the story more. There is a really interesting story here, that shouldn’t be lost in the erotica.



Jun 09 2015

A Review of Succubus Fyre: A Fey Fyre Tale by Vi Valentine

Succubus Fyre: A Fey Fyre Tale by Vi Valentine

Succubus Fyre: A Fey Fyre Tale by Vi Valentine

Sometimes the core of a story gets lost in the lead up to it. What I mean by that is there are side stories, little things that take the main character off in different directions. Sometimes that just doesn’t work at all. Sometimes it does.

A Succubus, no matter who she is, isn’t just the need for sex that seems to be the core of a lot of stories. It’s more interesting to tell a story about a Succubus thinking, considering, and sometimes. discovering something they never expected.

  • Title: Succubus Fyre: A Fey Fyre Tale
  • Author: Vi Valentine
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B00MP1I9JQ
  • Publishing Date: August 13, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is of:

A indefinite hiatus from the opposite sex? On any normal day Wendy would cringe at the idea. Humans might be able to deal with the prospect of a sexless future, but for a succubus the very thought seems ludicrous at best and dangerous at worst. Sex was the only way a succubus had to release her Feyaire, the intense energy that all Fey Folk posses.

But things are hardly normal for Wendy these days. After a string of failed relationships with Fey men, Baron has stepped into her life. There’s something in his gaze — neither Fey nor human — that makes her Fyre flash hot with succubus cravings. Wendy is faced with a decision: give in to her Succubus Fyre, or stay away from him. Find out which way Wendy will go.

Wendy’s life is complicated, she doesn’t like the others of her kind, she can’t find what she needs from the humans around her. As a Succubus, being sexually frustrated is never a good thing. About to take herself off the table, in more ways than one, she becomes intwined with Baron and then the surprises really begin.

As a whole I rather enjoyed this work, though the beginning gave me pause. By that I mean the story seemed to be groping around, looking for the path it wanted to follow, but having to set out the situation for Wendy first. I’m not sure that worked for two reasons, One, I don’t think that dwelling on what is really a minor character for the longest time added to the story, and two, I can’t say that dealing with Wendy’s self examination over and over again made for a good story. At times it was a bit dry, dragging, and just didn’t hold my interest.

Once Wendy meets Baron, and the rest core plot of the story begins, then the work turns onto a completely different tone. There’s passion and seduction and when that comes to the fore the author’s writing passions are very clear. The heat in the erotica is delicious and brought this story from being average to something quite a lot better.

Wendy herself is a Succubus, a Fey. She has all of the beauty, sensuality and power of a Succubus. No horns or tail, if she does, they are never mentioned, but her skills are told with a lot of heat and that made the latter third of the work an almost perfect hot flash. Before the heat however, there is all of the self-doubt, concern, and confusing to get through. I’m not sure that reflected on Wendy well considering the moments after she meets Baron and I think it didn’t do her justice in many ways.

There is a minor character who is a Succubus as well, Lydia, but there isn’t a lot said about her. That’s a shame as from the little bit we see of her, I would have liked her to have a larger role. In fact, I could see this story playing out a lot better if the moments of Wendy’s poor relationship were removed and replace with Wendy and Lydia reminiscing about things before going to the party where Wendy meets Baron.

Baron is a mystery, one that isn’t explained by the end of the work. I liked him, I liked he and Wendy together, and I liked that there was a connection, more than a spark, between the two of them. From all of the characters in the work, I think Baron had the most personality and when that connected with Wendy, the sparks flew and the erotica was delicious.

I have to split this work into two parts, before meeting Baron and after. The before seems scattered and that hurt the story a lot. The after was focused, hot, and almost the perfect hot flash overall. There aren’t any problems with the author’s style in the heat of the moment… It’s getting to the heat that I think needs some work.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The work seemed a bit lost at the beginning, but managed to settle into the real story in a way that wasn’t silly, wasn’t a train wreck and more importantly, managed to tell a lot about Wendy in many ways. Hoping to see more about her, about Baron, and what it all means for them both sometime…