Feb 18 2015

The right costume accessories matter… This does not.

Sexy Red Devil Acccessory KitI believe in making the best costume you possibly can. It matters to me that the right pieces are drawn together to make things look the best they can be. I have, many times I know, talked about the right horns, tail, or pitchfork… But what I found really isn’t any of those by any means that I can see…

This is called the Sexy Red Devil Costume Horns Tail Wings Demon Acccessory Kit and it comes with, of course, everything you see in the image here… It sells for $20 US.

And, of course, there is absolutely nothing in this that I like, not that is a surprise to anyone that reads my frequent rants about costumes I think.  I suppose that some might like part of this, or all of it… Or be needing to make a costume in a hurry and choose this.

But I won’t.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

It’s not that hard to make accessories better… So why not do so?



Feb 17 2015

A Review of The Black Pit by Kurt Schiffer

The Black Pit by Kurt Schiffer

The Black Pit by Kurt Schiffer

I’ve never been one to enjoy many horror stories. Brutality does nothing for me at all. When that goes so far over the top to be, as a whole, a caricature it becomes a lot harder for me to deal with.

If a story manages to have some kind of story that keeps my attention, or a Succubus appears that is interesting to me, then that helps. The problem is when the entire story is unpalatable and the Succubus even more so considering who she is supposed to be.

Perhaps I don’t quite understand the point of the story or what the author is trying to say. It’s entirely possible that I missed the point of this work… But somehow I don’t think in the grand scheme of things it really matters that I didn’t get it.

  • Title: The Black Pit
  • Author: Kurt Schiffer
  • Length: 82 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 4, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

A man with evil urges sells his soul to Satan in return for earthly power and wealth. After many years of abuse and depravity the man decides he no longer wishes to honour the deal and travels into the Black Pit of Hell in order to steal back the Soul Contract.
He meets a debauched female who travels with him. They share extreme insanity, depravity and lust…

A man tells the tale of a deal with the devil, the life led, and an attempt to get out of the deal at a very high cost with the help of the succubus Lilith.

As a whole this is a very violent, brutal work tending towards being more horror and violence than anything else. That theme runs through every moment of the work, it never pauses, and as a result there really aren’t any characters to like all that much.

The main character, and when his name finally is spoken, is a rather silly thing and it does reflect I think on the author’s own political leanings, but I won’t get into that. Through the story his views, his thoughts, really everything about him tends towards a mixture of fear, lust, and need.

And the core of all of that comes to Lilith whom the main character soon meets when he enters Hell. At the beginning of the work, I thought how she was described, her actions, and her attitude worked quite well. But as the story when on, she became a characture of  herself, becoming more violent, brutal, and simply evil more than anything else. That was a shame as at the beginning she was a strong female domme character, but as the story went on she lost the poise she had in the beginning and turned into a creature of sex and not a lot more than that.

I can’t say that I enjoyed the work all that much because at some point all of the suffering, abuse and so forth gets old, the story tends not to go anywhere and the promise there seemed to be at the beginning of the work just vanished into thin air.

The erotic moments didn’t do anything for me and really the erotica there was focused on torture, abuse and more. None of this does anything for me and as such there was little heat to be seen.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

I’m not sure what the point of this story was in the end, I expected more from the book blurb and I didn’t see that. Those that enjoy horror with a odd sense of humour might enjoy this work, but I honestly could not.



Feb 16 2015

Family by TeraS

Today, in my part of the universe, is called Family Day, and it’s an important day for me. I had hoped that an image I wanted would be ready, but it isn’t … so I will share that another time. But I have a story to share …

My family means more to me than I can say, and I can never really put into words how important all of them are … This story is for my Sis Rachel, who I hold with me always, hope for every day, and wish, more than words can share …


By TeraS


It is well known that Tera, Queen of the Succubi, Monarch of the Realm, is a Red Tail. Some call her love “fiery,” in that it burns brightly and tells of how much she cares about those that she loves. The red of her tail reflects that love, that caring, that complete belief, love, and compassion that she has for her family in all things.

What is not as well known is that the many of Tera’s sisters are Blue Tails. Blue Tails are known for their devotion above all. They know that Tera’s love for them is complete and total, will never waver, never change, never end. She will love from afar and from close by, holding them and seeing in them all of the things that they cannot quite see in themselves. Perhaps it is not a surprise that so many of them are Blue Tails, then, for knowing Tera’s love gives them the knowledge that, no matter what happens, Tera will love them and be with them even in their darkest hours …

When asked why she gives of her love so freely, so completely, Tera has been known to smile and say: “Family.”

It was the middle of winter in the Realm; the snows were quite heavy this year, having covered the Realm in a deep blanket of white that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Most residents of the Realm were at home, bundled up, keeping warm in whatever ways they enjoyed … save for one of the succubi who was trudging through the snow, her boots making crunching noises as she walked. She was bundled up, head to toes, even having a tail cozy to protect her tail.

Her name was Rachel. She was a blue tail, and Tera’s cherished little sister.

As Rachel crested the last hill, Tera’s home came into view, and she paused there for a moment, thinking about turning around and going back the way she came. But then she saw something that changed her mind: Tera was waiting for her at the bottom of the hill. She could tell it was Tera, of course, being that the Queen was her sister: the red she was wearing, tail cozy and all, were not needed to tell the Blue Tail who it was.

When she reached the bottom of the hill Tera hugged her tightly—or at least as tightly as one cold being bundled up against the cold: “Welcome home, Sis.”

Rachel’s reply was muffled by her scarf, but it was clear that she was tired and, seeing that, Tera guided Rachel the last part of the way home. Once inside, she quickly stripped off her things and then helped Rachel with her own. Feeling that she had been a burden, Rachel looked at her big sister: “I’m sorry, Sis.”

Tera furrowed her brow a bit, then tucked a few strands of Rachel’s hair back into place: “What are you sorry about, Sis?”

“I’m sorry that you were waiting for me outside. I made you worry, and …”

Tera tapped a finger against Rachel’s nose: “I waited for you, Sis, because I knew you were coming. I wasn’t about to just sit inside here and wait for you. It was not a problem to go out and find you, to bring you home.”

Tera helped Rachel put her things away but when the big sister asked if the little sister wanted something to eat, the answer was: “I think I’d just like to go lay down, Sis. Just … tired.”

Tera could tell it was something more than that, but, instead of pressing about it, she hugged Rachel warmly: “Okay … Goodnight, Sis. I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

Rachel put up a wan smile: “Sure, Sis. Love you.”

Tera smiled and kissed Rachel’s forehead: “Love you always and always, Sis.” She watched Rachel walk down the hallway to her room, the one that Tera had given her for her own, and then disappeared, the door closing behind her softly.

Rachel woke up in the middle of the night and stared at the ceiling, thoughts and worries swirling in her mind as they always did: the worry about disappointing her sister, the fear of messing up, making a mistake, doing something that would upset Tera. She wondered if the problem was herself. She didn’t look like Tera and that started her thinking about how Her Majesty looked, how she was … who she was. She thought about how she looked, how she dressed, and wondered if the way to making Tera happy was to be more like her.

She got out of bed and left her room, stopping a moment later outside of Tera’s own. She looked inside to see her sister asleep in bed, curled up under the covers. There was a small nightstand beside her bed and Rachel could see a framed photograph there under the nightlight. The picture was of the two of them, big sister making bunny ears with her fingers over little sister’s head and she doing the likewise. Rachel nibbled at the inside of her cheek, remembering when the picture was taken, what she felt then, and the worries that she had now.

She turned away moments later to go back to her room, and didn’t see that Tera had been watching from the darkness, her expression a worried one.

The following morning, Tera was making some hot chocolate in her kitchen: two cups, ready to share with her sister. She plucked a bit of fuzz from her red sweater and smiled. She wasn’t going out today, but instead was going to spend the day with her sister. The sound of footsteps from the hallway made her call out: “I’m in the kitchen, Sis! Almost have the hot choc ready!” She finished up things as the footsteps entered the kitchen and stopped.

“Um … Hi, Sis.”

When Tera looked over her shoulder to where Rachel stood she found herself looking at a troubled sister, her blue tail wrapped loosely around her right leg. Tera faced Rachel and leaned against the counter: “Sis … What’s wrong?”

Rachel was fidgeting with her hands and looking at the floor: “I’m not good enough … can’t be … Nothing like you are.”

Rachel didn’t see Tera brush the fingertips of her right hand over her lips, but she did hear Tera’s own footsteps as they moved across the floor, walking over to her: “You don’t have to be more like me, Sis. You never have to be or do anything but be you.”

Rachel was close to tears, the tremble in her voice telling the tale: “I’m not good enough, Sis. I’m a mess, I make you worry, I screw up so much, and …”

Tera took Rachel’s hand in her own: “That’s not true. I love you. That doesn’t change. It never can.”

“But … someday I’ll do something wrong to disappoint you. I try to be more like you, but I can’t.”

Tera pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and settled into it, putting her eyes at the same level as Rachel’s: “Sis? Please, look at me.”

When she did, it was clear that she had been crying—her eyes red, cheeks wet, and, while she tried to look Tera in the eyes, the guilt inside kept making her look elsewhere.

Tera didn’t make Rachel look at her. Instead she just talked while still holding her little sister’s hand in her own, brushing a fingertip lightly over Rachel’s hand: “I know it’s hard, Sis. It’s hard to see in yourself that you are any good. It’s hard to see that inside sometimes.”

The breath that Rachel drew was long and shuddering, but she didn’t try to take her hand away: “It’s more than that, Sis.”

“Want to tell me about it? You don’t have to.”

Rachel looked at Tera now: “I worry about hurting you … hurting others. I worry about screwing up, messing up. I worry about how everyone sees me, what they say behind my back.”

“Sis … Do you remember the first thing I said to you? When we first met?”

“I love you.”

“And when I asked if we could be family?”

“I love you.”

“And when you became one of the Succubi? When you first swished that tail of yours?”

“I love you.”

“And the words we say always to each other?”

“I love you.”

“Sis … those aren’t just three words. They matter. They are three words that you can’t take back, can’t erase, can’t say don’t matter.”

Rachel was crying now: “But I’ve hurt you, Sis. I know I have.”

“It doesn’t hurt to love you. It doesn’t hurt to care about you, worry about you. It isn’t a burden to say hi, wave, or give you a hug. It doesn’t because … well … it just doesn’t.”

Rachel shook her head: “No, Sis: I know I hurt you when I make a mistake or am stupid or …”

Tera brushed her other hand over Rachel’s cheeks: “That doesn’t hurt, Sis. We all make mistakes or are stupid, sometimes … Even me.”

“No, Sis. Not you. You’re perfect.”

Tera smiled: “Oh I’m not perfect; far from it. But, you know, there’s something that reminds me every day what ‘perfect’ is.”

“Not me.”

Tera brushed her fingers over Rachel’s lips: “Yes, it is you. You remind me every day how perfect it is to love my sister. How perfect it is to see her smile, to share a hug, to make her feel better.”

“Isn’t perfect, Sis.”

“Okay … What do you think is perfect, Sis?”

Rachel was quiet for a time, thinking about that question. Then the answer came with a shrug: “I don’t know.”

Tera squeezed Rachel’s hand a bit tighter: “I do. The love of our family is perfect. The devotion we have for each other is perfect. Nothing can ever take that away, not in the darkest of times, not in the worst of moments. It always will be.”

A sniffle: “Can’t be perfect, Sis. I can’t even try to look like you and make it right.”

“But that’s the point Sis. You are … you. You aren’t meant to be exactly like me. You’re meant to be who you are. Everyone loves you for … you.”

“Still worried about what everyone thinks. I know that they see everything that’s wrong in me.”

“Sis … that’s the little voice in your thoughts that plays on you all of the time. It nibbles away at your worth, your self, and it tries to beat you down. Don’t be fooled. Everyone has that voice inside of them.”

A whisper: “Sometimes it’s really bad, Sis.”

“It is.”

Rachel looked up: “No, Sis, you don’t understand. It hurts so much and …”

Tera let go of Rachel’s hand and guided her to sit with her on the chair: “I understand that. I see you in pain at times. I can see the hurt in your eyes, hear it in your voice. I wish that I could take that pain away. I’m willing to take that all inside of me for your sake.”

Rachel flinched a little: “Then I am hurting you.”

“No, you aren’t hurting me. I worry, I hope. I try to make you smile, to make you feel better about yourself. I hope for a little smile, a bit of light to come back inside to make you feel better. I remember the joy when you tell me you feel okay. I see the smile. I hear the laughter and giggles when you are happy, Sis.”

Rachel laid her head against Tera’s chest and sighed: “You … I …” A breath, then she continued: “I love you.”

Tera didn’t say anything for a while, just holding her sister and waiting for her to try to continue. When she didn’t, Tera spoke: “Family doesn’t have to say we love each other. But we do, because, sometimes, we need to know that someone does love us, to remember the words spoken, to know that each one was heartfelt and real.”

“I know, Sis. I love you so much …”

Tera’s tail twined with Rachel’s: “We’ll get through this, Sis, and all of the things that come. You’ll never be alone, because you have our family with you.”

“Okay, I’ll remember, but … it’s hard.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Promise.”

Rachel hugged Tera tightly: “May I ask you somethin’?”


“How do you keep from freezing when you wear that skimpy outfit of yours?”

Tera laughed: “Lots of hot choc. Come on. Let’s make another batch.”

The two sisters spent the rest of the day sitting by the window, watching the snow fall, and talking. Tera curled up on the couch, Rachel there beside her, and there were many, many mugs piled on the table nearby.

But, most importantly, and most of all, the day was spent together as the family they were and would always be.

Feb 15 2015

A Review of Dangerous Desire Episode 1 and 2 by Jennifer Hampton

Dangerous Desire Episode 1: The Secret written by Jennifer Hampton

Dangerous Desire Episode 1: The Secret written by Jennifer Hampton

It always bothers me when I find a series of books that have Succubi appearing in them and just before things become really interesting… the series comes to a halt. It is especially bothersome when there are so many interesting threads to explore and they aren’t quite so. More so when the entire theme of the series seems to reflect… in a small way… a certain television series.

Setting that thought aside, the tease, and really it is a tease because this series hasn’t gone any further is very interesting and has a lot of promise…

It is a shame that promise has never unfolded. There are two works in the series, and I will be reviewing them together…

The first:

  • Title: Dangerous Desire Episode 1: The Secret
  • Author: Jennifer Hampton
  • Publishing Date: November 1, 2012
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

Sandra is blessed with a beauty that you can only imagine. However, her beauty is also her curse. Her beauty draws men to her with a mere wink, but it’s not for love; it’s lust. The lust is what Sandra feeds on-literally. Sandra isn’t human; it’s something she inherited from her late mother.

Forced to discover her true nature on her own has had it’s consequences. Sandra has taken the life of man, something that’s not tolerated in the human world. With the help of her father, Sandra flees the country in hopes that she will be able to start over. She lands in Paris, attending school abroad. Little does Sandra know, that’s exactly where her father wants her. Quickly, Sandra learns that Paris is a safe haven for those like her, and it is with the help of her eccentric human roommate Katrina, that she will be able to enjoy the wonders of her true self.

However, dangers also lie in Paris. The others can sense Sandra’s powers and there’s only on other Succubus in the world like her; Sandra’s mother. Now that Sandra knows that her mother is actually alive, Sandra will do anything to find her; however, the others see personal gain in her unique abilities.

Dangerous Desire Episode 2: The First Night written by Jennifer Hampton

Dangerous Desire Episode 2: The First Night written by Jennifer Hampton

The second work in the series follows immediately in time from the second work. While the first introduces the main characters, the second is more focused on the society of Succubi, and likely Incubi, that exist in Paris.

The thing is that the work sets up something, but ends before the story can follow through on it. There is a certain amount of danger for Sandra… But where that takes her isn’t revealed save for a little teaser at the end of this work.

That more than anything else is what frustrates me the most…

The second:

  • Title: Dangerous Desire Episode 2: The First Night
  • Author: Jennifer Hampton
  • Publishing Date: November 1, 2012
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B00A0KHS0U
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

Sandra’s first night in Paris serves more productive than she thought it would be. While in a Vampire Club, she runs into a beautiful bartender named Milly who’s also a fairy. It’s at that very moment that she discovers her true origin… Sandra’s a Succubus.

However, Sandra quickly learns that Vampires don’t get along with Succubi and she’s not welcome there. Caught in Sandra’s crossfire, Katrina is banished from the one place she’s worked years to gain acceptance too.

Katrina shouldn’t fret though; there’s more in this for her if she helps Sandra. There’s a problem though… Sandra’s getting hungry and discretion is rule number one for her kind in this town but; Sandra doesn’t know how to properly feed. Can Katrina get Sandra in the right company before Sandra’s cravings get the best of her?

Overall the situation that Sandra finds herself in I found to be interesting. There are hints of things about her past that are troubling. They also remind me of a certain Canadian television series with a Succubus in it. Setting that aside, I rather liked the contrast between the vampire society and that of the Succubi and, if only guessed at, Incubi.

It is the contrast between the brutal and the seductive. More interestingly is that the two sides, apparently, do not interact, if at all. I would have liked to know more about that divide, why it was and what it meant. Then comes the question of Sandra, her abilities and what that means for her. The question of Sandra’s mother, why she did what she did, why her father did the things he did and so on There are so many plot threads in this work set out in these two short works, but really none of them are settled or placed on a path.

The writing is very good, the actions, thoughts and dialogue all match the individual characters. But the clearest voice is Katrina’s I think, her reactions to what happens around her and so on. Sandra seems to be quite lost from the first moment she appears, and that takes a little bit away from her. As she gains her bearings in this world, and it is tenuous here, she does settle more and her own voice is much stronger for that.

By the end of these works, there is a cliffhanger that appears, which would be interesting to see as it would be the first time we see Sandra feed, not that she has much of a choice really for everything that has happened to her.

As well, there is a very mysterious fairy that can tell if someone is telling the truth and she reminds me of another being that was a dear friend of a certain magic user and her Succubus…

I’m giving these works three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There is a lot to like about the setting, the world of the Succubi and Katrina and Sandra themselves. I just wish that the lead up would have resolved into a payoff. There is so much promise here and… it just stops before that happens…



Feb 14 2015

A YouTube of the Lost Saga Succubus

Interestingly, at least to me, is that Succubi seem to be appearing in a lot more video games of late. I came across a YouTube that shows a game called Lost Saga and what is described as a Succubus in it. Now the video isn’t all that good to tell what she looks like, but there are wikis about this game and I found a nice image of her… I rather like her a lot…

And if the video doesn’t play on the Tale, try this link:


As I mentioned, the video itself really doesn’t show what the Succubus in this game looks like, but I found this artwork of her that I like in a lot of ways…

Lost Saga Succubus

Lost Saga Succubus

Sexy cute is always a good thing for a Succubus and she does have that by far… Of course it is a fighting game so she doesn’t act very much like a Succubus… Still that would be something interesting to write in that her character interests me…

We’ll see where that goes…



Feb 13 2015

A Review of the Carnality Series by D.L. Jackson

Carnal Desires by D.L. Jackson

Carnal Desires by D.L. Jackson

A very interesting and well thought out series this time on the Tale for review. It is the three works in the Carnality series by D.L. Jackson: Carnal Desires, Carnal Attraction and Carnal Denial.

Being separated from who you are can change you. If who you are is forgotten to the point that all is lost, your passions, your needs, your soul. What are you then?

And what happens if someone finds you at last and leads you back?

The first book is:

The work tells the story of:

When Mercedes, the town librarian, enters a place no good girl would dare to tread, she meets a man who says he’s an incubus, who has an offer too tempting to pass up. After the encounter with the stranger, sanity returns and Mercedes begins to wonder if she’s lost her mind along with her memory, or if the man in the back of the adult toy store really was who he claimed to be.

The opening book to this series is a lovely mix of mystery, erotica, passion and discovery, but it also comes with a touch of sadness in it as well. It lays out the series to come really well in that the main character, Mercedes, who is a woman with a past that she doesn’t know, and Azael, the Incubus that is drawn to her… and more, are not quite as they seem to be.

There is something odd about Mercedes from the first moment and it’s hard to say what that really is until the end of this book when the truth drops like a rock onto her and she finds out that all that she thought she knew… she does not.

Azael is a deliciously erotic, passionate, seductive Incubus who has all of the right tastes, smells, touches and more to share with Mercedes. But he also wants something from her, opens her eyes to a truth she didn’t know, and reveals a secret that has been forgotten.

The two have, from the moment they meet, almost a star-crossed lovers vive to them which quickly turns into a hot flash that doesn’t take away from the story, but instead adds to it. Two strong personalities with secrets to be told is a very good way to start a series and it hooked me immediately. But it is short, barely a chapter and although it read well and was a hot read… I needed more to be told before the secret about Mercedes was out.

She is a Succubus, and Mercedes isn’t her name.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Carnal Attraction by D.L. Jackson

Carnal Attraction by D.L. Jackson

But now knowing that she is different, that she isn’t human, the questions that Mercedes has are many. Still they come to a very few that really matter.

Who am I? What am I? And what is Azael to her? All are good questions to ask, but can she have the answers to them in a meaningful way or will Azael’s body be all that matters to her?

The second work in the series is:

The work tells the story of:

Thousands of years have passed. Azael has returned to Jezebel, and he’s brought her memories with him. Now that Jezebel has them back, she doesn’t intend to lose them again by starving herself of life energies. So, when she encounters a broken heart in the seedy strip club where she works, she knows dinner will be special that night. This time, the feeding will be on her terms, and the man who’s wandered into her snare, shouldn’t miss the small bite of soul she takes. Much.

Mercedes has, from the last book to this one, somehow and in someway, remembered who she is and what she is. Her name is Jezebel, she is a Succubus, but she isn’t quite like any other one that has existed. And that, more than anything else, drew Azael to her and she to him. Now together, she a stripper, he watching out for her, they feed on those around them… But it isn’t what you might think it to be.

The main thing about Jezebel is, and for me this is a very important point, is that she wants to be more than she is, only take what she needs to, and, most oddly at least in this universe, she refuses to take a human soul. That, more than anything else, really makes me adore her. She has a truth inside of her, one that wants those around her to be better, happier, and more than they are. She is, in my eyes, what Succubi are meant to be. The bringers of fantasy, pleasure and dreams. And sometimes, just sometimes, they can make those dreams true.

The transformation that Jezebel has taken from the last work to this one is really a chrysalis and she is a wonderfully erotic creature that knows herself, what she is capable of, and uses all she is for the pleasure of herself and those around her.

But in all of that comes a little bit of humanity, of seeking out another that needs her, and she gives them what they desire for a price agreed to, at least in her eyes freely. But she also opens the way for them, and others, to have something that she herself has… a place to be, a heart to love, and to be able to be comfortable with oneself.

All of this is, for me, perfectly told. The heat of Jezebel’s needs and how she gives that need to another, making it more that it would otherwise be, is a joyous thing to read and it made me smile when the story came to a close… At least in this part of the story.

I think the summary however is not quite true to the story as it is so much more seductive and powerful in being so that it suggests. One should not let it give you the wrong idea about this work. It is a Succubus at her best and more.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Carnal Denial by D.L. Jackson

Carnal Denial by D.L. Jackson

One of the problems that Jezebel and Azael have is one of demon hunters. Now this isn’t a new idea, not by any means, but how one particular demon hunter becomes involved with them, around them, and what happens to her is really the icing on the cake of this series and brings it to a wonderfully satisfying conclusion.

The third, and regrettably, last work in the series:

The work tells the story of:

Another lamb for the feast. Not likely. Jezebel knows that taking a bite out of the virgin bait the demon slayers have tossed into the club is a bad idea. But there’s also more than one way to skin a proverbial cat, or in this instance, pop a slayer’s cherry before she causes any problems. There’s nothing in the succubus rule book that says Jezebel has to play fair.

Jezebel finds herself having to deal with a demon hunter named Cassidy, but not in the way Cassidy expects or would have ever imagined. Cassidy learns that Jezebel and Azael are nothing like she has encountered, or experienced. And there’s a guy in the club that has his eye on her… And she on him.

I really liked that the events of the second book became central to this, the last part of the series. In truth the beginning of that work and as well this one seem to happen at the same moments in time. There are connections to characters, events, and thoughts that entwine together nicely.

Jezebel, in this work, is more…. whole. By that I mean she’s more fleshed out as a character in her words, actions, and more. It was amazing to see her be more than “a simple lust demon” as Cassidy expected. She was thoughtful, posed questions, and more remembered her past and made amends for it in a way. And isn’t having a character redeem themselves one of the best kind of story to read? I think so.

The work doesn’t focus on Jezebel and Azael for the most part, it is really about Cassidy’s time there, what she experiences, and, finally, how she comes to find something that she had been wanting for a long time before. In a way, this story is also about Cassidy finding her dream to be real. And it was a beautiful moment to see.

The ending, the very last time we see Jezebel is priceless and I smiled when I read what she said and did. It felt right on so many levels and made the series end in exactly the right way.

Four and a half pitchforks out of five.

It isn’t so much about Jezebel and Azael, not by any means, but they are there at the right moments to push Cassidy towards something that is so perfectly right for her. In doing so she comes to see what I knew from the moment the series began. That some Succubi and Incubi are, if you look really hard, angels too.

As a whole, this entire series rates four and a half pitchforks out of five.

I really do wish there was more, Jezebel’s past, what was the turning point in her life, that would be something that I would have liked to have seen. Who she was before that moment matters and i think it would have made for a contrast between the then and the here and now.

It would be nice to have that, more of the story of how they came to have the club, and perhaps some stories about those that work there as well. But it is likely never to be and I’ll have to be happy with a Succubus that is one that I respect for who she has turned out to be.



Feb 13 2015

A Review of The Vampire Strikes Back by Dou7g

The Vampire Strikes Back by Dou7g

The Vampire Strikes Back by Dou7g

The fifth in my continuing reviews of the works of the author Dou7g in the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my review of the first work in the series here on the Tale, the review of the second work here, the third can be found here and the fifth work was reviewed here on the Tale. This review is of the sixth work in the series The Vampire Strikes Back.

The truth comes out eventually. Whether that truth is the one known, but never spoken, seen but never accepted, or refused though it never fades away. To find that truth and know that the choice you made, in that moment, will mark you forever can either break you or heal you. It all depends on how much you are willing to risk in the end…

  • Title: The Vampire Strikes Back
  • Author: Dou7g
  • Length: 44 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 6, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Kiki is deeply jealous of the bond between the beautiful Mage Megan and Kendra the Succubus. Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned. Megan is gravely injured and Kendra and Edmund must put aside their differences and work together to try and save the life of the girl they both love.

Things take a turn for the worst as Kiki gravely injures Megan and Kendra tries to save her. Having nowhere else to go, Kendra asks Edmund for help, Megan’s life slowly bleeding away as they try to come up with a way to save her… and secrets come out as a result.

There is actually quite a lot revealed about Kiki and Kendra’s past and I thought that worked really well to build up both of them. It isn’t spoken of in a lot of detail, but what is, the emotions behind it, as short at that moment is, tells a lot about both of them and makes them more than they were. When Kiki reveals something about Megan and Kendra, it’s very much like a bomb being dropped in the room and Kendra is forced to accept something that she felt, but never put into words about Megan.

When that confrontation passes and Kendra has to deal with the possibility that Kiki’s actions might mean that she loses Megan, a part of Kendra finally clicks into place and she admits, fully, what Megan means to her and what she is willing to do. It also, more importantly I think, also marked a change in her personality, what she sees as being important, and what her view of the world is. For a Succubus, to have someone that she loves in return is rare and unheard of. It is this change that moves this work into a new interesting direction that holds a lot of promise I think.

Alongside of this, Edmund’s story continues and we also learn the name of the Ogre that has been training him. I will admit that the name amazed me and I laughed, but it fits really well. A moment in the story between him and Kendra is also well played because it again talks about the past, what is important to each of them, and the possibility that each can think about themselves and others in a new light. Again, it is character development in a really good way.

I like that the group as a whole are finally coming together as well. There’s a really nice friendship developing that seemed to solidify in this work. There also were some really nice “fun” moments as well that took some of the more serious moments and turned them better. A small bit of erotic fun, just enough that it’s clear that Kendra isn’t losing her touch while she’s falling in love. There are also a few hints towards the future of the series where the story is going and what all of the characters will, or are, planning to do. Megan is starting to come into her own as well, and the question comes what that means as her powers, and being “part” of Kendra’s life means as well.

It is a bit short, I would have liked a bit more in the moments between Kendra and Kiki, though I do not believe this is the last we’ve see of her. The humour, compassion and characters make up for a lot of that however. I felt like the speed of the first part of the work might have been too fast, but, again, that is made up for in the latter half of the story where the characters are able to think and process what has happened and what comes next.

I thought that it was slightly better than the previous work in that the characters seemed to find their footing in this story, have come together as a whole and this sets up what seems to be an neat adventure for them all to embark on. It will be a challenge for Megan, there’s no doubt, but as well I think there is going to be a challenge for Kendra to accept as well.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

A neat turn in the series, some really nice character development, and a few important questions answered that I think matter to the series going forwards. But the question of what Megan faces next isn’t… but it will be…