Jun 21 2015

A Review of Succubus by Anya Masters

Succubus by Anya Masters

Succubus by Anya Masters

I think it’s interesting the summoning ideas that authors create in their works. Most of them are rather simple, quick, and as a whole leave a lot to be desired. It makes sense, at least to me, that a summoning should not be too simple, have a certain flair to it and, most of all, it should matter in what kind of Succubus someone summons to them.

Some Succubi like things a bit rough, and a bit more dominant than most. The question of that kind of character is how do you manage to write that and not make them stereotypically too much so? That is a bit of a challenge really…

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: Anya Masters
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • ASIN: B00L9SNX4W
  • Publishing Date: June 24, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The story tells of:

“How can I ever thank you for summoning me, Gabriel?”

He summoned me, and now I’m going to take what I want from him and his body.

Except he doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. When I’m finished with him, he’ll be sore in places he didn’t know he had.


Gabe finds in the midst of translating an old book in the library that it contains a spell to summon a sex demon. Giving in, he gathers the needed items and casts the spell. To his surprise soon after he finds himself in the clutches of a Succubus that is everything that he wanted. And she wants everything from him.

As much as Gabe is the focus of the story, there really isn’t that much said about what he looks like and so much of that is left up to one’s own imagination. This works well as the actions of Gabe are more important than what he looks like. It’s also more important to know his thoughts as well, even as these thoughts turn to lusting after the Succubus that is calling to him.

We never learn the name of the Succubus, but she’s very dominant, takes control of Gabe and binds him to her will. As with Gabe there really isn’t much said about what she looks like other than her eyes: red, and that her teeth are sharp and pointed. Beyond that anything described of her is cloaked by what she is doing with her body to Gabe’s and how he reacts to that.

She is very dominant, and with that comes a bit of abuse, which I didn’t care for, but also a strength of will and control that I did like. She teases, punishes, and rewards Gabe as the story goes on and why that happens is made clear in the story before she appears and I liked that connection.

The means of the summoning, the things that Gabe had to do, what he did were more in-depth than many other stories about summoning a Succubus and that I did enjoy. I will make one note however in that there was a disconnect for me in how it was that Gabe would just happen to have all of the items he would need to perform a summoning. One might assume that none would have all of the items at their fingertips and Gabe just happening to have them felt very odd and that bothered me through that part of the story.

The work is a hot flash, lovely scenes that tell of how Gabe is used as a plaything for the Succubus, but also in how her words, her talents as a Succubus, give them both pleasure. Thankfully the ending of the work didn’t go into a stereotypically dark end and I liked where the story ended.

The problem is that the work is very short, and as such there isn’t a lot of character development. The name of the Succubus is missing and there’s just more that could have been done with the story I think. If not in telling more of the story of the Succubus, then of Gabe himself. If not the taking of Gabe by the Succubus as her pet for lack of a better description, then perhaps a bit more given about what the Succubus looks like. The work left me wanting more than it gave and perhaps another five or six pages of development would have taken this from a simple hot flash to a good opening chapter to a longer story.

I think this is something that the author needs to consider. What is the story of the Succubus? What, if anything, does she want with Gave? If Gabe happens to not use the “optional” item in the summoning, does the Succubus herself change? There are several other questions that give me pause to consider and to know the answers would take some time to tell.

I’ll give this work three pitchforks out of five.

Somewhat rougher than I personally like, though the Succubus herself is interesting and more importantly she isn’t quite stereotypical in her actions. That makes this work more than I expected. But it could have been a lot better if it had been a lot longer.


Jun 20 2015

An interesting Succubus pendant

It’s been a while since I had a look through etsy.com for Succubus items. As such there are a surprising number of items that have appeared on that site and so, over the next little while, I will be sharing the things that I found there.

The first of these is what I think is, perhaps, a little over the top for my own liking, but nonetheless is quite a unique pendant in the shape of a Succubus… wings and all…

Succubus Pendant by Rottenz

Succubus Pendant by Rottenz

This pendant is called, quite simply, Succubus Pendant and is by an artist on etsy called Rottenz. You can find the page on that site where I found this item here.

The detail and craftsmanship that has gone into this work of art is simply amazing to me. The wings are wonderful, her shape and form fits her wings very well. I like the effect of the cape and cowl that seems to be draping over her form as well, it frames her body in the most interesting way.

It is a bit too much for my own tastes however in that I can’t think of anything that I own that would work well with it and that is a bit of a shame really…



Jun 19 2015

A Review of the Haunted by Desire series by Lily Cox

Haunted by Desire: Episode 1 by Lily Cox

Haunted by Desire: Episode 1 by Lily Cox

A review today on the Tale of an Incubus themed series. There is such a thing as telegraphing the ending of a series quite in advance of that arriving. As such, when that happens, the race is on for the author to keep the reader’s interest and get to the ending.

In making that happen, sometimes the path involves the characters developing. Other times the answer is to put as much erotica as possible in before the work ends. The one thing that cannot happen, though it does, is to write an ending that just feels like the author gave up on the story. That can be the biggest disappointment of all.

The series tells of:

Olivia is a young bride who tragically lost her husband a year ago. She’s finally ready to move on with her life, but it’s turning out to be more difficult than she originally thought. Will her past haunt her and keep her locked in memories of a husband she can no longer have? Or has her husband figured out a way to reach her from beyond?

A year as passed since Olivia’s husband passed on. The pain is still there, but she attempts to find a start again in her life with Ava, her dearest friend. A new place to live for them both brings with it something that haunts Olivia’s nights and, in time, all of those around her.

Overall there is a very good mix of story, which is telling, has strong characters to support it, and allows for the mystery to build in a very good way. There is also some well written hot flashes of erotica along the way, for the most part, though at some points things get a bit too rough for my own tastes. Still, in spite of this issue, there are a couple of pieces of erotica that are well done and worked very well.

The story reads, and feels, very much like a ghost story at the beginning and that carries along things until characters are possessed and then, eventually, things turn a bit ‘reality show’ for the characters. It is in the latter part, when it seems there is an incubus afoot, that things for me went a little off the rails. We never actually see the incubus, only it possessing others, at various times, and having their way with Olivia, which is their focus.

I found that, at points, the plot, and quite early, the ending where telegraphed and I found what happened along the way didn’t really surprise me very much. In fact, the first book in the series, for me, was the best of the series for the simple reason that it focused on telling Olivia’s story, laying out the characters and introducing the spirit/incubus. It is clear, almost from the first moment that there would be a dominance undertone in the series, and it sort of works at times.

Things, overall, hold together well through most of the series, though the appearance of a group aiming to help get rid of the incubus was there mainly to close some plot holes and drive the story towards its conclusion. Most of that was done far too quickly, the main characters being tangential to the ending, and I don’t think that should have been. My real disappointment however came with the last page of the series with an ending that did not live up to the rest of the series.

I felt as if the author looked for the fastest way to end things and took it, quite literally ending the series with a single paragraph that was, for me, completely expected. I had hoped for more than it was by far. If not revealing everything, and tying up the loose ends, at least ending in a way that offered closure, and more connection with, the main characters than there was.

I’ll give this series three pitchforks out of five.

Really the main problem I have is the ending. It feels very tepid with all that happened in the series. Too abrupt, not enough to make the journey to the ending worthwhile sadly, at least to me. With all that Olivia faces, and must come to terms with, a single sentence to close things just doesn’t feel right.



Jun 19 2015

A Review of The Incubus and the Duchess by Nickel Crow

The Incubus and the Duchess by Nickel Crow

The Incubus and the Duchess by Nickel Crow

Horror stories are what they are. Horror stories with Succubi or Incubi in them I expect to be more than just horror. I have only read one author, and he knows who he is, that can write a horror story with Succubi in it that I can enjoy. As such, finding a story about an Incubus which focuses on the horror over all else in the story just does not appeal to me at all…

The story is about:

Mercia Ballard is the new Duchess of Pemmington Moraine. She is nothing but a toy to the cruel Duke, a man notorious for his ties to the dark arts. Rumors abound that the Duke murdered the former Duchess, Jacqueline, in a fit of jealousy, but Mercia learns a truth far more terrifying from an Incubus named Christopher who hates the Duke and wants her desperately. Christopher reveals a dark secret – the former Duchess is trapped in the dungeon keep, her face covered by a grotesque leather mask. Can Mercia discover the terrible reason behind Jacqueline’s imprisonment, or will she suffer the same fate?

This is more than anything else a horror story. To be blunt, I didn’t care for any of the characters, and overall the story just seemed like an excuse for moments of horror to be played out over and over again. Abuse abounds throughout the story and in this I found myself wanting the story to come to its end as soon as possible. It was fairly obvious from the beginning what the fates of the characters in the story would be and that was disappointing,

There was nothing to redeem any of the characters at any point in the story. All it consisted of was abuse, anger, and no real explanation of why that was necessary here. The confusion on the supposed heroine of the story I felt in myself as the events seemed disjointed and put together for the sake of shock and not much more than that.

I admit that I do not like horror stories, but what I like even less are horror stories that are mostly torture and abuse for the sake of it. If there was a point to this work, I can’t quite see what that is and that bothers me.

I can see the theme of infidelity, that’s bluntly obvious, but otherwise? What else is there here?

The Incubus of the story is less of an Incubus and more of a spirit possessing bodies in order to seek its revenge. In that the revenge is of a sexual nature does not make this being an Incubus. There Is the barest hint of some small amount of the powers on an Incubus, but overall I cannot see the connection here.

As this is a story of possession, there isn’t anything to explain or describe of the Incubus save that he is brutish, evil, and encompasses all that a being of revenge would be. While described as one, I came away from this story not accepting that description as a reader.

Still, the main characters call him one, so therefore in this world be then is. That does not mean that I have to accept that however.

It is written well, the characters are well created and the story didn’t have anything that was out of place or seemed to be full of errors. But I still didn’t care for it much.

One pitchfork out of five.

Did not care for the story, not at all.



Jun 18 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 387

Art of Lilith Aensland looking a bit more adult, a bit more like her sister Morrigan is a rare thing to find. I’m not really sure why that is because to me, the thoughts about an older Lilith being as powerful as Morrigan are very interesting to me. I found one such work that I love very much this time on the Tale…

Morrigan plus Lilith by emanon9988

Morrigan plus Lilith by emanon9988

This work is called Morrigan plus Lilith and is by emanon9988, an artist on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

While the title of this art seems to say that this is making Morrigan look more like Lilith, I prefer to think of it as Lilith coming of age and being as much a Succubus in power as her sister Morrigan is. I like the confidence in her pose, her expression, and how her eyes are focused. She’s aware of who she is, what her powers are, and is, I think, comfortable with herself in this form.

A mature Lilith, like this, seems to give her character that something she is missing as her younger self. It’s that she just… knows. And that, in a lot of ways, is what makes Morrigan who she is as well. She knows who she is, what she wants, and isn’t afraid of that.

I find that a lovely thought to pass onto Lilith as well in this art too…



Jun 17 2015

Costumes for Succubi shouldn’t be accessories only

Mischievous Devil Sequin Costume KitOne of the things that I’ve noticed is that, occasionally, costumes appear for sale that seem to look good, have something going for them, but in truth are something else. They are simply a means to show what you might be able to create if you buy a series of accessories and then the actual dress, boots, and so on to make them work.

It feels like cheating to me.

The accessory kit is called the Mischievous Devil Sequin Costume Kit and it comes with the horn headband, atail with a sequin heart at the tip, and a sequin devil’s pitchfork.

The dress and those boots are not included. If you wanted to add them, they would cost about $90 on top of the $16 for the kit. So that means, to have what this model is wearing would cost just short of $100 US.

I can do better than this by far just by looking through my red dresses, picking out a set of good, really good looking horns and a tail, and a pair of thigh-high boots.

The thing is that, at least for me, that seems like one doesn’t use a lot of imagination in creating the look of one of the succubi and that’s a shame.

It isn’t the horns or the tail. It isn’t the dress or the boots. It’s the attitude. It’s the smile, the look in your eyes that matters.

You can’t just look the part, you have to be.

That’s not an easy thing to do, but when you can manage it, the costume pales in comparison to you.

At least, that’s what my Eternal tells me.

Two out of five pitchforks for the accessories.

Bit too cheap for my taste and imagination…



Jun 16 2015

A Review of Heartbreaker: Part One by Guava

Heartbreaker: Part One by Guava

Heartbreaker: Part One by Guava

Editing is very important, This is something that every author should recognize and deal with. For example, it is not a good thing to tell a story and you keep changing the main character’s name. Even if it is the same name, but spelled differently.

As well, it’s bothersome when there is confusion about who a character is referring to. The thing is that even with the problems, the core of the story, and the questions that are raised can almost overcome the problems surrounding it. Almost.

  • Title: Heartbreaker: Part One
  • Author:  Guava
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • ASIN: B00N0CCQY8
  • Publishing Date: August 24, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The story is about:

Cherry is a succubus, meaning she feeds on the sexual energy of men. Unfortunately for her, the more she feeds, the more she craves energy, so she must constantly find new victims, build their sexual tension to a fever pitch, and release them.

A story about a Succubus on the prowl, looking for her next “fix” and dealing with how she will have it. And the men that she controls and bends to her will as she does so.

There’s a bit of a problem as the story plays out and that is the question of whether the main character is named Cherry or Cherri. This happens a few times in the work and it bothered me to the point that I kept wondering about her name throughout. By the end of the work it is clear that her name is Cherry, so this is likely an editing mistake which should have been found. As well there is one point in the story where Cherry thinks about the person she is with and mixes up ‘his’ and ‘her’ in a single sentence that ground the story to a stop. I had to reread that passage a few times to be sure I understood who and what she was referring to.

Those quibbles aside, the story itself is really well done in Cherry’s succubus powers, how she acts, the control she holds over others and so on. While some of the passages were on the cruel side, her domination of the situation I thought was written really well. I also found that the author’s take on a Succubus needing her ‘fix’ what they feel during and after was really very unique. It also was quite a unique part of that where Cherry admits that she needs more and more over time. That I think is actually something that the author needs to focus on a bit more, to explain it, to deal with what happens as a result of the needs that Cherry has.

The work is a bit more than a hot flash, there’s a world built up around Cherry, her dreams of fitting in with humans and so on. The combination makes the work read much better than it would if it was simply a long drawn out sex scene and nothing more. Thing is that while the erotica is hot, the bits of mind control well told, there’s a bit of a missing fragment in the story about Cherry’s world outside of having to get her fix. There are hints, but I felt like there should have been more told about that to balance out the erotica a little more.

As an opening chapter to a longer work, I think it would work really well, but in this case the story ends on a cliffhanger, more for the one that Cherry has under her control than Cherry herself, and I’d like to see where the story goes from here. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered and it would be nice to see that. Overall I think this could have been a lot longer, easily twice the length it is, but perhaps that will appear in the next work in the series should it ever appear.

As a whole the writing is good and overall the story works well, has depth and promise to it. But it is the silly little mistakes that bring out of the story which really shouldn’t have happened for how good the rest of it is.

Three pitchforks out of five.

The work appears to be the first in a series, and I will give the next work a chance, hoping that the author fixes things and brings a bit of editing to their stories. Overall the story is interesting and where it goes from where it ends might be something unexpected… I really hope it is.