Feb 26 2017

A Review of Temple of Lilith by Anne O’Connell

Temple of Lilith by Anne O'Connell

Temple of Lilith by Anne O’Connell

There are many interpretations of Lilith that appear in fiction. I personally prefer those appearances where she is powerful, seductive and is in full control. Lilith has her own thoughts, her own needs and yes, her own desires. It becomes so much more interesting when others fall into her seduction and where she takes them.

A mystery is one thing that cannot be ignored. It teases at the mind, thrills the senses. Sometimes that mystery envelopes a power upon itself. When one’s own inner desires are bared, sometimes what one needs becomes what the power desires them to be. When that comes, very little else matters.

  • Title: Temple of Lilith
  • Author: Anne O’Connell
  • Length: 41 Pages
  • ASIN: B01AX7SK9W
  • Publishing Date: January 20, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

An at odds couple, Kylie and Ray, begin renovating their old house only to discover a bizarre hidden room painted with strange symbols. The room has the secret power to give them each what they desire, but for this, the demon asks a carnal price.

The discovery of a strange hidden room leads a couple to find themselves in the presence of an ancient power. She draws them close, whispers to them of submitting to her, worshipping her. The price to pay is a seductive one, and within that seduction comes a promise untold.

The most striking part of this work is the atmosphere. The setting, the textures of the room where Lilith is found are quite remarkable. The characters have depth, needs and desires. Lilith herself is a strong and powerful succubus, drawing others to her. The combination gives a story that, while having quite a lot of erotica occurring, melds that with the story very well. The two, story and erotica, are tightly wound with each other and this keeps the story moving at a brisk pace.

The erotica flips between Lilith’s domination of her new found pets, the lovely descriptions of mind control and female domination, and the couple’s own passions for each other. The heat simmers much of the work but does peak quite nicely at the climax where Lilith pushes her pets to new heights.

I loved Lilith’s appearance, the self-assuredness that her character shows. There is also an appearance of incubi as well, hints of succubi, who serve at Lilith’s will. She’s a commanding presence in the story when she appears, but that’s a bit fleeting at times. While she is there for the sake of controlling the main characters, there are other things mentioned about her.

This is the one part of this work that made me pause. There are comments by Lilith about her past, about the room she is in. They are a bit vague, really never getting into detail which I was a little disappointed about. The room itself is a mystery, one specific part of it leaving a question in my thoughts that I dearly would have liked explored somehow.

There is a lot of mystery left untapped in the story, the past is not visited, where Lilith has been isn’t spoken of. There’s a bit of dangling threads here and there, but at the same time how the work ends seems to make that a needed thing. That said, perhaps Lilith needed to be more present, more central to the story. She’s a presence, there’s no doubt, but she might have been better used as a character than just to collar her pets.

The writing is wonderful, the characters have stories to tell. Lilith is a powerful presence and she is used so very well by the author to drive the story onwards. I just really wanted to know more about Lilith, her past, how she came to be where she is now. Lots of questions, but few answers and not even the heat of the story can quite overcome that for me.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I enjoyed the mix of themes, the hints of Lilith using her powers upon Kylie and Ray. Lilith wasn’t raw sexuality, she was quite a bit more and in the little tastes of her there is a lot to like and wonder about. At the time of this review, there wasn’t a following work and that’s a bit of a shame really.

There are some interesting plot ideas within Lilith, Kylie and Ray’s thoughts that really do need to be explored and I would hope the author would delve into those. There’s so much left unsaid and to be thought about. Those are the best stories of all.



Feb 26 2017

A Review of Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name’s Sinclair by Jason J. Honz

Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name's Sinclair by Jason J. Honz

Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name’s Sinclair by Jason J. Honz

I came across a work on Smashwords this week that’s a bit different as a whole. The story’s author has a Pateron, which you can find here, and within that Pateron there’s the beginnings of a work about Succubi. It’s sort of a reward for their supporters, from what I can understand about it, but they’ve posted the first chapter on Smashwords for free. As such, I’m going to review the opening chapter of this work and share some of my thoughts about the story so far.

There are many different kinds of succubi, from the playful to the dangerously dominant. But being a succubus doesn’t mean that the world is yours, it does mean that, for some, they’ll take what they want and leave very little in their wake.

  • Title: Succubus Sins Chapter 0: The Name’s Sinclair
  • Author: Jason J. Honz
  • Published By: Alexis B. Foyer
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781370119950
  • Publishing Date: February 23, 2017
  • This work in Various Formats at Smashwords.com

The work tells the story of:

Succubus Sins follows the life of a succubus by the name of Sinclair, who’s just moved in with her long-time succubus friend, Maze, in a new town. She’s ready to fuck, feed, and fight, if she has to, to her heart’s content.

Sinclair is travelling to meet her fellow succubus Maze and along the way a stewardess discovers the hungers of a succubus needing a meal. Sometimes need is everything and in the case of Sinclair, her needs are all that matters.

The work is a hot flash with a hentai focus to the erotica. As such, the story doesn’t spend a lot of time telling a story or setting up a plot than it does getting Sinclair and her morsel together and telling about what happens next. There’s a real rush from the opening page to get into the story, dropping some thoughts about Sinclair, then moving directly into her need to feed.

Beyond the over-the-top scene, which borders into the realm of impossibly, and yes I realize this is a work of hentai more than anything else, I just couldn’t quite manage to get past the descriptions of what happens to the stewardess. I also didn’t really kind Sinclair’s dominant streak and attitude that attractive either. There’s a different between being dominant and being abusive and it feels like Sinclair likes the abuse more than the domination. That’s a character trait, of course, and perhaps in time there’ll be a reflection as to why she is the way she is.

While much of the scene didn’t have heat for me, what really brought me up short was how it ended. The encounter sort of hits a brick wall and comes to a stop, leaving a lot of questions behind, not the least of which was how Sinclair extracted herself from the position she put herself into. The logic of the scene just didn’t work for me as a result. Perhaps the rushing through it all, the overwhelming force that Sinclair uses is part of the problem.

All that said, the work needs an editing pass if for no other reason than to slow the story down. Perhaps giving Sinclair some more time for self-reflection would help too. Taking some time to allow for some sort of seduction rather than how things unfolded would be good as well. Succubi are, after all, supposed to draw their prey to them, be seductive and be desired. It was hard to find that within Sinclair as she is.

The concept I think is interesting, Sinclair should be a unique succubus, given the hints the author gives that beginning of the work. Some of the themes the author suggests that will appear in future chapters, such as vore, don’t particularly interest me, but if there’s more of a story outside of the erotica, that would attract me further. As things are told so far, I just couldn’t find my way into the story and that was disappointing as I really wanted to.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There’s a bit too much hentai-level abuse and dominance for my particular taste so far. Beyond that, Sinclair’s personality seems really one-dimensional and I really would like to see that change into something more than that. Now, the next chapter might draw the other succubus of the series, Maze, into the picture and she could add a lot if she’s something more than what Sinclair’s shown herself to be.

Sex alone isn’t really all that much of a story, and so far that sex has been really not that interesting so far. The thing is, there’s a hint of a story floating around Sinclair, and I’d like to see where that goes. She’s not going to be nice, there’s no question of that, but she could be less of a force of will and more of a seductress.

Getting to the story beyond the sex scenes I think will be the difference here.



Feb 25 2017

A Drawing Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

What I find to be a very interesting art in progress YouTube today. The work is a lovely portrait of Morrigan Aensland that I think is so very lovely…

If you cannot see this video on YouTube, please try this link.

As always, here is a screenshot of the finished work from the video as well.

Morrigan Aensland by Marlon Teunissen

Morrigan Aensland by Marlon Teunissen

I particularly like that Morrigan isn’t over-endowed in this art. There’s a classic simplicity in this art which focuses upon Morrigan’s character and personality more than i think it does with her cleavage.

Her expression, that look, which to me seems to be her pondering something and wondering about it, is one of the most adorable looks I have seen in art of Morrigan and it’s just lovely…



Feb 24 2017

A Review of My Lady of Hell: Contract with a Succubus by Melissa Miranti

My Lady of Hell: Contract with a Succubus by Melissa Miranti

My Lady of Hell: Contract with a Succubus by Melissa Miranti

There are some book summaries that offer up a story that seems like it will be interesting. The promise of something a little different or perhaps the hint of a character, or characters, who’s story turns towards the unexpected. Offering up something that seems like it should be a long, winding path towards the climax, but instead turns into a story that doesn’t quite seem to know where it’s going until the very last, is a bit of a problem.

The thing about succubi is that they know what a soul fantasies about, would do anything for. Given that, within the framework of a story, the succubus, whoever she is, should know exactly what she wants as well. What happens when neither they, nor the soul they encounter, aren’t really giving that need, but instead only toys with it?

The work tells the story of:

Long before the human race began its conquest of the Earth, the demons kept watch over us, and were able to sense which of us would serve them best. Many humans had latent abilities and desires that fit with their plans, and the demons would take these individuals down to Hell. But choice is the only thing sacred in Hell, and no matter what, a human could refuse to serve.

The demoness Cereina was the greatest of all succubi, and though she has power, she needs sustenance. Jared, a human with an attraction to demonic women, and a possible source of magical energy for Cereina, presents a tempting target. She needs to ensnare him, and convince him that serving her is the right choice to make.

Jared fantasies about one thing, and one thing only which brings him to the attention of Cereina who simply cannot ignore such a tempting morsel offering themselves to her pleasures. The delights of a soul’s needs are something delicious and Cereina does so dearly want to devour this needing soul and make him her own.

From the summary I really expected something of an involved story that told something of Cereina, about Jared’s wants, the way things worked in Cereina’s reality. I was hoping for something in which there was some character development, a succubus that was something more than just being dominant, overpowering and pushy. Overall that really didn’t happen, which was really a disappointment.

The single problem with this work is the rush that things happen as the story is told. There’s not much time spend in developing the characters, telling of why things are happening in any sort of real detail either. Cereina’s demands upon Jared are held to her demand he cave into her domination over him, and that didn’t work for me on a lot of levels. It’s a shame that there wasn’t time to really tell more about Cereina beyond what she looks like, her dominate attitude and a bit of a hint about her world and what happens there.

In the same way, Jared’s not really taken to the point of him being more than a plaything overall. The opening offers something, but it’s drowned out by a scene of self-pleasure that leads very quickly to Cereina making her appearance. As that happens, Jared’s not a character so much as a doll for Cereina to play with, and I really wish he’d been more present in the work, a real foil to Cereina instead of what he turns into.

The erotica is a single hot flash between Cereina and Jared, which for me didn’t have a lot of heat in it because of how fast the scene played out, the real lack of a connection between them as well was a problem. I’d have liked that scene to be more seduction than it was, first, and as well I would have liked the submission aspects to be more than the fleeting moment it was.

The dialogue needs some help, it’s a bit flat, not sounding quite right at times and I think that having more of a building up towards the climax would have made the story a lot stronger as well. the work is far too short for what the summary promised as well. I’d really would have liked to see Cereina in Jared’s world, drawing him in slowly, having a series of encounters before revealing herself, then continuing with her temptations with him. That feels like the story that would add what’s missing here. The background, the attraction, and the needs each of the characters have beyond the sex itself.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The book summary promised what I thought would be something interesting, but the actual work didn’t manage to get past the beginning to find the middle and then collect itself into an ending that meant something. The work, much like Jared, was lost within itself and by the time it found where to go, the rush to the ending left so much story behind never told.

Letting the story develop, perhaps by making the story about more than the one single moment that it turns around, would have added a lot to things. Cereina is interesting, perhaps the author will come back to this work, adding to who she is, and why things turned out as they did.

That, I feel, is the missing piece that would bring this more towards what the book summary promises.



Feb 24 2017

A Review of the James to Jamie series by Zayna Noble

James to Jamie series by Zayna Noble

James to Jamie series by Zayna Noble

Succubi seem to be appearing more and more in stories about gender transformations of late, but that comes with two possible outcomes. Either the succubus is part of the story, or she’s at the edge of the story and not really all that involved. The former is, for me, more interesting. Having a succubus part of a story, only fleetingly, does not make the story a succubus story as a whole.

A review of the James to Jamie series by Zayna Noble this time on the Tale. The series is made of three works, but as they are available as a collection, I will review the series as a whole rather than the individual works by themselves.

There are some gifts that are given with the hope of understanding, There is the expectation, or the hope, that something better comes from the gift itself. Sometimes that gift turns out to be something more than it was meant to be.

  • Title: James to Jamie
  • Author: Zayna Noble
  • Length: 68 Pages
  • ASIN: B016OXHE4Q
  • Publishing Date: October 14, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The series tells the story of:

The complete James to Jamie collection:

James has a secret desire, a persona that he wants to become: Jamie, a busty blonde woman! His visit to a magical potion shop is his first step on changing his gender, seducing his roommate, and opening up to new desires and kinks he didn’t even know he had…

  • Hard Sell: James is a pro when it comes to resisting the tactics of salespeople, but when this particular saleswoman can read his deepest desires like an open book, how can he possibly say no? Enter Lala the succubus, owner of a shop of curios and artifacts, each with a lewd purpose. When she hones in on what James is there for, to swap genders and experience life with a hot, curvy, feminine body, she turns on the charm. Lala is ready to offer James a test-ride he can’t refuse. After all, if the shop is equipped to change a built man into a bouncy fox, it’s bound to offer something hard and thick for the new woman to experiment with.
  • Trick Play: Now that James has everything he needs to begin the seduction of his roommate, Brandon, all that’s left is to put the plan into action. He’ll transform into Jamie, dress in a frilly pink dress, and turn on the charm. At least, that was the intention. When Brandon barges in on James mid-transformation, the two friends discover they share a certain kink. As Brandon makes the change into busty Brandi, Jamie feels conflicted. Swapping genders together wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind, but as their libidos skyrocket, she finds it harder to complain about the turn of events. Still, she can’t help but feel that something is missing… Thankfully, an extra blue potion is all the girls need to add something hard and filling to their fun.
  • Stick Shift: James has had about enough of Brandi’s antics. It’s one thing to see her prancing around, buying sexy new outfits at every store in the mall, but the thing that irks him the most is that he wishes he could be the one doing the prancing! He returns to the potion shop with Brandi in tow. The potion shop sales-succubus Lala has a solution that she promises will make everyone happy. A combination of products that she lets Brandi and James try before they buy. With no other way to salvage the situation, James becomes Jamie once more, though this time the transformation comes with something extra. A big, juicy something extra. With her new assets and a new frame of mind, Jamie sets to teaching Brandi which of the gender-swapped men wears the pants in their new relationship…

A story about needing, but that needing a succubus to make the need be true. Perhaps not in the way expected, but most definitely fulfilling a need. For isn’t that what succubi do? See into your needs, find a way to make them real? But what happens from there is your problem and the bill might be more than you expected it to be.

While this work has a succubus as one of the main characters, she isn’t what the story is about. It revolves around two characters desiring a transformation and Lala, the succubus of the work, is the one to make that possible. She’s a store keeper of dreams, wants and desires in a world where the supernatural is an everyday thing.

That part of the story really isn’t explored, it is simply taken as being normal and the work continues on from there. I loved Lala dearly for her bemusement, the suggestiveness of her expression and actions, but most of all I adored her making the other characters explore their hidden desires through the series.

There’s actually a good balance between erotica and story for the most part in the work, though when the erotica comes into play the story is pushed aside for a time. Eventually however the development of the characters comes back and they do develop, grow and discover who they are and what they desire.

I felt the author was more involved in the story when it wasn’t erotic than when it was. They seemed to want to tell a story, with a little erotica along the way. There’s some futa, some gender swapping, a little bit of mind control. The mixture works well for the characters within the erotica and without there are consequences to their actions, some of them quite permanent, which make events interesting.

Taken as a series, there’s enough time for character development, telling the story, exploring the characters in all of their forms. There’s even enough time for Lala to manage quite a lot of teasing, seduction and fun of her own. The single thing I think was missing came to the skimming over of the universe, how it came to be that having succubi being an “ordinary” thing happened. That should have been explained a little bit for the sake of completeness.

Interesting characters, a story which holds true to itself. The erotica in all of its forms plays well and I liked the work quite a lot. I just wish there was more detail about Lala beyond her being sexy, smart and seductive. A succubus is more than that and Lala does portray that well.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I liked Lala for her style, her bemusement and how she acted as a succubus as a whole. She wasn’t the central character in the story of course, but she made everything happen. I’d like a story about her alone, perhaps telling how she decided to get into the business she is in. I think that would be quite the story to tell.



Feb 23 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 475

Occasionally there are pieces of succubus art that tend to show a slightly violent aspect. Much of that comes from how succubi have been portrayed of course. There are very few works of this nature that I care for and this time on the Tale I’ll share one such image that leaves me… wondering.

Anais succubus by AngelaLara

Anais succubus by AngelaLara

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called AngelaLara and you can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

There’s a certain level of… I’ll call it Dungeons and Dragons feel to this art. There’s a touch of the “evil monster” in this character, a tone of violence, but there is still a hint of her sexuality as well. Beyond this, I find myself wondering just what her story is. I’m unsure if she really is evil, or more seeking revenge in some way, and I would be happier with the latter than the former.

The detail in this work is fascinating to me, the textures in her skin, clothing, wings and hair. Her red eyes are a stark contrast to everything else and I can’t help but wonder if they being green or yellow might have been a better choice overall.

Quite a lot to think about in this art, and in doing so the thought of a story might be starting…



Feb 22 2017

It’s a costume that is far from being too hot…

Too Hot Sexy Devil CostumeI feel like there is a running theme these past few weeks in the costumes I have been looking at. Besides the usual awfulness, there’s something else. The descriptions are simply laughable for what they attempt to make the costumes be. Some are “classy”, others are “sexy” and then there is this, which calls itself “Too Hot”…

This is called the Too Hot Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the jumpsuit, which has an attached tail, a chain belt and the horns the model is wearing. The shoes are not included and it sells for $45 US. Adding a pair of shoes like in the image would push this to about $120 US.

But why would you?

The tail is awful, the horns are the ones I truly dislike, being but hair clips and nothing more. The chain belt I cannot understand what the point of it is. The cut of the jumpsuit around the model’s cleavage looks shoddy too.

I will admit there’s a little bit of a 70s disco vibe in this costume, very little. Perhaps that’s something for me to build upon somehow…

The tail has to go, the horns as well. The chain belt goes directly into the trash. The jumpsuit itself needs some hemming and some work on the fringe around the cleavage too.

I think I can do better than this and it won’t be anything this trashy… But it will be a lot hotter.

One pitchfork out of five.

The idea interests me, the result really doesn’t…