Aug 21 2015

A Review of Possessed by a Demon: Book 1: Awakening by Kat Firestone

Possessed by a Demon: Book 1: Awakening by Kat Firestone

Possessed by a Demon: Book 1: Awakening by Kat Firestone

A review of a recently began series in which an Incubus appears to make a college students life more interesting than she expected it would be. There is that moment for some where they turn from what they appeared to be and become who they actually are. The question that comes along with that decision is whether they understand who they are, or if they only think they are.

There are some stories which have a theme of possession in them that never quite manage to get to the actual story. They tend to hover around the erotica, try to tease the story out of some passion. But there is story in the characters themselves if one only listens to them. No matter how we might not want to know…

  • Title: Possessed by a Demon: Book 1: Awakening
  • Author: Kat Firestone
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 4, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Eighteen-year-old Silver Bellingham has escaped her small hometown and arrived at college intent on exploring her repressed and raging lust. But on her first night away from home, her virginity and lust awakens an ancient incubus hell-bent on opening a portal from his world into hers. Now Silver must learn to live in the shadow of Hell, and navigate an unknown reality that will either drive her to the heights of ecstasy or her utter destruction.

Silver leaves home, and the false front she has been putting up for years in order to be what she feels is her true self at college. A wrong room picked, a spirit awakens, and she finds herself being haunted in more than one way.

The work is told from Silver’s perspective and, as a whole, she’s rather unlikable for much of the work. She is very much the wild child away from home and as she goes on in the story, it becomes clear there isn’t much of a filter between her mind and what she says out loud. Along with that, her decision to run away from all she was and become what her fantasies pull at her makes for moments in which there not much left save her need for sex and nothing more.

That means her thoughts revolve around sex, aren’t filtered, and when she is confronted with something that she doesn’t like, there’s no holding back for her. She seems to lose control and in doing so that makes her a little less of an interesting character for me. That said, the story itself focuses, in this the opening work, in setting up Silver’s past, her reasons for what she is doing, and her first moments in her life at college. There are some amusing moments, but as well there are some dry passages that are a lot of reflecting upon her plans done and her plans to be.

Silver encounters what seems to be an incubus, or at least that is what Silver believes it to be. Who, and how, that comes to pass seems to be an interesting story and that I expect will lead towards some points in the series going forwards where the incubus possesses others or something similar. It is also entirely possible that Silver herself might become a succubus, considering her past and goals that she has clearly stated in the work.

There is one bit of erotica, really a hot flash, in which Silver and the incubus have their moment together. There is an aftermath, which is something not seen in a lot of works, that I thought was quite different and interesting as well. The heat is luke-warm at best, as it feels rushed in order to get to the next part of the story and begin setting up the series going forwards.

There are a lot of hints about where the story might go, and I think that will be interesting to see. There are, however, a lot of unlikable characters in the work, mainly male, but Silver herself has her own level of dislike. That is a bit of a problem as, if she is the heroine of the work, she needs to have something likeable. Considering her attitude and her goals, I’m not sure about that.

The writing is quite good in expressing Silver’s thoughts and what happens around her. The work sets up the series well, tells just enough about Silver to explain about her, puts in the incubus in the quickest way possible, and then the story travels onwards to the ending.

The ending is quite open, leading into the next book in the series without a doubt. I do hope the characters becomes less self-absorbed and in being so the story becomes more as well.

Three out of five pitchforks.

The next work in the series is titled Incarnation, having some obvious connotations in that. Hopefully that work will balance out the erotica and the story itself as much as can be…



Aug 21 2015

A Review of Never Summon a Succubus by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Never Summon a Succubus by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Never Summon a Succubus by Haleigh Cookson Clark

A pair of works by the same author this time and this coming Sunday on the Tale. I am actually reviewing them in reverse order of publication as the last work released is billed as the prequel to the first one. Both have some rather interesting characters and events in them and I do think the author tells quite the story.

If you are going to look in places where you aren’t supposed to, you shouldn’t be surprised when you meet something that you didn’t expect to. Sometimes that’s a bad thing… and sometimes it opens your eyes to things you never thought of before…

  • Title: Never Summon a Succubus
  • Author: Haleigh Cookson Clark
  • Length: 22 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 17, 2014
  • This work at

The work is described as:

In this prequel to Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust we follow the life of the beautiful sorceress Braena Wyvernwood back when she was still just a lowly apprentice. Late one evening she makes good use of her powerful mentor’s departure and decides to better explore his keep, eventually stumbling across a seemingly ordinary room. However, little does the curious girl realize that the room hides a seductively sinful secret! Will she be able to undo the powerful magics that accidentally released a sexy new playmate before her master gets back? More importantly, considering what a rare opportunity this presents for the frustrated young sorceress will she even want to?

Braena is an elf who is studying to be a sorceress, but as her teacher is away, then she, of course, has to play and discover all of the things that she hasn’t seen so far. She finds a hidden room and accidentally summons a Succubus. And then the play time really begins and Braena discovers that submitting to the wiles of a Succubus is very pleasurable.

I really enjoyed this work as a whole in that there is a lot of story being told before any of the erotica comes into play. Quite a lot is told about Braena’s past, what she is doing at the moment, and what she thinks about her teacher. It’s also interesting to hear her thoughts about everything that she sees and how that changes her opinion of her teacher as well. When she discovers the hidden room, and makes what is honestly a silly mistake, then the Succubus of the work appears and her name is Misstiand’ara.

Misstiand’ara is not quite the stereotypical succubus and it isn’t exactly clear if that is because of what her situation is or if how she acts is really how she is. Nonetheless, Misstiand’ara is seductive, quite dominant, and how she wraps Braena around her little finger is very hot and wonderfully told. Misstiand’ara has an appearance that is just slightly evil, but really it’s more towards her sexuality being very powerful and how she uses her powers to draw Braena to her, and then make her submit, is nicely hot.

There are some aspects of Succubus mind control in the work that really aren’t mentioned very often, such as in her scent among other things. But what really sets her apart is the nature of her control that Braena cannot resist and falls to completely. The mention that Misstiand’ara makes of Braena falling to her own “dark desires” is very apt and when the story turns towards being a hot flash, that’s when the story really shines.

A wonderfully told sapphic hot flash in which both Misstiand’ara and Braena fall to their own desires and needs. There is a turning point for Braena when she calls Misstiand’ara her Mistress and when that comes, and they both do, the story isn’t simply a moment of sex and nothing more. There’s more to the story, something changes in Braena, and that really interests me as much as Misstiand’ara herself does.

The work ends on a lovely close, one that just felt right after all else that happened, but it left me wanting somewhat. While I am reviewing the second work in this series first, knowing what happens in the first work, which chronologically is the second in the series, is a bit of a problem. As much as this work is wonderful, it doesn’t really connect with what happens in the second and as such there is a lot in that story that doesn’t quite connect with this one.

I really would like to see another work in this series that brings Misstiand’ara back and perhaps with what happened in the other work in the series that would make for an interesting threesome… It’s a thought at least.

Well written, steamingly hot, really enjoyed the work very much. Just really would have liked to see more of Misstiand’ara, who she is, how she came to be where she is, and, perhaps, an answer to the question of what comes next… and who does.

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

I like Misstiand’ara very much, she’s very much the image of a seductive powerful succubus that I so very much enjoy reading about. The erotica is very hot and deliciously so with just a hint of mind control in it that I so do enjoy reading.

Next time, the second work, actually the first, Temple of Forbidden Lust, in which Braena encounters an Incubus and makes a deal… or two… but as for Misstiand’ara… She’s never seen.



Aug 20 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 396

There are quite a number of adventure card games which have either a magic theme or a similar one in them. Naturally, and this really shouldn’t be a surprise, Succubi tend to appear in the game in various ways… Or if not Succubi themselves, then certainly some rather familiar names of Succubi. Sometimes they are a bit more on the “evil” side, sometimes they are “powerful” but almost always they have a certain seductive quality to them that I think is very interesting…



This work is called Lilith and is by an artist on DeviantArt by the name of BABAGANOOSH99. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

I rather like this art in quite a few ways. She has no hooves, which I appreciate very much, while she has a somewhat “evil” form it isn’t one that looks poor or takes away from who, and likely what, she is. I do wish she had a tail, I think that’s really something needed here considering her overall look by far.

She does, I know, have more of a warrioress look to her, one that hides her seductiveness a bit behind that huge battle axe and the almost armour she has. But it doesn’t completely remove the Succubus nature of her character and the balance here I think works well as a whole.

I do wonder if she also has a more “seducer” form, one that takes her body shape and tones down her evil features into something a bit more seductive and tempting… As a whole I think that would work quite well and if that form doesn’t have those wings, and only adds the tail which she really needs… I’d love that a lot.

The game that is referred to on the image, Conjuror: Magical Card Adventure, is an online card playing game which you can find here. I don’t really know much about the game I have to admit and I am sharing the link for the sake of completeness and I have no connection to the game whatsoever.

So, if you do like such games, go have a look and let me know if there are, as I think there are, Succubi to be found in that game and let me know?

Otherwise, Lilith, I think, will be what I think Succubi in this world look like and it’s a rather pleasant thought at that…



Aug 19 2015

A Devil… Muppet… Costume?

Cozy Devil Sexy CostumeSome time ago on the Tale I shared a costume that was just the most awful thing i had ever found. It reminded me, in a way, of an attempt to make a muppet devil girl costume… and it didn’t turn out well at all. And I don’t think this attempt worked out well either…

This is called the Cozy Devil Sexy Costume and it comes with the fleece dress which has wings on it, though you can’t really see them in this image. There is also an attached spiky devil tail and a demon horn hood. The boots and tights are not included, not that it helps this disaster at all, and it lists for $85 but it does appear from time to time on sale for $35 or less.

This costume really does remind me of some of the huge monster muppets that I’ve seen from time to time, which are about a million times better than this mess by far.

The wings are silly, the tail is nothing special, and the hood with all of those horns on it just looks wrong. Adding the torn tights and the boots the model is wearing just pushes the entire costume into something one would have to really be slightly drunk to even think about wearing.

I can’t say that I like any of this, there is really no making it better, it is firmly in the fleece section of the awful costumes and it deserves to remain there. Preferably buried under a ton of potting soil and turning into compost.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

It’s just silly and ugly and those are two things that a Succubi costume shouldn’t be…




Aug 18 2015

A Review of The Ghost and Devlin Muir by S. K. McClafferty

The Ghost and Devlin Muir by S. K. McClafferty

The Ghost and Devlin Muir by S. K. McClafferty

Sometimes a Succubus isn’t a Succubus…  Or perhaps more accurately, sometimes a Succubus is a ghost with one hell of a sex drive. Now there are some stories that I have read where all the story wants to focus on is the sex and nothing more. I found a work that is hot at the right moments, but also tells a deeply involved story at the same time.

In doing so, something interesting happens… It makes you think and wonder about how the pieces of the story connect together. Any good book, mystery or not, needs to make you wonder about things… It’s nice to find that kind of work. Even if the Succubus isn’t quite a Succubus really…

The work tells of:

Devlin Muir is having the worst day of his life, until something happens that turns his world upside down. In the midst of devastating chaos, he discovers that he’s the long lost heir to the Foxley fortune: a sprawling estate near Bar Harbor with a breathtaking view of the ocean. It certainly seems like the perfect place for an artist to hang out to lick his wounds and create, and since there’s nothing left for Devlin in Boston, he decides to relocate, and he heads for the quaint seaside village of Jenna’s Cove.

But his new situation holds more than one surprise, and Devlin very soon finds himself caught between a budding romance with Jilly, the caretaker’s lovely Wiccan granddaughter, and Serena, the ghost of his great-great grandfather’s mistress, a lonely succubus.

Devlin, a lifelong skeptic, is torn between the woman he wants, and the one who won’t leave him alone. Serena doesn’t just use men, sexually. She uses them up, and Devlin is desperate for a solution. But can thirteen modern day witches and a spell to reunite Serena with Captain Jacob Foxley really bring Devlin the happiness he’s seeking with Jilly?

The summary of this work is really very good and gets to the core of the story very well. In fact it is one of the better summations that I have seen is a long time. That said, there is quite a lot more in this work that isn’t told in the summary and while some hints are given it really doesn’t quite do justice to the work fully.

This work has life in it. By that I mean the characters are not cardboard, scenes are not there for the sake of them being so. There is purpose in the characters, their lives are entwined and as events unfold there are moments of joy but also tales of loss, want and need.  The story told is one where two souls find each other and in doing so help other souls to find their way.

Devlin is quite the interesting character for many reasons, but I think the one that is most attractive is that he has something that others don’t. A certain attraction that serves to bring him a Succubus named Serena but more importantly Jilly who is a wonderful mix of sass and charm. In fact all of the characters in the work, but especially Jilly’s family, have really powerful personalities and there is no mistaking them when they appear.

Serena, the Succubus of the work is somewhat different from the usual idea of Succubi and in being so it makes her quite the foil against which Devlin and the others are placed against. The moments when she appears can be anything from a simple tease through seduction, control and beyond. Overall she appears to be a ghost in the shape of a beautiful woman, no horns or tail or anything like that. But as the story unfolds it is clear that while she is a Succubus, she isn’t quite the normal one in her needs and desires. The resolution of this work, the solution was quite nicely set up and presented I thought. More so that the aftermath neatly tied up most of the threads in the work which I appreciated.

I would describe this work as being a mystery with a dash of erotica mixed in. Personally I like those sorts of stories and I enjoyed it… mostly. My one issue with the work was the climax of the story which, for me at least, seemed to be rushed and somehow pat in nature. After all of the lead-up to that point I felt a little let down with that part. But in spite of that one thing, the work is wonderfully written, painting a clear image in your thoughts of each moment as it unfolds…

Really very good and recommended.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

A fascinating mystery with an involved background, characters and more. Not quite the normal sort of Succubi that I look for, but certainly did make me pause and think. Nicely hot, but not overwhelmingly so and a dash of humour that just was right.



Aug 18 2015

A Review of the Incubus series by Abigail Fox

Ravaged by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

Ravaged by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

Two works with incubi in them in this review, both seemingly set in the same universe, in some way. Sadly, neither of these works are available any longer, both of them being removed from sale and the author vanishing as well. Still, they deserve to be reviewed, and so they will be.

As an aside, there were supposedly, according to the author’s notes, that there would be two more works appearing, close on the heels of these two, but they never appeared. It’s a bit sad as there was some promise in what was released and the entire story was never really told.

Some are fortunate to encounter those that call themselves incubi and succubi, for in that moment they discover truths about themselves, whom they are with, but in the end, they cannot remember why.

  • Title: Ravaged by the Incubus
  • Author: Abigail Fox
  • Length: 42 Pages
  • ASIN: B00WH0TAS4
  • Publishing Date: April 20, 2015
  • This work at – No Longer Available

The work is described as:

He might just be willing to convert….

I’m at the museum with my church group when I bump into a man that ropes me in with his smooth words and fascinating ideas about demons. Feeling brave, I invite him to the evening church meeting, wanting to spend more time with him before he exits my life forever.

He agrees, much to my delight and my pastors ire. However, something about him doesn’t feel right, and his eye color keeps changing at random, which only causes my interest in him to intensify. I must know more about him!

Carmen meets Asher at the museum, and in a whirlwind, she is attracted to him, agrees to meet with him, and then, eventually, Asher reveals that his is an incubus and the truth about them.

This is actually quite a loveable romantic story for the most part, though there are some moments in which the story takes a slightly darker turn. Not between the main characters themselves, but rather around Carmen’s life, and what has happened around her for a very long time.

Carmen herself is very interesting, a fully told and strongly written character which I liked because she wasn’t a female character dropped into a story for the sake of some erotica. While that comes, eventually, as does Carmen herself, that really doesn’t feel like the point of the story. It’s more of an expression of her desires, thoughts, and yes, fears. There’s some thoughtful expressions of her own thoughts, some truthful conversation that made her quite a lot more. Carmen has a soul, and it really does show as the story unfolds.

Asher is the incubus of the two works, having two slightly different aspects to his character between the two. In the first, he is inquisitive about Carman, her life, and in being so, accepts an invitation which answers a question he had for some time. It’s more of a metaphysical one, but in having it, that gives him a bit more depth. But there’s more than that. He is thoughtful, intelligent, and holds himself in a way that speaks to the mystery that he is.

Asher’s incubus form reads beautifully, being mostly something well known but with a few little changes that make him slightly different. It is also interesting when he discusses what he is capable of, one of these being a kind of mind control which I will return to a little later.

Asher is, also, quite clear in explaining that while he is an incubus, their kind doesn’t hurt their partners, or wish to. For me that’s an important point and it is clear as the erotica comes along that he cares about a lot about Carmen’s well being.

The work focuses on story, and tells quite a good one, but there is a single erotic passage between Asher and Carmen that I think was nicely hot, had some cute moments, but also a little bit of a loving dominance as well. The erotica balanced against the story well, didn’t overpower it, and as such, I think made the entire work better.

I noted that there is a bit of mind control in the work and that is where I have a small problem. During their encounter, Asher and Carmen talk about her life and a very significant change she needs to make with it. However, in the wake of their encounter, Asher tells Carmen that she will not remember him the following morning. As such, the good that he tried to do, all of the time spent in helping Carmen to see something better for herself would seem to be lost. I’m rather disappointed if that is true because if it is, then Carmen falls back into things as they were. Considering how much Asher cared, that bothers me.

There are a few minor spelling mistakes, but nothing really outstanding. A little bit more editing to clean up some of the dialogue would be good as well. But this is still a good read with good characters and a complete story on its own.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A nice, romantic tale of discovery and one that worked well.

Desired by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

Desired by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

The series continued with the second work, in which Asher returned, this time coming in contact with a librarian. It’s a significantly different work in that it tells a bit more about Asher, where he lives, what he does and so on. It also tells more about who the incubi and succubi are in this universe, if only fleetingly so.

Being such, as it reveals more about Asher, the tone of the work is different, but also, as the woman attracted to him is different as well, more than just the tone changes.

  • Title: Desired by the Incubus
  • Author: Abigail Fox
  • Length: 33 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 20, 2015
  • This work at – No Longer Available

The work is described as:

What’s a horny librarian to do?

I’m working at the library as usual, when in comes a man who looks like he just walked off a movie set. Intrigued, I seek him out, hoping to catch the eye of the ethereal creature. Instead, it is he who catches me, and I’m shocked when he gives me an offer I’d be mad to refuse.

An inner battle consumes me. Something about him seems off, and I can’t quite place it. But I also don’t want this once-in-a-lifetime chance to shag the owner of a popular nightclub to completely pass me by.

Cadence is working away in her role as a librarian as always. At least until Asher enters and she finds herself taken by him. An invitation to his club, a decision to accept, reveals that Asher is an incubus, and he offers her something she hasn’t experienced before. Something different.

While the work continues to follow Asher, and those he encounters, there is quite a lot more focus on Asher, his world, and what he does with himself. It also tells some background on the succubi and incubi in this universe that wasn’t really touched on all that much in the first. There is mention of his true form and so on again. It also is a bit clearer that the ones that Asher seems to be attracted to can see what his true eye colour is, which might mean something, but that isn’t dwelled on.

Cadence is a vastly different female lead than the previous work. She’s unsure, not clear on her own self worth, and in many ways, she wants something but cannot quite connect herself to that. Asher allows Cadence to explore her own sexuality and desires, which makes for some very hot erotica.

The work is balanced well I thought between the erotica and the storytelling, neither taking over the entire work but trying to coexist together. That all seemed to work well, but this work was slightly more erotic focused than the first was. The lead up to Cadence and Asher becoming intimate was lovely and worked well.

The humour in this work was quite strongly felt, especially in Cadence’s personality and comments she makes and I liked that for it gave her a voice, made the work different in its own way, and in being so wasn’t a carbon copy of the first work.

The characters are whole, the story is quite good, the scenes are telling. There are one or two uncomfortable moments in the work, but they add to the storytelling and not take away from it. They allow Cadence to learn about herself, on the one hand, but also that not everyone is nice.

There was one spelling mistake in the work that tripped me up. Asher notes that there are a pair of Succubi working for him. But that is spelled ‘Sucubi’ and that, of course, stopped me cold in the story.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Another good, romantic read with characters that are more than they are expected to be. In that, the promise of the first work came through in the second which was good to see.

Regrettably, the third and fourth works never appeared in this series. They were supposed to appear within a few weeks of the initial two works, but never did. There’s no explanation for that happening, and it’s a shame that the series didn’t continue as both works set up quite a good main character and seemed to promise there to be a lot more to discover.

It would have been nice to see that happen…



Aug 17 2015

Knee Socks By TeraS

I decided that I needed to write something fun this time on the Tale. I’m not sure this is exactly what I had in mind, but it seemed like a good idea, which, like many good ideas in the Realm, took on a life of its own …


Knee Socks
By TeraS


Sometimes, one of the succubi finds herself in an odd situation. That could be any number of things, and, as Tera would tell them all, that is, very much, expected. There are some moments, especially for the more innocent of the succubi—and yes, they do exist—where they find themselves utterly confused by the ones they are with.

Kerri had been following him for quite some time. Well, some might say she was being a little bit of a stalker, but the sweet green-haired red-tail didn’t have a nasty thought in her at all. In fact, she was a bit of an airhead at times, though that was part of her charm, really. Regardless of that—and she didn’t dwell on it much, if at all—something attracted her to him, and so she had spent the last month following him around at a distance …

… to start.

She didn’t know exactly what it was about him that she liked. Maybe it was how he smiled, when he did … which wasn’t often, because he was so very shy around everyone. Or perhaps it was how he was so nice, never having a bad word to say. It could be how he spoke, but that shyness did get in the way of conversation.

Or, perhaps, it was what she saw when she snuck into his bedroom in the middle of the night and watched him sleep. She especially liked the foot of his bed; there was just enough room for her to perch there and watch him. She looked at him, under the covers, snoring, mind you, and tried to figure out what she liked about him.

This went on for a very long time.

During the day, she would follow him around at a distance, usually. Once, when she was trying to be as nonchalant as possible she bumped into him in the middle of the library. Before she could apologize to him, he had run off, around the corner and vanished. This really confused Kerri. She hadn’t said a word, hadn’t done anything wrong and yet he’d gone and rushed off like she had poked him with her pitchfork.

She went back to the Realm, back to her little apartment, and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t see anything wrong with how she looked. Her hair was in a ponytail, the skirt she was wearing wasn’t that revealing: it didn’t even show off an inch of skin between the bottom of the plaid skirt and the tops of her knee socks. And her top? Well that wasn’t anything stupid looking, either: her curves were just right in it, not too much cleavage showing or anything. If anything, some of her sisters would tell her that she was really overdressed for being one of the succubi.

A thought came to her. What if she was wearing too much? Maybe that was the problem! Maybe he ran off because he couldn’t see her well enough and mistook her for someone else! Perhaps someone had done something bad to him wearing something like she had decided to wear that day! Deciding that this had to be the problem, Kerri quickly wiggled out of her skirt and then pulled off her top. She looked at herself in the mirror again, and then slipped off her bra and panties as well.

But then she paused. She loved her knee socks, really a bunch, and she didn’t want to take them off. Not just because she liked them—which she really did—but more because she didn’t feel right being completely naked and running around like that.

Tracing a finger along the elastic top, she smiled and recalled how her sisters made fun of her not wanting to be completely naked. One of them told her that being naked has all part of being of the succubi and she needed to get over her problem about being totally nude. Still, as she thought about it, if all she was wearing was her knee socks, then she was, almost completely bare, and that was just as good as being totally undressed, really.

Well, it would have to be, because she wasn’t going to be naked for anybody. Not even him. No matter how much she liked him and all.

Looking at the clock, which she had set to his time, she realized that he was probably asleep and, without another thought, she portalled away from the Realm to his bedroom.

When she got there, she noticed that he wasn’t, in fact, in bed. Frantically, she looked around the bedroom, trying to find him, and when she couldn’t she very quietly creeped around his home looking for him. She could have just poked into his mind, but she didn’t want to—again, another one of her quirks. It would have made things a lot easier, not to mention finding out what his name was, but that didn’t seem right somehow.

Kerri was mulling this over, her tail swaying slowly as she walked along one of the hallways, when she walked headlong into him. She found her body pressed into his, face to face, or, more accurately, she looking up at him while he looked down at her … with the weirdest expression she’d ever seen on him. It almost looked like he was having some kind of problem breathing.

Worried, she blurted out: “Um … Hi. Are you okay?”

He fainted, and then she was left with him out cold on the floor, his head bouncing off it when he landed. Slapping a hand over her eyes, she groaned in despair before grabbing his feet and pulling him down the hallway into his bedroom and then, none too gently, lifting him into his bed. She considered pulling off his clothes … after all, maybe that’s why he fainted … they might be too tight on him or something … She’d had that problem a lot because of how tight some of her tops where, especially the latex ones.

Instead, she crawled into bed with him, straddling her legs over his waist, and paused. She tried to remember what Tera had told her about what to do when someone fainted. Then it came to her: she could try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! That would wake him up!

The problem was that she wasn’t exactly sure how that worked. But she was a good kisser, and she thought it worked in the same way, more or less. So, having no other good ideas, she leaned down, put her lips to his and started to kiss him …

… at least she did until his eyes opened, he yelled, and she found herself tossed off him and over to the foot of the bed, where she looked at him in as much shock as he did with her.

“Who are you?”

She smiled and offered him her hand: “I’m Kerri. It’s nice to meet you!”

She expected that he would shake her hand, say hi, and then tell his name too. But instead he kept staring at her, mouth moving, but saying nothing. Frowning, she gently slapped his cheek with her right hand which seemed to snap him out of it.

“Why are you naked?”

Frowning, she replied: “I’m not naked.”

“Yes! You are!”

This wasn’t right, obviously, so Kerri turned herself around and then waved her right leg at him: “No, I’m not. See? Knee socks!”

Now, she expected an answer, but instead, for some reason, he fainted again, at least this time his head bounced off the pillows and not the floor. Confused, she looked at her leg and then wiggled her toes.

What was the problem? She wasn’t naked. She was wearing her knee socks. Bouncing out of the bed she walked over to a mirror that was nearby and looked at herself. Obviously the problem wasn’t her! She wasn’t naked, and, really, he must have seen girls before, so what was the problem?

Tapping a finger against her lips she mused out loud: “Mebby the problem is what my knee socks look like. But, I can make them something like latex stockings, or pantyhose or something. Maybe that would be better!”

She didn’t have time to answer herself as he moaned from behind her: “No! That’s worse!”

By the time she turned around to look at him, he had put a pillow over his head, and that confused her even more.

“Um … Why are you hiding behind that pillow?”

“You’re naked!”

In a huff, Kerri answered: “No, I’m not! I’m … Look, I am not naked, okay? I am wearing knee socks, so I am not naked!”

There was an uncomfortable silence, then he asked: “What are you doing here?”

Happily, Kerri explained: “Oh, well, see, I am one of the succubi, and I think you’re kinda’ cute, and I wanted to meet you. So, here I am!”

There was another pause and then, peeking out from behind the pillow he asked: “Actually, why arent you naked? I mean, isn’t that what your kind does? Run around naked all the time?”

Now it was Kerri’s turn to be shocked as she asked: “You want me to take them off?”

He didn’t answer, still hiding behind the pillow. A smile started to appear on Kerri’s lips as she began to walk towards him: “You’re naughty.”

“No! I’m not! It’s …”

At this point, Kerri had crawled into bed with him again, and placed herself exactly where she had been before, straddling him, but this time that pillow was in the way.

“You are naughty. What’s wrong with me wearing my knee socks?”

He crushed the pillow to his face, which made Kerri wonder if he was going to try to eat it or something. Deciding that wouldn’t be any help at all, she took hold of the pillow and yanked it away from him, then set it down in front of her—which, for some reason, seemed to make it easier for him to talk to her. It didn’t mean, however, that he was going to get away without answering her.

“What’s wrong with my knee socks? I want to know.”

His answer surprised her: “You’re … a lot more beautiful wearing them … never expected to meet someone like you … and …”

He didn’t get anything else out because he found himself crushed between the pillow and one of the succubi who was now kissing him … deeply.

After a bit, just before he fainted from lack of oxygen, or blood, or something, to his brain, she broke the kiss and he found himself nose to nose with her, her tail moving slowly behind her.

“That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you.”

“Um … You’re welcome.”

He paused, then added in a squeak: “I’m Tom.”

She kissed him again: “Hi, Tom. How can I make you happy?”

Hesitantly, as if he was afraid to break her, he took Kerri’s hands in his own: “I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Winking she replied: “Just let me wear my knee socks. I’m a little shy about being naked.”

He had the most odd expression again, she thought, before he replied: “And I’m a little shy around beautiful girls.”

She laughed: “Oh, you’re too cute for that. I mean, you must have a lot of girls.”

“Um … no. You’re the first that ever said ‘Hi.’ You’re also the first to bump into me, the first to be this close to me.”

Kerri wiggled a little closer, putting the pillow to the side as she did so: “It’s nice to be first. Would you like to help take off my knee socks?”

He gave her a sloppy smile: “I don’t think so. I think you’re perfect as you are.”

It turned out, in time, that they were, indeed, perfect for each other, and Kerri was able to prove something to her sister succubi: you don’t have to be naked to be a succubi. But you do have to know what you like and who you love …

… and how to choose your stockings well …