Jun 28 2015

A Review of Succubus by Miss Irene Clearmont

Succubus by Miss Irene Clearmont

Succubus by Miss Irene Clearmont

There are very few novels which have history at their core. It is the telling of that history, not just in the characters, but the world itself, that is what separates them from all else. To be able to weave a story within which there is something special, something unique, that is a gift, a rare one to find.

I had encountered a work simply titled Succubus written by Miss Irene Clearmont, but at the time that it came to my attention it seemed that the opportunity to see what the story was not likely to happen. I could not find a copy, and it seemed as if the work would remain a mystery to me.

Recently, the author contacted me, the ways of the internet are a mysterious thing really, and she gifted a copy of her work for which I am so very grateful. I had hoped for a story with substance, with purpose. Characters that were captivating and drew me into the story, not letting go. I am so very pleased to say, beyond a doubt, that the author succeeded in this.

The work tells the story of:

Erotic horror and female domination, in both modern and classical form, is the order of the day in this horrific tale of men under female control from the ever inventive and diabolical Miss Irene Clearmont.

With “Succubus”, the glorious Miss Irene gives us the tale of a beauty with roots dating back to the time of Carthage – and a need to control, dominate and destroy her male victims that is equally as old.

Male victims whose essence she takes during sex ensures she maintains her youth and beauty.

The world contains mysteries and questions beyond understanding. The path of Elspeth is one that has been touched by her for centuries uncountable. A need within growing stronger, a means being searched for. But along with that comes another searching for something else which will draw them both and other together into fates unknown.

Simply the most amazing piece of Succubus literature that I have read this year. The detail in the story, the presence of the characters is just exquisite. The work is not a simple piece of erotica by any means, there is so much more to be seen within the pages. It is complex, gripping, and once begun simply cannot be put down.

The main character, Elspeth, passes along a journey from the far past to the present day and as that unfolds history is seen through her eyes in one moment, but at the next, her own need and desire pushes at the limits. The story tells of her struggle with herself on the one moment, but in the next her deeply rooted need to dominate, control, and survive.

The myths of Succubi are mixed with that of Incubi and the Lamia among others. There are some wonderfully complex myths that come into play over the course of the story and this brings Elspeth’s journey into sharpen focus.

Elspeth herself changes with time, becoming kind of a chameleon as need be in order to survive. Along the way we see her encounter her prey and then see what her belief within drives her to do. There is a good deal of dominance in her character which I thought was well told in the work. She does have needs as a Succubus, which cause problems for herself and the ends to many others, but this isn’t done haphazardly or at a whim. There is purpose, direction, and reason to a point in her actions which did hold the story at the fore of the work. There is some lovely heat in the erotica, a bit of Succubus mind control appears here and there which I thought was well done also.

The writing is solid, there are no moments of being taken out of the story, or a misstep in a word or phrase being out of place. Every action matters. Every event in important. Every character, no matter how small their role, drives the story onwards and that tells of someone that knows their craft, why they are writing the work and where they want to be when it is over.

There is an Incubus that appears in the work as well, and it is an interesting exercise to compare him and Elspeth’s natures. Both are complex, both are predators, but more importantly, it is the difference in their attitudes, what they desire most of all that separates them.

The work is told in three arcs, all interconnected and I found that in being written this way there were moments that connected back and forth which added to the overall understanding of Elspeth which I appreciated. To see how events swirled around her, what the consequences were at later points along the story was breathtaking at times.

The work ends on a twist that is quite unexpected, but in doing so leaves behind many questions and thoughts to wonder over. In doing so the work leaves a lingering impression that is wonderfully done. The strength of the work comes in the characters, their lives and the choices they make. Simply wonderfully told and more.

Five out of five pitchforks.

Highly recommended. While a bit less romantic than I normally prefer, that is well overshadowed by the strength of the characters, the power of the story, and more.

My thanks again to the author for sharing this work with me and satisfying my curiosity. Well worth the read by any measure and I wish the author all of the best in her future writings…



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Jun 28 2015

A Review of A Violent Seduction by Kiki Howell

A Violent Seduction by Kiki Howell

A Violent Seduction by Kiki Howell

When a story is written, there needs to be a sense of jeopardy. A threat appears, a problem, something that brings characters together and in doing so it drives the story forwards. Sometimes that point in the story, the description of it, is written to the point where the physical and mental pain suffered is so awfully cruel that the rest of the story is harmed by it.

Spite is a terrible thing and using it as a means for revenge is even more so… worse when all it does is bring suffering and pain.

  • Title: A Violent Seduction
  • Author: Kiki Howell
  • Length: 31 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 1, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com


The story is of:

When David stumbles into Myrissa’s Wiccan Supply Shoppe — the man bruised and bloody, complaining of strange occurrences and true night terrors — she agrees to help him. After studying his clouded aura and listening to his story, she believes he’s been cursed, bound to a succubus.

Agreeing to come home with him, cleanse his apartment and try to banish the sexual predator, she gathers her supplies. What she witnesses and battles though proves darker and more seductive, than she could’ve ever imagined. Will her magic be enough? Or will she also fall prey to the dark and violent seduction of a demon?

David is cursed by a witch and as such has a Succubus bound to him that cares only about doing harm. At the end of his sanity, and not understanding what is happening, he takes a chance to talk to Myrissa who agrees to help him, but that help will cost them both.

While this work has a succubus as one of the characters, she is never named and really only appears as more of a spirit than anything else. She is described by David as a very dominant, sexually powerful woman and she does appear in a smoke-like form to Myrissa as well. Beyond that there really isn’t much said about her save that all the succubus is interested in is very violent sexual encounters and quite literally taking a pound of flesh from David. The succubus seems to be a very stereotypical sprit of evil and really not a lot more than that. For how little is seen of her, that was not what I expected from the opening page of the story and I wish she had been more than she was.

David is abused, hurt, beaten and worse by the succubus and the descriptions of what happens to him are, for me, really awful things and I didn’t care for any of that at all. I don’t care for pain, I don’t care for abuse, and in the end the story was centred around all of which David had to live with and that was my single problem with this story. The abuse just was in every page, every moment and I do understand that it needed to be there for the story as a whole, but nonetheless at times it seemed too much so and it took away so much from what otherwise was an interesting story.

David, who he is, what he lives with, tells a lot about his character, the inner strength he has, and more, it speaks to the good that is in him. There’s hints about his past, what he was like before the succubus appeared and by the end of the work I really wanted to see more of that. Myrissa herself is really a fascinating character as well, I loved her personality, her intelligence, the power she had in her will and otherwise. Again, there is a lot of story in her character as well, and there are hints about that, but they, like the story of David, are smothered by the violence in the work and because of that, the character development suffers I think.

If I set aside all of the pain, the descriptions of the physical injuries that David has suffered, there is a story about compassion, strength, and will. That story I thought was well written with characters that I cared about very much. There’s a tiny bit of erotica in the story, which fit the rest of the work well. The work reads very much like a supernatural mystery adventure with a bit of heat in it and looking at the work in that vein I think it does exactly what it, and the title, clearly sets out to do.

But I really cannot completely take the violence out of the story and as such that takes away from my enjoyment of the story. There are pieces missing, ones that I think as a postscript to the story might have been interesting to see. For example, what if Myrissa confronted the woman that cursed David? What happens then? Beyond that, what happens after the last page of this story as the final lines really do point towards another story and I think I would like to see that. It would be , at least, not nearly as violent and perhaps in that, there could be more told about Myrissa and David too…

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The violence in the work really took all of the heat out of it and I think that it didn’t need to. The abuse that David suffers is so overwhelming that it drowns out so much of what otherwise is a very good story in itself. The more the shame really in that and the more the disappointing that the Succubus was what she appeared to be, even if she wasn’t seen.



Jun 27 2015

A series of interesting Succubus stickers

I’ve noticed that sticker of Succubi are, for some reason, rather hard to find. Now, in that sometimes the best things are the simplest things. Going in that thought I found a series of sticker that are quite basic, but do give me something to ponder over…

All of the following stickers I found from the same seller on etsy.com and they are, at least to me, really something special…

In order, you can find the first sticker here, the second here, the third here and the last here on etsy.com. They are offered by someone celling themselves AdorableAllureShop and they sell for what I think is a reasonable $7 US each. They appear to be about large enough to cover most of the back of a laptop, for all of your Succubus owned item needs.

What I particularly like is that while they are silhouettes, there’s a good deal of sexy in them, they aren’t over the top silly, and they look rather nice I think…

I’ll see about that as I expect to have this set in the mail shortly…



Jun 26 2015

A Review of Fire and Earth by Alexia Foxx

Fire and Earth by Alexia Foxx

Fire and Earth by Alexia Foxx

Some stories expect Succubi to be… simple. They tell of beings who cannot be more than a moment’s pleasure before they take and disappear. As a whole I find those stories rather weak and uninteresting.

However, give that Succubus a sharp mind, the ability to learn, not just about others but about themselves, and give them the chance to have the other see in themselves that which is hidden away… That is a story I really do enjoy…

The work tells the story of:

When Luke set off into the woods to catch a succubus he never imagined the hardest part of his journey would come after he had her in chains. She isn’t at all what he expected, and he isn’t the man he thought he was. Now they’re both tumbling out of control and Luke must find the strength to change. Or they’ll both stay trapped forever.

Luke captures a Succubus, whom he sees as a demon, not a person and in that choice makes some decisions that show the worst in him. She says nothing through all that she is put to until he finally goes too far, does one thing too far… are she speaks at last. And Sheal reveals that she isn’t what he expected her to be. But then, she also finds that she isn’t what she believed herself to be either.

This is more than a simple story, more than the erotic moments in it. In all of the anger, mistrust, confrontation and loss… There is understanding, realization, and in the end, a moment of clarity. It really was so much more than the summary of this work could reveal and that really is a shame.

Sheal, the Succubus of the story… Is and isn’t a Succubus. By that I mean there are aspects of her which are Succubus like, but then she has her own mythos, reality, and purpose that are meshed in that. She is every bit the vision of beauty and pleasure, but with that comes a pry mind, a strong personality and all of the questions that such a character brings with them. For the majority of the work her human form is seen, there is a glimpse of her true form as well, but it’s her explanation of living as many beings, of existing so long, that gave me pause. Her questions seem to be simple, almost childish and to the point, but within them comes something more.

In Luke, her questions bring at first anger, mistrust, and a touch of fear which he tries to break in the only ways he can. Over time, Sheal’s own reservations, mistrust and anger also are forced towards Luke in return. They come at each other in many ways, many confrontations, and as all of this unfolded… something wonderful happens. Understanding.

Past all of the strife comes that moment when Luke makes a choice about Sheal and in doing so forces Sheal to make a choice herself. It’s that choice, that moment when the story could have go very wrong… It turns a corner into a greater, more revealing and passionate story.

Beautifully written, the story makes one think about not what is happening, by the why of it. The clash of personalities, goals, and in the end what changes that relationship is written with soulful understanding that comes to mean very much.

Sadly, the work ends, not on a cliffhanger, but a promise. But that promise, the opening to the future left in the wake of all that happens… it has never been. In the time since this author published this work they have not continued, regrettably vanishing away into the ether. That’s the larger shame here because there is one promise made that is not delivered on. That I think, more than anything, would have every bit the story that this work was.

I’m giving this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The tragic thing is that this author never published a following work to this story and in all honesty there are so many questions, within Sheal especially, that I would have loved to see the resolutions of. Her story, where she, and Luke go from here is something that I dearly would have liked to see. Sheal reminds me of… well… me.

Being more than she is and trying to help others to see as well.



Jun 26 2015

A Review of Summoning the Succubus by Viktor von Priapis

Summoning the Succubus by Viktor von Priapis

Summoning the Succubus by Viktor von Priapis

There are some pieces of succubus erotica that have what is a very interesting story buried beneath the sex scenes. The problem, most of the time, is that the story begins with story, but the moment there is the slightest chance for the main character to fall into the clutches of the succubus, this, of course, must happen.

Trying to keep some semblance of the story amongst a series of sexual encounters that go, seemingly, forever, is a challenge. Some can manage that, but then I wonder why it is that they couldn’t keep the focus of the work on the story and characters and not so much the sex?

  • Title: Summoning the Succubus
  • Author: Viktor von Priapis
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • Publishing Date: June 23, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

In order to pass her classes at Mistress Lilim’s Academy of Necromantic Arts and Arcane Studies, Cassandra Crosswell must summon and bind a demon familiar. There’s just one problem: she comes from a family of paladins and no lesser demon in its right mind will heed her call. So Cassandra must take her chances and summon a greater demon of lust and battle if she wants to have any hope of not flunking out of school. She just hopes she doesn’t get more than she bargained for…

Cassandra has a problem in that she cannot pass her Demonology 101 course. It isn’t because she’s not good at her craft, it’s because no demon would think of answering a paladin. Still, after a long search she finds one chance and decides to take it. A name spoken, a succubus answers and then Cassandra finds that the having isn’t as good as the cumming.

The underlying story in this work is really very interesting and in being so that makes Cassandra a character that has a purpose, direction and meaning within herself. There’s a good deal of telling of her life, wants and fears. There’s history around her, there is a problem needing a solution. Even the path to that solution is interesting and tells a lot about the universe this work is set in.

Apiana is the succubus of this work, and she as well has history, purpose, a very strong will and desires. She is not, at all, stereotypical and makes reference to that when Cassandra is trying to make a pact with her, noting that she “doesn’t do souls”. I liked her personality, the mix of seduction, control, and dominance that she holds in the work. It takes some time for Apiana’s story to be told, to make the connection with Cassandra and throughout there are hints of some succubus mind control persuasion which I thought was very well done.

When the erotica comes in the story, Apiana’s secret comes to light, that he is a futa, for one, and once that moment is past and Cassandra learns a lesson or two, the work then tells of some of the powers that Apiana has, Cassandra is taken in other ways, including tentacles, and then the work comes to an abrupt ending and Apiana vanishes.

The work tends to have much of its focus on the erotica, but even through those scenes, there are moments that go back to the core story, what Cassandra needs, and that managed to keep my interest in things. It just manages to avoid being too heavy on the various bits of erotica that Cassandra goes through and in doing so it also managed to keep my interest, if at times just barely.

I felt the ending was a bit too abrupt, but in being so, this left several plots open for the work to continue with if the author was considering to do so. The means in which Apiana gave Cassandra a way to summon her was, I thought, quite delicious, and as such did leave more encounters open.

There was however one little misstep in the work, having to do with the terms of the summoning. Whether this was intentional, or a mistake, it is hard to say, but that also might be another path for the work to continue on.

The ending did work in the aftermath of Apiana’s appearance, even having a bit of humour to it which did make me smile a bit. Still, it was, for me, too quick when compared with all else that came before and that was disappointing.

Well written characters, a good plot to drive the story were the positives, the erotica was a little over the top at times, and that did bother me slightly. More focus on the story would have helped, perhaps allowing for more of a break between the erotica would have been nice to have as well.

I’ll give this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There is a story here, quite a good one I think, but it didn’t quite come to the fore as much as I wanted it to be.



Jun 25 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 388

Game characters are interesting things in that they generally don’t seem to have one very important aspect to them when it comes to Succubi. They tend to ignore the more seductive or sensual aspects of them and focus on them being stereotypical monstrous in nature. While that makes sense for a video game, it doesn’t always have to be more monstrous than Succubus…

Monster : Demon Empress by reaper78

Monster : Demon Empress by reaper78

This work is called Monster : Demon Empress and is by reaper78 on DeviantArt. The original page with this work is here and this artist’s page can be found here.

While this is a rather older price of art, it has been on the web for quite some time now, it is what I think is a good example of not taking away the seductive power of a Succubus and replacing it with something more demonish. While she is dangerous, the power that she holds is quite clear to see, there is also beneath that the seductive creature that she represents.

It isn’t just that she is power, it is that she is more than one kind of power. She has strength, but as well there is a more subtle power in her. Not all battles for control have to be waged with swords and weapons. Sometimes the most effective weapons are those that catch one by surprise…

Being that she is called a Demon Empress, it would follow, at least in my thoughts about her, that she would have used all of her abilities to influence or control those beneath her… and isn’t that an interesting thought to think about?



Jun 24 2015

Sassy does not a Succubus Costume make

Sassy She Devil CostumeSometimes I have to wonder about just what is supposed to make a costume sexy… or really what it is that made someone think that a particular idea was a good one. That question comes up a lot in the costumes I find. That’s a shame really…

This is called the Sassy She Devil Costume and it comes with the full body metallic spandex suit, a buckle neck choker, a matching face mask and the tail in the picture. The pitchfork and boots are not included and it sells for $52 US.

And… I really do not like this at all. I’ll admit that the tail, at least the tip makes me smile, but that can’t overcome the total lack of sexiness, seductiveness, and style that this costume is lacking.

Really any good costume needs to have those three things and this one just lacks them. Though i will also add that the mask is interesting in its own way I suppose…

I can’t see any way to fix this, to improve it, or save what is, honestly, one of the worst costumes of the year.

Half a pitchfork out of five.

Moving on, better things to come… I hope so.