Sep 04 2015

A Review of Claimed by the Demoness by Kelly Freer

Claimed by the Demoness by Kelly Freer

Claimed by the Demoness by Kelly Freer

There needs to be, at least for me, something in a story that isn’t quite expected or assumed. The further away the story is from what I think to be stereotypical, the more it tends to draw me into the story and enjoy it for what the story tells. A work cannot stand on its erotica alone, nor can it try to use a slipshod idea as the core of the work. That just does nothing for me.

The theme doesn’t have to be complex, the plot need not be outside of reality, nor does the erotica have to be so far into the realm of porn. It is entirely possible to tell a story of self discovery and within that, find a means to tell of what happens when one’s own desires, wants and needs take them to a place unexpected.

That is where the story really begins…

  • Title: Claimed by the Demoness
  • Author: Kelly Freer
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • Publishing Date: November 13, 2014
  • This work at

It is the story of:

As the first freshmen to play in the University football team, and the most sought after quarterback of the division, Lee depicts the American jock ideal. Every female on campus wants him.

But Lee has a secret: he’s still a virgin. An encounter with a hyper-aggressive delta-delta-delta girl at the football team’s party causes Lee to run away from his abnormally strong lust. Eager and conflicted, he arrives at Hellspot to make the devil’s pledge: his very own succubus to drain him of all his fantasy and urges. But there’s a catch. Lee will forever be bound to the succubus’ lusty ways. Will Lee get out the hellspot and save himself from eternal lust? Or will the all-star quarterback be claimed by the commanding power of the demoness succubus?

Lee’s life is both truth and lie. In truth he appears to be what he seems to be, but within the lie of his own reality is hidden. A moment, a mistake, and he then finds himself in a position where his soul is at risk of being claimed by a Succubus forever. And that fate is one that tempts greatly.

The work is very involved and detailed in that Lee, who he is, how he reacts, the one he calls a friend, are very real and they aren’t cardboard stereotypical cutouts of “jocks” in that there is something more about them both. Listening to Lee’s thoughts in the story puts him into a different light and when things go off the rails as the story progresses, the emotional attachment is quite strong.

The Succubus in this story is never named, which is was a little disappointing. She has a human form and a demon one, which I didn’t really care for, but it was meant as a contrast so that worked well. But the way what she is comes out in the story is a bit heavy handed and I think it could have been a lot more subtle than it was. The moments of erotica with the Succubus are very much a Domme controlling in nature and some of that was very hot and well done. But there were other moments that, while seeming to make sense, felt wrong.

The erotica in the story waxes and wanes with the majority of that being in the moments between Lee and the Succubus. There is a good deal of Succubus mind control in those moments which works well as a whole. The scenes are a bit more violent than I personally like and I think there should have been more seduction in what happened rather than the direct demand of submission that the Succubus demanded of Lee.

Setting that aside, the setting up of Lee being in the presence of the Succubus was also a bit odd, a bit forced as well. The encounter between Lee and the manager of the hotel he finds himself in was odd and felt wrong from the beginning. It didn’t make a lot of sense how that played out and with that the need to “push” Lee through that part of the story and into his “doom” seemed to override the storytelling in order to get to the erotica.

After the climax of the work, when the aftermath comes, it leads to a point which, quite obviously, seems to point at there being another part to this story, an ongoing struggle between Lee, the Succubus, and what she has claimed. That is, again, somewhat forced but that is necessary as the work comes to a rapid close and there didn’t seem to be time allowed for that to develop further along as I think it should have. Perhaps it will sometime.

There are a few scattered spelling and word errors, but nothing too overwhelming or that interrupted the story to the point where it was distracting. As a whole it is a story of entrapment of the unwary and what sacrifices are made in the name of another. That part of this story needs to be told more than it is.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

As the opening to a longer series, this really would work well. There is a lot of plot, character development and more. While so much of the story is taken with setting up Lee and telling about his life, that does offer a doorway into a larger universe of storytelling that I hope the author might explore more fully over time. Giving purpose to a character is a good thing, what isn’t so much is when the story comes to a close after that purpose is revealed and the story ends.

It is the rest of the story that matter as well and needs to be told.



Sep 04 2015

A Review of First Time with the Incubus by Savannah Harlow

First Time with the Incubus by Savannah Harlow

First Time with the Incubus by Savannah Harlow

A short time ago I reviewed a work on the Tale called Taken by the Incubus and His Tentacles by June Harper, the work originally released in August 2014. Last month, the same story, save that the editing is better, reappeared under another author’s name. For the sake of completeness, what follows is the review I gave the previous work, with some minor changes.

But the rating remains the same.

There needs to be a point to a story. More than a wave of a hand, an expression of mystery and nothing more. It is also wise to have more of an ending than the work coming to a screeching halt right after the erotica comes to a close.


The work is described as:

When sexy, innocent Ava receives a gift from a mysterious stranger, she doesn’t know that it houses the spirit of an incubus who feeds on the virginities of sexy women! When the incubus escapes, he takes Ava in the night.

Ava travels to New York to her dream job for the summer, along the way meeting an old woman who gives her a necklace. Ava breaks it and then something odd begins to happen.

As a whole the summary suggests that the oddities, the incubus, is central to the story and that much of the work focuses on that. But that isn’t true in this case. There is substantially more time spent on Ava’s travel, finding her apartment, meeting her boss, and they spending time together than with the incubus of the title of the book. In truth it isn’t even clear if he is an incubus, there really aren’t any clear signs that he is, and as such that is a bit disappointing. His name is never revealed either for that matter.

There really isn’t all that much in the way of erotica in this work, really there is one short scene the didn’t do anything for me at all. It had some incubus-like qualities, but overall what happens just didn’t have much heat in it. The scene plays out in the last five or so pages of the work and at the very end it simply comes to an abrupt stop, the incubus vanishes and the story comes to a close.

As a whole the work would make for a good opening chapter, or really the basis of three chapters, of a longer work, but in this case, how the story plays out just seemed to be a series of loosely connected scenes that eventually ended with a very short hot flash piece. The thing is that the buildup to the incubus appearing really set the stage for a story, one that has two characters with their own quirks and they are described really well. But going from “ordinary” to “something weird is going on” happens so abruptly that it feels out of place with the rest of the work.

I think that drawing out things, playing on the sense of something being off, eventually leading towards the incubus appearing after Ava had been teased or dreamed of things would have been more interesting and the final encounter would have worked better. As it is, the incubus just isn’t interesting enough when compared to Ava and the other main character, or really any of the minor ones.

I’ll give this work two out of five pitchforks.

All kinds of story being told, and really if it was the beginning of a novel it would hook you into the story well. But in this case, it takes up the vast majority of the story really leaving only a very short passage for the erotica that is quick, blunt, and really didn’t have all that much heat in it.



Sep 03 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 398

I think at times the hardest thing to find when it comes to Morrigan Aensland art is to find an image that shows her to be seductive and not simply sexy. It is, of course, a rather fine line to walk, but sometimes an artist gets the balance exactly right and something very special appears…

Morrigan Fan art by kike1988

Morrigan Fan art by kike1988

This work of Morrigan art is the creation of the artist kike1988 on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here.

I think this is simply a gorgeous rendering of Morrigan in so many ways. Wonderfully detailed, especially in her hair, which is just amazingly done. I like that her wings sort of blend into the background, making them look ethereal in a way. A lovely expression, perhaps slightly amused which I think matches well with Morrigan’s personality. But most of all it is her overall body shape and pose that makes this special.

The focus isn’t on her cleavage as many works of art of Morrigan are, but rather it’s her entire form and pose that comes through here. She looks more “real” as a whole, she isn’t cartoonish, and in being so her style comes through clearly…

One of my favourite Morrigan artworks of the year by far…



Sep 02 2015

Where’s the tail and horns… seriously.

Black Devil Sexy Demon Halloween Fancy DressSo last week there was a costume that tried, not well mind you, but tried, to be at least vaguely sort of a combination Succubus and superhero… thing. Well, not to be outdone, someone else came to the idea that Succubi are creatures of the night and bats are as well. So… SuccuBat anyone?

This costume, and the name of it is obviously designed for google searches, is the Black Devil Sexy Demon Halloween Fancy Dress. It comes with the bat ears, I refuse to call them horns, and the body suit. The wings are not included and it sells for $85 US but can be found on sales for as little as $60 US.

I have to say that I like the bodysuit, it does give me some ideas. But the ears make me shudder, the wings don’t do much for me as well. There is a but however. I think that the bodysuit itself isn’t a bad idea as the basis of a costume, adding a pair of horns to this and a tail might work as would some red heels or ankle boots.

It wouldn’t be the best costume by far, but it would be at least something that would, in a way, look devilish, not really succubish however.

Comparing this to the costume of last week, I think this would be the better idea for a superhero costume if for no other reason that there isn’t much kitsch to it. Really that’s an important point as, if you think about it, the idea of being a Succubi, or a devil girl, isn’t to make people laugh…

It’s to make them come and do whatever you care to have them do…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It’s a start, not a lot more, but it is a start which is something…



Sep 01 2015

A Review of Warrior Demoness by Fran Heckrotte

Warrior Demoness by Fran Heckrotte

Warrior Demoness by Fran Heckrotte

There was a series released a very long time ago which had within it the appearance of many myths and legends, telling the story of some of the more well known, but also stories about others around them. The sad part is that to find any copies of this series is really very difficult. Having managed to locate one copy of Warrior Demoness, the sixth work in the Illusionist series by Fran Heckrotte, I thought that coming into the series well towards the ending would be a problem.

Overall it wasn’t, much of the story didn’t require reading of the previous works. However, it did cause me to have many questions about one particular character who makes but a fleeting appearance…Lilith.

  • Title: Warrior Demoness
  • Author: Fran Heckrotte
  • Length: 214 Pages
  • IBSN: 978-1-934889-25-1 (eBook)
  • ISBN-10: 1934889571 (Paperback)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1934889572 (Paperback)
  • Publishing Date: May 1, 2009
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

She was Sabnock, a demon, who like the Phoenix, lived and died many times because she chose to live amongst mortals rather than spend eternity babysitting the legions of the Underlord. There were no longer battles to be fought in the Underworld so the ex-commander left her realm to live with the humans as human.

Falling in love, she now had to choose between her vow to live and die as a mortal or love and live as a demon, not knowing if her lover could accept the truth. The wrong decision would condemn her to a life of loneliness—and for a demon life was eternity.

Sabnock is a demoness, one who has her freedom, to a point. One that lives by a code that causes much pain and suffering to herself. She lives life after life and in but one she discovers someone to love that she leaves soon after. But soulmates come together again and they do. But then the real story starts.

The work is a mix of the supernatural, the everyday, the crisis of belief and love and in all of that what happens to a pair of souls that are meant for each other. This is told from one of Sabnock’s lives to another, passing through short lives surrounded by battles, scars, and more. The telling of that story, to discover what drives Sabnock forward is a telling story. But it becomes more when she discovers that the one she thought lost still lives. And then it all falls apart.

There is a great deal of tragedy and pain for both Sabnock and her love Constance in this work, though there is little seen of Constance save for two points in the story, but they have power, passion, and more importantly, they show the connections between the two, ones that matter very much by far.

The search which Sabnock undertakes to find her love opens the door to many other characters, each with their own strong personalities, drives, wants and needs. The most interesting part of that comes to the connections that Sabnock has with each of them. It’s those connections that make those of power in the other worlds… more human. They aren’t simply there to drive the story forwards, there is more to things than that and it makes for a much better read.

One of these is the demoness Lilith, but her appearance is a very minor and fleeting one which I was a bit disappointed in. That comes from the wonderfully seductive and intelligent personality she shows. More so, it’s the little mirth, the knowing look and teasing sparring of words that she deals in that just made me wish to see more of her. But, Lilith is a momentary shift in the story well towards the end and only is there to help close a thread of the story out.

There are a few moments of erotica in the work that have a lovely heat to them. They are, in a way, three lovely hot flashes in the midst of an adventure, but they don’t feel out of place, nor are they given with little thought. There is passion, love, and most importantly, there is a sense of the love between the characters in these moments that was wonderful.

Quite a satisfying story that holds your attention from beginning to the cherished ending. While there isn’t much seen of Lilith in this work, she does have personality and I did like her very much when she popped in for the instant she was there. This is the story of Sabnock and Constance and it’s wonderful. Perhaps a bit too much mystery about the ending, but then all good stories leave something to the imagination to think about when the story is over.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A really wonderful story about the power of truth, passion and what one would do. This was, to be honest, quite the difficult work to find and I am quite glad that I did. However it has placed me on another search for an earlier work in this series called… Lilith. I have many questions about her and there is but one way to see Lilith for who she is in this universe…



Sep 01 2015

A Review of B’Les and the Immortal by David Hamman

B'Les and the Immortal by David Hamman

B’Les and the Immortal by David Hamman

Honour. Trust. Belief. Three things that are, at least to me, important to see in a Succubus, whomever, whenever, or whatever she is. More so if she is the Mistress of others or in any way, shape, or form, having a place of power or responsibility. The one thing that is telling most of all is, however, when one they care for is no more, how do they respond? Are they simply evil or are they something more than that?

What if the question becomes less about what happened and why it happened than, in fact, who was involved in it?

It’s an important thought if you think about it. More so if you are the one that must decide what is right or wrong and why, in the end, it matters to you.

The story is about:

B’Les, the master thief of the Milesport, set out to prove his skill. Only the finest of jewels will satisfy his need to accomplish the perfect heist and reinforce his status in the guild. To that end, he’s set to rob a local merchant of his most prized possession… A pair of flawless diamonds. Every prize has its price and B’Les is about to find out the cost of stealing perfection.

This work is half heist adventure and half a scene of seduction with a twist within it. There is quite a lot of world building that I enjoyed, especially the history of B’Les which I thought was well considered and spoken of. The adventure itself, the moments leading towards the heist and the moments after are full of description and paint the moment well in the imagination.

Upon succeeding, B’Les finds that the stones contain what might be described as a Succubus named Meredith. It’s not clear if she is a Succubus or not, but her actions, appearance and personality seem to say that she is. Certainly what she does at one point does make it clear that Meredith has some of the stereotypical aspects of a Succubus, but she isn’t stereotypical. How she appears, the method therein, and what her form appears to be is not at all like what one would expect a Succubus to appear.

She is seductive, enthralling, and in her own way a rather unique being. There isn’t really all that much erotica in the work, though there is some teasingly seductive moments that I enjoyed. That is passed over for the adventure to continue, B’Les acts as he must and then the story comes to a close… far too soon really.

It does make for what would be good opening chapter to a long work and I do think that the author should continue the story of B’Les, with or without Meredith. I would, of course, like to see more of her, her story and so on as that isn’t explored with the same depth that the story of B’Les is.

Good writing, no errors in spelling or grammar as well. It is an adventure story with a little bit of titillation which as a whole works well to tell the story… It just really needs to be longer honestly.


I’m giving this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Quite a good start, the heist scenes were very interesting and the story of B’Les was well done. Meredith might or might not be a Succubus, though the clues are there and I would be interested to see where this story goes to from here. Perhaps it will sometime…



Aug 31 2015

Contemplation by TeraS

Every so often, there are moments when you just sit, sometimes with a cup of tea, and think about … things—not always bad things, nor always good things. Sometimes, your mind just wanders about and comes to a stop on a subject and you think about it … a lot. This results in …


By TeraS


Tera was looking at a sheet of parchment and thinking. The first thing she thought about was that she was holding parchment, and not a sheet of paper or a tablet. The second was the message written upon it, which could have been just as easily been sent along by phone, email, text, or some other, more modern, means. The last thing she was thinking about was the message itself, which consisted of just three words.

The words summarized the thoughts of a citizen of the Realm, one who didn’t quite see things as Tera did, not that she expected anything different. Her Majesty wasn’t one to press her opinions on others; anyone didn’t exactly like her choices, either for herself or for the Realm as a whole, was free to say so. She would even accept someone holding differing beliefs, differing truths, from her, for to force a change, for whatever reason, wasn’t her way. That did not mean, however, that she accepted others trying to change her or the Realm or otherwise alter the choices she had made.

Getting back to the three words in the message: the Queen came to the decision that, at least this once, she would say something, if not do something. She wouldn’t do so for the good of the Realm, nor for herself—as really she never did so. No, in this case, what she needed to do was for the good of someone who needed a good tail pull.

Turning the parchment over, she wrote three words in reply, and then sent the message back the way it had arrived: casting a spell and watching the message vanish into thin air. After it had disappeared, Tera waited, quite patiently, reading a book, having some tea and, on occasion, looking towards the pathway which led to the Realm retreat where she and her Eternal were spending some time together. Normally, she would never carry out Realm business at the retreat, but, in this case, given how the message had arrived, some exceptions had to be made, and this brought Tera to contemplate things.

Sipping her tea, she finished musing and, picking up her particular shade of red iPhone, sent a message away. A few moments later, she heard the sound of footsteps—very precise footsteps—along the path. Setting down her phone once more, she picked up her cup and took another sip, waiting for her guest to come into view.

They each looked towards the other for a long moment, Tera awaiting for her guest to say something or do something, the visitor, in turn, waiting for permission to do so. It was a sort of standoff, at least for a long moment before she sighed lightly as her tail motioned for her caller to approach.

Once the new arrival had done so, Her Majesty contemplated the visitor for a long moment, her tea cup in her hands. Noting the formal dress and the earnest look, she explained: “At the moment, we are not at the Palace, nor are we in the Throne Room.”

“You are the Queen.”

Tera sighed lightly: “I am myself first, the Queen much further along. In fact, if you would like, I can list the many things I am before being Queen.”

The silence was telling as a reply, but the red-tailed brunette continued: “If it helps, I give you leave to use my name and not my title.”

“That would not be honourable.”

Setting her cup on the table, the hostess replied: “Actually, it would be. You have been given permission by your superior—at least, as I understand things. Therefore, in order not to do harm to my honour, you should obey … shouldn’t you?”

Again, there was no reply, and so Her Majesty went on: “Having examined your request, and given my reply, is there something more that you wished to discuss with me?”

“Why am I refused?”

Tera stood up and walked towards her company. As she approached, she explained: “I refused your request because allowing it would be … unwise.”

The succubi soldier looked up now: “I am not meant for this world. I am uneasy, unneeded. I have no purpose if I am not in battle, fighting for the Qu– … for you.”

Touching her cheek and looking into her eyes, Tera explained: “I know you love the old ways. I know you desire them: the thrill of battle, of overcoming others. I know you still have the lusts within you.”

“Then allow my request.”

Her hostess smiled, a bit wanly: “And what of those that come after you? That your teaching would have helped? Are you so certain that your choice would be the best for them, for the Realm?”

Again, no reply, and so Tera elaborated upon her contemplations: “Are you so certain that what you ask for is wise, good, and for the best? Are you acting out of a sense of duty, or are you more concerned about yourself?”

The look given in response might have caused anyone else to cringe, but Tera did not. Instead she pressed onward: “The past is past. The present leads towards the future. Can you try to accept that the future is worth more than you think it is?”

“Without purpose?”

“There is always a purpose to everything. It may not have made itself known to you … yet. But, in time, I believe it will.

“I will … consider it.”

Tera smiled and nodded: “I hope so. I know of one succubi who would be lost without your guidance.”

The commander allowed a small smile: “Do I know her?”

The Queen smiled in return: “Oh … I think you do … In fact, I know you do.”

The soldier bowed and walked away to contemplate Tera’s words.

As her visitor left, Tera contemplated her before walking around to the side of the Retreat where, hidden out of sight, was one of succubi about whom they have been speaking.

“Tera, what…”

The answer was a hug, a smile, and a simple message: “She’s thinking about it.”

Turning away, the red-tail then paused: “Oh, please, do me a favour? See to it that she learns how to use something a little more modern than parchment and spells, will you?”

She laughed lightly: “Never will happen.”

Tera’s so-green eyes sparkled: “I think you’ll be surprised what happens when one contemplates for long enough.”