Aug 18 2015

A Review of the Incubus series by Abigail Fox

Ravaged by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

Ravaged by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

Two works with incubi in them in this review, both seemingly set in the same universe, in some way. Sadly, neither of these works are available any longer, both of them being removed from sale and the author vanishing as well. Still, they deserve to be reviewed, and so they will be.

As an aside, there were supposedly, according to the author’s notes, that there would be two more works appearing, close on the heels of these two, but they never appeared. It’s a bit sad as there was some promise in what was released and the entire story was never really told.

Some are fortunate to encounter those that call themselves incubi and succubi, for in that moment they discover truths about themselves, whom they are with, but in the end, they cannot remember why.

  • Title: Ravaged by the Incubus
  • Author: Abigail Fox
  • Length: 42 Pages
  • ASIN: B00WH0TAS4
  • Publishing Date: April 20, 2015
  • This work at – No Longer Available

The work is described as:

He might just be willing to convert….

I’m at the museum with my church group when I bump into a man that ropes me in with his smooth words and fascinating ideas about demons. Feeling brave, I invite him to the evening church meeting, wanting to spend more time with him before he exits my life forever.

He agrees, much to my delight and my pastors ire. However, something about him doesn’t feel right, and his eye color keeps changing at random, which only causes my interest in him to intensify. I must know more about him!

Carmen meets Asher at the museum, and in a whirlwind, she is attracted to him, agrees to meet with him, and then, eventually, Asher reveals that his is an incubus and the truth about them.

This is actually quite a loveable romantic story for the most part, though there are some moments in which the story takes a slightly darker turn. Not between the main characters themselves, but rather around Carmen’s life, and what has happened around her for a very long time.

Carmen herself is very interesting, a fully told and strongly written character which I liked because she wasn’t a female character dropped into a story for the sake of some erotica. While that comes, eventually, as does Carmen herself, that really doesn’t feel like the point of the story. It’s more of an expression of her desires, thoughts, and yes, fears. There’s some thoughtful expressions of her own thoughts, some truthful conversation that made her quite a lot more. Carmen has a soul, and it really does show as the story unfolds.

Asher is the incubus of the two works, having two slightly different aspects to his character between the two. In the first, he is inquisitive about Carman, her life, and in being so, accepts an invitation which answers a question he had for some time. It’s more of a metaphysical one, but in having it, that gives him a bit more depth. But there’s more than that. He is thoughtful, intelligent, and holds himself in a way that speaks to the mystery that he is.

Asher’s incubus form reads beautifully, being mostly something well known but with a few little changes that make him slightly different. It is also interesting when he discusses what he is capable of, one of these being a kind of mind control which I will return to a little later.

Asher is, also, quite clear in explaining that while he is an incubus, their kind doesn’t hurt their partners, or wish to. For me that’s an important point and it is clear as the erotica comes along that he cares about a lot about Carmen’s well being.

The work focuses on story, and tells quite a good one, but there is a single erotic passage between Asher and Carmen that I think was nicely hot, had some cute moments, but also a little bit of a loving dominance as well. The erotica balanced against the story well, didn’t overpower it, and as such, I think made the entire work better.

I noted that there is a bit of mind control in the work and that is where I have a small problem. During their encounter, Asher and Carmen talk about her life and a very significant change she needs to make with it. However, in the wake of their encounter, Asher tells Carmen that she will not remember him the following morning. As such, the good that he tried to do, all of the time spent in helping Carmen to see something better for herself would seem to be lost. I’m rather disappointed if that is true because if it is, then Carmen falls back into things as they were. Considering how much Asher cared, that bothers me.

There are a few minor spelling mistakes, but nothing really outstanding. A little bit more editing to clean up some of the dialogue would be good as well. But this is still a good read with good characters and a complete story on its own.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A nice, romantic tale of discovery and one that worked well.

Desired by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

Desired by the Incubus by Abigail Fox

The series continued with the second work, in which Asher returned, this time coming in contact with a librarian. It’s a significantly different work in that it tells a bit more about Asher, where he lives, what he does and so on. It also tells more about who the incubi and succubi are in this universe, if only fleetingly so.

Being such, as it reveals more about Asher, the tone of the work is different, but also, as the woman attracted to him is different as well, more than just the tone changes.

  • Title: Desired by the Incubus
  • Author: Abigail Fox
  • Length: 33 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 20, 2015
  • This work at – No Longer Available

The work is described as:

What’s a horny librarian to do?

I’m working at the library as usual, when in comes a man who looks like he just walked off a movie set. Intrigued, I seek him out, hoping to catch the eye of the ethereal creature. Instead, it is he who catches me, and I’m shocked when he gives me an offer I’d be mad to refuse.

An inner battle consumes me. Something about him seems off, and I can’t quite place it. But I also don’t want this once-in-a-lifetime chance to shag the owner of a popular nightclub to completely pass me by.

Cadence is working away in her role as a librarian as always. At least until Asher enters and she finds herself taken by him. An invitation to his club, a decision to accept, reveals that Asher is an incubus, and he offers her something she hasn’t experienced before. Something different.

While the work continues to follow Asher, and those he encounters, there is quite a lot more focus on Asher, his world, and what he does with himself. It also tells some background on the succubi and incubi in this universe that wasn’t really touched on all that much in the first. There is mention of his true form and so on again. It also is a bit clearer that the ones that Asher seems to be attracted to can see what his true eye colour is, which might mean something, but that isn’t dwelled on.

Cadence is a vastly different female lead than the previous work. She’s unsure, not clear on her own self worth, and in many ways, she wants something but cannot quite connect herself to that. Asher allows Cadence to explore her own sexuality and desires, which makes for some very hot erotica.

The work is balanced well I thought between the erotica and the storytelling, neither taking over the entire work but trying to coexist together. That all seemed to work well, but this work was slightly more erotic focused than the first was. The lead up to Cadence and Asher becoming intimate was lovely and worked well.

The humour in this work was quite strongly felt, especially in Cadence’s personality and comments she makes and I liked that for it gave her a voice, made the work different in its own way, and in being so wasn’t a carbon copy of the first work.

The characters are whole, the story is quite good, the scenes are telling. There are one or two uncomfortable moments in the work, but they add to the storytelling and not take away from it. They allow Cadence to learn about herself, on the one hand, but also that not everyone is nice.

There was one spelling mistake in the work that tripped me up. Asher notes that there are a pair of Succubi working for him. But that is spelled ‘Sucubi’ and that, of course, stopped me cold in the story.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Another good, romantic read with characters that are more than they are expected to be. In that, the promise of the first work came through in the second which was good to see.

Regrettably, the third and fourth works never appeared in this series. They were supposed to appear within a few weeks of the initial two works, but never did. There’s no explanation for that happening, and it’s a shame that the series didn’t continue as both works set up quite a good main character and seemed to promise there to be a lot more to discover.

It would have been nice to see that happen…



Aug 17 2015

Knee Socks By TeraS

I decided that I needed to write something fun this time on the Tale. I’m not sure this is exactly what I had in mind, but it seemed like a good idea, which, like many good ideas in the Realm, took on a life of its own …


Knee Socks
By TeraS


Sometimes, one of the succubi finds herself in an odd situation. That could be any number of things, and, as Tera would tell them all, that is, very much, expected. There are some moments, especially for the more innocent of the succubi—and yes, they do exist—where they find themselves utterly confused by the ones they are with.

Kerri had been following him for quite some time. Well, some might say she was being a little bit of a stalker, but the sweet green-haired red-tail didn’t have a nasty thought in her at all. In fact, she was a bit of an airhead at times, though that was part of her charm, really. Regardless of that—and she didn’t dwell on it much, if at all—something attracted her to him, and so she had spent the last month following him around at a distance …

… to start.

She didn’t know exactly what it was about him that she liked. Maybe it was how he smiled, when he did … which wasn’t often, because he was so very shy around everyone. Or perhaps it was how he was so nice, never having a bad word to say. It could be how he spoke, but that shyness did get in the way of conversation.

Or, perhaps, it was what she saw when she snuck into his bedroom in the middle of the night and watched him sleep. She especially liked the foot of his bed; there was just enough room for her to perch there and watch him. She looked at him, under the covers, snoring, mind you, and tried to figure out what she liked about him.

This went on for a very long time.

During the day, she would follow him around at a distance, usually. Once, when she was trying to be as nonchalant as possible she bumped into him in the middle of the library. Before she could apologize to him, he had run off, around the corner and vanished. This really confused Kerri. She hadn’t said a word, hadn’t done anything wrong and yet he’d gone and rushed off like she had poked him with her pitchfork.

She went back to the Realm, back to her little apartment, and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t see anything wrong with how she looked. Her hair was in a ponytail, the skirt she was wearing wasn’t that revealing: it didn’t even show off an inch of skin between the bottom of the plaid skirt and the tops of her knee socks. And her top? Well that wasn’t anything stupid looking, either: her curves were just right in it, not too much cleavage showing or anything. If anything, some of her sisters would tell her that she was really overdressed for being one of the succubi.

A thought came to her. What if she was wearing too much? Maybe that was the problem! Maybe he ran off because he couldn’t see her well enough and mistook her for someone else! Perhaps someone had done something bad to him wearing something like she had decided to wear that day! Deciding that this had to be the problem, Kerri quickly wiggled out of her skirt and then pulled off her top. She looked at herself in the mirror again, and then slipped off her bra and panties as well.

But then she paused. She loved her knee socks, really a bunch, and she didn’t want to take them off. Not just because she liked them—which she really did—but more because she didn’t feel right being completely naked and running around like that.

Tracing a finger along the elastic top, she smiled and recalled how her sisters made fun of her not wanting to be completely naked. One of them told her that being naked has all part of being of the succubi and she needed to get over her problem about being totally nude. Still, as she thought about it, if all she was wearing was her knee socks, then she was, almost completely bare, and that was just as good as being totally undressed, really.

Well, it would have to be, because she wasn’t going to be naked for anybody. Not even him. No matter how much she liked him and all.

Looking at the clock, which she had set to his time, she realized that he was probably asleep and, without another thought, she portalled away from the Realm to his bedroom.

When she got there, she noticed that he wasn’t, in fact, in bed. Frantically, she looked around the bedroom, trying to find him, and when she couldn’t she very quietly creeped around his home looking for him. She could have just poked into his mind, but she didn’t want to—again, another one of her quirks. It would have made things a lot easier, not to mention finding out what his name was, but that didn’t seem right somehow.

Kerri was mulling this over, her tail swaying slowly as she walked along one of the hallways, when she walked headlong into him. She found her body pressed into his, face to face, or, more accurately, she looking up at him while he looked down at her … with the weirdest expression she’d ever seen on him. It almost looked like he was having some kind of problem breathing.

Worried, she blurted out: “Um … Hi. Are you okay?”

He fainted, and then she was left with him out cold on the floor, his head bouncing off it when he landed. Slapping a hand over her eyes, she groaned in despair before grabbing his feet and pulling him down the hallway into his bedroom and then, none too gently, lifting him into his bed. She considered pulling off his clothes … after all, maybe that’s why he fainted … they might be too tight on him or something … She’d had that problem a lot because of how tight some of her tops where, especially the latex ones.

Instead, she crawled into bed with him, straddling her legs over his waist, and paused. She tried to remember what Tera had told her about what to do when someone fainted. Then it came to her: she could try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! That would wake him up!

The problem was that she wasn’t exactly sure how that worked. But she was a good kisser, and she thought it worked in the same way, more or less. So, having no other good ideas, she leaned down, put her lips to his and started to kiss him …

… at least she did until his eyes opened, he yelled, and she found herself tossed off him and over to the foot of the bed, where she looked at him in as much shock as he did with her.

“Who are you?”

She smiled and offered him her hand: “I’m Kerri. It’s nice to meet you!”

She expected that he would shake her hand, say hi, and then tell his name too. But instead he kept staring at her, mouth moving, but saying nothing. Frowning, she gently slapped his cheek with her right hand which seemed to snap him out of it.

“Why are you naked?”

Frowning, she replied: “I’m not naked.”

“Yes! You are!”

This wasn’t right, obviously, so Kerri turned herself around and then waved her right leg at him: “No, I’m not. See? Knee socks!”

Now, she expected an answer, but instead, for some reason, he fainted again, at least this time his head bounced off the pillows and not the floor. Confused, she looked at her leg and then wiggled her toes.

What was the problem? She wasn’t naked. She was wearing her knee socks. Bouncing out of the bed she walked over to a mirror that was nearby and looked at herself. Obviously the problem wasn’t her! She wasn’t naked, and, really, he must have seen girls before, so what was the problem?

Tapping a finger against her lips she mused out loud: “Mebby the problem is what my knee socks look like. But, I can make them something like latex stockings, or pantyhose or something. Maybe that would be better!”

She didn’t have time to answer herself as he moaned from behind her: “No! That’s worse!”

By the time she turned around to look at him, he had put a pillow over his head, and that confused her even more.

“Um … Why are you hiding behind that pillow?”

“You’re naked!”

In a huff, Kerri answered: “No, I’m not! I’m … Look, I am not naked, okay? I am wearing knee socks, so I am not naked!”

There was an uncomfortable silence, then he asked: “What are you doing here?”

Happily, Kerri explained: “Oh, well, see, I am one of the succubi, and I think you’re kinda’ cute, and I wanted to meet you. So, here I am!”

There was another pause and then, peeking out from behind the pillow he asked: “Actually, why arent you naked? I mean, isn’t that what your kind does? Run around naked all the time?”

Now it was Kerri’s turn to be shocked as she asked: “You want me to take them off?”

He didn’t answer, still hiding behind the pillow. A smile started to appear on Kerri’s lips as she began to walk towards him: “You’re naughty.”

“No! I’m not! It’s …”

At this point, Kerri had crawled into bed with him again, and placed herself exactly where she had been before, straddling him, but this time that pillow was in the way.

“You are naughty. What’s wrong with me wearing my knee socks?”

He crushed the pillow to his face, which made Kerri wonder if he was going to try to eat it or something. Deciding that wouldn’t be any help at all, she took hold of the pillow and yanked it away from him, then set it down in front of her—which, for some reason, seemed to make it easier for him to talk to her. It didn’t mean, however, that he was going to get away without answering her.

“What’s wrong with my knee socks? I want to know.”

His answer surprised her: “You’re … a lot more beautiful wearing them … never expected to meet someone like you … and …”

He didn’t get anything else out because he found himself crushed between the pillow and one of the succubi who was now kissing him … deeply.

After a bit, just before he fainted from lack of oxygen, or blood, or something, to his brain, she broke the kiss and he found himself nose to nose with her, her tail moving slowly behind her.

“That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you.”

“Um … You’re welcome.”

He paused, then added in a squeak: “I’m Tom.”

She kissed him again: “Hi, Tom. How can I make you happy?”

Hesitantly, as if he was afraid to break her, he took Kerri’s hands in his own: “I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Winking she replied: “Just let me wear my knee socks. I’m a little shy about being naked.”

He had the most odd expression again, she thought, before he replied: “And I’m a little shy around beautiful girls.”

She laughed: “Oh, you’re too cute for that. I mean, you must have a lot of girls.”

“Um … no. You’re the first that ever said ‘Hi.’ You’re also the first to bump into me, the first to be this close to me.”

Kerri wiggled a little closer, putting the pillow to the side as she did so: “It’s nice to be first. Would you like to help take off my knee socks?”

He gave her a sloppy smile: “I don’t think so. I think you’re perfect as you are.”

It turned out, in time, that they were, indeed, perfect for each other, and Kerri was able to prove something to her sister succubi: you don’t have to be naked to be a succubi. But you do have to know what you like and who you love …

… and how to choose your stockings well …

Aug 16 2015

A Review of Just This Once by Sylvia Parker

Just This Once by Sylvia Parker

Just This Once by Sylvia Parker

One of the things that bothers me is the summaries that some books have. They do tell something of what is going on, but there is a problem that crops up from time to time. Sometimes they tell a very small part of the overall work and leave out everything else.

I do realize that, much of the time, the point is to drive sales of a work, but I don’t see why there needs to be one expectation from a reader going in and then finding out that the actual story is something that’s much different than one expects.

  • Title: Just This Once
  • Author: Sylvia Parker
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B00L5LT8RE
  • Publishing Date: June 19, 2014
  • This work at

The work is described as:

Anna is a disciplined elven thief, and a damn good one at that. Having fenced some stolen goods to a personal adviser of the Governor, she leads him to a safe-house in the Poor Quarter, run by Tartan, a close friend. She finds him catering to the carnal needs of the citizens of the city, holding a massive erotic party where clothing is optional.

As she discreetly tries to get in and get out, Anna is stopped in her tracks by Ubana: a powerful succubus. The elven thief is put under a spell of intense desire, and she gets in touch with her dark side as she begins to rub elbows – among other things – with some of the peculiar and powerful guests of Tartan’s party.

As a whole the summery doesn’t leave much out of the work, everything that is mentioned does, in fact, happen in the work. The problem is that the way it is written it seems like the succubus is a core character to the plot, which she isn’t, and in that I came away from the work disappointed.

It reads very much like a very over the top sexual fantasy Dungeons and Dragons adventure in many ways with just about every trope being seen at some point in the story. The majority of the story is taken up by Anna’s adventure to get where she needs to be and then things take a turn when a centaur wants to have some fun with her and the succubus decides to help out.

Ubana appears in this work in total for about one page, possibly a page and a half. She is quite stereotypical in a lot of ways, is intent on one thing only and beyond that really nothing much is told about her as she’s simply an easy means to get Anna all hot and bothered which then leads to the centaur having his way with her.

The name Ubana should be familiar to those that had read other works by this author as she has appeared in several other works, again only fleetingly. Really the only difference between this appearance and her other ones is that here she isn’t having her way with someone, or trying to kill them, or worse. Between the two versions, the one in this work is somewhat more palatable in that she isn’t exactly as evil as her other incarnation.

There really wasn’t all that much that held my attention plot wise, and honestly there could have been a lot more lead up to the main story and a better ending than there was. A few mistakes that another editing pass might have caught as well. The erotica was, for me, rather lukewarm. There is the single scene with the centaur but that’s really mostly Anna losing control and doing things she has never done before. It’s really mindless in a lot of ways and that just didn’t have a lot of heat in it for me.

I think the problem that I’ve noticed in other works by this author comes out here as well. There is a plot, it tries to go somewhere, but it gets abandoned for a single sex scene which then, when it comes to its climax, ends the story and leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ll give this work one and a half pitchforks out of five.

Like the other works by this author, any succubus in the story is there but fleetingly and in all honesty does nothing for the story as a whole. They could be removed at the stroke of a pen and it wouldn’t change a thing.



Aug 16 2015

A Review of Julie’s Ascent by Emily Walker

Julie's Ascent by Emily Walker

Julie’s Ascent by Emily Walker

Quite some time ago, I reviewed a work on the Tale in which I thought that the story had some promise, even though it was so very short. I mentioned at the time that the work seemed like the beginning of a longer, more detailed origin story for a series and I wondered if that would ever come to be. If you’d like to read that review, you can find it on the Tale here.

Recently, to my surprise, the work reappeared in a more full and captivating read that I thought was wonderful. There comes a moment when what the truth is does not represent what we believed it to be. Sometimes becoming a succubus isn’t about what you are, but who you are…

  • Title: Julie’s Ascent
  • Author: Emily Walker
  • Length: 117 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ZPM8Q36
  • Publishing Date: June 14, 2015
  • This work at


The work is described as:

When Julie Monroe ends up in Hell, she has no idea why she’s there.

The things does know are: she’s dead, she’s transparent, and she’s been given a second chance.

Kind of.

Given the opportunity to return to Earth as a Succubus, she take the chance to get out of Hell–but she isn’t too keen on sucking souls for the Underworld. To make things even more complicated, she has a huge crush on her mentor, Asa. He’s been in the business of the Succubae for hundreds of years, and Julie can’t help but feel drawn to him.

Convinced she can escape, Julie thinks she can run and hide. But, as she discovers different dimensions of Hell on Earth, she begins to realize that maybe there isn’t a way to escape her fate.

Julie finds herself in Hell, her future to be a succubus, and while that isn’t something she looks forwards to, the more pressing question is what happened to her in the first place. Learning the hows and whys of being a succubus, which are nothing like she expected, she finds that there is more going on than she knows. Questions abound, the answers are few, slim and none, and when she finds out the truth, the questions do not end.

The work spends quite a lot of time in world building, telling of the characters, of Julie herself. There is more depth to this work in explaining Julie’s thoughts, her confusion, her worries, and, in some ways, her desires, than a number of other works of late and that works really well here. At times there is a bit too much “woe is me” in Julie’s thoughts, but she soon gets through that stumbling and moves onwards to try to take control of herself. It is not a simple path, there are many points at which Julie stumbles and needs to be, if not rescued by Asa, then given a talking to.

We really never see Julie’s succubus form, by that I mean horns, tail and so on. In some ways this makes her a better, more complete character in that she still has her humanity in the face of so many others that do not. As well, while there is mention of succubi and incubi killing and taking souls through sex, that isn’t how things work in Julie’s reality. How things work for her is more subtle, but also more dangerous for her and that adds an aspect to things that isn’t seen often. There is a little bit of a mind control aspect here and there in the work, but it is very lightly touched upon and does not get in the way of the overall story.

There are consequences. Some of which are warned of. others that happen. But it is the past that haunts Julie most of all and more over time. Uncovering that past is a constant theme in the work, even through all else that Julie deals with. It is a mystery that isn’t simply explained in a word or two, it literally takes the entire work for all of the pieces to fall into place and when they do, it is really quite surprising.

There are two other characters, one a succubus, one an incubus, which add some twists to the story, but also explain a lot about what happens that I think worked well. Asa, who is the other main character of the work, is written well, is a strong personality, and has a quirky personality that I did enjoy too.

There isn’t really any erotica to speak of, really that’s not the point of the work. It’s the exploration of memory, what happens when it is found, and what that does to you. A solid work, really there are no editing errors that take one out of the story at any point. I wish that some time had been spent in telling more about one particular character, why they did what they did. But then, not all of the answers come at once.

I’ll give this work four and a half of out five pitchforks.

Really everything I could have hoped for from what came before. For that being true, for the author finishing this work, telling the story, making the world be all that it is… That is such a wonderful things.

I hope the author isn’t going to wait three years before releasing the rest of this series, at least it seems like there will be more to come. Julie’s story isn’t over, the questions, though some answered, remain. The promise I had seen before comes through quite well and I look forward to seeing more someday…



Aug 15 2015

A Blonde Succubus art YouTube

Another art in progress YouTube on the Tale today, one with a Succubus that strikes me as being a bit forceful in her attitude and personality I think… Possibly with a touch of being a vampire in her as well…


And if you cannot see the video on YouTube, try this link:

This artist also has placed the completed work on DeviantArt as well, and you can find this art on DeviantArt as well here too…

Blonde Succubus by Bloodyvampyre1987

Blonde Succubus by Bloodyvampyre1987

I’m not quite sure about her horns pointing in the direction that they are as it seems rather dangerous to me at least. She seems, in a way, to have the same sort of teeth as Morrigan Aensland as well, which makes me wonder if she’s more vampire than Succubus in a way. Really like her eyes, they are quite striking and as a whole she seems to have a dominant personality about her that I like too..

I’ll have to see what kind of story can be told about her I think…


Aug 14 2015

A Review of Succubus by Joyce Melbourne

 Succubus by Joyce Melbourne

Succubus by Joyce Melbourne

The one thing I cannot enjoy is a work that takes a stereotypical view of the idea of Succubi and does nothing with them. Yes there can be some erotic moments, yes there can be some part of the Succubus that might be interesting. But the problem is when the story follows a path which as been well told before and really doesn’t take things in a new direction but rather ends the story on a note that simply wrecks any enjoyment that might have been.

Why it is that so many authors need to show Succubi as being nothing more than monstrous things when they can offer more than that if they just take a little risk and move away from the everyday into the extraordinary?

  • Title:  Succubus
  • Author:  Joyce Melbourne
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 19, 2014
  • This work at


The work is described as:

A woman is seduced by a succubus; a being in a female form, who drains her of both her sexual, and life energy.

Avery finds herself haunted by the touch of a woman in her dreams and as her dreams become her life, her life ebbs away piece by piece until only the touch is left and nothing more.

Avery seems, from the beginning of the story, a very interesting character and at the beginning that’s more than enough to hook me into the story. The problem is that when the succubus appears Avery becomes… less. She’s less intelligent, less focused, less alive as a whole. While much of that is the effect of the succubus upon her, it does take away so much of the character quirkiness that was present and replaces it with a dull personality for the most part of the story.

That’s a shame because I think the story would have been more interesting if Avery would have a clear mind and be able to, if not completely resist the call of the succubus, then at least be able to respond to the help she is offered by the one person in the story that she should have listened to. Instead she pushes them away.

As well, that action doesn’t feel right for the one she refuses as, considering the relationship they had, they should have done more than they did. They turned into an afterthought, almost a red herring in a way, and that just bothered me. Perhaps not all stories have to end on a positive note, but in this case I think that would have helped this story a lot considering where it ends.

The succubus is, save for her being interested in Avery, a fairly stereotypical succubus with but a single purpose in her thoughts as the story progresses. As the time that Avery spends with her goes on, the succubus turns from being something erotic into something more monstrous which climaxes at the end of the work as a scene that just took away anything and everything that had been accomplished in the story to that point. There was hints of something different, but it didn’t arrive. There was a moment when the story could have turned towards something more positive and hopeful, but it didn’t go that way.

The story is described as being erotica, but I really didn’t see a lot of heat. The story was confused at times, though that was a reflection of Avery’s own confusion. When there was some erotic passages between Avery and the succubus they were slightly glossed over and the heat was something that didn’t burn as hot as it could have. When the final scene came, I really didn’t see anything erotic there, as all it did was make me sigh in frustration as the story came to a close.

In short, I just didn’t find that I enjoyed this work as much as I wanted to. It was lacking focus, a great deal of heat, and the stereotypical actions of the succubus just didn’t do anything for me. Even when Avery had a slight clue about what was going on, instead of taking the story in that direction, it is tossed aside for a bit more time between the succubus and Avery, but not before Avery is chastised for asking a question that, to me, should have been answered if for no other reason than in the setting it was asked, it should have been.

I’ll give this work one and half pitchforks out of five.

Stereotypical succubi I just cannot find interesting at all. Erotica with pain and suffering doesn’t do much for me either. To have a story that offers such a good plot and characters come to the end that it does really doesn’t do the story justice and that’s the greatest shame of all…



Aug 14 2015

A Review of Succubus: Succubus by Olga Berg

Succubus: Succubus by Olga Berg

Succubus: Succubus by Olga Berg

There are few works about Succubi that tell things about them that hold me from the beginning. It especially matters when the Succubus herself might look like the legends, but is not what the legends tell them to be. They can be thankful, caring, offer something to another that changes their lives.

But that is, in many ways, only a small part of whom the Succubus is. Sometimes the horns hide the halo. Sometimes the tail points the way. Sometimes, just sometimes, someone understands all of this and then, something exceptional happens.

We all learn something.

  • Title: Succubus: Succubus
  • Author: Olga Berg
  • Length: 41 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 26, 2015
  • This work at


The work is described as:

A story about a monk who saves a succubus who then reveals the monk’s secret which changes his whole life…

Amadeo encounters a succubus who, he is told, has done evil. After some consideration, he meets with her, frees her, and then in return the succubus frees Amadeo from the past he did not know. His live changes, truths appear, but Amadeo never forgets Alma. Sometimes the truth sets you free, sometimes it just opens the door and you need to step though to find your own truth.

The work focuses upon Amadeo, his life, both past and present, and in doing so there is a mystery that unfolds which is quite telling for all of the characters involved. But none of this would have begun without Alma, the succubus of the work, having been captured, having a talk with Amadeo, and then, over time, revealing to him what his past was.

Alma has the classical appearance of a succubus, hooves, red skin, tail and horns and all, but that is where things change. She is not, at all, what one might expect a succubus to be. That in itself makes for some contemplative moments for Amadeo, but more so, there is a connection, an understanding that comes through their time together that means quite a lot more than seems to be at first. She is there in the beginning, is in his thoughts through discovering the truth, and in the last, she appears to answer a prayer, a telling one, by Amadeo.

I felt that the story gave Alma an angel-like aspect to her, one in which it is clear that her purpose is not to be evil, but rather to open the eyes of others to their fantasies, desires and most of all, the love within themselves. When Amadeo finally learns the most important truth about himself, the one that makes all things possible, that provides a ending to the work that feels right, closes the tale on a point of joy, and, most of all, provides a truth that matters.

This is not a work of erotica, far from it. This work tells a story in which one character makes the journey from being lost, without a past, to having that past known, finding his way, and discovering that, in many ways, two souls, once entwined, are for always.

As much as I loved the story, and how wonderful both Alma and Amadeo are, there are some minor problems as well. The main one being that there is a problem with tenses throughout the work, which some additional editing would have helped with. As well, the text reads a bit oddly in places, seeming slightly confused as to what the author was trying to express. The latter does cause some confusion in trying to understand the text, but considering the spoken dialog, that well could be a reflection upon the characters themselves in a way.

The work ends on a note which offers a satisfying note for the main characters, and at the same time leaves the suggestion that there could be something more at some point. The final truths spoken by Alma turn out to be quite thoughtful, open, and are the truth as she knows it to be. For some characters that is the answer to their prayers, for others it is the shaming of their own faults, fears and flaws.

A story with power, promise, love, devotion. But also with fear, disbelief, self-crimination and need. The telling point is the word of a monk and a succubus and what that means to them both.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I wish the writing had been a little more clear at points, certainly at least one more editing pass to correct the various tense errors as well. This is a wonderful, thoughtful and, for me, compelling story. I hope there is an “after” to be told, but if not, what is here tells something wonderful…