May 08 2015

A Review of Slutty Schoolgirl Demon Slayer by Jessie Krowe

Slutty Schoolgirl Demon Slayer by Jessie Krowe

Slutty Schoolgirl Demon Slayer by Jessie Krowe

Some ideas that I read in some stories really aren’t that bad. They have possibilities and in the end, it is that which interests me, or not, in them. What I hope for is that the idea leads into something more than a hot flash, or flashes, and there is some story as well.

Sometimes both things are there, and there is hope for something more than I expected, but then the end of the work comes with a screeching halt and… it is more than a little bit disappointing really…

The work tells the story of:

Lilith started out as a simple college girl only concentrated on her studies. One late night in the library, she falls asleep and awakens in a world full of sex-crazed demons. She learns she is the only one that can prevent them from taking over the human world. Using her martial arts skills and voluptuous body, she must learn to both fight them and fuck them to save the human race. Will she learn to vanquish the demons, or will the demon inside of her force her to do unspeakable things with her body?

Lilith isn’t aware she’s anything unique until she runs into otherworldly beings who see her as a sex toy and have their way with her. In doing so she finds herself being slowly transformed into something, and someone, different than she was. That would be an interesting story on its own and there are hints of that story within this work. The problem is that they are only hints. Characters are present who are supposed to mean something and then they aren’t used save for in the most tangental of ways.

There is a lot of erotica in this work, one hot flash after the next. All of which are different kinds of creatures either trying to possess Lilith or others around her and have their way with them. Anyone that has seen any manga would be able to pick out many of the creatures or at least have a good idea in their mind of what they might look like. For me at least it was less erotic than repetitive. I found that I didn’t care very much about what happened to Lilith or anyone else in the story because there really wasn’t a story to keep me involved with the work.

As the story continues on, Lilith herself is transformed physically into something of a creature of lust which drives her forward in her transformation towards the climax of the work in more than one way. But after that happens… the story ends on a cliff-hanger. I just thought that the situation was a good one, there was a story to be told from that point forwards but it wasn’t. There could have been a lot more story, a lot more to be told not just in the work as it appears, but where it ends.

The concept is intriguing, but the concept doesn’t really go anywhere save to some sex scenes interspersed with the occasional tidbit of story. Breaking up the erotica would have made this work better overall and there was a lot of opportunities to do so but weren’t. Really I wish they had been.

This author also needs to find an editor. There are quite a number of tense errors and incoherent passages in the work that make it difficult to understand at times just what exactly is going on. As well, the story is drowned in the sex that happens and whatever there might have been is not taken to a further point to make it more than simply a series of anime erotica hot flashes.

I’m giving this work one out of five pitchforks.

There was something in the beginning of this work that looked like it was going to be really something interesting, but then the story gave in to the sex and for me at least there needs to be a lot more story here. The ending was disappointing and felt like there was supposed to be a follow on story to this one… which never happened. It would have been nice to see and I think more so if this story had been expanded into something longer than it is… Because it could have been.



May 08 2015

A Review of Demonic Desires: An Erotic Transformation Story by Farleven

Demonic Desires: An Erotic Transformation Story by Farleven

Demonic Desires: An Erotic Transformation Story by Farleven

Some of the most interesting stories about Succubi are the ones that tell of someone being transformed into one. It can be a lovely hot mix of seduction, mind control, transformation, dominance and submission. The transformation alone however cannot be enough to keep the story interesting. There needs to be a character with purpose, to tempt and change for one.

For the other, the story shouldn’t rush. It need not be a race to the end by any means. In other words, a hot flash is good, but a story with heat is so much better…

  • Title: Demonic Desires: An Erotic Transformation Story
  • Author: Farleven
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 20, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Choose your words carefully when dealing with demons…

Sylvia wanted power, and unlike most college students, she’d stumbled her way into getting some. In the back of the university library she’d managed to find a collection of ancient texts that could grant her the power to bring forth creatures from the demonic realm into our world. It was almost too easy, and she couldn’t resist the allure of having a demon serve her.

She never expected the ravishing masculinity of what she summoned, or the way he could unleash her desires. Her quest for power and revenge soon gave way to the needs of the flesh, and her very innocence that she’d used to draw the demon from his realm was now a prize she wanted him to claim.

Sylvia comes into possession of a means to summon a sex demon whom she intends to use for her own revenge. Planning to make those around her submit to their fate in her name, the demon finds that Sylvia’s own desires shape her as well. Mind, body and soul.

The work focuses on, for the most part, the mind control aspects of Sylvia falling to the whiles of her summoned sex demon. There’s some very hot subtle shifting in her thoughts, wishes, desires and emotions as the story progresses and that’s all done with this author’s usual flare which their other works show.

The demon, Sorkrelk, is as a whole physically a stereotypical incubus-like being, horns, tail, red skin and all. He’s not quite stereotypically “evil” as a whole however. He has certain desires, he sees Sylvia as a means to an end and over time he corrupts her, changes her, mind, body and soul. There’s a neatly told shift in his attitude towards Sylvia, how he nudges her thinking and, over time, shifts her from being dominate in her thinking towards submissive which then starts her fall.

Sylvia, from the first moment, is clearly out of her depth in a lot of ways, being blinded by her own need for revenge and thinking that using a sex demon against those who have caused her so much strife is the way to do so. She’s a bit more “innocent” than what Sorkrelk expected and in that comes the means to her becoming a Succubus over time.

Sylvia’s transformation is quite good for the most part, her final change into a succubus making her be, physically, somewhat stereotypical, horns, tail, red skin and so on. She’s a bit of a whirlwind of sexuality at that point, which she should be, and in the moments beyond her transformation that offers some delightfully seductive possibilities. But as much as I loved this work, there is a rather overriding issue.

It’s much too quickly told and that’s the shame.

The thing that I didn’t like about this work was how fast the story went after Sylvia was introduced and she did the summoning. It felt at times like a mad dash towards the ending and that bothered me. There’s some really hot subtle mind control, Sylvia’s transformation is hot as well. But there’s not a lot of detail as a whole about that.

The story mainly turned on Sylvia’s changing thoughts and desires as she succumbs to the demon and then, finally, she shapes herself into being a Succubus. At this point, considering the beginning of the work, what Sylvia’s plans were, I had hoped that Sylvia’s new self would have her way with those she wanted revenge on.

But that didn’t happen, The work comes to an abrupt end right at the point where it could have become very interesting. I don’t think it had to. There’s too much promise in Sylvia’s new self, what her desires are, and what she can do. I felt like there was at least another twenty pages of story to tell which the author didn’t. I would like to see what happens next rather than things just being left where they are.

Setting that aside, the erotica is hot, the mind control themes are well told and the succubus aspects, when they come to the fore, are well done. Written well, there’s a lot of good universe building and as a whole the work stands up. I just would have liked to have had more rather than the ending there is here.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Slow down a bit, draw out the story, and bring it fully to where things lead to. There really needs to be a Part Two here if for no other reason than making this hot flash into the story that it wants to be.



May 07 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 381

For this week’s Succubi image I found one that I thought was really well done, could have a really interesting story to tell, and as a whole I really liked it a lot. The only thing that I wish was that the artist had used a bit less shadow around her… But then I think that’s all part of the mood of the work…

Twice as Piquant by Nyuunzi

Twice as Piquant by Nyuunzi

This art is called Twice as Piquant and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Nyuunzi. You can find the original page where I found this wort here on DeviantArt.

She has a little bit of a World of Warcraft vibe to her, but thankfully it isn’t overwhelming and, at least for me, if she has hooves they aren’t shown, which makes her a lot more interesting to me at least. While I do like that the scene is lit by the single candle and in doing so her eyes are more pronounced and the little bit of light that falls over her curves looks really nice, I do, in a way, wide that the art would have been a touch brighter so that the details stood out a bit more.

I do wonder about those bracelets she is wearing, if they are, possibly, a sort of collar that she places around those that fall to her charms… That seems to me to be an interesting plot for a story possibly…

Wonderful art, it does set a particular tone and setting in one’s thoughts and that can take you almost anywhere really…



May 06 2015

Not that bad a looking wig really…

Red Devilina WigI might need a wig this year, I’m pondering a Tail appearance as an option. But I’m also pondering a slightly different look as well for Tail. I’ve never been able to get my hair into curls and have it coloured red at the same time. Highlights and curls do work, and really well, but red and curls just goes all frizzy and I’ve never liked that much.

I found this wig, it’s called the Red Devilina Wig and it sells for $8 US… And I think I might have to try it as an option.

I think the horns are all that bad, the colour is quite nice, and I do like the curls too… I might have to see about doing something with the hairstyle, other than the curls however…

The biggest thing for me is that it doesn’t look silly or over the top which would take away from the costume I am pondering as an option…

Three out of five pitchforks.

We’ll see what develops… Won’t we?



May 05 2015

A Review of Futanari Demon by Taylor Jax

Futanari Demon by Taylor Jax

Futanari Demon by Taylor Jax

Something I’ve noticed of late is that there is actually quite a lot of myths and legends getting mixed up in stories. Ghosts get mixed in with Incubi for example. While that sounds like a good idea for a story the problem becomes when the ghost/incubus doesn’t actually appear in the story. Rather one specific part of them does and otherwise they are a mystery.

The larger mystery becomes when at the end of the story you aren’t exactly sure what happened, why it happened or for that matter, if the entire thing was a really weird dream.

  • Title: Futanari Demon
  • Author: Taylor Jax
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 16, 2014
  • This work at
  • It is the story of:

It’s a slumber party from Hell!

When Kate and Jane mess with a Ouija board, they get more than they bargained for. A creature from the spirit world wants to share something long and hard with them.

The girls find themselves trapped in an erotically charged paranormal nightmare that will transform their lives forever…

Kate and Jane get high, have some donuts, play with a Ouija board and things do a little crazy when the spirit that answers wants something more out of the two of them. A strip tease, some kissing and then things get really weird in a psychedelic way.

The work is really just a hot flash between the two main characters with Damien, the possible incubus of the story, watching for most of the work. It’s not even clear if he is an incubus because he is never seen… well save for one particular body part. He seems more like a sprit, a creature that possesses others and has his fun with them. Whether that makes him an incubus is another matter.

The summary of the work is a bit misleading considering where the story ends and how it does. I felt it was quite the let down with respect to the rest of the work, what happens between Kate and Jane especially. The sexual innuendo is quite right with regards to the story, which really is the core of it regardless, but beyond that there isn’t much else.

The work seems more of a drug induced nightmare, or a dream, or something like that overall. In that the ending does make some sense. But as for it being a work about an incubus that connection is very thin overall. I don’t feel like Damien is an incubus, though there is a touch of mind control or manipulation in the work that had some nice heat on its own.

The heat in the flash itself could have been a bit more, and I think the main problem is what the girls consume before they try out the Ouija board. I think that part of the story didn’t need to be there, and if it wasn’t I think what comes with Damien could have been a lot hotter, mind control or not.

The writing has its moments, some better than others, but it is the ending that just took a lot away from the story. I’m not sure that a vague ending was the best way to go when there could have been many other ways to end the work, even to the point of leaving the door open to something of a sequel. But really it is a hot flash, which the work manages fairly well, but in that heat there was too much confusion and misdirection for my liking.

Two out of five pitchforks.

Nothing really incubus-like in the story, and what there was provided a means to an end, that being a long drawn out hot flash that ended in a way that I found lacked a lot of heat. It could have been a lot better than it was in a lot of ways and that was the most disappointing thing of all honestly.



May 04 2015

Technical Difficulties… Sorry…

There should be a story here today, but there isn’t. I’ve suffered a rather huge issue with my Mac and, sometime today, my Eternal will be visiting a Mac repair shop with the hope of bringing my Mac, named Tail of course, back to life.

As such there isn’t anything here today because I really have problems writing on a laptop. I won’t bore you all with the reasons, but needless to say, it isn’t just the typing that is the issue, it’s all of the stuff on Tail’s hard drive that I can’t get to at the moment…

None of it is lost, thankfully, and I hope that sometime next week she’ll be back in my hands and back to herself once more…

So, as they say…

Please stand by…



May 03 2015

A Review of Crave by Felicia Fox

Crave by Felicia Fox

Crave by Felicia Fox

In 2014 I reviewed the first two works in a series by Felicia Fox which told the most amazing story involving a Succubus. You can find the review of Consumed here, which I loved dearly and the review of the second work Captive, can be found here on the Tale, was, again, a wonderful read.

The last work in the series, Crave, has been out for some time now, and today I shall be reviewing the work on the Tale.

The thing about not knowing everything is that there are some secrets, when revealed, which show just how tangled the past can be. Some secrets shouldn’t be held closely when they can mean the difference between life. love, and, sometimes, loss.

  • Title: Crave
  • Author: Felicia Fox
  • Length: 78 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 3, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells of:

When passion sets your soul on fire.

Object of a deadly obsession, Felicity has been taken by the crazed incubus, Marius. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are mounting against Alex and Felicity. Will their passion and love be enough to keep from breaking Felicity, or will Alex’s world be the end of her?

Felicity finds herself held by a madman, who reveals just how mad he is, all of the things that he has done to her, and what he desires from her. Alex seeks out Felicity, her own truths and the hidden ones about Felicity that neither of them knew, or understood. They say the truth can set you free, but for Felicity and Alex, is there such a thing as freedom or is it all in their minds?

Overall, the work ties up a lot of loose ends and in doing so it gives explanations about a lot of Felicity’s past and of Alex’s as well. In doing so there are a lot of “well that makes sense” moments and really that’s very good because sometimes there are tales told about histories that make no sense. Here, the history is important, it matters and through that history it isn’t just Felicity that comes to understand, it is Alex as well.

In learning about now so much who Felicity is, but what she means to Alex’s society there comes a moment where an important question is posed to Alex. It’s one that really does matter and while it takes some time for her to figure it out, it does make a world of difference to Felicity. There’s some betrayal, some conflict, and there’s a certain amount of… worship… that comes from the truth. It explains so much about why things turn out as they do, but it also gives a certain hope that Alex’s society can be more than it is in this moment. There’s a past, one that still exists according to some, and it isn’t the best of one.

For me there was a bit of disappointment in how Marius’ story turns and comes to a close. It felt rushed in a lot of ways and with all that transpired through this series and how much Marius had his fingers into so many things, that resolution was… too pat. It wasn’t unexpected by any means, but I wanted more from this aspect of the series. Yes, there’s no doubt that we understand a lot through Felicity’s eyes as Marius reveals so much to her, but… something’s missing beyond that. Something wasn’t explained and that left me with something of a black hole in the story which I didn’t like to see.

What wasn’t a mystery was the love between Felicity and Alex. It is as strong, if not stronger than in the previous works. That love is the undercurrent that sweeps through all of the characters, making them take notice of what they have done, right or wrong. The passion in the scenes between Felicity and Alex is wonderful and the teasing moments bring a bit of light to the work when it’s sorely needed for all of the darkness that surrounds both Felicity and Alex.

Amazing writing, the characters remain true to themselves from start to finish. There’s nothing to draw the reader out of the story and the tapestry of Felicity’s truths, as they are revealed are gripping. As strong a work as the rest of the series and, as a whole, a very satisfying ending.

I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

While this work closes out the story of Felicity and Alex and their world, there still are a lot of questions left open to explore. I really would like to see more from this world, to see where Felicity and Alex go from here. I’d like to see how Alex’s relationship with her father and as well the surrounding society she lives in are changed by the revelation of who, and what, Felicity is.

I’d like to know the future turns of events that come from everything that has happened and will, there is little doubt, come from this. There’s more story here, more passions, more life to be lived. I do hope the author does, sometime, return to tell more.