Aug 30 2015

A Review of Passing the Exam by Viktor von Priapis

Passing the Exam by Viktor von Priapis

Passing the Exam by Viktor von Priapis

A little while ago on the Tale I reviewed the first work in the Summoning the Succubus series by Viktor von Priapis. You can find that review here on the Tale if you’d care to see it. At the time I was wondering where the series would go next, what Cassandra’s choice would mean and how complicated her, and the story around Apiana, the succubus of the series, might be.

There seemed to be a story, amongst all of the hot flash, and it was one I wanted to see unfold further. In the second work in the series, there’s some hints of story, but the hot flash takes over once more…

The work tells the story of:

In order to pass her classes at Mistress Lilim’s Academy of Necromantic Arts and Arcane Studies, Cassandra Crosswell must summon and bind a demon familiar. The demon she manages to bind? The futa succubus Apiana. Now, she must demonstrate her power in front of the headmistress of the academy herself if she has any hope of passing her classes. But the Mistress Lilim is not quite as she seems…

Cassandra’s more feared moment has arrived, her exam. After being told she must summon her demon to pass, and revealing Apiana’s name, she finds herself being tested not by a teacher, but the headmistress. And that testing will be so very thorough.

The work follows on almost immediately from the previous one, and there’s a good bit of continuity between that two works that I liked because Cassandra’s past actions have consequence in this work. There’s a little more world building, some more characters appear, and there is the hint of a larger story starting to appear.

When Mistress Lilim appears, there are a lot of questions that come with her, not the least of which is exactly who she is, if she is whom she appears to be, and most of all, the interesting question of her past and that of Apiana. There’s a lot of hints about that, but really there isn’t much in the way of telling that story.

What follows, through much of the core of the story, is a reasonably hot piece of futa erotica mixed with a little mention that Apiana is a succubus and in its own way, the events make sense, tell something about Lilim, if only a little so, and as well something about what Apiana desires as well. There’s a smattering of plot within this part of the work which teases there is more happening, more to be told, but as that isn’t the focus of the work, the erotica is, that isn’t played out fully.

After the climax, and the aftermath comes, there is a clear hint as to where Cassandra’s life is going and what her future seems to be. But that was really telegraphed for some time in the story and wasn’t all that surprising when it appeared. The story once more focused on the sex scenes to the loss of some plot, character development and story, but it wasn’t completely lost having some of that to be seen.

The work has a few minor word and grammar errors, but nothing terrible or which might take the reader out of the story. The main thing is that the story, the characters, tend to be pushed aside for the sake of getting to the erotica and I really would like to see a bit more story and character development happening. There is some, and in being so the work is slightly better than the first in the series. It would be nice to know more about Apiana, about Mistress Lilim and Cassandra herself than just finding them all in a magically created futa threesome.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I hope to know more about Apiana, she’s still a mystery. More so about Mistress Lilim as she is quite interesting in her own right. Where the story goes from here, if it does, I will be looking forwards to.



Aug 30 2015

A Review of Rune by Cera Bryn

Rune by Cera Bryn

Rune by Cera Bryn

With the popularity of Lost Girl, a series that I really do miss very much, stories about the Fae, of all kinds, have been popping up here and there. And, of course, there are the occasional stories about Succubi, in all of their forms, personalities, and passions.

With stories like these, there is history behind the characters. Questions about who they are, where they came from, and what they seek. Having a story that has heat and personality is a wonderful thing but when the story leaves a bit to be desired… that takes away from things to an extent.

  • Title: Rune
  • Author: Cera Bryn
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ASIN: B00K0X59DK
  • Publishing Date: April 29, 2014
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

She’s been running from him for years.

He’s been chasing her, determined to finally make her his. She is his one true mate after all. Will Asta continue to deny Rune or finally give in to all he has to offer.

Asta has been running from her past and what she knows to be her destiny. Every time that she has been cornered, held, and possessed, she has managed to slip away to her freedom. Until tonight when Rune, the one she fears and desires finds her.

While Asta is described as a Succubus, it’s very clear from the story that she appears to be very much human save for her purple eyes that hint that she isn’t quite human. While she welcomes sex to survive at the cost of others, she has found that taking from many at once, say in a club, also works to an extent… But it isn’t “filling” and when Rune touches her, she begins a slow descent into his grasp and what awaits her there.

She has a very strong personality, will, and desires which I thought were very well told. But the shift in her thinking when Rune has her, seems very much like mind control to an extent, or perhaps more accurately a kind of animal attraction that draws her to him. In the same way Rune himself is drawn tightly to Asta, what she is, what she represents to him. There is a good deal of dominance in his personality, actions, and how he treats Asta which brings some lovely heat to the story as well.

When the two have their moment of passion, the hot flash turns up the heat, and I did like how the scene was told, what happened, and the climax as well. It seemed to draw to a close in a way that made some sense from what was told in the story, but that is the problem here.

While there is history between them, which is hinted at, explained to a point, it is skirted around at times and there isn’t a lot of detail about why Asta ran in the first place, who Rune is exactly, what he is as well. There are questions about Asta’s past, really a lot of them. that are glossed over for the sake of getting to the erotica in this work. There is something missing in the story, and for me that kept nagging me as I read. Erotica alone with no story isn’t enough. It becomes something to heat up the sheets, but not much else. In this work more story would have I think made this work a lot more than it is.

All that said, the characters are fascinating, the writing is very good, and the erotica has lovely heat. There is much to like about this work, and if it was the beginning of a longer story or series I could see this being the opening to that. Perhaps it would tell of Asta’s past and fill in the holes that aren’t in this work. I think that would be an interesting story to read and it would help to explain just how it was that Asta made the choices she did.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s nice to have a hot flash, even better when it has a story to tell. The problem is when that story is hinted at, but never really comes to the fore. Perhaps there will be a part two that will explain all that this work couldn’t.



Aug 29 2015

A view of Succubi and Incubi on YouTube that I can agree with

I found what I think is a very interesting view of Succubi that I wanted to share on the Tale today. The person that created the YouTube isn’t me, but what she says does match my own view of Succubi, of who and what we are and that, for me, felt really good to find…

And if you cannot see, or rather, hear this on the Tale, please try this link:

As a whole I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything said in this YouTube, save for one point and for those that know me, that point will be very obvious when it comes up in the discussion.

What matters most of all is that the truths that I have written about in my stories about the Realm is reflected here and in doing so it gives me some hope that the classical views of Succubi and Incubi might, just might, not be as prevalent as they once were…

I can dream of course…. But then Succubi are the stuff of dreams…



Aug 28 2015

A Review of In Her Dreams by J.E. Keep and M. Keep

In Her Dreams by J.E. Keep and M. Keep

In Her Dreams by J.E. Keep and M. Keep

There are those stories in which things seem… lost. A lot of that can be explained by events happening in a dream-like state to the main character sometimes. In other cases the plot is hard to find, or to follow. Then there are those stories in which the final few pages tell of something completely aside to the main story unfolding which means something, but is not explained.

Stories having these problems are difficult to read at times. More so when the work ends and the only thought that one comes away with is… why? What was the point? And, mots of all, why was it so confused when it didn’t have to be?

  • Title: In Her Dreams
  • Author: J.E. Keep and M. Keep
  • Length: 47 Pages
  • B013XCTQB0 (Reissue)
  • Publishing Date: September 24, 2013 (Original), August 13, 2015 (Reissue)
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Rita feels invisible. She’s a plus-size secretary in a job surrounded by white walls and monotony. Every day is the same until she dreams of the perfect…demon?

The exciting and unreal incubus offers her sweet surrender and affection. He makes all of the pain go away. For the first time in so long she feels loved and desired, and quickly she finds she can think of nothing else. Nothing but her new Incubus Master.

Every night he touches her in new ways, teaching her new and forbidden pleasure as he dominates her. He teases her with his passion and experience, but in the end, will she surrender everything to be with him?

Rita’s life is miserable in just about every way one could imagine. A demon appears in the night and takes her breath away, leading to her submitting to his demands. But at what cost and why is a question to be answered.

Going from the summary alone, what comes in this story doesn’t match up well. The work reads very much like a dream sequence most of the time, being confused and uneven at many places. There’s a disconnect with Rita as this happens which makes the work harder to read. She seems to lose focus with her reality over time, which makes some sense considering she’s supposedly with an Incubus, or other dream demon.

While that story unfolds there is the slightest hint of something else going on around Rita and others, but that isn’t really delved into much through most of the work. In truth, that plot thread is mentioned once or twice, but why it is, what it matters, never comes out fully. Once the climax comes, that underlying thread is touched on again. But I cannot understand why it is in the work in the first place.

The work ends on a revelation which makes no sense with the rest of the story, doesn’t have a purpose with regards to Rita’s actions, or that of Anton, the supposed demon of the work. It feels very much like a tease towards a horror/action movie plot in a way, one that’s been done many times before and not all that well really most of the time.

But before the work gets to the end, and the confusion with it, the story in-between is a mix of submissive domination, in an over the top and nasty way. It wasn’t erotic to me, didn’t have much heat in it, and, again, looking at the summary, I expected more than what came out in the story.

The incubus himself, Anton, wasn’t much of an incubus, save that he wanted Rita to submit to him in a sexual way. He acted somewhat stereotypically in that, which I didn’t care for very much either. It’s not quite clear what he wants. exactly, again the dream-like storytelling makes it hard to find the motivations of the characters. When the ending does comes, even then it’s not clear what the motivations were either.

As such, the work didn’t seem to have a direction, a focus, a reason for the story to move in the direction it did. The ending just seemed to be there for shock value, in all ways, and it just left nothing to enjoy.

One pitchfork out of five.

A confusing work with an ending that left more questions in its wake than should have been. The author might well have stopped the story about one page before they did and leave out the last couple of paragraphs.

The work might have made a little more sense in that context.



Aug 28 2015

A Review of Seducing the Succubus by Felicity Silver

Seducing the Succubus by Felicity Silver

Seducing the Succubus by Felicity Silver

Occasionally I come across a story which has as a character a Succubus that I find very interesting. They have personality, drive, but most of all, there is something about them that catches my attention and holds me to the story to see where it takes them.

I want to know more about them, their past, how they see themselves and others. If they have more than just the stereotypical view of the universe, or if, as a chance, the universe has something to teach them. But then the question is if anything really changes when that comes or they do…

  • Title: Seducing the Succubus
  • Author: Felicity Silver
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 22, 2014
  • This work at

The work tells about:

The art of seducing is the Succubus’ job. This Succubus is about to get a surprise when she becomes the seduced.

Halloween approaches, and the Succubus Cassandra is forced to work instead of play with her Master. She reluctantly finds herself among sweaty, awkwardly moving humans. She must find a human to suck the libido from so she can resume her night of fun with Master. Years of practice enable this self assured Succubus to complete this task in mere moments. Until Markos.

Markos and his dark olive skin cause Cassandra to prickle with excitement. His beefcake body stuffed into a tiny, slutty, female devil costume. Her lust is ignited for this simple human. Simple he is not, as he manages to seduce the Succubus, rather than the other way around. Cassandra forgets about her mission, and her Master, submitting instead to Markos for the night.

Cassandra is a Succubus, one of, if not the best. On Halloween, when she expects something special, she is sent to Earth to claim a soul, just one. She finds one, but then discovers that not all those she seduces are seduced. Some are adept in seducing her as well.

This work is a bit more than a hot flash in that while a good part of the story revolves around Cassandra’s seduction and she facing her own seduction in return, there is a lot more than that told. While there isn’t much said about who she was before she became a Succubus, her life as one is told in quite a lot of interesting detail that I enjoyed. She doesn’t have hooves, thankfully, and her appearance is seductive beauty rather than something more evil in nature. But she is, just slightly, stereotypical in her need to take souls, to be evil, and some of her attitude is a bit callous at times.

Much of the story is told from her perspective and that gives quite a different expectation as the story moves from arrival to encounter, entrapment, and, finally, seduction. Cassandra is very seductive as a Succubus, being that it is Halloween, it’s amusing to hear her thoughts about this time of the year, how she feels about it, and more what it is like for her not to have to hide herself away from those around her.

When the work turns toward erotica, there isn’t any urgency to tell that part of the story. The tapestry of seduction is woven around both Cassandra and Markos in a way that works really well. Cassandra tipping over the edge into submitting to Markos is very hot and her thoughts as they play games with each other I did enjoy very much. Eventually the climax comes, both for them and for the story, and it felt a bit rushed at the end. I think there should have been more of the “afterwards” told when they had their moment than there is.

Which then brings me to the close of the story. Who Markos is, the twist in the story, is very well done and I though it was hidden very well to the end of the work. But with that reveal comes a series of questions, none of which are really answered, which is a shame.

While the work tells a full story, I do feel like there is quite a lot that isn’t told, left open, and in that I felt somewhat disappointed. I like story with my erotica and this work had a lot of story to tell and much of that was told… I just feel like there is something missing… It could well be that there is a part two to come, which would make some sense… We’ll see.

I’m giving this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

While the story was unique, Cassandra I found to be one of the more interesting Succubi I have read, and the erotica was very hot and passionate… it is much too short for all of the promise that the story began with. The work plays with some ideas and concepts that I would have liked to see expanded on, stories told, and more. But it wasn’t and that’s the bigger shame.

There’s more in this work than a hot flash and it would have been good to see that… sometime…



Aug 27 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 397

A very sexy image of a Succubus this week on the Tale that I found some time ago… I’ve always thought that for Succubi to be sexy does not mean that they have to be nude. If they have a look, a pose, and a style that works for them, the sexy comes along with the seductiveness…

Louder, Louder. by Paper-Plate

Louder, Louder. by Paper-Plate

This work is called Louder, Louder. and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Paper-Plate. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

I really like her quite a lot, though I will admit that I wish she had a tail. I can imagine it curled around her legs and waving for you to come closer to her. A very strong character in her expression, pose and form as well, which I like and with that her outfit I think works very well with her body shape.

Her wings remind me a bit of Morrigan Aensland in a way, which is probably why she doesn’t have a tail. I also like her hair and how her horns meld into the colour and texture. From her expression and pose, I would think she’s a fairly dominant character, again, something that I like in Succubi.

A lovely piece of Succubi art and it tells a lovely story all on its own…



Aug 26 2015

It’s SuperDevil…. not.

Fierce Flame Sexy Devil CostumeOne of the things that I have, I admit, thought about as a costume is a sort of superhero Succubi thing. Now I’ve never been able to work out something that looks sexy, isn’t silly, but has that “thing” about it that makes it work. That doesn’t mean of course that someone hasn’t tried… sort of.

This is called the Fierce Flame Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the metallic mock neck bodysuit with contrast flames and the gauntlets. The boots are not included and it sells for $79 US. Adding the boots would send the price of this costume to $150 US.

I notice that there aren’t any horns, nor a tail with this costume and as such I think it’s a really lame attempt to stick a devil tag onto what otherwise is a rather unimpressive superhero costume.

Just because a costume has some flame sewn onto it does not, at all, make it anything like a Succubus costume, nor a devilish one for that matter.

There is a certain kitsch to this mess I suppose and perhaps it will be appealing to someone, but for myself I just can’t see this working at all. Even adding a set of horns, or a pitchfork for that matter, probably would result in having to answer questions about just what exactly you are supposed to be?

There has to be some sort of way to create something in a superhero theme that isn’t a compete disaster like this is. Thinking about this a moment, it probably would work with something as simple as a black corset, skimpy bikini bottom, thigh high boots and a pair of horns… I’m sure that particular idea tells some that follow comic books exactly which well known character I am thinking of… But it isn’t this thing.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Not even close to a devil costume and so far away from being one of a Succubus that it isn’t worth mentioning…