Jul 29 2015

The bride needs a better costume…

Deluxe Bride of SatanIt seems like the talent in costumes is moving away from designing the costume itself and into trying to find new and more silly names for them. Why that really matters I have no idea, but really shouldn’t the talent and imagination go into the costume and the name can look after itself?

This thing is called the “Deluxe” Bride of Satan costume and it comes with the dress, choker and veil headpiece and those chains on the front of the dress.

It normally sells for $75 US, but you can find it on sale for around $35 most of the time.

Notice the quotation marks I put around “Deluxe”? I can’t really say that I see the “Deluxe in this disaster. It’s simply ugly, the horns in the headpiece look bad and it just doesn’t do a single thing for me.

If someone was trying to create a medieval I can sort of see this as being an option, but for something Succubi-like it just has nothing going for it whatsoever… and that’s being kind.

There’s not a single thing that I like about it, there’s no possible way to improve it, make it better, or save it save for leaving it to gather dust on a shelf somewhere…

Yet another zero out of five pitchforks.

There will be more I know.

Why does that have to be in the first place?



Jul 28 2015

A Review of Demons and Diplomacy by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Demons and Diplomacy by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Demons and Diplomacy by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Continuing with my reviews of the works of the author Dou7g in the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my reviews of the series here on the Talehere, herehere as well as here and here and also here. The previous work in the series was reviewed here as well.

Edmond has a problem, which soon brings Megan and Kendra back to deal with it. However, not all things are as they seem to be, and when things happen, as they do, sometimes all you can do is have a beer and think about it… or try to without hurting your brain.

The work tells of:

In this installment the mage Megan and her succubus companion finds her kingdom invaded by a beautiful dark elf sorceress and her friends. Hijinx ensue.

Megan and Kendra return to find that Edmond has a problem, her name is Lorelei, and things go rapidly downhill from there. At least until two scholars find common ground, strike up a conversation and everyone else has little choice but to grin and bear it together.

The humour continues and is fully realized in how the characters think and act, but also how they talk to one another. There’s such an intelligent touch in the comedy which just works quite well I thought. Even in the midst of a battle, jokes are made, innuendo given and suggestions, some of which aren’t exactly useful, come out.

There is a lot going on in the story, both in plot and in the characters themselves which waves nicely from the previous work and points clearly at where the story will be going to. That’s not to say there isn’t conflict, for there is, and one of Megan’s actions in the past seems to have consequences in the here and now. How that will unfold I think will be a problem for her most of all.

Kendra, our succubus of the story, is more present in this work. She comes to confront Lorelei and in doing so she discovers that she isn’t, exactly, where she was once before. She has a challenge, a strong one, and then finds herself brushed aside and Megan having to face, again, a threat to herself. As this happens, Megan reflects on how she’s come to be where she is and I liked that for how she has to think, clearly, and not just “be” instead.

The one thing that I couldn’t quite work out was how Megan and Kendra went from where they were last seen to being back and dealing with Edmond’s problems. There’s some story missing there and I’d like to know how that happened exactly. There’s something substantial there that hasn’t been explained I think and I would like to know what that is.

There’s no erotica to speak of, really in this part of the series there couldn’t be, but there is a bit of Kendra being a succubus, if only to make someone faint away for a bit of a giggle which was cute. Edmond gets his due again, becomes so much more in this chapter as who he is, and what he knows, comes out and means something at last.

Again, a cute, funny and really enjoyable read. A lot more characters being developed, the story getting better as that happens. There is conflict but also there’s a grudging respect between the two groups and it’s going to be something to see how that works itself out.

At least it should, but with how things happen, that’s probably not going to be the easiest of things and there will be a twist in the tail.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Another solid, fun chapter in the series which brought with it some changes in the characters and how they relate to each other. Growth is good, there is a lot of that and more to come.

On Friday I will be reviewing the latest work in the series, which will bring me up to date with things… How our group will get through this mess will be interesting to see unfold…



Jul 28 2015

A Review of The Succubus and The Dark Elf by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

The Succubus and The Dark Elf by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

The Succubus and The Dark Elf by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

I’ve fallen a bit behind in my reviews of the works of the author Dou7g in the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my reviews of the series here on the Talehere, herehere as well as here and here while the previous work in the series review can be found here. Today I will be reviewing two more works in the series, back to back, then the latest one this coming Friday in order to catch myself up to date. You can find the other review posted on today’s date elsewhere on the Tale.

Things have changed for our group of adventurers, they are settling in, finding some time to get things as they want them to be. That is until someone decides to make things interesting again for all of them and brings along her pet dinosaur to stir things up…

The work tells of:

Megan has taken the Duchess’ place and is running her kingdom. Edmund is captain of her guard. Then she and the sexy succubus Kendra go on an impromptu vacation leaving Edmund in charge. He and the rest of her army promptly get themselves into trouble when a beautiful Dark Elf arrives with a pet dinosaur and dark designs on their kingdom.

Megan and Kendra check out of town for some “personal” time leaving Edmund in charge of their domain. All is well, mostly, until Lorelei, a Dark Elf and her companions, including a dinosaur pet, pay a visit and shake things up a bit.

The thing that I adore most of all in this series is the humour that the characters bring to the story. In each and every way this really comes to the fore in this work and it adds so much what happens throughout. It’s smart, cute, funny and has just the right emotional connection such that the story, while having some serious moments, doesn’t dwell on them too deeply.

The work has Kendra and Megan appear for only a short time before they go away, appearing in a short passage later on where their relationship continues to develop, as does Megan’s powers and Kendra’s development. As such there is only a little bit of succubus fun and games to be seen, but in that comes some wonderful heat and story telling.

Most of the work focuses on Edmond getting up to speed at ruling the roost while Megan and Kendra are away before Lorelei appears to cause problems. The other half of the work tells the story of Lorelei, her companions and how they all found themselves together, what their relationships are, and who Lorelei seems to be. She is really quite an interesting character, and really her entire group are every bit as much as Megan’s are. There’s a bit of infighting, all humorously done by far, some innuendo that, like Kendra’s works well, and most of all, there are some really quite amazingly good inside jokes that just made me laugh.

There’s only a touch of erotica in this work, most of that happening off the page because there’s a focus on setting up the next part of the series, what the conflict is, and how that needs to be put into place. As such, as a lead into the next part of the series, I felt that this was handled well, told a very good story and at the end I had the most wonderful smile having arrived there.

Amazing characters, as I expect, a story that just works on all levels, and the promise of more to come which I look forward to seeing.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Funny, cute, and it’s so good to see these characters developing. How this crisis changes things will be interesting to see… Kendra I am sure will be miffed, Megan quite a lot more so I expect…



Jul 27 2015

Seduction By TeraS

Call this work today … something of a statement. Think of this, in a way, as an expression of the Queen of the Succubi, what she believes in, and why things are as they are …


By TeraS


“Seduction is, always, more sublime than sex.”

As she spoke those words, Tera looked out over the lecture hall, examining the reactions of those who were there. Noting the response, she pressed onward: “Seduction can be an expression of the beauty of the one who seduces. Perhaps in a dress that allows a teasing glimpse of thigh, offering the mystery that awaits beneath the fabric, lurking there in the shadows, an expression of the thoughts within the one who is captured in the beguiling consideration of what awaits.”

Stepping away from the lectern, brushing her right hand through her ebony locks, and beginning to pace, she considered: “Within seduction comes the moment when, if one is truly capable of seducing, one can inspire great admiration from the other. Drawing the desired one closer, like a moth to a flame, calling out to the imagination, and offering that which someone desires and dreams of … or even inspiring that desire.”

After one step, she turned and smiled: “Or, more rarely, seduction can create awe. It can cause, sometimes, an epiphany. The sudden realization that the seducer, or seductress, has caught the prey, has hold over another’s thoughts, and, then the seduced wonders how to express that awe”

Tracing a finger over her lips, the Succubi Queen continued: “Occasionally, there are those that know, clearly, they are being seduced. Oh they know, intimately, they are, but even in knowing there is a certain admiration of that. To know there is someone that could, in spite of oneself, find the way into one’s soul. To open that door, look within, and whisper the things which are simply irresistible.”

Regarding one figure in the front row, who seemed to be captivated, the raven-haired red-tail graciously focused her attention as she explained: “In the seduction comes the ability to inspire; to give an artist something to paint that creates a legend; to cause a musician to write a sonnet that will effect untold souls to be, spreading the allure indefinitely; perhaps even to cause a writer to tell a story that will live on eternally.”

Tera walked closer to the enchanted listener, passing by and winking: “One never knows how the seduction will unfold or what will come from it. If nothing else, a dream, at least … boundless pleasures if such are to be.” Continuing, she picked up a small bottle of water and rolled it between her palms as she considered: “To seduce is heavenly, a gift of the Divine. To be the essence of seduction is to be a reflection of that divinity: all of the joys, passions, pleasures and more. A seductress becomes a small part of the infinite, holy, transcendent potential of everything that can be.”

Her Majesty considered the group once more, gathering her thoughts for a moment. Then she pressed on: “To be seduction is a noble pursuit. Anyone can be sexy or evoke lust. There are so few who can be truly seductive, and that is an important distinction. To snap one’s fingers is not a challenge. To evoke desire, love, and passion, by being seductive, that is a very special and cherished thing. It is a lofty goal, taking much commitment to that purpose within oneself. There is the easy path of sex and that alone—which leaves nothing—or the challenge of being bewitching, enticing, inspiring, inviting, irresistible desirable, all at once, and, through that expression, finding more within oneself, as well.”

Tera waved her bottle of water towards them all: “How magnificent to be seductive! How superb! How blessed! How wonderful the moment when one comes to be the seductive being one is meant to be!” She was silent for a time, allowing her words to echo in the hall, before continuing: “We are seduction. Our kind lives for sharing a touch, a kiss, a look. We exist for the pleasure of that connection. It is said that man cannot live by bread alone. In the same vein, we cannot be complete by sex alone.”

She smirked slightly: “Of course, that isn’t to say that we can’t enjoy the sex, too.”

As a small wave of laughter passed through the hall, the Queen opened her water and took a sip. Setting it down on the lectern, she returned to her pacing as she considered once more: “To many we are simply sex. That is their mistake, for they do not see all that we are. They are seduced not by our being, our souls, who each of us are, but are, instead, taken by the idea that sex is what we care about, as if all else is irrelevant. Their self-delusion means they miss out on the wonder of true seduction.”

Again, the teasing smile: “Personally, I would like dinner, at least.” The giggles from the right side of the hall were quite clear and Tera favoured them with a warm smile: “And a movie, but then I digress a bit, don’t I?”

Stepping in front of the lectern, she crossed her arms over her chest, looking out towards those in the hall: “To be seductive is to be all that you are, to be challenged to use all of your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It is not being a caricature or a shadow of oneself. It is to be yourself to the fullest, to exist as you are, who you are, and, through being so, allow the seductiveness that exists within you to come to the fore, thus becoming more than you ever were.”

Tera’s tail moved slowly behind her as she moved towards the end of her talk: “Recall that I noted that seduction is, always, more sublime than sex at the beginning. This is the key point to be remembered. Sex is easy for us. To collar someone, make them a thrall, is as simple as breathing. To walk into a room, strike up a conversation with someone, and have them willingly give themselves to their passions … that’s a challenge.” Waving her right hand towards them all, she noted: “Seduction without challenge is nothing to be proud of; in fact, it isn’t really seduction. There’s more pleasure in being all we are than not. We are more, and that, most of all, matters the most.”

She tilted her head to the left, smiled, and then concluded: “We matter as the incarnation of passion, pleasure, seduction and more. Seduction is, obviously, one part of the puzzle. Putting the pieces together, knowing when one does, and becoming whole … that’s amazing, and I hope each of you will find that moment as well.”

The Succubi Queen closed her eyes, hearing the applause from the hall, and then, with a smile, a wink, and a gleam in her eyes, she departed, to find herself out in the Realm once more.

There were those needing her, waiting to be seduced by their own desires through her … She looked forward to the next souls that called to her and helping them all to be seduced in their own ways …

Jul 26 2015

A Review of Phantom’s Lust by E. M. Lindwood

Phantom's Lust by E. M. Lindwood

Phantom’s Lust by E. M. Lindwood

Not all stories begin or end in a happily after ever. There is love, loss, and more that wraps itself around the characters and drives them in ways unexpected. The loss of someone you love can do the impossible. Sometimes they can do that, sometimes that is the one that goes on that makes it possible.

But if the one you love comes back and isn’t the same. What does that mean? What happens when they are the one you have always known, but aren’t quite anymore? What happens then and more importantly, what are the choices to be made by both of you?

  • Title: Phantom’s Lust
  • Author: E. M. Lindwood
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • ASIN: B00O94ONP6
  • Publishing Date: October 6, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

After her husband dies in a car accident, Jessica is convinced she’ll never see him again. Then one night he returns from the grave, but he’s been changed by his time in purgatory. Now he needs sex to survive, and it just might kill the one he loves.

Jessica’s husband Chris has passed away in a car accident and she is trying to put the pieces of her life back together. A haunting whisper tells her to visit him at his grave and she finds him there. But he isn’t the same, not quite, and now their love may turn into a curse that claims them both. Unless, and only if, Jessica can give up one thing.

The work is a lovely heart-achingly sad tale about the love between two souls. It tells of the hurt suffered, the wishes asked for, the promise and hope when that wish seems to come true. But then, in the hope comes the darkness to hurt, harm, and take that away.

There is passion in the words, in the moments between Jessica and Chris that tells of their connection and what each means to the other. But even with all of the good in the story, there is the telling of where the story will end almost at the beginning in their most passionate moment. It does telegraph the ending slightly, but when the ending arrives it makes sense, it doesn’t feel wrong and it comes at a point when both Jessica and Chris have to make a choice. Together.

Is Chris an Incubus? In many ways he is and what happens to Jessica over the course of the story seems to point to him being one. There is a underlying darkness in him that comes out over the story and the way the author makes that unfold is done in such a way that it creeps up rather than hitting you over the head with it.

There is a clear beginning, middle and ending to this work in that the work reads as a complete story and where it ends, the last things done and said, feel right and bring closure to the story. There is a promise made, one that suggests a “what happens next” but it doesn’t overcome the ending or take away from it.

The writing is just amazing in how the story is told, what Jessica thinks, sees, experiences and more. Nothing is glossed over, every word matters and each of them draws you deeper into the story. But it is sad. Of that there is no doubt and in truth the story wouldn’t have worked if that sadness hadn’t been there. It has purpose, it does tell a story on its own, and it matters. But it has a lot of power and the ache when the conclusion comes haunts as much as it does Jessica.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

Really an exceptionally well written work about love and loss and the hope that two souls have in one another. But the overriding theme is that sadness that is in every moment, even in the throws of passion it is there and lingers well after the tale is told. No love is perfect, nothing is forever they say. But the thing is that sometimes the things they say are the way things are…



Jul 26 2015

A Review of Halloween Hotness: 3 Short Stories of Paranormal Lust by Saffron Bacchus

Halloween Hotness: 3 Short Stories of Paranormal Lust by Saffron Bacchus

Halloween Hotness: 3 Short Stories of Paranormal Lust by Saffron Bacchus

A review today of short anthology of three stories, one of which as a Succubus as a character. As always in cases like this, I will be reviewing the Succubus story in detail, give a rating, and then the collection as a whole.


  • Title: Halloween Hotness: 3 Short Stories of Paranormal Lust
  • Author: Saffron Bacchus
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ODQS3Z6
  • Publishing Date: October 10, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is an anthology of works by this author:

Three short stories of paranormal lust:

  • A Night with the Devil: When I said “I would sell my soul to be beautiful” I thought nothing of it, I was just exasperated with my reflection…I never thought the Devil would actually take me up on my offer…nor did I realize what he would really want in return!
  • My Full-Moon Friend: After a wonderful blind date, Mary wants to invite her date up to her apartment, but night approaches as he’s walking her home, and suddenly her date has somewhere else to be! Mary watches as he runs down the dark street, turning into an alleyway. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she follows- but instead of finding her date, she finds a werewolf! He needs somewhere to hide for the night…will she be safe if she invites him home?
  • Succubus: After meeting a very beautiful woman at a party, a man goes home to sleep. Just as he’s about to start his naughty nightly ritual, the woman appears in his apartment! But she doesn’t quite look the same–she’s translucent! She reveals she’s a succubus and feeds off male sexual energy, but she has a lot to offer in return!

Succubus tells a story from the first person of a man meeting a woman at a party. She vanishes, he goes home, and then she appears there, reveals she is a Succubus and shows him what she can do.

It is a hot flash overall, but even though the majority of the story is taken up by the Succubus showing all of the things she can do with her lips, the characters have a certain appeal to them. They aren’t cardboard sex scene characters, but rather there’s a hint of them being more, stories behind them. But none of that really comes out.

The work goes from they meeting to the Succubus having her way with him and as the story is written from the first-person, there is a lot of telling about what he feels and thinks. For the Succubus there really isn’t anything told about her thoughts, only her needs, and how talented a Succubus she is. Perhaps more importantly, she isn’t a stereotypically evil, have to harm her partners kind of Succubus.

As much as I liked the story, and the Succubus herself, two things got in the way of that. One was we never learn the name of the Succubus, she never reveals that, but she does say clearly that she is one. What I thought was interesting over that point was the man in the story didn’t react to her being a Succubus, which really isn’t explained. The other thing that bothered me was that the story came to a close at a point where the Succubus promised to return.

There was a lovely beginning, the erotic moments in the story were really well done, but the ending just left me wanting. The story felt very much like the opening to a longer story and that never unfolds. I think it should by far.

The other two stories in the collection take on a similar theme, but they have female lead characters in them. In the first a woman makes a deal to be beautiful with the devil, who then returns to claim his due. In the other a woman goes on a date with a man, who she soon finds out is a werewolf and decides to take him home with her.

As in the case of Succubus, the characters are very good, the stories are hot flashes but with a good deal of background and story to them. The heat in the stories works well, and as a hot flash they are very good. But again, there is the problem that it feels like they were the opening chapters in longer stories. They both have good buildups towards the end of the story but at the end it is very anti-climatic. The endings leave something wanting and in that the story before is hurt by that.

I feel like the author needs to take the three works and turn them into separate, longer stories. The is more than enough character depth and story to be told in each of them and I think allowing the stories to come fully out would be something special to read. I certainly would want to see where these stories go and it shouldn’t be to a giant question mark of promising something more, but never getting there.

I’ll give Succubus four out of five pitchforks.

I’ll give this collected work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The main thing that bothers me is the endings. They all end in a way that sounds like there is more to the story to be told and it isn’t. That’s not to say that as hot flashes each of the stories isn’t good, because really they are. It’s just that after telling such good stories with such interesting characters coming to a complete halt just when the flashes are about to turn into fully fledged stories doesn’t seem right.



Jul 25 2015

A unique embroidered Succubus design

Something rather unique on the Tale today that I found on etsy.com… I don’t, or rather, I’ve never tried embroidery. I found this patten for sale which, when it is completed, looks very Succubi-like I think…

Succubus Pattern by Buzz Bee Designs

Succubus Pattern by Buzz Bee Designs

This pattern is by Buzz Bee Designs and you can find the page on etsy.com where I found this work here.

Obviously creating this work as embroidery will remove a lot of the detail of course. Mind you, the art itself is amazing and I do like her look and style quite a lot…

As for making this? I really have no idea what I would place it on…