Oct 23 2015

A Review of Rise of the Succubus by Eden Redd

Rise of the Succubus by Eden Redd

Rise of the Succubus by Eden Redd

There are very few stories that involve someone being transformed into a Succubus that manage to create a story, a reason, some kind of meaning that isn’t wiped away when things turn towards the erotic.

While the erotica is important, story matters more to me. Sexy, seductive is wonderful, but without the meaning behind that it’s nothing but sex. Having that story matters. Telling that story is more so. And sometimes editing isn’t a bad thing to have as well at times…

  • Title: Rise of the Succubus
  • Author: Eden Redd
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B00QCC4G96
  • Publishing Date: November 28, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Rita and her three best friends, James, Paul and Bobby move into an old house. They spend the summer working on it before they embark on their first year of college. As they fix up their new home, they discover a strange necklace hidden deep within the house. Soon Rita hears strange whispers. They tell her to do things that she only dreamed about. She fights the temptation but they overpower her with seductive lust. Can she fight the maddening desire? Or will she be an unwilling pawn to the demonic succubus.

Rita and her long time friends move into a house, clean things up, and then they all get quite a bit dirty when Rita gets touched by a Succubus that needs something from her… But offers something Rita wants in return. Where that takes them all is the question to be answered.

The work is a hot flash but with quite a lot of buildup, character and storytelling mixed in. The voices of each of the characters are very clear from the beginning and each has a story to tell about themselves and how they relate, and secretly need, each other. In a lot of ways there is a sweet friendship love story within the erotica and that made the work quite appealing to me. There’s love between the characters even before the Succubus appears and as such there isn’t a sense of harm or moments that feel wrong when the characters become intimate together.

Rita herself is an interesting mix of wanting and needing but also being afraid of herself in many ways. Unlocking herself, who she is, what she desires explores things she’s dreamed about but never thought she could try… or have. There is a lot of character growth as the story unfolds and the Rita at the beginning isn’t the Rita at the end of the story.

That’s due to the whisperings and promises of the Succubus of the work, Alina. For the majority of the story she’s a whisper, a thought, a idea in Rita’s mind and as such she tempts and suggests things to Rita which take her to becoming something more than she is. As the climax of the story comes, so does Alina and when she appears finally she isn’t stereotypical in her nature or form, though she has a tail and horns of course. She’s passion and seduction, but not evil and that fits in well with the story.

The erotic scenes are well written, have a good deal of heat in them, and the passions felt I enjoyed very much. There is a bit of mind control in the erotica, but it isn’t over the top or silly in how it reads or what the characters do. It isn’t so much a story about a Succubus within the erotica, but more of a story where the Succubus is directing the play from off stage until she can join in and reveal the truth.

When that truth comes, it really isn’t a surprise as there are a lot of hints about Rita herself. How Rita is changed by that truth isn’t really dwelled on much, and as a whole it really didn’t need to be, but for myself I would have liked to know more about “Rita after” in who she is, how she’s changed, mentally and physically, and what that means. There are some questions left open which would have been nice to know, but they aren’t sadly.

The work ends on a bittersweet note for me personally in that Rita is forced to make a choice, one that feels like she really didn’t have one, and then the story comes to a close with a promise unfulfilled. It is a bit of a let down after all of the joy and good in the work and I couldn’t help but think the author might have ended the story a bit sooner to avoid the sadness of the ending.

But the ending does point quite strongly towards another work in the series and that I think will be a promising thing based on the story so far. There’s a good mystery that Alina leaves in front of Rita and discovering that would be something to see.

There are a few rough points in the story that another editing pass would help with. Mostly they are odd words in odd places or a tense problem, one or two spelling mistakes, but none of these things are glaring mistakes by any means. Still they took me out of the story and that shouldn’t have happened.

Four pitchforks out of five.

I liked the story as a whole, I liked Rita and Alina, as little as we saw of her, and it was a story that didn’t go in the direction of “all sex and no thought” which mattered more. A little more editing would be nice, but otherwise a nice hot story with promise within it for something more to come.



Oct 22 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 405

For this week’s Succubi Image, I am going to share a piece of artwork of Myserra, the main Succubus character from the Succubus’ Sub series of books, and graphic novel… I’ve always liked Myserra and some of the images of her, for me, seem to catch her personality better than others… This is one of the ones that I do like quite a lot…

Myserra by Vintem

Myserra by Vintem

This work is by the artist Vintem and you can find the original page on Hentai Foundry with this artwork here.

I think, more than anything really, that it is the smile here that makes this art one of my favourites. There’s that little touch of personality that really connects well I think with how she appears in the book series.

She looks right, is posed right, and really that’s the most important thing about this artwork… It’s right in all of the important ways…



Oct 21 2015

This really isn’t trying very hard to be a costume

Delicious Devil CostumeThe days are counting down to Halloween and just for the sake of it… What if you had no real choice but to find what you could on the shelves to make a costume? Could something decent be created or… would it not be? In this case I think not.

This isn’t actually a costume you can buy to be quite honest. What this represents is the collection of several items into one overall attempt at a devilish, it isn’t Succubish by far, costume.

The costume starts with the red spandex catsuit for $25 US. Add to that the red pumps the model is wearing for $100 US. Then comes the devil tail, horns and wings which are $12 US. Adding that all up, one would spend $137 US, plus shipping, to have this look.

I can’t justify spending that much on something that looks this bad honestly. There really isn’t anything that says some thought was put into things, that you actually cared enough to spend the time to look for something better too. It just is… bland.

I’m not even ranting very much on the awful horns and tail and the wings which I have never liked either. I will say that I own pumps like these, so I wouldn’t need to buy them, but then I wouldn’t be buying any of this considering that I could whip something together from what’s in my collection of things to wear that would look so much better than this.

Which brings up an important point. It’s not that hard to find a decent pair of horns to wear and the right dress and style go a lot further to saying “seductive” than going with something like this which is saying something like “cheap” which really shouldn’t happen.

One out of five pitchforks.

I know this was offered to help clear out stock, but really for the kind of money asked for there are other costumes with more to offer than this does.



Oct 20 2015

A Review of Seduced by the Succubus by Avery Fox

Seduced by the Succubus by Avery Fox

Seduced by the Succubus by Avery Fox

There are some stories in which there is a lot of promise from the first page. There are characters that are interesting, a story that has depth, emotion, and seductiveness. Following that with some wonderfully hot erotica that adds to the story, emotionally connects one to the characters is even better.

However, when the ending of the story takes a turn that need not be, kills all of the heat, rips away the emotional connection and leaves nothing but emptiness in its wake… that’s a real problem. It is never a good thing when a story falls back upon stereotypical views of Succubi to bring a story to a close. That, more than anything else, disappoints me.

The work tells of:

Jenna has a new neighbor, and she really is to die for…

Cassie Shimura has just moved into the apartment next to Jenna Holt’s, and something about the stunning young bombshell has strictly straight, currently taken Jenna hot and bothered. The more she sees of Cassie, the more she wants her, and Cassie seems more than willing to give Jenna what she needs… but at what price?

Jenna hears a knock at her door and discovers Cassie, her new neighbour wanting to introduce herself. A smile leads to a cup of coffee and then Jenna finds she cannot resist Cassie. Passions burn, lust and need come, as does Jenna, but in the end Cassie takes more than she gives.

Jenna thinks of herself as Miss Ordinary, having an ordinary life and making do. When she opens the door and sees Cassie, her breath is taken away by how stunning Cassie is, the beauty she is, and just how surprisingly attracted Jenna is to her.

Cassie is the Succubus of this work, and while not showing horns or a tail, she has all of the aspects of a succubus. From her sexuality, her seductiveness, how she brings Jenna to her passions, the submitting of Jenna to Cassie’s will, there’s so much hot and delicious Succubus passion that I really like the story as it unfolded.

The story didn’t stand on the erotica alone, nor was it focused entirely upon it. There was real effort made to tell Jenna’s story, to make a connection between her and Cassie. There was life in the story besides the erotic hot flash that makes up the last third of the work. This was a story that blended well with the erotica, the two coming together really well and I enjoyed that a lot.

The erotica itself was soft, passionate, deliciously hot. A bit of dominance, a little touch of mind control, some submissive moments. The sapphic love that is told was both from one that was new to the experience and from the other one that could play their partner’s body like a musical instrument and make her sing.

So much of this work in the beginning was made to connect the characters to each other and to the reader. So much of the middle part of the story was to push them over the edge and make their passions come out. So much of the climax was the joys that Jenna felt and how wonderful that was for her. But then, sadly, came the conclusion and that’s where my issues with this work occur.

I completely disliked the ending for a lot of reasons, but the main one comes to taking Cassie from being something unique as a Succubus and making her completely stereotypical in her actions, what transpires and what happens to Jenna. The ending tears all of the heat from the work, removes the emotional attachment to both Jenna and Cassie and in the end, when the story was done, my thoughts were not of the erotica, the storytelling, or the power in the story itself. It just was a single word: ‘Why?’

The work had a point, not three paragraphs before where it could have ended, leaving the questions of what happened to Jenna untold and I would have been fine with that. But the ending as it is, leaves no doubt to what happens to Jenna, who Cassie really is, and how little real attachment there was in the story.

There needs to be, at least I think, in erotica, that belief that those involved had their moment, their passions, and at the end of their moment they move on, become a couple, or smile and go their own ways. The ending here is too stereotypical in nature, leaving nothing behind to keep the passion s and moments in the work burning. The ending is exactly like dumping a bucket of ice cold water on someone in the middle of passion. There’s no coming back from that and even if they were on the edge of the most wonderful orgasm in their lives… they wouldn’t care.

That is, in a lot of ways, how I felt about this story at the end, and I shouldn’t have. I didn’t care anymore when it was over. Up to the last page I was fully intending to give this work at least four pitchforks, possibly five. But the ending is such a massive downturn in the heat that I can’t give this work what I should.

The writing is excellent, the characters are amazing. The erotica is just about perfect. There’s a bit of seduction, some Succubus mind-control that is very carefully used to build the heat. All of this work screams of being amazing. But the ending? That never should have been. I really wish it hadn’t.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Honestly the ending just completely took away what would have been a four or five pitchfork story and made the work so much less. There was no point, other than a twist at the end, and it didn’t make a lot of sense. The work could have ended a few short paragraphs before, leaving the heat and passions aflame rather where it did, leaving ashes behind.



Oct 20 2015

A Review of Nikki Noshit 2 by Nikki Lacroix

Nikki Noshit 2 by Nikki Lacroix

Nikki Noshit 2 by Nikki Lacroix

A story needs to have purpose. It cannot simply go around and around in circles looking for one, attempting to figure out what it wants to be talking about, what the characters will do, or won’t. It is never a good thing when the story seems to lose focus from the first turn of the page and never finds it by the time the story ends.

Not all stories about incubi need to be erotic, need to have sex scenes. They do need to have more than a fleeting interaction with them that is surrounded by internal monologue that is, quite simply, lost.

  • Title: Nikki Noshit 2
  • Author: Nikki Lacroix
  • Length: 40 Pages
  • Publishing Date: November 21, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

This work tells three stories:

Paranormal journalist Nikki Lacroix is back with her first taste of semi-fame after her last article was a success. Nikki Noshit 2 collects three of her best articles.

  • The Cross-dresser, The Cult, and The Mother: Nikki and her occult magician friend, Judah Black infiltrate one of the most powerful cults in North America.
  • Anne Rice Ruined Everything: Nikki is invited to New York City’s premiere underground vampire club, and quickly realizes everything is not as it seems to be.
  • The Incubus of Piertown: Nikki manages to snag and interview with one of Hell’s most devious demons: the seductive Incubus. Will she manage to resist it’s charms or fall victim?

As a whole this collection reads very much like a pulp fiction series of stories. They are short vignettes where the main character, Nikki, goes into the world in her role as a reporter and pokes around the supernatural beings that exist in that world. There is a lot of internal monologue by Nikki, which after a while becomes kind of stale and uninteresting. Nikki has attitude, there’s no doubt that she does and that attitude gets her places that otherwise she’d never get to which works well. I think however that listening to what seems to be at times a monotone of her thoughts takes away from the better, more involved parts of the collection.

In each work, it’s quite clear that the creatures and people that Nikki encounters are meant to be disliked, and it’s not hard to do so when most of them are very stereotypically evil in nature and action. This isn’t a collection of erotica, not by any means, and in truth if it was I think that would take away from the core story more than anything else. The stories are a mix of action/adventure for the most part with the story about the incubus being quite a lot different than the others in this collection.

A fairly strong mind control theme runs through the stories which comes in different varieties. That part of the stories works well and overall I thought the author managed those scenes and moments well. Mixed into this theme is, in one story, control for power, in another, control for horror, and in the last, control for sex. All of those instances read well and there was a good sense of how in each case that control manifested itself.

The last work in the collection has an Incubus, that is never named and really isn’t described all that well, but really that isn’t important to the story. It’s very much a struggle between two wills, each trying to get what they want and seeing where the weakness in the other is. Compared to the other works in the collection, this one is a lot more subtle in nature and I liked that more than the other works. The story doesn’t stray into anything erotic, teasing some reveals about Nikki herself but never really following through on them. It is a “discussion” and nothing more and that’s the problem. Nikki goes after the incubus to write a story and rather than getting much in the way of information or driving a point home, the story devolves. It becomes an internal struggle within Nikki that flashes into outrage before coming to a close and… just ending.

Come to think about it, all of the stories seem to end in a similar fashion. There is some action, some conflict and then, all of a sudden, it all comes to a close with a whimper compared to the rest of the story. While that might work for some, I didn’t feel like at the end of each story that I cared about Nikki all that much and that shouldn’t have been. She doesn’t need to be “Miss Wonderful” as there’s no point to that. But she could have been more than she appears to be. Being angry and forceful isn’t a personality, it’s a mood.

I will admit that I haven’t read any of the other works in the series, and there are a number of them, so as such I came into this work cold and not knowing Nikki’s background or anything else. It might have made a difference if I had, I’m not sure. Still, there has to be something to like about the main character of a series to enjoy and I just couldn’t find that.

I’m giving this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

I just found this work as a whole… lost… missing something. There really wasn’t much action to the stories, really no character development for Nikki, save for a bit of story about her past when she was with the incubus. Being that the stories really read like old style pulp fiction that could have worked well, but there’s something missing, some life in the story that needs to be there to make it better. That doesn’t mean there needs to be anything erotic added, that wouldn’t help at all. I wish I could put my finger on exactly why the collection didn’t work for me.



Oct 19 2015

The Mirror By TeraS

There is someone for everyone … even those that are always within …


The Mirror
By TeraS


Except in a few times of dire trouble, there is but one way that Tera has ever been able to speak with her Tail: a mirror that her mother gave her so very long ago. To be clear, it is the only way that she remembers actually speaking with her other self. Her tailself sends the occasional message by holding up a sign on a stick, usually at a moment where a comment, even a rather odd one, can defuse things. Sometimes, Tera sees her in a dream, where the two are talking or doing other things, but when she awakes, there’s nothing to remember—for it was a dream, after, all wasn’t it?

But to actually see her other self, to speak with her, to see the look in her eyes, that smile that Tera knows and yet which isn’t quite her own, she needs the mirror. Looking into the mirror, Tera knows that she will see a redhead with black horns and tail that otherwise looks exactly like her.

But she isn’t Tera … not exactly.

Her name is Tail—at least, that is the name that she allows others to know. Her real name is known to only three people in all the universes. One is Tera’s mother; the second, Tera herself; and the third … a man named Baker.

None of them would ever speak her name out loud, not because they fear who Tail is, but rather because they respect that she made a choice. The choice was that who she was is not as important as who she is now and how things came to be.

It is said that those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Tail hasn’t forgotten. She knows, remembers, is aware of every single thing she has ever done, both the bad and the good, the moments of ecstasy and of despair, all of the moments that made of the life she once led.

The mirror stands in Tera’s bedroom, as it always has, always will. Tera can see into it, when she passes by, when she is in bed with her Eternal, and from a few other places in the room. The mirror reflects only what Tera sees around herself as well, but slightly different. There are reversed colours: red is black, black is red. There are also some differences that tell of Tail herself, where her thoughts are, what her needs are. Tail is, after all, so much more dominant in her personality than Tera, both because her life’s experience was so fiercely dominant in the past and because of what her goals in the here and now are. The mirror reflects that, sometimes, in the oddest ways when Tera isn’t there to see.

Sometimes, when Tera is not there to see, or hear, there are moments which only the mirror witnesses. Perhaps it is Tail, riding crop in hand, using it to raise the eyes of a particularly naughty pet to look at her and beg for forgiveness. Sometimes she is looking out through the mirror, out of the bedroom window that into Tera’s Realm, the one that can be seen from her own showing the same, if different; for, while Tera is the Queen of the Realm, Tail is the Queen of her own domain in the same way.

Perhaps, in that moment when Tail is looking into the Realm. she wonders what it would be like to be Tera, to not only know of her life, loves, passions, and gifts, but to experience them herself. Perhaps she smiles at the thought, brushing it to the side, sure that such things aren’t meant for someone like her.

But then—and this the mirror cannot really show—she sniffs the air and there is the scent of something. An aroma intrigues her, and she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment. A smile, unlike the one that normally she shows to the world, or even to Tera herself, appears.

She wonders what the fragrance might be, what it could be, but she knows who is responsible for capturing her senses … and more. For there is a secret, a very important one that only one soul in the universe knows: the mirror, isn’t just a mirror, not for the one that somehow found his way into her soul.

For all that the universes knows of Tail—her legend, the things she has been told of doing, the fears that she puts into others by just raising one eyebrow and smirking are legendary, after all—they expect her to be the opposite of Tera: to be aggressively dominant, controlling, demanding. They expect her to never to care about another, for that surely isn’t possible.

They are, of course, wrong.

What cannot be seen from the mirror, is a portal, off to the side, well out of view, that leads to a hallway in a home, quite like and unlike Tera’s own, in the human Realm. It isn’t exactly as quaint as Tera’s own, but then it is another reflection of Tail herself. The scent draws her further, the smirk giving way, ever so slightly, to a smile of expectation.

Turning a corner she sees her Baker in the midst of one of his own passions … other than her, of course. Or perhaps that is misleading. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Baker’s passion is in helping her to learn there is more to life than she ever really knew.

For her Baker, this was completely normal. Teaching lessons to Tail was a bit of an issue, at first, as they never were quite the sort of thing that was covered in the recipe books … and, of course, Tail had never quite asked to be taught anything. Over time, the lessons were those that the two of them shared. The breaking of bread starts with the baking, of course, and it is in the baking that things are said, often without any words. Their relationship is different from any other in the worlds, and with it comes an understanding that the two of them share, and have shared for a long time now.

Tail finds Baker at work on his dough, and doesn’t say anything for a time, content to just look at him with that slight smirk, slowly turning into a smile. Then she quietly moves towards the counter, something between a nonchalant stroll and a hunter’s prowl, patting the rising dough with one hand and Baker’s hindquarters with the other. He turns and, as always, suggests that she could be of help instead, she replying with another pat—whether of dough or man varies with her mood—simply smiling at the fearlessness he has with her. In a flash, as he has in every lesson since the first (where she definitely did not smile), he pulls her between himself and the counter, standing behind her, wrapping around her, his hands guiding hers in kneading the loaf before them. Both of them end up somewhat flour-covered on the floor after extensive pushing, pulling, and twisting that isn’t limited to food preparation.

She thinks about how it is that they, two beings from two different worlds, different views … just … different … could find themselves in a relationship like this. She thinks, and her smile grows wider, and she licks her lips a bit: her Baker is working on sticky buns this morning. Sticky buns sound like an excellent idea …

The mirror is a mirror, in that the worlds on either side are different, polarized, not quite the same.

The mirror however, is just a portal. Nobody says it is impossible for one soul to find another. In fact, it is all about possible …

Oct 18 2015

A Review of Hell On Heels by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Hell On Heels by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Hell On Heels by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Catching once more with my reviews of the author Dou7g of the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my reviews of the series here on the Talehere, herehere as well as here and here and also here. The previous five works in the series were reviewed here and here and here and here. The work prior to this one today, can be found here reviewed as well.

Sometimes you have to run from a problem, and sometimes in running you find yourself meeting a bigger one. Decisions then are made, the choices are unclear, and where that takes you, and whether you have a choice, is the question.

The work tells of:

In this installment, things come to a head as Megan the mage, Kendra the red haired succubus and Lorelei the dark elf sorceress run headlong into the vampire Kiki.

Our three lovely talented women find themselves in a place where someone Megan really doesn’t like, Kendra once did, and Lorelei is amused by, calls her home. A bit of a misunderstanding, a deal made and then Helen has to make a choice. Does her accept Kendra’s offer of being a Succubus or not… and what happens after that. and to the friends they left behind?

This work is both an interlude and a quandary. While I do understand why Megan and everyone else left, and why they went where they did, there’s a certain level of confusion that seems to be running through all of them. Being that they all wound up meeting Kiki, the vampire, the one that Megan really has a problem with, there’s great deal of tension that swirls around all of the characters. How they come out of that is interesting and I thought the logic worked, but as for the price, or prices paid, that will be a problem to come.

To this point in the story, the only Succubus was Kendra, but she made an offer to Helen, if she’d be interested in becoming a Succubus, for reasons that, at the time made sense. In this work, that comes to a head and I think the funniest part was reading the parts of the contract she needs to sign. Some of them were, considering who’s thinking of signing up, just too funny. In the aftermath I though things were well told and I liked things as a whole, though I did wish for a bit more told about what Helen looks like, which remained vague. There was some succubus mind-control that I liked however and where that happened, and how it developed was cute too.

I mentioned conflict, and most of the work tells of the characters being in conflict with each other. At times it was less talking to than talking at, and some of the events that unfolded from that weren’t really a surprise. There’s a undercurrent of deal making that comes in conflict with each person’s goals, or need for revenge in some ways. The most telling moments were Megan’s, especially when Kiki appeared, and what Megan intended to do as she isn’t quite the same as she was the last time they met.

It is an adventure, setting up the rescue to come, and as such there’s a little bit of a Mission Impossible feel to this part of the series and I rather liked that. The mix of personalities, both in the ones we know and the new ones that appear, works well. It isn’t just a matter of arguing for the sake of it, or getting into a fight just because. There’s some history involved. Sometimes one forgets what really happened for what they see in the here and now.

The work needs some more editing, there are quite a number of spelling mistakes that I came across. That’s a shame because the story I think tells so much about all of the characters that appear in it. There’s something really good about knowing why they do what they are doing. Better when the reasons start to make sense.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s a rescue to be carried out, the boys are in trouble. How that is going to turn out will either be a complete disaster, or a success. Either way, I feel like things are going to change for all of them… Whatever the case, things are different and how they all deal with that could be a problem.