Apr 26 2015

A Review of The Wielder: Death Curse – Part One by David Gosnell

The Wielder: Death Curse - Part One by David Gosnell

The Wielder: Death Curse – Part One by David Gosnell

I have adored The Wielder series by David Gosnell from the first line of the first book and it was with joy that the third book in the series appeared earlier this year. I have, of course, reviewed the other works in the series on the Tale here and here and a little outtake piece here as well and I do recommend the series quite highly.

The third work takes some very unexpected turns, for me at least, and it leaves quite a few questions, thoughts and concerns about what happens in this work and what will happen in the fourth work when it appears. But in all of that, there is amazing world building, character transformations, and events that conspire to turn things on their heads…

It tells the story of:

Now with revenge handed out against Maldgorath the Collector, Arthur MacInerny has pulled himself “out of the game” of being one of Earth’s protectors. He’s enjoying life and the most intimate talents of one particular succubus. Arthur doesn’t have a care at all.

That is, until he realizes he didn’t beat Maldgorath’s death curse. A curse that could potentially change him into some kind of unspeakable monster. A curse that is subverting his very nature.

Events plunge Arthur back into service as one of Earth’s protectors. Both with The Protectorate and as a double agent working with the hunted Dzemond, Ahtsag Znuul.

Unfortunately, the Dzemond found a way around the life for life lock to Earth’s realm. They’re coming and potentially in great numbers. Mankind is not quite ready fight back that kind of invasion or those kind of heartless conquerors.

Arthur finds that once again, he seems not to be able to catch a break. Changes are forced upon him, upon those that he wields and as things unfold he loses much… as do they. Friends are few and far between as the universe conspires to bring about events that none can see in their full effect and those that might be able to do something are torn apart from within. They say that some will deal with the devil, but in truth there are others far worse.

It was wonderful to see Arthur return after the events of the previous work and to see what the consequences of the time between when we saw him last and the events of the here and now are told. There are a great deal of complications for Arthur in the aftermath of what seemed to be a victory in the prior work. There are layers of personal, public, and private issues and events that tug on him and keep putting Arthur off balance as the story is told.

At the same time that Arthur’s story of coping it told, there is the added complication of Silithes, who also finds herself being pulled in unexpected directions, but also there is strife, complications, and of more concern, loss and betrayal that swirl around her. Adding to this is the beginnings of an amazingly complex subplot which revolves around the Cubati, Succubi and Incubi both, and the internal society and existence they have.

Beyond them, the appearance of beings we have seen but a scattering of representative characters before adds to the sense of danger and, more to the point, threat that is coming headlong to Arthur’s world. There are a lot of dark moments to be found, but then they are dark beings with a dark purpose. The manipulation not just of the world as a whole, but the characters themselves is very interesting as it’s played with a goal of being just subtle enough to make the events and actions enough to hide the ones that are pulling the strings.

As the plots tangle and bind together, there are some lovely touching moments when characters such as Karen and Znuul have secrets revealed that were hinted at in the preceding works and in the aftermath of choices they have made, new questions arise and with them come both assurance on the one, but quite some worries on the other.

It is a fast paced work which draws you through the pages quickly if you are not careful. As much as you want to see what happens next as quickly as possible, it’s important to put the pieces together and see what lies beneath. Personally I think the author did that amazingly well. Along with the action there are some violent moments which reflect on how things are coming apart around Arthur as a whole, but also within himself.

But there is a moment, an instant where Arthur makes a choice, and in asking for that, changes his world and that of those he cares about deeply. Through that change the impact on Silithes brings about a deep change which left me wondering about several points in that story. There’s something not said, which I think will be in the next work, and in that will come the answers to, I hope, the question of the Succubi and one of the secrets they hold tightly to themselves.

The work closes on a moment which leaves so many tangled plots open, which must of course be expected. The ending is, at least for me, tragic and sad. There are hopes, but there is also so much for Arthur to manage through and the world around him to deal with. But, of course, this means that there is story to tell and that is what is the mark of this series.

The story, always, is amazingly well told.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A few minor nitpicks here and there in editing, but nothing that took away from the story as a whole. Arthur’s life continues to be a complicated maze for him, and for us, to unravel. Things are grim, of that there us no doubt, but at the same time the underpinnings of hope are there… They just need to be gathered and brought to the fore.

I’m looking forward to the second part of this telling of Arthur’s story, where things go from here will be both a dream and a nightmare…



Apr 25 2015

A neat Morrigan Aensland WIP YouTube

Another in a series of artist at work YouTubes, this time of a piece of Morrigan Aensland art that I happen to think is lovely…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, try this link:


And, of course, the completed image as well… This artist had a DeviantArt account, but it seems not to exist anymore which I think is a shame…

Morrigan Aensland by DivaBlood

Morrigan Aensland by DivaBlood

This artist calls themselves DivaBlood, but the link on the YouTube page I found their video on doesn’t work anymore. That’s a real shame because I like the cute, not too overstated look that they gave Morrigan here and I would have liked to see more of their works…



Apr 24 2015

A Review of Succubus by D. P. Madchild

Succubus by D. P. Madchild

Succubus by D. P. Madchild

Sometimes there are stories which, overall, tease at things. By that I mean, for example, a character is possessed by a Succubus, can’t do anything about it, and as the story goes on, the succubus turns her from “Miss Ordinary” into “Oh! Well, you were always this sexy, you just never tried!” That can be a good story, the dialog by itself can be hilariously funny, the situations where the succubus hasn’t a clue she’s making a huge mistake, the possessed tries to get her to see that, and so it goes.

But when the story sits in that vein constantly, goes really nowhere, and at times the story feels like its lost and can’t find its way… that’s a huge problem that doesn’t need sex to get past, it needs direction.

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: D. P. Madchild
  • Length: 66 Pages
  • ASIN: B00HBR3K16
  • Publishing Date: December 15, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com – No Longer Available

It tells the story of:

Alex has known the truth about the world for years. What she didn’t expect was for a spell to go wrong and to have her body taken over by a succubus. One which insists on feeding. She hopes that her friends will notice something wrong, but it’s now that she needs them the most…

Alex decides to try a spell and it goes wrong when she is possessed by a succubus. Things get worse when the succubus takes Alex and gives her a makeover before going off to try and pull Alex’s friends into bed with her. But things don’t go how either Alex, or the succubus, expected.

The story is, as a whole a very long tease that eventually goes somewhere, but to get to the end of the story there’s a lot of side trips, innuendo and, at times, a lot of confusion. Part of that is the succubus, who is never named, trying to figure out Alex’s friends and why it is that whatever she does, none of Alex’s friends will just hop into bed with her.

This turns into an ongoing theme in the work which eventually leads into a series of confrontations with two other characters. Finally that breaks down and, in a way, both Alex and the succubus get what they want… I think?

I’m uncertain over this point because it’s not made clear why Alex summoned the succubus, save that she didn’t think it would work. It isn’t clear what the succubus wants, other than to have sex using Alex’s body. It’s more interesting in that Alex isn’t “transformed” into a succubus so much as the beauty she has already is pushed to the max and flaunted by the succubus. This should, at least according to Alex, be a clear signal to her friends that something isn’t right, but none of them seem to bat an eye at her changes.

Beyond this, there are moments when the succubus talks, out loud mind you, to Alex while Alex replies in thoughts. It does make for some cute moments of course, but at the same time that doesn’t make a lot of sense. If Alex can the succubus should be able to as well, but she doesn’t.

Overall, the main problem with this work was that there wasn’t a path through the story so much as there were vignettes that were told and then moved on from. At times Alex and the succubus seem to “merge” in their thinking, which does work however. But when the end of the work comes, it isn’t clear if Alex is free, or if the succubus is still in control or if something else happened. The story just comes to an abrupt halt and left me wanting to know what happens next.

But that didn’t happen. The work was removed at some point and so if there was a series in mind, or something else, that never happened that that’s a shame. There’s actually a group of interesting characters to tell stories about, the author just needed to focus their writing more than they did here.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The idea is good, I liked the characters but the story really didn’t go anywhere or do anything other than tease. Tightening things up, moving past the “dancing” and into the “doing” would have helped quite a lot. But this work isn’t available anymore, sadly, and it’s more so because it seemed like it was part of a series which seems to have been not just abandoned, but tossed away. Perhaps that’s the largest shame of all.



Apr 24 2015

A Review of Silhouette of Darkness by Benjamin Daniels

Silhouette of Darkness by Benjamin Daniels

Silhouette of Darkness by Benjamin Daniels

I’ll be reviewing an anthology work this time on the Tale. While the work does touch on many supernatural themes, there is but a single work. called Belong, in the collection that has a Succubus appear in it and that will be the main focus of my review, though I will comment on what I thought about the work as a whole.

Perhaps the one thing that can be taken from this work as a whole is that you never can quite judge a book by its cover… Or another being for that matter. No matter what they happen to look like.

The work tells about:

When the Blight overwhelms the earth, humanity’s only defense is to stay awake from dusk until dawn. Tonight, Sean will learn how lethal insomnia is in this new world. In “Fatal Insomnia” and other stories in Silhouette of Darkness, author George Wilhite explores the horror in unusual places

As a whole this collection of works has some very interesting stories in it. Some are not quite things that I enjoy as a whole, but they are thought provoking. The stories really run the gambit in tales of mystery and horror, going from the here and now to the past and future.

There is but a single work about Succubi in the collective, entitled Belong and it tells the story of a lost boy who finds a connection with a spirit, is taken into her world and then learns the truth about her. But it’s not only that, he also learns a truth about himself. The story mixes a few different myths, new and old, together and I found that as a whole it flowed well, it told a story and more. The ending is somewhat sad in a way, but it also holds a certain promise of hope and more. Considering the life of the main character and what happens to him, it was something that the story had to have to make it worthwhile.

The Succubus herself is seductive, controlling, and demanding at times. There is a story about her that when it is revealed was surprising and wasn’t what I had expected. While not all of the secrets are revealed, that which is, what she can do, and what she does all connect to make her a dangerous being, but also one that is more than what she is on the surface.

The work as a whole is well written and I did like the other stories to a point. Some of them were a bit too violent or more… faithless… than anything else. That made some of the works hard to read and what happens to many of the characters is unpleasant. But the work stands on its own very well I thought.

I’m giving this collection three and a half out of five pitchforks. Belong, as it is really a story that held me more than any other, with or without the Succubus, is a four.

I’ll be looking for other works by this author… Hopefully with a shade less horror and a tad more story… I think that they have the talent to do that.



Apr 23 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 379

I’ve always thought that the expressions artists give Morrigan Aensland are interesting. They range far and wide, from silly to seductive and everywhere in-between. But the one expression that always makes me ponder is the one that seems to say Morrigan is looking at someone as if they are a tasty morsel… I found one of those pieces of art and I think it really does have that look to it…

Morrigan Aensland by きたやまみうき

Morrigan Aensland by きたやまみうき


found this art on Pixiv, and you can find the original page with this art here. Besides Morrigan’s expression, which I think is adorably cute, the details in this art are really amazing. I find that some artists don’t put a lot of detail into Morrigan’s hair or her wings and that’s really a shame, but in this case they both really look wonderful.

But the one focal point of this work is Morrigan’s eyes which I think are the centrepiece of this art by far. She’s a bit “plump”, her chest is rather pronounced in this art of her, but then it is one of Morrigan’s defining features of course…

I’ve always liked cute Morrigan and really this is one of the best that I have found…



Apr 22 2015

It could be the beginning of a Country Succubus Costume?

Devil Skirt CostumeI’ve been pondering of late some variations on Succubus costumes. Some of them are things that, in all truth, I’ll have to put together on my own. Others are really very simple, I mean, cheerleader Succubus is not really that difficult to do. The thought came to me about what a “down on the farm” Succubus costume might look like…

This costume could be the start in a way…

This is called the Devil Skirt Costume and it comes with the yellow two-tone mini dress, the spaghetti strap top and red velvet bodice. It doesn’t lace up form the front. The skirt is a tie-dye red & yellow handkerchief style skirt. The tail and horns are included, but the shoes aren’t.

It sells for $20 US, more or less, some sites have it on special for as little as $15.

The tail really bothers me. It almost looks like someone sat on it and flattened it, save for the tail. But setting that aside, but keeping the shoes, because I think they work for the most part, this has kind of a “country” vibe to it I think.

And thinking about it a little further, walking around with a farmer’s pitchfork and this would work for the most part…

I’ll even live with the horns, they do match… sort of… the costume as a whole. But I really wonder what they were thinking with the tail… Other than trying to save a few dollars here and there or making the customer go and buy another tail to get something that looks half decent.

Still, it gives me some ideas which might become something better than this… We’ll have to see won’t we?

Three out of five pitchforks.

It’s a start… I think I can do better…



Apr 21 2015

A Review of My Mate, The Incubus by Sinn Lee

My Mate, The Incubus by Sinn Lee

My Mate, The Incubus by Sinn Lee

The problem I have with stereotypes comes up a lot where Succubi and incubi appear in stories. It amazes me just how many writers have to go with the trope of them being evil… or worse for that matter. It should be clear, I think at least, that each and every one can be, and really should be different.

That concept brings up a question that is, again, not really touched on in a lot of stories. What happens when a hunter of “evil” comes to the conclusion that what they are doing isn’t right. What’s more interesting about that is when they come to the conclusion that an Incubus, at least one of them, isn’t what they are expected to be.

Then, the question becomes, do you take the chance to be with them or to end them? It’s a hard choice to make in the end…

  • Title: My Mate, The Incubus
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Publishing Date: August 23, 2013
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 5, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Elissa learns about creatures known as “incubi.” As a slayer, it’s her job to kill them. But she’s never killed before in her entire life. How could she? It wasn’t her place to end someone’s life if they hadn’t done anything wrong. It’s this mentality that brings Dorian to her dreams. He’s been visiting her the past couple weeks and the two of them have become quite intimate in their steamy activities in the dream world. But now that she knows what he truly is, she intends to meet Dorian and find out how blissful his physical touch can truly be.

Elissa finds herself sucked into a world where creatures like vampires and zombies are real. The problem is that world is the one she lives in already and now she’s part of a group that goes around dealing with the “problem.” Problem is that she’s been watching the others going around and killing… and she’s not sure they are doing the right thing. One night as she is reading the book she is responsible for, she comes across the legend of the Incubi. And then she encounters Dorian in her dreams and has to come to a decision.

What I found to be the most interesting part of this work was the comparison between Elissa and the other slayers that appear. Elissa isn’t stereotypical but those that she is with most certainly are. They seems to think they are “right”, have no reason to consider alternatives, and, in short, are the typical “do good no matter the cost” sort of characters. Elissa… thinks. In doing so she is a better, stronger character and that carries the story along really well.

When Dorian appears, he again, is not stereotypical. He admits that, yes, some Incubi are evil, some aren’t and he knows right from wrong. He does, from the first moment, care quite a lot about Elissa, wants to be with her, and prove that he is exactly what he appears to be. That he is not a stereotypical creature of evil.

It’s that connection, the providing of that proof and the relationship that brings that I really enjoyed  very much. There is a lot of wonderful background, setting and more in the story but it really comes back to the question of “why should I believe you” that drives the story forwards.

The heat in the story is well done, the scenes between Elissa and Dorian are hot in all the right ways, but also the acceptance between the two of them has just as much heat within in. The story is just a cute, passionate romance and it worked really well here.

It is short, which is a problem with this author at times however. The work ends on a question mark, a thought, a concern that really needs to play out and bring the story of these two characters and those around them to a conclusion. What happens when the other slayers find out about Dorian? What happens to Elissa as a result? What can Dorian and Elissa do about it? I have a thought, it is Succubus related of course, and that book that Elissa has points me at that obvious thought… I really would like to know.

Four out of five pitchforks.

One of my personal favourites from this author. I would like to see this continue as a series, which from all intents seems to be a possibility. There’s a really wonderful connection between Elissa and Dorian and I’d like to see where that goes. I don’t expect a happier after ever, not with the situation they are in… But where the story could go, and what might be possible would be something to see.