Aug 07 2015

A Review of Star of My Heart written by K T Fair

Star of My Heart written by K T Fair

Star of My Heart written by K T Fair

A review of the first work in a series that I think has a very interesting premise to who the Succubus of the series sees herself as and what she has decided that matters to her. She’s intelligent, she has a soul… in a way… and most importantly, she gives a darn about others. But something in this particular work bothers me a lot.

Some subject matter makes me cringe, and honestly in some cases that isn’t because of the story, or the characters, it’s about the question of my personal comfort zone and in this case, regrettably for the rest of the work I really liked, that took quite a lot of that away…

  • Title: Star of My Heart
  • Author: K T Fair
  • Length: 34 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 11, 2014
  • This work at


The work is described as:

My name is Jezebel, but I’m not your typical succubus.

Oh, I am a demon who seduces men in order to drain their life away. I’m also immortal, gorgeous, and amazing fun at parties — at least until the end. I’m all of those things, but I also have something that no other succubus has.

A conscience.

And let me tell you, in my line of work, that’s not an added benefit.

Jezebel is a Succubus that has been around for a very long time. But as time has gone on she’s discovered that taking the souls of the innocent haunts her and in ways that she can never forget or forgive herself for. But there are those in the world that are dark, evil, and their actions make taking their souls a lot easier… even if some of them just deserve to die.

I like Jezebel very much… She has a few quirks mind you. Some I like, she has no hooves and notes that she prefers things that way, and she has a tail that is a bit too dangerous a thing to be playing with when a Succubus gets a bit horny. She has the most interesting personality and as the story is told from her perceptions, that gives a lot of moments where that personality really comes out and tells a lot about her. She isn’t, not really, evil, and that made her a lot more interesting to me in that she made a choice and she abides by it. She is tempted, on occasion, to break the promise she made to herself, but her will is strong and that made her such an interesting Succubus in my thoughts.

Through the course of the story the life that she leads, the single friend that she has, matters to her and in that friend there’s something important for her in that relationship. When she is forced into doing something to look after that friend, to protect her, that changes things and that story is one that needs to be told in the next part of the series I hope.

She does find some dark souls that she can take and not feel guilty about, but in one case, and it makes up the core of this story and reflects on the title as well, it’s a subject that I found hard to read about, even though it was fiction. What she was forced to do, and what happens through that action just made me very uncomfortable and while I understand that is was important to the story and fits in with her decisions of the past, I just didn’t like the last part of the work as much as I did the rest.

There really isn’t very much erotica in this work and for the most part I don’t think it hurts the work but rather improves it very much. It also gives more of a chance for Jezebel’s story to be told and that made the work a more solid piece of writing. The story is told well, there is meaning to the words and I really did feel for her when the story was over. But, and I regret this, her decision to become someone else in order to have revenge, or justice, depending on your point of view, just was very creepy and unsettling.

The ending is a slight cliffhanger, and it obviously leads into the next work in the series which I really want to read. I just hope that where Jezebel is at the end of this work isn’t where she is for too long in the next one. Her character and drive is better than that and there are so many plots left to be explored. Those are the things that I want to see unfold and I think they will.

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

I like Jezebel, I like her a lot. But the story turns in a direction that I really was uncomfortable with. I hope the next part of her story gets away from where it ended really quickly because if it stays there too long I don’t think I’ll be able to continue.



Aug 06 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 394

Not all Succubi have to be drawn as being overtly sexual beings I think. They don’t have to show off a lot of skin, flaunt themselves or something more than that. It isn’t always about putting sexuality out in the open that is attractive. Many times what is more attractive is looking… nice.

Having a look, a style that says, yes, I am one of the Succubi… want a hug? Because Succubi hugs are the best you know…

Succubus by 夏目亜沙都

Succubus by 夏目亜沙都


I found this work originally on Pixiv, and you can find the page on that site with this art here.While she does have a sort of Morrigan Aensland vibe going on, what I really like is her outfit. It’s just a really nice looking style and combination that isn’t really over the top or blatantly sexual… and it works.

There’s this neat casual look she has that fits with her expression, the colour of her wings and hair and the little hearts fluttering around her just add that little bit more to her cuteness by far. Perhaps she’s, in a way, a kind of Succubus princess that doesn’t like being too formal or too over the top… Kind of reminds me of a certain Queen of the Succubi in a way… I wonder who?

Cute, lovely, and just a wonderful member of the Succubi that I do love so very much…



Aug 05 2015

If there is a Diva that wears this costume I don’t believe it

Diva Devil CostumeI thought that last week’s costume was fairly awful, but this week’s costume I think surpasses that. There is that saying about wearing a potato sack if all else fails and somehow this costume reminds me of that in a lot of ways.

This is called the Deva Devil Costume and it comes with the awful dress and the uneven horns. The shoes are not included, not that they would help any, and it sells for $75 US.

This simply looks trashy, it isn’t flattering at all, and as a whole the cartoonish look just makes me roll my eyes and cringe in disbelief. There’s not a bit of seduction in this costume, and sexy is so far away from this you would need a telescope to find it. No, I’m mistaken. Not even the Hubble could find the sexy in this. Sexy just doesn’t exist in the universe this monster of a costume came from.

What really amazes me is the ad copy on this costume which claims it is “extremely sexy” and that it is “red hot” as well. Perhaps the latter is referring to the churning of my stomach as I look at this mess.

As seems to be the normal state of affairs when it comes to looking at costumes of late, there is nothing I like about this. There’s nothing to be done to make it better. And there is no possible way this would be something I would even consider in my worst nightmares… and I have had a lot of those I can tell you.

Still another zero out of five pitchforks.

Moving on. Quickly.



Aug 04 2015

A Review of Redneck Succubus: Revenge: Served Hot and Sexy with a Side of Deadly by Beatrice Evenmorne

Redneck Succubus: Revenge: Served Hot and Sexy with a Side of Deadly by Beatrice Evenmorne

Redneck Succubus: Revenge: Served Hot and Sexy with a Side of Deadly by Beatrice Evenmorne

A review of the opening work in a new series that has the main character being transformed into being a succubus and what happens from there. It is, really, an interesting idea where this story starts from and who the main character is. However I think the author really needed to think about the title of the work, because honestly it is about the longest title that I have seen in quite some time. Beyond that, the work needs more direction and focus to make what it promises turn out to be more than what it turns out to be.

Revenge is, in many ways, what one makes of it, The thing about that is, sometimes when you have what you want, things turn towards more than revenge. They turn towards changing who you are for all of the wrong reasons.

  • Title: Redneck Succubus: Revenge: Served Hot and Sexy with a Side of Deadly
  • Author: Beatrice Evenmorne
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B01226R1MO
  • Publishing Date: July 19, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Krissy “been done wrong” by Larry, and the last thing you ever want to do is get a country girl mad at you. She already broke off a little piece of revenge when she told everyone about his micro tool, but she wants more, she just doesn’t know how. Fortunately for her, a figurine is about to change her into an irresistibly sexy, deadly, demonic revenge machine. Her first order of the business after obtaining her new busty, curvy body? Find the woman that lured away her man and give her the best, and last, sex she’ll ever have.

Krissy is a little miffed when she finds out  that her boyfriend went and slept around with someone else. A chance encounter with a curse changes her and when she discovers what she can do, there are a lot of people that will be paying for what they have done to her.

The work is told from Krissy’s point of view and that, as a whole, makes is very clear that she is, for lack of a better phrase “backwoods trailer trash” in the most stereotypical way. In fact, just about every single possible stereotypical backwoods theme came out in the story, along with all of the accents, mannerisms and more. While this does lend itself to giving Krissy some personality, it also makes the work rather hard to read at times.

Most of the story passes in somewhat of a blur, the point being to get Krissy to the point where she becomes a succubus, in one of the more unique ways that I have read in some time mind you. Once past that, and she is changed, she puts two and two together, comes up with the conclusion she is a succubus now, for some reason, and then goes off to see the woman that was having fun with her boyfriend. Things unfold, there is some futa themes and then the work comes to an abrupt close before Krissy moves on to have more fun with those that have “wronged her.”

The story seems to just be in a hurry from the first to the last, not dwelling much on telling about Krissy and the others except in quick little descriptions. The transformation scene is a bit odd because, the way Krissy tells it, she experiences everything, then can’t remember it, so how is it that she tells about it? This is written in first-person, so how does that work exactly? Also, how is it that she knows she is a succubus? The means of her transformation isn’t exactly clear on that, but, considering how she was before it happened, it does make some sense in a way.

Because of the internal monologue from Krissy, the work is a little hard to read at times because there’s so much put into the accent of her internal voice that things get muddled up, sometimes unclear. The erotic scenes aren’t exactly erotic either in that they just don’t have a lot of heat in them, for one thing. The other is that after Krissy has her power, then she’s completely focused on revenge, so the erotica is glossed over in order to get to the revenge she is looking for.

To be clear, really none of the characters, save for Krissy, are that interesting, being they are rather thinly written and don’t have much to do save for being the focus of Krissy’s ire. However they do serve as a focal point for the rest of the story at least.

Krissy as a succubus is not really seductive, though she does become sexier. She doesn’t have, at least so far, anything obviously succubus-like about her as yet, though I expect in the next work that will happen. There is a question left unanswered, though hinted at in the title and a comment by Krissy which, for me, also turns the story a bit dark in a lot of ways.

That’s a shame because the Krissy of before isn’t quite the Krissy of after. While there’s not a lot to like, at least in the beginning she had some promise and could have been developed into something more than she was. That just didn’t happen and that is the problem here.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

I’m hoping that the next work in the series, if it appears, takes Krissy from being stereotypical towards something a lot more interesting. There is a real chance to do that, to make something of her rather than “just” what she has become.

It would be better than the start I think.



Aug 04 2015

A Review of My Gay Incubus by Mal Rhinehardt

My Gay Incubus by Mal Rhinehardt

My Gay Incubus by Mal Rhinehardt

Life can be, a lot of the time really, something that beats you down, makes you wonder why things are as they are, and most of all, question yourself, your choices and more. Sometimes in order to survive, we draw away into our dreams and find what comfort we can in them.

But what happens when the dream world and the real world meet in an unexpected way? What makes that connection? More importantly, what do you give up to have something you need?

  • Title: My Gay Incubus
  • Author: Mal Rhinehardt
  • Length: 13 Pages
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2014
  • This work at

It is the story of:

Stan’s been laid off from work and life isn’t going his way. But every night, he looks forward to going to bed so that he can have another vigorous encounter with the mysterious demon who visits his dreams. The dreams are always intense and heated. He can’t enough. But one day, the dreams become real as the demon shows up at his door, ready for more.

Stan’s life has, in short, gone to hell of late. Nothing is going right and he struggles to make it through the day. The only solace he finds is in his dreams in which he encounters an Incubus. One morning his dreams become real, but then the question is what does he give up for them?

The one thing that seems to be a constant theme throughout this work is that overriding loss that Stan suffers more than anything else. Quite a lot of the story takes up his past, the situation he is in, and just how much pain and suffering he goes through everyday.

While this is a hot flash in that the majority of the work revolves around Stan and the incubus being intimate with each other, there’s really not a lot of plot otherwise to tie things together. The writing is very good and the scenes are told well, but there’s something missing as the story progresses that, for me, leaves it lacking.

One of those things is the simple fact that the name of the incubus is never revealed. Stan is given a way to find out, and he seems to take it, but at the end, we still never know. As well there is the problem of what happens between them both, what is Stan’s future that isn’t touched on. The work ends on questions that never really are answered.

A hot flash doesn’t need to tell everything, but it helps to have closure to the work at least. It’s also good to name the characters and not leave them question marks. As well having all of Stan’s troubles being so much of the story as a whole takes away from the romance/erotica. I don’t expect every story to end on a positive note, but I also don’t expect a story to have so much hurt within the story that it takes away from any joy that the characters might have.

There’s also the question of what the motives of the incubus are. There’s a line in the story, really it is a throw away line more than anything else, but it brings up the question of whether Stan is the “one” or just “one of many”. That particular question is left open, but I found myself pondering it as the story came to its climax.

The ending at least gives Stan something that he desires, but the questions left just make that ending something that didn’t turn out to be what it could have been.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There was too much dwelling on Stan’s situation, how bad things are. That tended to haunt the rest of the story and when the ending came there were questions left unanswered, not the least of which being the name of the incubus himself.



Aug 03 2015

Rainfall By TeraS

The Queen of the Succubi is in a pensive mood of late. As I wrote this piece, a massive thunderstorm that come over, and the sounds that came brought this story along with them …


By TeraS


There are times when the Realm reflects the mood of the Queen herself. Most of the time, really almost all of the time, there is sun above, fine weather, the sort of day when all is right with the world. It seems to offer a hint, in some way, that Tera’s joy in being with others, helping them, sharing herself with them, is being reflected in the warm embrace that the weather gives to those within its lands.

The summer is, as a whole, quite long, and that allows for the joys of being on the beach, the twining of sundry tails, and, of course, all of the fun and games that those of the Realm, and those that know the way in, are able to enjoy. The entire season is warm and pleasant, and the evenings are even more so when even more intimate moments come in the heat of the night.

Then comes the fall. A time of fuzzy sweaters—red, of course, for Tera herself. Perhaps a bit more seductive than the bare skin of the summer, the fall brings enticing teases of what awaits when couples finish with the day, of leaves turning a most particular shade of red that seems to be an echo of the Queen’s own tail, and of retiring to cuddle with some hot chocolate. Autumn also brings the part of the year when the Queen’s powers are at their peak: her hair a bit more ebony, her tail and horns a bit more red, the glimmer in her so-green eyes just that much more captivating. And then comes the Grand Ball of the Realm, where all are welcome to share in the moment when the worlds are closest together, when the joys of a touch, a caress, a kiss, a moan, and a cry of ecstasy are at their peak. It is a time where the Queen joyfully gives of her all, wishing only that there is the joy of the moment for all around her to be shared and captured, bringing inspiration for all.

Following the heat of that moment within the cooler weather of the fall comes the winter, the time of year when the life of the Realm rests. A blanket of snow covers everything, allowing for the Realm to gather the energies of life which sustain. For those of the Realm, there is much time spent being bundled up as they go from place to place, of course. Eventually, all the succubi and incubi are lucky enough to have a certain knitter make them a special tail cozy, there are moans, followed by a race to their Eternals, beloveds, lovers, and so on to have that most needed of itches scratched in just the right way. Besides this, there are evenings spent by the fire, sipping hot chocolate—almost always in the nude, of course. The homes are warm and, as the evening is long, and something simply must be done to pass the time, the windows tend to get fogged over quite quickly, though no one really seems to mind that very much.

For the Queen herself, the winter brings time to consider, to mull over things as she is wont to do. However, as she was gifted with a rather special tail cozy and an attentive Eternal, she rarely finds herself not being occupied in the most passionate and captivating ways. While her Realm sleeps soundly throughout her passions shared, Tera herself rests in-between the moments which serve to rekindle her joys and love to be shared as always with all.

Then spring comes, the Realm waking up once more from the sleep of winter: the first shoots of new life springing from the ground and the sun peeking out from the clouds as they thin away, slowly, over time. As the cold gives way to the warmth returning, there also come the rains. The rain falls here and there, as it does, not caring for where exactly it does so. It brings with it the waters that quench thirst, make the life of the Realm blossom, and more. For some, the rains are seen as being a bother sometimes: a picnic brought to a close too soon, a dash for cover at the last moment. They look out from underneath an umbrella, or an awning, or from indoors to see the rain fall and await the time when the sun returns once more.

For the Queen, the rains reflect two sides of her. Sometimes, when the rains are fiercely falling, the thunder sounds, and the lightning flashes, it is the reflection of her mood at that moment, perhaps a reflection of her remembering something from her past that makes her wistful, or sad. Another time it might be some pain in the tail she is dealing with that is getting to her. Most of the time this tends to be some bureaucrat or other duty that she doesn’t particularly care for, but accepts … in her own way. Though some of these visitors remember to bring an umbrella with them, as it always seems to rain just as they leave her presence, and Tera always seems to softly giggle in amusement as the clouds open on them.

But there are other times, when the rain is falling in a soft mist, drifting from the skies above, when things are different. In these moments, the rain is pleasant, almost soothing as it drifts upon the Realm and those there. Somewhere in the Realm, on these days, someone looking at the right time can find the Queen out in the rain, watching it fall from above. She stands there, holding a red umbrella, waiting. That in itself wouldn’t be odd, almost normal: red jacket, black top, and so on; all quite normal. At least until she lowers the umbrella and, in the split second between being protected by it and her clothing being dampened, she stands there bare to the rains which continue to fall. The mists coat her skin, adding a sheen to her body, the light making that glow a bit more than what one might expect.

Her hair dampens slightly, draping against the skin of her back, over her curves, hiding her form—just slightly, but not too much so. Her horns glint as the rain continues, as does her tail. As her skin gains just a bit more sheen and slickness from the rains, the occasional rivulet of rain collects into a stream that travels down her chest, over her curves. That stream might dip into her navel, tickle over a hip, and then cascade along her thighs. If there is a bit of wind, her body cools, just slightly, goosebumps sparkling over her skin, and, as they do, she licks the moisture from her lips leaving the most interesting smile behind as she enjoys the moment.

In this moment, it is more obvious to those who look that she is connected to the life around her. She feels the joys, the anticipation of the summer to come with its heat, the fall with its power, the winter with its contentment. But over all of this comes the spring and the promise it brings. She tilts her head back, to feel the rains caressing her cheeks, a soft kiss to remind her that she is the promise of her Realm in all things. She embodies and ignites the joy, passion, love, desire, seduction and ecstasy.

The rain may fall at other times, certainly. But, in this moment, she knows that the rain does not simply fall. It uplifts her. It gives her hope for all.

And her hope, like rainfall, sustains all of the souls that she has touched, will touch, and has been touched by, and all the souls those souls touch. Her hope gives life to all creation.

Aug 02 2015

A Review of My Teacher the Futa Succubus by Sasha Scott

My Teacher the Futa Succubus by Sasha Scott

My Teacher the Futa Succubus by Sasha Scott

There are some stories which are rather hard to read as a whole. That sometimes is the writing, the tone, occasionally it is all of the spelling mistakes. Sometimes it is trying to read a work where it feels like the story was translated from another language and badly so.

But then there are stories where it seems like someone read a manga, wrote out the dialog and tried to piece it all together using translation software. At that point the story just is completely unreadable.

  • Title: My Teacher the Futa Succubus
  • Author: Sasha Scott
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • ASIN: B0135H2T1W
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2015
  • This work at

It is the story of:

Yuki has an incredible crush on his teacher, Miss Britton. However, when he confesses to her he finds out her secret, she’s actually a futa. And little does he know she has another secret too, she’s actually a succubus.

An issue presents itself as Miss Britton prefers girls to boys, but she has just the solution when she warps Yuki’s feminine male body into that of a full fledged woman, signalling the start of a new life filled with debauchery.

Yuki is attracted to his teacher and then discovers she is a succubus, falling to her powers. But Miss Britton doesn’t like boys, changes Yuki to suit her needs, and then… things happen.

I know that’s not a really good summary of this work, but in truth that reflects how poorly this work is written, edited, and presented. I found it incredibly difficult to read, at times actually painful to try to understand what was happening. The work reads, very much, like it was written in Japanese, as a manga book, then dropped into Google translate before being published with no editing, spellchecking, or the most basic of touchups to make it read better and make some kind of sense.

One example of how hard this work is to read can be found in this single paragraph:

He wiggled closer until he was pressed opposite her, nervously squirming around against the front of her desk. She slowly rose upwards, rising up above the small asian boy. Her hands grasped down across his face, freezing him in shock. She drew down, closer and closer, her hot breaths stroking over his features. Her piercing glance stirred into his eyes.

It’s just awful honestly. The entire work reads like this, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and so on.The grammar is poor, the story is barely there beneath the writing. The characters are hard to understand, what they are doing is as well. There’s such a disconnection between what the author is trying to say and what is written on the page.

Miss Britton is a succubus, at least she claims to be one, and yes, she seems to be, but then there’s really nothing else told about her, other than she likes girls rather than boys and is a futa. There’s a gender change scene that makes little sense, and then the story falls into a sex scene, which isn’t at all erotic.

The entire work needs a lot of assistance just to be clear in what happens within it. As much as I try to find the good in the works that I review, in this one I just cannot manage to do that. The author would be well advised to completely rewrite this, clean up the dialog, make the story sensical, and, at the least, fix all of the spelling and grammar errors. All this work manages to do is make me shake my head in disbelief. If this wasn’t a Kindle Unlimited I would have felt cheated in having to pay for this work.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

This is just such a painful thing to read by far. A lot of editing, spelling correction, and rewriting to make the characters sound like characters and not a mishmash of strung together phrases would be a good place to start.