Aug 03 2015

Rainfall By TeraS

The Queen of the Succubi is in a pensive mood of late. As I wrote this piece, a massive thunderstorm that come over, and the sounds that came brought this story along with them …


By TeraS


There are times when the Realm reflects the mood of the Queen herself. Most of the time, really almost all of the time, there is sun above, fine weather, the sort of day when all is right with the world. It seems to offer a hint, in some way, that Tera’s joy in being with others, helping them, sharing herself with them, is being reflected in the warm embrace that the weather gives to those within its lands.

The summer is, as a whole, quite long, and that allows for the joys of being on the beach, the twining of sundry tails, and, of course, all of the fun and games that those of the Realm, and those that know the way in, are able to enjoy. The entire season is warm and pleasant, and the evenings are even more so when even more intimate moments come in the heat of the night.

Then comes the fall. A time of fuzzy sweaters—red, of course, for Tera herself. Perhaps a bit more seductive than the bare skin of the summer, the fall brings enticing teases of what awaits when couples finish with the day, of leaves turning a most particular shade of red that seems to be an echo of the Queen’s own tail, and of retiring to cuddle with some hot chocolate. Autumn also brings the part of the year when the Queen’s powers are at their peak: her hair a bit more ebony, her tail and horns a bit more red, the glimmer in her so-green eyes just that much more captivating. And then comes the Grand Ball of the Realm, where all are welcome to share in the moment when the worlds are closest together, when the joys of a touch, a caress, a kiss, a moan, and a cry of ecstasy are at their peak. It is a time where the Queen joyfully gives of her all, wishing only that there is the joy of the moment for all around her to be shared and captured, bringing inspiration for all.

Following the heat of that moment within the cooler weather of the fall comes the winter, the time of year when the life of the Realm rests. A blanket of snow covers everything, allowing for the Realm to gather the energies of life which sustain. For those of the Realm, there is much time spent being bundled up as they go from place to place, of course. Eventually, all the succubi and incubi are lucky enough to have a certain knitter make them a special tail cozy, there are moans, followed by a race to their Eternals, beloveds, lovers, and so on to have that most needed of itches scratched in just the right way. Besides this, there are evenings spent by the fire, sipping hot chocolate—almost always in the nude, of course. The homes are warm and, as the evening is long, and something simply must be done to pass the time, the windows tend to get fogged over quite quickly, though no one really seems to mind that very much.

For the Queen herself, the winter brings time to consider, to mull over things as she is wont to do. However, as she was gifted with a rather special tail cozy and an attentive Eternal, she rarely finds herself not being occupied in the most passionate and captivating ways. While her Realm sleeps soundly throughout her passions shared, Tera herself rests in-between the moments which serve to rekindle her joys and love to be shared as always with all.

Then spring comes, the Realm waking up once more from the sleep of winter: the first shoots of new life springing from the ground and the sun peeking out from the clouds as they thin away, slowly, over time. As the cold gives way to the warmth returning, there also come the rains. The rain falls here and there, as it does, not caring for where exactly it does so. It brings with it the waters that quench thirst, make the life of the Realm blossom, and more. For some, the rains are seen as being a bother sometimes: a picnic brought to a close too soon, a dash for cover at the last moment. They look out from underneath an umbrella, or an awning, or from indoors to see the rain fall and await the time when the sun returns once more.

For the Queen, the rains reflect two sides of her. Sometimes, when the rains are fiercely falling, the thunder sounds, and the lightning flashes, it is the reflection of her mood at that moment, perhaps a reflection of her remembering something from her past that makes her wistful, or sad. Another time it might be some pain in the tail she is dealing with that is getting to her. Most of the time this tends to be some bureaucrat or other duty that she doesn’t particularly care for, but accepts … in her own way. Though some of these visitors remember to bring an umbrella with them, as it always seems to rain just as they leave her presence, and Tera always seems to softly giggle in amusement as the clouds open on them.

But there are other times, when the rain is falling in a soft mist, drifting from the skies above, when things are different. In these moments, the rain is pleasant, almost soothing as it drifts upon the Realm and those there. Somewhere in the Realm, on these days, someone looking at the right time can find the Queen out in the rain, watching it fall from above. She stands there, holding a red umbrella, waiting. That in itself wouldn’t be odd, almost normal: red jacket, black top, and so on; all quite normal. At least until she lowers the umbrella and, in the split second between being protected by it and her clothing being dampened, she stands there bare to the rains which continue to fall. The mists coat her skin, adding a sheen to her body, the light making that glow a bit more than what one might expect.

Her hair dampens slightly, draping against the skin of her back, over her curves, hiding her form—just slightly, but not too much so. Her horns glint as the rain continues, as does her tail. As her skin gains just a bit more sheen and slickness from the rains, the occasional rivulet of rain collects into a stream that travels down her chest, over her curves. That stream might dip into her navel, tickle over a hip, and then cascade along her thighs. If there is a bit of wind, her body cools, just slightly, goosebumps sparkling over her skin, and, as they do, she licks the moisture from her lips leaving the most interesting smile behind as she enjoys the moment.

In this moment, it is more obvious to those who look that she is connected to the life around her. She feels the joys, the anticipation of the summer to come with its heat, the fall with its power, the winter with its contentment. But over all of this comes the spring and the promise it brings. She tilts her head back, to feel the rains caressing her cheeks, a soft kiss to remind her that she is the promise of her Realm in all things. She embodies and ignites the joy, passion, love, desire, seduction and ecstasy.

The rain may fall at other times, certainly. But, in this moment, she knows that the rain does not simply fall. It uplifts her. It gives her hope for all.

And her hope, like rainfall, sustains all of the souls that she has touched, will touch, and has been touched by, and all the souls those souls touch. Her hope gives life to all creation.

Aug 02 2015

A Review of My Teacher the Futa Succubus by Sasha Scott

My Teacher the Futa Succubus by Sasha Scott

My Teacher the Futa Succubus by Sasha Scott

There are some stories which are rather hard to read as a whole. That sometimes is the writing, the tone, occasionally it is all of the spelling mistakes. Sometimes it is trying to read a work where it feels like the story was translated from another language and badly so.

But then there are stories where it seems like someone read a manga, wrote out the dialog and tried to piece it all together using translation software. At that point the story just is completely unreadable.

  • Title: My Teacher the Futa Succubus
  • Author: Sasha Scott
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • ASIN: B0135H2T1W
  • Publishing Date: July 31, 2015
  • This work at

It is the story of:

Yuki has an incredible crush on his teacher, Miss Britton. However, when he confesses to her he finds out her secret, she’s actually a futa. And little does he know she has another secret too, she’s actually a succubus.

An issue presents itself as Miss Britton prefers girls to boys, but she has just the solution when she warps Yuki’s feminine male body into that of a full fledged woman, signalling the start of a new life filled with debauchery.

Yuki is attracted to his teacher and then discovers she is a succubus, falling to her powers. But Miss Britton doesn’t like boys, changes Yuki to suit her needs, and then… things happen.

I know that’s not a really good summary of this work, but in truth that reflects how poorly this work is written, edited, and presented. I found it incredibly difficult to read, at times actually painful to try to understand what was happening. The work reads, very much, like it was written in Japanese, as a manga book, then dropped into Google translate before being published with no editing, spellchecking, or the most basic of touchups to make it read better and make some kind of sense.

One example of how hard this work is to read can be found in this single paragraph:

He wiggled closer until he was pressed opposite her, nervously squirming around against the front of her desk. She slowly rose upwards, rising up above the small asian boy. Her hands grasped down across his face, freezing him in shock. She drew down, closer and closer, her hot breaths stroking over his features. Her piercing glance stirred into his eyes.

It’s just awful honestly. The entire work reads like this, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and so on.The grammar is poor, the story is barely there beneath the writing. The characters are hard to understand, what they are doing is as well. There’s such a disconnection between what the author is trying to say and what is written on the page.

Miss Britton is a succubus, at least she claims to be one, and yes, she seems to be, but then there’s really nothing else told about her, other than she likes girls rather than boys and is a futa. There’s a gender change scene that makes little sense, and then the story falls into a sex scene, which isn’t at all erotic.

The entire work needs a lot of assistance just to be clear in what happens within it. As much as I try to find the good in the works that I review, in this one I just cannot manage to do that. The author would be well advised to completely rewrite this, clean up the dialog, make the story sensical, and, at the least, fix all of the spelling and grammar errors. All this work manages to do is make me shake my head in disbelief. If this wasn’t a Kindle Unlimited I would have felt cheated in having to pay for this work.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

This is just such a painful thing to read by far. A lot of editing, spelling correction, and rewriting to make the characters sound like characters and not a mishmash of strung together phrases would be a good place to start.

Aug 02 2015

A Review of Misty Shalimar – Modern Day Succubus – Cowgirl Up! by Pamela Parkman

Misty Shalimar - Modern Day Succubus - Cowgirl Up! by Pamela Parkman

Misty Shalimar – Modern Day Succubus – Cowgirl Up! by Pamela Parkman

It has been quite some time since there has been a work about Misty Shalimar, who appeared in a work that I reviewed back in January 2013. At the time I had some very high praise for the story and Misty herself I thought was a really good Succubus character.

A second work appeared last year and while Misty has returned… The story itself is missing something. It doesn’t quite read the same nor does it have quite the same style as the first work did.

That’s not to say that work isn’t interesting, for it is, but compared to the first… It needs some help in a few places.

  • Title: Misty Shalimar – Modern Day Succubus – Cowgirl Up!
  • Author: Pamela Parkman
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B00L8FWN06
  • Publishing Date: June 23, 2014
  • This work at

The story tells the tale of:

Young Misty and The Professor go for a short vacation to a cowboy town in Northern Arizona. Misty almost lets herself go too far with a local after riding a bull stirs her inner juices. The young cowboy’s life is saved when a local thug decides he wants to take Misty for the ride of her life.

Three years have passed since Misty became a succubus and in that time she and the Professor have been roaming around America looking for those that deserve Misty’s personal kind of justice. They take a break in a small town in the middle of nowhere and Misty is attracted to someone that interests her. However someone else decides that Misty shouldn’t have ignored him and things take a turn that she didn’t expect… or want.

Misty is every bit the interesting, funny, and smart character that she was in the first work. She’s a bit older, perhaps a little more jaded about what has happened to her, but that can be chalked up to character growth and she seems to have done a lot of that in the time between stories about her. But in spite of all that she has been through, she’s still someone that that knows the difference between right and wrong and does everything she can to remember that.

The story doesn’t get Misty into any really hot erotic situations, though there are a few moments when she gets all worked up that I thought were really funny and cute at the same time. It’s more a story of the things that she has to deal with now that she is, after all, to others, a really sexy woman that they want to “get to know better.” This sets up a really unique moment of Misty riding a mechanical bull with a hidden secret that Misty isn’t going to soon forget. But it also puts her in the situation of being held captive by someone and then trying to find a way out. It’s during this part of the story that many questions about what she’ll do and what might happen come up. The way the work ends isn’t all that much of a surprise, considering Misty’s view of things and I’m glad that it wasn’t stereotypical, which it could have been very easily.

Many quirky, interesting, and at times, amusing characters dot the story, and it has the same humour that the first work had. The Professor is a source of much of that, as he was in the first book, and really I was smiling through the story when he appeared. It’s clear that Misty has picked up a lot of his mannerisms and humour as well which also makes the story better for that happening.

As much as I loved the first work in this series, the second just leaves something to be desired. The one thing that this work needs, more than anything else is a good editing. There are errors from the first page to the last and that took a lot of the enjoyment I had in finding another story about Misty away. They aren’t glaring errors or omissions by any means, but they just brought me to a halt every time I came across them and that shouldn’t have happened considering the work as a whole.

As such while it is a cute and fun story that I really liked, I just didn’t find I liked it as much as the first book. That’s a shame because the promise is there, and it comes very close to how much I enjoyed the first work in the series.

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

There are just too many tense, word and punctuation errors that bothered me. Misty isn’t quite the same character as well, which is a shame really. I think too much time has passed between the author writing the first work and this one. Perhaps they will see a way to write another story about Misty in a shorter period of time…



Aug 01 2015

A cute Morrigan Aensland speed painting YouTube

Another interesting little YouTube of an artist creating some lovely Morrigan Aensland art this time on the Tale.

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

As well, here is the finished artwork in case YouTube deletes the video for whatever reason:

Morrigan Aensland by The Ink Monster

Morrigan Aensland by The Ink Monster

The artist calls themselves The Ink Monster and you can find the original page where this art is displayed here on Tumblr.

Really this is just a lovely work of art, especially like Morrigan’s eyes and smile most of all. Her expression is bordering on bemusement I think. Considering that’s one of my favourite expression, it’s rather obvious why I like this art so much…



Jul 31 2015

A Review of Magic and Metaphors by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Magic and Metaphors by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Magic and Metaphors by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Catching up with my reviews of the works of the author Dou7g in the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my reviews of the series here on the Talehere, herehere as well as here and here and also here. The previous two works in the series were reviewed here and here as well.

One of the things that really isn’t explored in a lot of series is how things work, especially when it comes to magic. That is a shame really because having the right teachers, and incentive, can make for a very cute and hot little lesson on its own…

The work tells of:

This is the next installment after Demons and Diplomacy. The two sides have reached a truce and Megan and Kendra attempt to help Amy learn magic.

The summary is a bit short, and I think it’s more like: “A truce keeps our heroes, and others, from coming to blows. In the meantime, Amy tries to learn magic, but doesn’t get anywhere until Megan and Kendra give her a ;tongue-lashing; to loosen her up… and everyone knows it.”

Another cute and funny piece of the series, focusing on Amy, who wants to be helpful and to be so is trying to find her way to the magic within her. Lorelei cannot seem to help her do so, but when Megan appears, and manages to get somewhere, more than just how to do magic is revealed. A lot about Megan herself, what she thinks about what she has done, how she feels about Edmond, and Amy’s attentions to him, also comes into play. This does expand Megan’s character a lot and I enjoyed that very much.

Kendra then appears, and the three become very close and personal in the lessons taught which marks the return of a little hot flash between the three that’s fun and sexy in many ways. Mixed into the erotica is a neat explanation of how magic works, and I couldn’t help but smile as Amy was taught her lessons.

There’s also some development in Edmund and Magus, telling about their thoughts, how they are dealing with what is happening, that I liked as well. Quite a lot of plot setup happens outside of the magic users having their fun and it’s an interesting contrast between the two threads in the story.

The work climaxes in more than one way, for several characters, but the last few pages allow the appearance of a twist in the plot that foretells some problems for our heroes. What happens to Magus in those pages is, honestly, some of the funniest passages in the work so far and just goes to show how literally some people can be.

A lovely pause between the conflicts and challenges our heroes face, some lovely character development and some light hearted erotica all make this wonderful. I think the turning of focus towards two characters who are new breathes life into things, makes the work stronger, and refocuses the series well.

Four out of five pitchforks.

There are storms on the horizon, how our heroes address them will be interesting to see…



Jul 31 2015

A Review of Morning Star by Snow McNally

Morning Star by Snow McNally

Morning Star by Snow McNally

Another review today of a work that appeared so very long ago, told a wonderful story… And then vanished, for the most part. It’s a story that is quite a bit different than what you might expect, tells that story amazingly well, and offers so many questions that need to be answered.

But the promise in this work was never realized in a second promised work in the series. Something that has always bothered me to be honest. Because it’s that good a story.

Do you know who you are? Are you sure? And when the truth is thrust upon you, can you believe it, deal with it, and still be who you are inside of yourself?

  • Title: Morning Star
  • Author: Snow McNally
  • Length: 256 Pages
  • ASIN: B008ZCBVM6
  • ISBN-10: 147914259X (Paperback)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1479142590 (Paperback)
  • Publishing Date: August 17, 2012
  • This work at

It is the story of:

All Alex wants is to feel loved, and not just used. Instead, he meets Rebecca, who seems to want nothing more than to torment him. Still, if you knew her ex, you’d understand. Somehow he finds himself dragged through a side of the world he never knew existed, and confronts all the things he never wanted to believe in. A romance of hate as much as love, featuring cosplay, zombies, cross-dressing, succubi, maids and a world-class heist, not to mention a love triangle with the very last person you’d ever want interested in your love life, let alone competing for a part in it.

Take a trip to Hell, which is a very different place to what you’d expect, and really not all that unpleasant.

Alex is an artist trying to make ends meet in his world. After breaking up with what he thought was his girlfriend, he comes into contact with Rebecca. In spite of her being odd, immensely so, Alex turns out to be the one person that she likes. And that could well be a real problem when who Alex is, what’s going on around him, and what it all means comes to pass.

The work as a whole is rather a complicated story, but that’s hidden away in moments that take Alex out of his comfort zone in a lot of ways. He learns a lot about the people he thought he knew and in that comes the start of learning about himself. And the one most responsible for that is Rebecca.

Rebecca is… different. She appears to be something of a Goth in a lot of ways but that hides who and what she really is. Alex’s discovery of that, what it means for his relationship with her, and more importantly, what their future might be is something memorable. It’s obvious that Rebecca is not exactly what she appears to be from the beginning of the work and what that means is quite a surprise when it all comes out, though there are hints from the beginning.

Possibly the most revealing, and for me, the one that sticks out for me the most is this passage:

She had a red corset, a tiny red miniskirt, black and red striped stockings and red heels, as well as red gloves to round it out. That wasn’t quite as distracting as the red devil horns on her head, or the long pointy tail sticking out from behind her. She looked incredibly sexy, a fact which I was trying my hardest to ignore, without much success.

She caught me looking, and made a face. It was somewhere between irritation and guilt, and I didn’t even want to begin thinking about what that meant. Clearly she hadn’t expected to see me. Well, I live here. Get over it.

“Nice horns,” I said casually as I cracked an egg over the frying pan. “Suits you.”

“Shut up,” she said, grabbing them and the headband they must’ve been attached to, and tossing them back into her room.

That one passage, more than any other. endeared Rebecca to me. As the story continued and the real truth about Alex came out, and she needed to make a choice, one that didn’t have a good outcome no matter what she decided to do, she made a choice.

I felt as if Rebecca was a Succubus or had a lot of Succubus in her, but in that choice came the moment when it was made clear who she was. That choice reflected on Alex as well and bound the two of them together in the most amazing way.

The work reads as a bit of a fantasy adventure mixed in with a mystery, which I thought worked very well. There isn’t much in the way of erotica seen, but the moment when Rebecca and Alex first share a kiss is one of the most amazing passages that I have read in some time.

There are a few very minor spelling mistakes in the work, but nothing that really took away from the amazing characters, story, and purpose it had. It comes to a satisfying conclusion as well, the moment that comes feels right and does right by Alex and Rebecca as well.

The thing is that the work ends on a cliff hanger in a lot of ways. Rebecca’s future is hinted at, as is Alex’s. There’s a promise of what their future will be, but we never see that unfold and I wish that it had been for all of the buildup that the work took in getting to that point.

It left me wanting. To this day… I still am.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

I wish that this work was available as an eBook still, but it isn’t, you can only find it as a paperback now. That’s a shame because there’s so much told in this work that restricting it in that was just doesn’t do this author any sort of favour.

I wish that the second work would have appeared, mainly to see what happened to Rebecca, who and what she is now, and what that means to her and Alex going forwards. Lots of questions left unanswered, lots of story hinted at and suggested…

But we’ll never see any of that. I wish that wasn’t true.



Jul 30 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 393

Some Morrigan Aensland cuteness this time on the Tale for the Succubi Image of the Week. The interesting thing about Morrigan is that there are all sorts of different ways to draw her. She can be evil or not, be young or mature, over the top sexy, seductive, or simply just cute. I love finding images of Morrigan being cute and the one this week really is that and more…

Morrigan Aensland by ぺつお

Morrigan Aensland by ぺつお


I found this art originally on Pixiv, and you can find the page on that site with this image here. In a way, this art of Morrigan reminds me a lot of Lilith Aensland in that Morrigan looks quite a lot younger than she normally does. Her smile is adorable, really the focus of the work, and her pose and how her hair is swept around her just makes this a lovely image of her.

I do like this artist’s drawing style, it’s a neat mix of anime and cartoon that I think fits Morrigan’s character well and does bring out her personality well. Especially that look in her eyes and her smile.

Just a lovely work of art and I do smile when I see it…