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Aug 26 2009

Devil Doggie – Goodbye Rudi

I wrote this last Moday night, the last night we had with our dog Rudy… He was a German Short-hair Pointer, he was 17… Yesterday, Keith and I went and… said goodbye to him… I don’t take stuff like this well for a lot of reasons…. Rudi as been part of some of the Tales …

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Aug 25 2009

Temptations XXIII – Gavin and Marie – Part VII

Marie turns darker and Gavin succumbs to her will… And in the background the Succubi Queen plots and schemes… ________________________________ Temptations XXIII – Gavin and Marie – Part VII By TeraS and Gasman Waves of rightness seemed to wash up against Gavin’s mind as she corrected him. She was his Mistress. He worshipped Her. He …

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Aug 24 2009

Storm Clouds XVI – An ongoing Succubi Story

Storm Clouds XVI Added some to Chapter 5 and fixed a bunch of stuff from last week’s post… <huggles for my heart> Tera ________________________ Storm Clouds By TeraS Chapter 1 “How did she die?” The question hung in the air over the people surrounding the cold steel table upon which a body rested, covered in …

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Aug 23 2009

Not actually a bad Succubus Costume…

I came across this Succubus costume because of a link that a reader of A Succubi’s Tale sent me this weekend… You can find this on sale here. What you get with this outfit is the black horns, the corset and dress, the choker and the pitchfork. You don’t get the boots or the petticoat. …

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Aug 22 2009

A call for help on an Image search…

I received a request from a reader of A Succubi’s Tale to try to answer the following questions… Who did this work? Where is a larger version? And is there more like this? If anyone has the answers, or an idea. please post it in the comments or please email me? Huggles and thankies!! Tera

Aug 21 2009

Succubi Doll Cuteness!!

I came across this image of a succubus doll that it’s creator as submitted for consideration to be made for real… I would LOVE to have one!!! She is the creation of an arist called fuish, who has a DeviantArt site at : And you can vote to have this doll made at: …

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Aug 20 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 87

For this week I was absolutely floored by this work of a Succubus Summoning… This work is by the artist dragonero, who’s deviantart site can be found here. It’s one of the best images I have ever seen of a Succubus summoning… Oddly, when I look at her she sort of looks similar to a …

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