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Dec 11 2016

A Review of Little Love by Catherine LaCroix

Little Love by Catherine LaCroix

Quite some time ago, an author began a series, but didn’t bring the series to a conclusion. A while ago, I came across the works of this author and was captivated by the stories told. The shame was that the last work in the series had never appeared. To my delight, the author contacted me …

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Dec 11 2016

A Review of Killer Kisses by ML Michaels

Killer Kisses by ML Michaels

I do understand that authors are putting their works together into a collection. That’s mainly because of Kindle Unlimited of course. But the thing is when a story bills itself as being over 300 pages, one expects a story that long. A story that has character development, that takes the time to tell that story. …

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Dec 10 2016

The Eternal Senia Succubus Battle on YouTube

Eternal Senia Succubus

I’ve never played the Eternal Senia video game, and to be honest I don’t think I would ever do so. However there appears to be a Succubus that appears as one of the boss characters in the game. Now, most of the game is made of 8-bit sprites, but there is some decent art as well. …

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Dec 09 2016

A Review of Satan!: Hell High Book 2 by Michael-Scott Earle

Satan!: Hell High Book 2 by Michael-Scott Earle

Last month on the Tale I reviewed the first work in the Hell High series by Michael-Scott Earle, and you can find that review here. I thought it was a delightfully fun story with quite a lot of promise, even if there was a catchphrase that made me roll my eyes when it happened a bit …

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Dec 09 2016

A Review of Futa Succubus Joins a Gym by M. Dunn

Futa Succubus Joins a Gym by M. Dunn

The appearance of futa succubi characters in many works of erotica in the past year has become somewhat of a theme overall. It’s an interesting concept, one that if explored, rather than simply exploited, can make for interesting characters, stories, and more. It is the problem that I find happens a lot in the short …

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Dec 08 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 464

Succubus by MiyuKinTan

There are some images of Succubi that I find that have, at least to me, a very Dungeons and Dragons feel to them. Perhaps it is the artist’s style, how they appear, or something else, it seems like there is a specific appearance to some Succubi that lends them to that game universe. This work …

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Dec 07 2016

The corset is cute, the rest not so much so…

Clubbing Devil Costume

Occasionally there is a corset that almost manages to get away from being trashy and dips a toe, or bow, into being cute. I do like cute, and while this particular corset combination is that, the horns and pitchfork really can’t be called that at all. This is called the Clubbing Devil Costume and it comes …

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