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Apr 14 2009

Temptations V – Marcus

This RP in Temptations was with a person called Vortex421… We didn’t get far with this and that to me seems a shame… _______________________________   It had taken Marcus months to finally locate the library.  Though he wasn’t a local, he was an admitted bibliophile and both libraries and bookstores had always been of interest …

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Apr 12 2009

An Easter Poem from The Realm…

An Easter Gift from my heart James…. <huggles and love for him and his family always>   Tera   ___________________________________   Easter Joys By James   The joys of spring spread ‘round the Lake of Fire  as snow retreated from a bold array of multi-colored blossoms. These inspire, it seems, the angel kitties in aggressive …

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Apr 08 2009

A Birthday in the Realm

Today is the birthday of someone so very special to me… I was thinking about how to mark it and decided that I would write a story… ______________________________________ If Wishes Were Horses… By TeraS   It looked like a typical day in the Realm. Sunny, warm… A nice day… Save for the cursing that came from …

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Apr 07 2009

Temptations IV – Sean

This is another in the series of RPs that I did on the MC Garden’s RP Secion. This one was with a member named Hess42, Someone that I have spoken with on and off over the past few years, but have no seen recently I regret… _________________________- Temptations IV – Sean “Christ,” Sean thought with …

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Apr 06 2009


Couple of things randomly this fine snowy day here in the Realm… First of all I would like to remind writers that a Succubus is female and an Incubus is male. I read two eNovels this past weekend where on one page a character claimed that he was a Succubus, and then in the following …

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Apr 04 2009


I had a really odd dream last night about Succubi and other things… And one of those things was the thought about what a pet for a Succubi might be and what they might look like… That dream last night sort of fixed the idea in my mind this morning… I am in the process …

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Mar 31 2009

Temptations III – Anthony

Another in a series of RPs on the MC Garden that I did some time ago… This one is with someone named Shaft whom I haven’t seen in almost a year now on the Garden… Hoping you are well and kk! Tera _________________________________ You enter a library searching for a book. A book on legends …

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