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Feb 02 2009

Kate Beckinsale as a Succubus…

Kate Beckinsale as a Succubus

No idea where or when this was but… Although it is just a little over the top, her pitchfork is laughable and the band holding her horns is just huge… It’s kind of growing on me as a look…   Sorry for the late posting, but we were run over by life today… <huggles>   …

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Jan 29 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 58

Succubus by Unknown Artist

This week’s image is a little small… Wish there was a larger version that I could show but, this is all I have of it… Love the look and hair… Not so sure about the shoes…  Might be a lil painful… Now I think this is an Olivia de Berardinis work, if I am making out …

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Jan 26 2009

Manipping Morrigan Aensland…

Morrigan Aensland. That is a name that 99% of all of you that know Succubi should recognize. For those that do not, she is the heroine (at least in my eyes) of the Darkstalkers video game and TV series among other appearances… With that out of the way, I have had a chance to experiment …

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Jan 22 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 57

Elluvia by Unknown Artist

Once again, for the Succubi Image of the Week, I have an image with no clear idea of who the artist is or anything else about it… Save the Succubus’ name… Elluvia. She’s beautifully drawn, though she isn’t a classic Succubus with horns and a tail… She looks a lot like the Succubus in the Castlevania …

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Jan 18 2009

Poking at a Manip…


<fiddle> <fiddle> <ponder> <ponder> Hopefully this will be postable this week…  Haven’t made a Succubi manip in a while and it’s about time I do again…   Tera

Jan 15 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 56

Ponderings by Unknown Artist

This week’s Succubi Image of the Week is another one of those which I have no idea who the artist is… I am calling this image Ponderings because the actual image name is just a bunch of random numbers… There is a signature in the lower right corner, but I can’t make heads or more …

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Jan 08 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 55

Devilbabe-1 by Unknown Artist

This week’s Succubi Image of the Week is just simply a work of art… The only thing about this image, that takes something away from it in my opinion, is the heart she is holding in her hand. That is a little disappointing, but otherwise… Yummy. Once again, with a lot of regret, I have …

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