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Mar 01 2009

Chibi Succubi Dolls…

Chibi Succubi by KIZ Entertainment

Last year a company called KIZ Entertainment created a doll which they named Beryl-Never ending dream… This year, they have brought out a pair of chibi Succubi which are so very cute! You can read more about them at the company’s website: They are really works of art, but too pricey for my tastes… Beryl was, when …

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Oct 13 2008

Cute Lilith Aensland Figurine…

New Lilith Aensland Figurine?

I was googling Lilith Aensland this morning and came across this figurine that I think may be a new version of her: Not 100% dure of this, but I think it is because previous versions of this succubus figurine have been with more colorful outfits… it is available from this website… Tera

Sep 09 2008

Just too cute…

Hula Hottie

This is just something silly that my good friend Cal saw in a dollar store a little while ago… <smiles> This is just too cute… Not sure if she qualifies as a Succubus… But it’s too cute…. In other news, it’s time for another WordPress update so the Tale might be down for a bit …

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Aug 25 2008

Just an odd Demoness looking toy…

Just... Wierd...

Not calling this a Succubus as it is officially a “Beta Female Demoness”… I myself have no idea what I would call it really… For those interested, an online store is selling it here. Have a Monday! Tera

Aug 20 2008

Coming Soon: New WoW Succubus Model

DC Unlimited figurine of Amberlash Succubus from World of Warcraft

So this is still a bit in the future… Like April 1, 2009… But DC Unlimited is going to release a new version of the Succubus from World of Warcraft… It stands about 8 and a half inches high and if the promotional image is the final product, which is not for sure, then it …

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Jul 16 2008

Upper Deck Succubus Miniature for WoW

Wow Succubus Miniature

It appears that Upper Deck is going to release a Succubus miniature for their World of Warcraft board game. The page on their site showing it and a 360 degree view of it is here. But here’s a closeup view of her: And the teaser text is as follows: Succubus Faction: Monster Race: Demon Don’t …

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May 02 2008

This is just amazing…

Papercraft folded Succubus

Paper fold a Mabinogi Anime Red Succubus… It’s only three dollars for the paper plans which are available at this site: A gallery of images of the finished paperdoll is here: Something to do on a rainy day! Tera