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Apr 21 2010

Succubi left the disco 80s behind I think…

Disco Devil Costume

As I recall it, the 80s were known as Disco Hell in a lot of ways… This costume brings back a lot of bad, baffling memories I can tell you… This is called Disco Devil for obvious reasons I think you can see and is available from the same website as last week’s trashiness that …

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Apr 14 2010

How much would you pay for a Succubus Costume?

Trashy Devil

How much would you pay for a Succubus Costume? Your soul? Something else of value? How about alomst one thousand dollars? I am not kidding about this… I found a site that sells some very expensive costumes and for the next little while I am going to poke some holes in them.. I might tell …

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Apr 07 2010

Rhinestones do not a Succubus Costume make…

Rhinestone Devil Woman Halloween Costume

Rhinestones do not a Succubus Costume make… that I think should be something that costume maker should keep in mind when creating outfits like this one… There are some good things about this costume, but let’s get through the not so nice details first… The costume comes with a really bad pair of horns. They …

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Mar 31 2010

This is an Elegant Succubus Costume?

Elegant Devil Costume

Sometimes I wonder about the names that are placed on some of the costumes for sale… They seem, on occasion, to be almost a joke or if not that, at least comical in nature… Like this one for example… This, and I still cannot understand it, is called an Elegant Devil Costume… I’ll  get to …

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Mar 24 2010

Why would a costume like this exist?

What is this?

Sometimes you see a costume and the first thing you think is, what were you thinking? This one… oh my… This one is a grade-A prime example of that… I’m speechless… Completely and totally speechless over this costume. What exactly is this supposed to be? The information on this costume claims that it is a …

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Mar 17 2010

Cute outfit, but needs something more…

Devil's Delight Costume

Some Succubus costumes have a certain amount of cuteness in them. That makes them attractive to me, but occasionally the cuteness needs some help… This outfit is called Devil’s Delight, but as usual, you don’t receive all that is shown in the pictures… This costume comes with a pair of horns, a very very short …

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Mar 10 2010

Gold Horns do not a Succubus Costume make…

Hot Devil Costume

Sometimes, when you purchase a costume, they throw in certain things to make it more attractive… Some add a set of horns, others gloves or fishnets… But most of the time it really doesn’t help all that much… Like this one. This costume comes with a set of gold foil covered horns, a red corset …

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