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Jul 10 2016

A Review of Have You Met My Succubus? by Allan Williams

Have You Met My Succubus? by Allan Williams

The thing about creating a story universe is that there needs to be a lot of time taken to think about the characters, their stories, and how to connect everything together. Sometimes this can be done by just having one singular character that just “is there” throughout all of the works in the collection. They …

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Jul 10 2016

A Review of Last Call for Love by Lila Shaw

Last Call for Love by Lila Shaw

I have reviewed many of Lila Shaw’s works, and really I have reviewed all of her succubus stories. In each I have found something that I adored, admired and was thrilled by. It is always a wonderful moment to discover another of her succubi stories and fall into the world she creates. A reissued, and rewritten …

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Jul 09 2016

A Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube with a slightly different beat…

Morrigan Screenshot

Another Morrigan Aensland art tribute YouTube today with what I think is a rather upbeat music track behind it…   And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hyx8hmakQk Normally I add an image from the video of Morrigan that I liked the best, but this time I …

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Jul 08 2016

A Review of Creating a Woman Can Be Tricky by Susan Hart

Creating a Woman Can Be Tricky by Susan Hart

There are some story ideas that, at first look, actually have something interesting to tell. Managing to take an idea and turn it into a story that holds onto the idea, but builds upon it can be a difficult thing to accomplish. One of the pitfalls can in the characters, another can be in the …

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Jul 08 2016

A Review of The Naughty Succubus Part 7: Recollections by Becca Lusk

The Naughty Succubus Part 7: Recollections by Becca Lusk

A review of the seventh work in The Naughty Succubus series by Becca Lusk today on the Tale, which brings to a close the first book in the Succubus In Love trilogy. You can find my first, second, and third reviews here. The fourth, fifth, and sixth reviews can be found here on the Tale as well. There are forces in …

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Jul 07 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 442

Morrigan by sakimichan

A lovely Morrigan Aensland piece of art this time for the Succubi of the Week… It isn’t always important that Morrigan be showing off all of her “assets” to the world. It is, however. important that her strengths are… This work of Morrigan is by the artist Sakimichan on DeviantArt. You can find the original …

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Jul 06 2016

This costume has the Shine, not sure about the Sizzle

Sizzle N Shine Devil Costume

Another shiny devil, not quite a Succubus, costume today. It’s closer, actually all things considered, it has a bit more going for it than most. But it’s missing that last little thing to push this costume into the realm… or Realm for that matter… This is called, and it’s so cute when they name things …

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