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Jan 27 2009

Forum of the Succubi Update…

I think I have all of the issues solved on the Forum of the Succubi… And so, on February 1st, 2009, the forum will be opening on Succubus.net… All are welcome to join if the mood strikes you… As well, I expect to open the Succubi Gallery on Match 1st with some luck, if not …

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Jan 26 2009

Manipping Morrigan Aensland…

Morrigan Aensland. That is a name that 99% of all of you that know Succubi should recognize. For those that do not, she is the heroine (at least in my eyes) of the Darkstalkers video game and TV series among other appearances… With that out of the way, I have had a chance to experiment …

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Jan 25 2009

Really Robbie…

A Succubus? It’s been posted on some news sites that the music artist Robbie Williams has come to the understanding that he is being visited by succubi… One such articles is from the Daily Star Not going to repeat any of that article here, if you want to read it, use the linky… I have …

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Jan 24 2009

Succubi Stock Index Week 38

January 23rd Results

The closing pricing as of January 23rd, 2009… Giving an index price of: $226.42… Up 38 cents this week… A teeny little bump upwards this week in spite of the inauguration and so on. The mood of the world is better emotionally perhaps, but economically? Not really much of anything because few people believe that anything is …

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Jan 23 2009

Late Night Update to the Tale…

Long icky day so not a lot to say tonight save this… Today for some reason that I do not understand at all… The Tale received 922 viewings… And the SuccuWiki got 1,670 views…   No idea why, but it is a milestone and so I thought I would mark it here in the Tale… …

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Jan 22 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 57

Elluvia by Unknown Artist

Once again, for the Succubi Image of the Week, I have an image with no clear idea of who the artist is or anything else about it… Save the Succubus’ name… Elluvia. She’s beautifully drawn, though she isn’t a classic Succubus with horns and a tail… She looks a lot like the Succubus in the Castlevania …

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Jan 21 2009

Odd Dreams and Sleepless Nights…

Making some progress health-wise over the last couple of days, though I am not managing more than 4 hours of sleep a night and that’s if I am really lucky… Oh the other side of the lack of sleep is that I seem to be having a lot of rather odd dreams of late. One …

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