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Feb 06 2009

And Once Again…

I’m sick… See you soon… Tera

Feb 05 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 59

Adam Braun Devil Girl

This week’s image is interesting because it is a drawing of an actual person in a Succubus outfit that I have in my stack of manips to make… The work is by Adam Braun, but the model’s name escapes me at the moment…   Sorry this is short, not feeling well and will be down …

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Feb 04 2009

More of Kate Beckinsale…

Kate Beckinsale 2

With lots of huggles to a member of the Succubi Forum for discovering this, more images of Kate Beckinsale as a Succubus from whatever party she was going to… <huggles for unseen_unheard>   Still on the fence about the outfit, but still… <winks>   Tera

Feb 03 2009

Terrible Tuesday…

Vague ponderings for today as once again life has sideswiped me for the day… My morning giggle… http://www.sinfest.net/archive_page.php?comicID=3073 And something that made me pause and ponder a lot… SciFi channel… Is rumoured to be working on another movie about demons and demonesses… I’m worried. Tera

Feb 02 2009

Kate Beckinsale as a Succubus…

Kate Beckinsale as a Succubus

No idea where or when this was but… Although it is just a little over the top, her pitchfork is laughable and the band holding her horns is just huge… It’s kind of growing on me as a look…   Sorry for the late posting, but we were run over by life today… <huggles>   …

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Feb 01 2009

The Forum of the Succubi is Open!

Just an announcement that as of noon Eastern time, the Forum of the Succubi is open for your dining and dancing pleasure…   http://www.succubus.net/forum   All are welcome!   Tera

Jan 31 2009

Succubi Stock Index Week 39

Week 39 Results

The closing pricing as of January 30th, 2009… Giving an index price of: $26.79… Up 37 cents this week… Three weeks in a row an increase… That ties with the best three weeks of the Index so far… But of course there is little real optimism anywhere… Still with fingers crossed…   Tera