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Dec 21 2008

Succubus Summoning Rings Again…

Nother Ring

This is getting really crazy you know… I have talked about this before, but once again I’m going to write about it. What I am ranting over is the really dumb, poorly written eBay auctions of rings that are supposed to be able to “summon” Succubi… I would like to point out that the majority …

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Dec 20 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 33

Week 33 Results

The closing pricing as of December 19th, 2008… Giving an index price of: $26.95. Up a penny on the week… A month of stability? At least for what the Succubi Index is interested in… That’s almost amazing really… Still we are down and of course in general everything is… Christmas is coming soon you know… …

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Dec 19 2008

Snowed In…

I’m trying to write a story today but with the interruptions here in the office that probably isn’t going to be finished until later today… Assuming of course that I can drive home in this junk… Tera

Dec 18 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 52

Devil Woman by Garv

This post in the Tale marks the one year anniversary of the Succubi Image of the Week… I have been looking for something appropriate for this post and I think I have found her… This work of art was made by the artist Garv… For those of you that are unaware, his works can be …

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Dec 17 2008

This is snow.


<mumbles> <mumbles> Tera

Dec 16 2008

Making Progress on stuffs…

Just a lil update on some stuff for those interested… I have removed the temporary page from the Succubi Forum and now you can see what it will mostly look like… I’m currently expecting to have it open on January 1st with some luck… The big hold-up at the moment on it is the number …

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Dec 15 2008

Sometimes the story ideas just pile up…

Sometimes you get odd ideas from other writers or manippers and then you find yourself wanting to do something with it… A few days ago benmbedlam on the Collective did a manip called Bimbo + Succubus = ?… And that got me thinking… Could I write that? Could I write a story about a Succubi …

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