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Apr 15 2009

The Queen as a D&D Character…

I was sent this today in my Email… It’s a computer generated D&D Character sheet for me as it were… ___________________________ NAME: TeraS Level 20 Female Succubus Warrior-Wizard Height: 6’6″, Weight: 150 lbs. ST: 45, IQ: 42, LK: 259 CON: 179, DEX: 31, CHR: 203 SPD: 48, POW: 88 Adds: 299, Missile Adds: 318 Wt. …

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Apr 14 2009

Temptations V – Marcus

This RP in Temptations was with a person called Vortex421… We didn’t get far with this and that to me seems a shame… _______________________________   It had taken Marcus months to finally locate the library.  Though he wasn’t a local, he was an admitted bibliophile and both libraries and bookstores had always been of interest …

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Apr 13 2009

I’m on a sticker hunt I think…

Another one of those Succubus stickers that just make me smile… Love the drawing and the whole idea a bunch… You can find this available here.   Tera

Apr 12 2009

An Easter Poem from The Realm…

An Easter Gift from my heart James…. <huggles and love for him and his family always>   Tera   ___________________________________   Easter Joys By James   The joys of spring spread ‘round the Lake of Fire  as snow retreated from a bold array of multi-colored blossoms. These inspire, it seems, the angel kitties in aggressive …

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Apr 11 2009

Something that made me smile today…

Happy Bunny really does have everything for every occasion… Just too cute… <smiles>   Tera

Apr 10 2009

Interesting Sticker and Logo…

I was doing some looking around on Zazzle and came across this… It has some really interesting possibilities I think… The original page of this is here. There is another version of her that has wings, but really I think that the wings take so much away from the image that is otherwise there… Of …

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Apr 09 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 68

I was sent this image of what I think is Morrigan and Lilith Aensland in my Email last night… At least I am mostly sure it is the two of them together in this image… Again I have no idea of the artist or the website this is from, any assistance would be gratefully accepted!   Tera