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Jan 05 2009

This is just too funny…

So I had a minute and just for the sake of trying it, I put the word Succubus into a baby name generator on the web… It came up with this: Based on popular usage, it is 11.771 times more common for Succubus to be a girl’s name. The popularity of Succubus is: 3.088 (where …

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Jan 04 2009

Deep Breath…

Another one of my short poem flashes about Succubi…   Deep Breath By TeraS ________________________________________ Take a breath. That’s right. A long… Slow…  Deep breath… Now hold it for a moment…   Nice isn’t it?   You can smell it… Taste it…   You feel as it wraps itself around your thoughts…   So softly… …

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Jan 03 2009

Succubi Stock Index Week 35

Overall Results to Week 35

The closing pricing as of January 2nd, 2009… Giving an index price of: $27.55… Up a massive $1.04 on the week… Another shortened week of action on the markets… But is that optimism I see or is it just the post New Year’s hangover making the market climb a little bit… I’m hoping that people …

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Jan 02 2009

Write, Write, Write…

Work, work, work… It’s weird that I am swamped on a week where we are in the office only a bit really… Anyway… I wanted to write a little something on a Succubus character that I added to the SuccuWiki this morning. Her name is Mayu and her entry can be found here: http://succubus.net/wiki/index.php?title=Mayu_Tsukimura The …

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Jan 01 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 54

Succubus By Dominic Marco

This week’s Succubi Image of the Week is special in two ways… I should explain that a bit. My Eternal was surfing the web and came across this artist’s Deviantart site…. His name is Dominic Marco and his website is: http://dominic-marco.deviantart.com/ Keith, my Eternal, for a Christmas present, asked Dominic to create two drawings of the …

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Dec 31 2008

Last Tale 2008

It’s the last Tale of the year for 2008 and for a moment I wanted to look at what has been… The Tale I managed to make one post a day for the entire year, which I am rather pleased about. I also managed to make at least one post per day on the SuccuWiki …

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Dec 30 2008

Right. Another Succubi Story by me…

I had an hour today to write… So this is what comes out when I have an hour to write… It’s not a lot, but it is a thought… Or is that right? ____________________________________ Right By TeraS It was a warm spring day in the city. On a small side street in one of the …

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