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Mar 09 2009

Hellen Back…


So I took a chance the other day and ordered something from a costume website. Mostly not for the outfit, but just for the the name of it really… What you get is this: Shoes and boots not included… This double outfit costs $48.99 US and includes the reversable dress, removable shoulder straps, red gloves, …

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Mar 08 2009

A Synopsis of Succubus Heat…

I was doing a lot of updated of the SuccuWiki today… One of the things I updated was the pages that referred to the novels of Richelle Mead as I had her works in my mind this weekend… I added some book covers, yesterday I talked about the one that I really liked for Succubus …

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Mar 07 2009

Book Cover Thoughts…

Succubus Blues French Cover

I really love Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead… It’s one of my fav novels… But the original book cover I have never liked: The thing about this cover that has always bothered me is that she looks more like a vampiress than a Succubus.. No horns or tail or anything else really to tell you …

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Mar 06 2009

Things that go bump in the night…

I came across this story on the web this morning… The original source is here But I will post the relevant part of it here for you: Chris was particularly interested in The Ancient Ram Inn’s history and was fascinated by the haunted bishop’s room. It has been said that many people who stay in …

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Mar 05 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 63

Morrigan-like Succubus by Unknown Artist

This week’s image is sort of a combination of what a succubus traditionally looks like, with a little bit of Morrigan Aensland mixed into her… Who drew it or anything else about it I haven’t the slightest clue… The only thing I can make out is that this was finished I assume on April 22, …

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Mar 04 2009

Rumour has it that a Succubus figurine is…

Morrigan Aensland by Max Factory

Coming Soon… There is a company in Japan called Max Factory who is bringing out a new figurine of Morrigan Aensland, the succubus from the Darkstalkers video game and other things… Honestly most should know who she is really… but you can google her if you want or check Wikipedia… I have to say that …

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Mar 03 2009

Remember when filling out forms…

You get more with honey… Today I was getting our passports done and had these thoughts as I was talking to the person at the counter there while waiting in the office…   Tera ______________________________ Okay Miss…. S is it? <honey sweet smile> Yes? I’m going to check your paperwork. If it’s correct you’ll have …

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