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The Queen of the Succubi

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Jan 12 2009


Ad Nauseum… Tera

Jan 11 2009


Still.   Tera

Jan 10 2009


I’m sick. My Eternal can’t see…And of course there is site issues… Don’t be looking for me for the next week or so…   Tera

Jan 09 2009

SuccuWiki is down…

No idea why or how long it will be to return or even if it still exists… <fingers crossed> <tail twisted> Tera

Jan 08 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 55

Devilbabe-1 by Unknown Artist

This week’s Succubi Image of the Week is just simply a work of art… The only thing about this image, that takes something away from it in my opinion, is the heart she is holding in her hand. That is a little disappointing, but otherwise… Yummy. Once again, with a lot of regret, I have …

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Jan 07 2009

I’m going to roll my eyes now…

I did a google blog search this morning and in doing so, I came up with this interesting request in a blog elsewhere on the web: Anyone know how to become a succubus, just for, maybe, a day or two? Then come back all clean and tidy? Uh-huh. Now of course this person didn’t get …

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Jan 06 2009

Later and Later isn’t it?

Lots of fun today in my world, so this will be just a short post to say that, yes… I am still alive though frazzled and somewhat too busy for my own good… I’m hoping to write something tonight to try and get myself moving on the works I have started in so many Tales …

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