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Apr 21 2009

Temptations VI – Stephanie

This RP in Temptations was something a little bit different for me… I’ve never done a transformation like this one before… Many thank yous to Stephanie for letting me do this with her and create the image of her transformed self that you can find in the Hypnopics Gallery in my folder there… _________________________ Temptations …

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Apr 20 2009

A sort of kind of Succubus game…

I found a sort of  Succubus games last night… In short you have the choice of playing a human, an elf or a demoness-like character. You then go through rounds that last a week in game time getting experience in things and having encounters and so on… There is a demo available at this link. …

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Apr 19 2009

A… Stamp?

I’m just slightly confused, but this appears to be a real thing… A Succubus or Demoness stamp for the US Postal Service system… You can find this here… I’ll refrain from the lick it and stick it jokes I think, but I wonder… If they allow something like this… <ponders>   Tera

Apr 18 2009

It’s Manipping time again…

So to my shock and surprise I have something less than 500 posts to go before  I make my 40,000th post on the Collective… And I have no idea what I am going to do for it at the moment…   I have tried in the past at the 10K post marks to post a …

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Apr 17 2009

Evil In Oil…

Found a really interesting piece of artwork for sale today… I’ll have the image corrected later on today… ((Done!)) You can find this painting here. It’s a beautiful bit of work! I hope that the artist manages to sell it at the price he is looking for! Tera

Apr 16 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 69

This week’s Succubi is just a ton of cuteness… This image, according to the note on the bottom of it was made by Verjim. And this artist’s website is at: http://www.verjim.com   Tera

Apr 15 2009

The Queen as a D&D Character…

I was sent this today in my Email… It’s a computer generated D&D Character sheet for me as it were… ___________________________ NAME: TeraS Level 20 Female Succubus Warrior-Wizard Height: 6’6″, Weight: 150 lbs. ST: 45, IQ: 42, LK: 259 CON: 179, DEX: 31, CHR: 203 SPD: 48, POW: 88 Adds: 299, Missile Adds: 318 Wt. …

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