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Mar 14 2009

Still writing… Still…

So I have been trying to write a story today, trusting that it will get me into gear on a bunch of other things that I want to do… The title escapes me at the moment, but it’s going to be basically a sort of “first class at a magic school and the teacher is …

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Mar 13 2009

Amy’s Transformation…

Way back long time ago on the Collective I did an RP over chat. It was between myself and a member of the Collective who I call SisAmy… It was the story of her transformation into one of my Succubi… Hope you enjoy reading the Tale… _________________________________ A New Succubi Joins The Queen By TeraS …

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Mar 12 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 64

Succubus In Fire By Spiros Fon Kourtakis

Just a beautiful image of a Succubi for this week… This artist’s name is Spiros Fon Kourtakis, click on the link to visit his page of wonderful art at Elfwood.com. He has done a lot of Angel, Succubi, Faery and other works which are just wonderful in their design, shading, and coloring… Truly a talented artist!! You can find …

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Mar 11 2009

A Fragment…

This is a fragment of the opening of an RP that I did quite some time ago in the Collective’s RP Section with my dearest friend Derek… Perhaps I will fit this into a story sometime or something… Tera ________________________ Night fell onto the city like a soft blanket covering a woman’s shapely form. It …

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Mar 10 2009

The Missing Hour…

I have been pondering a story most of the day today revolving around the springing forward one hour this past weekend… I’m not absolutely sure if it will involve Succubi or not, but we’ll se what develops… If I’m lucky I’ll update this post later tonight with the completed tale for youi all to read… …

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Mar 09 2009

Hellen Back…


So I took a chance the other day and ordered something from a costume website. Mostly not for the outfit, but just for the the name of it really… What you get is this: Shoes and boots not included… This double outfit costs $48.99 US and includes the reversable dress, removable shoulder straps, red gloves, …

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Mar 08 2009

A Synopsis of Succubus Heat…

I was doing a lot of updated of the SuccuWiki today… One of the things I updated was the pages that referred to the novels of Richelle Mead as I had her works in my mind this weekend… I added some book covers, yesterday I talked about the one that I really liked for Succubus …

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