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Mar 22 2009

Shadow Succubi

Shadow Succubi by TeraS

Finally finished another one of my Succubi Image Manips today… For obvious reasons i am calling this Shadow Succubi. There is no text, can’t really think of any at the moment, I might add that to the image and post it on the Collective if the inspiration hits…   Tera

Mar 21 2009

A neat Succubus/Supernatural YouTube…

I came across an interesting YouTube today… This is a fan vid of what could be an upcoming episode of the TV series Supernatural in which, according to the creator’s notes is: Sam is chased by a demonic creature known as a succubus – (“a demon which takes the form of a female to seduce …

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Mar 20 2009

Another of those odd Succubi ideas…

I was reading Pibgorn this morning, linky is on the right, and Dru is in the hospital… Which in itself is an odd place for a Succubus to be, but that’s another story for the author of that series to tell, but I came to the thought what it might be like for a Succubus …

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Mar 19 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 65

Succubus by Kedakai Cocoa

I was very lucky this week for the Succubi Image of the Week… For once I have a name to go with the image! The title of this work is Succubus by Kedakai Cocoa… There is a Deviantart site with that name on it, and as well you can see this image on the front page …

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Mar 18 2009

Irish As Hell…

Irish As Hell

Okay, so it’s one day late… I blame Freeze for that… Just too cute for words… <smiles> Tera

Mar 17 2009

Temptations I…

Temptations – Feawen Years ago I started an RP on the Garden (Linky is on the right under the links section). It is still ongoing… Sort of… As I can at least… Anyway, I wanted to post some of the RPs here on the Tale so that they have a home on my site as …

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Mar 16 2009

Looking for a NekoSuccubus piccy…

This morning I came across an image using Google of what is best described as a Neko Succubus… Or in other words a Catgirl Succubus… I have nothing more than this small image to go on of her, so if anyone has a link to the artist, if you recognize the work, or something else, …

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