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Sep 28 2009

Storm Clouds XXI – An ongoing Succubi Story

Managed to write the first meeting of Tom and Bethany in this tale of the Succubi, needs more work, but the outline is there… Tera __________________________________ Storm Clouds XXI Storm Clouds By TeraS Chapter 1 “How did she die?” The question hung in the air over the people surrounding the cold steel table upon which …

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Sep 27 2009

A lovely Succubus Sticker…

I was at an arts sale today with my hubby, and there was a small booth selling various stickers and things for a dollar each… As I had time, I looked through a bunch of various cartoon stickers to see what might be in there… There was a single Succubus there… According to the copyright …

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Sep 26 2009

A wonderful bit of Succubus Photoshop Art…

There are many people that are better at Photoshop than I am. And some of the Succubi that they create are just amazing pieces of work! A reader of the Tale sent me a piece of Photoshop succubus artwork this morning… I didn’t post it till now because I was trying to figure out who …

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Sep 25 2009

A somewhat flawed Succubus YouTube…

There are all sorts of YouTube videos out there. Some of them are about Succubi. And a lot of them have problems… httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li4gv1N_qVA And in case the embedding doesn’t work… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li4gv1N_qVA There is a lot of text in the video, and a lot of that I have issues with. I’m just going to focus on …

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Sep 24 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 92

This week’s Succubus art is by the artist Reinaldo Quintero, whom is also known as Reiq…. She is named Candela according to the file name… I love the detail work that he has created here, not to mention the  colorwork and the overall just perfect expression and pose she has! You can find more of …

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Sep 23 2009

I just can’t believe this Succubus costume…

I have commented on a lot of Succubus costumes. Some are good, some aren’t. Then there are the ones that you stare at and they make you ask all sorts of questions… For example… If you poke her with a pin, does she deflate? I mean really, this is just so tacky really, and why …

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Sep 22 2009

Temptations XXVII – Gavin and Marie – Part XI

It’s hard for me to write as an evil Succubus, or anything really evil to be honest. I still think that the seduction is what matters to me most of all… I just wish that I could write evil well… ________________________________ Temptations XXVII – Gavin and Marie – Part XI By TeraS and Gasman Marie …

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