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Jun 14 2010

Storm Clouds 77 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds… If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here… More editing of Chapter 13 this week, the last of it, before Chapter 14 starts next week …

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Jun 13 2010

Adding to the Succubus.net Universe…

Okay, I admit that my horns are a little twisted… or my tail or something is at least… Anyway… Two domains popped up this past week and, well, they sort of fell into my lap… They are: Evil Succubus.com and the more interesting one… Succubus Studios.com Not having anything really made in advance for them, …

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Jun 12 2010

Hyperactive Succubi YouTube…

Sometimes I wonder if the people that come up with theme music for Japanese games are hopped up on caffeine when they write them… or play them for that matter… This is a prime example of that. I’m going to give a hyperactive sound warning to this… Watch the volume on your speakers before you …

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Jun 11 2010

Powdered Succubus Figurine…

Okay, I admit that’s a play on words, but how else can you describe this? For the last few Fridays on the Tale I have shared some Succubus or Devil Girl figurines that seem to be part of a series… This is another one of them… Now I admit that this figurine has a bit …

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Jun 10 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 129

This week’s Succubi is the 3D rendering work of a Blogger named Elton Robb, and it is his design of a Succubus that, thankfully, isn’t WoW-like at all… Elton has a Blog called The Atlantis Blog, which I have placed in my links page as well for those that would like to visit him there… …

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Jun 09 2010

She-Devil Maybe…

Still on that site that will remain unnamed for the moment and looking for something Succubus-like in a costume… Not really sure this is one or just a copy of something I found earlier in my searching… If you click on this link, it will take you to that posting in the Tale which was …

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Jun 08 2010

Temptations 64

The future is something that can be more than you expected, or less than you desired… But you make opf the future what you will… Even the Queen of the Succubi realizes that… ___________________ Temptations 64 By TeraS and Legion & Alei Now things are moving apace he thought. He sighed heavily, “My Queen, Andrea…  …

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