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Mar 05 2010

Where exactly is the Lost Girl Succubus?

Well over a year ago, I posted here on the Tale about a Canadian television show that was under production for the 2010 season… That show is called Lost Girl, and you can find an entry in the SuccuWiki here. Now according to the releases on this show, it was supposed to premiere this past …

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Mar 04 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 115

Agrat Bat Mahlat by Genzoman

For the next few weeks, I am going to share the artwork of one particular artist from Deviantart that has created a series of Succubi images using some of the most well known names in Succubi mythology… The artist is known as Genzoman and this image is called Agrat Bat Mahlat… Genzoman’s Deviantart site can …

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Mar 03 2010

Domino Masks and Succubi do mix…

Devilish Domino Masks

Domino Masks and Succubi do mix… Well occasionally they do, but that depends on the mask really… For those that do not know, Domino masks are usually see at masquerade balls when you want to disguise who you are… Thing is, some Domino masks don’t really do that to be honest… This particular style I …

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Mar 02 2010

Temptations L (50)

The Queen of the Succubi sees temptations… Does she respond? _______________________ Temptations L By TeraS and Legion Tera did not react as he ranted and moved around her. That was the thing about people that dealt with her. They never seemed to understand that she would never be angry… Never be upset…. Never be unruly… …

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Mar 01 2010

In Remembrance…

Candle of Remembrance

In loving memory of a dear friend. Danny Lilithbourne 31 Years Young Forever January 2nd, 2010 …there is nothing more important than knowing one has friends, knows that they are with you always, and that friendship is forever… Rest well Danny… Tera

Feb 28 2010

Two Short Succubi Sunday Thoughts…

This past week on the Garden of MC, there was something that poked me into actually doing a little writing finally about Succubi ideas and thoughts… In short, you start with a single word and then write something but not longer than 55 words in length… This was my addition to the thread to the …

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Feb 27 2010

An odd myth mashup idea on YouTube…

Someone on YouTube has an idea for a novel… This is the work of someone named AngelKaiLina, and it’s called Kyla Uncaged… They posted a video of the idea and some of their thoughts on it… What connects that to my particular interest is that they have a character that is, for lack of a better …

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