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Dec 06 2016

A Review of The Long Night of the Gods: Lilith Awakens by M.H. Hawkins

The Long Night of the Gods: Lilith Awakens by M.H. Hawkins

A review of the second work in the Forgotten Ones series by M.H. Hawkins this time on the Tale. I wasn’t aware of the series’ first work until the second appeared in my daily searches of things succubish. Obviously the title of this work tells of who appears and in doing so, it drew me to …

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Dec 06 2016

A Review of the Angels and Demons series by Amanda Swallows

Fallen by Amanda Swallows

A review of a short, two work series that takes a bit of a different take on succubi as a whole. The first work tells the story of an angel falling, encountering Lilith, and other succubi. The second tells something of what succubi in this universe do. Both have their story to tell, but somehow …

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Dec 05 2016

Second Encounter By TeraS and her Adored Brother

A short time ago, I shared a story called “Encounter” on the Tale. Today, with a dear loved friend’s help, we have what can only really be thought of as the …   Second Encounter By TeraS and her Adored Brother   A promise is a promise. Always. She said that he would see her …

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Dec 04 2016

A Review of Taken By The Futa Succubus written by Kara Lynn

Taken By The Futa Succubus written by Kara Lynn

The thing about very short stories is that, many times, they don’t allow for the characters to change, the story to be told more deeply. Telling of an encounter with a succubus is one thing, telling of what happens and making it more than erotica with a bare amount of heat is important. Beyond this, …

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Dec 04 2016

A Review of The Succubus Within by Lostsoul

The Succubus Within by Lostsoul

There are some works that feel like they are incomplete thoughts. One very clear sign, at least to me, is when there isn’t a cover for the book, only a placeholder. It suggests that the author didn’t manage to get far enough in their writing, or their desire to tell a story, to do so. …

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Dec 03 2016

Succubus – A Short Student Film on YouTube

Succubus Student Film Syill

A very short student film today on the Tale that I found on YouTube which has a Succubus as one of the main characters. It isn’t sexual, nor it is what one might call horror. But it has atmosphere and in that comes some interesting moments in which the story is told… If you cannot …

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Dec 02 2016

A Review of The Legend of Elissa series by M. Dunn

The Legend of Elissa - The Check-Up by M. Dunn

  A review this time of a pair of stories that tell of a succubus named Elissa. The thing about these books is that while there is story, there is erotica, there’s something missing. When the main character, who they are most of all, really doesn’t get explored, that’s a shame. Being that the stories …

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