About Tera, The Queen of the Succubi

Tera's PortraitWelcome to my Blog, A Succubi’s Tale…

My name is Tera and I am known to some as the Queen of the Succubi…

This is my home on the internet, it is, I hope, a place where my thoughts about Succubi will appear, where my stories will be given light, and where, I hope, something good will be created…

I am a Succubi because of the desires of my husband Keith and a book that is close to our hearts called A Personal Demon… It involves a college professor and the demoness that he summons by accident… Over the course of the story they find themselves falling in love…

I have been Role Playing as a Succubi with him for quite some time now and came across a group called the HypnoPics Collective far back in the internet past… 2007 that is…

There is quite a bit of RPing on that site and in the course of things I was given the title of Queen of the Succubi there…

And still am to this day…

My main interests are Succubi, of course, and the legends, myths, history, stories and images they have…

I own several pairs of horns and tails and wear them regularly…

As well as a series of pitchforks…

So the question is… Am i going to huggle you or poke you with a pitchfork?

One can never tell can one?


It keeps things… interesting…




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I’ve been asked to explain the review policy for books here on the Tale. In short, I will review any and all books that have a Succubus or Incubus appearing in them. Whether a minor or major character it doesn’t matter. Normally, I purchase all of the books that I review on the Tale. But …

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  1. TeraS

    Congratulations on the job!

    Hoping that it works out well for you!!!



  2. macgyver500

    Thank you Tera S.I am going 2 work at sams club from 9 pm-5 am so i hear .So i am excited lol. About that dream i was telling you about could that be the case? Take you time in replying back since i dont no when i will be back online here . Take care and THANX again Tera S 😀 😆

  3. Alex

    Awesome site!!!..everything succubi in one place….

  4. TeraS


    Thank you Alex…

    Hoping to continue…


  5. Bruce Colero

    Saw that you previewed one of my paintings – thank you for that. Im just about to release my third book “Bruce Colero’s Naked Desires” Inside is a succubi picture that will blow your mind. Im willing to give you and your website a sneak preview
    Bruce Colero

  6. TeraS


    Thank you so much for visiting! I’d love to see her if I could? I got your email tonight and will write back in a lil bit!

    Thank you again!!!


  7. Justin Stingers

    Hey there Tera S. I don’t believe that succubus exists. Since your the only person I know who had really studied about succubus, can you request one of them to visit me tonight so I can believe in them. Thanks so much. Really love your blog 🙂

  8. Justin Stingers

    I really hope a succubus could visit and make love with me tonight. Do I need to do certain things to cause her to visit me or she will just come by and provide my needs?

  9. TeraS


    Thank you for the compliment!

    As for having a Succubus appear… I really don’t think there is one way to have them do so… There are so many different kinds to call upon that, I think, you really couldn’t call for one to appear…


    They are beings of dreams, so, I have suggested to some people that they imagine them before falling asleep and see if that helps in some way…

    Doesn’t often work, but sometimes?


  10. Callum

    i’ve always wanted to have a succubus related dream. i write songs and poetry about the succubus and other stuff. most of the stuff i write for my band is intense gothic poetry. i have a lot of thoughts about the succubus but i’ve never had any dreams related to that. if it weren’t for these interesting facts i’ve read about this beautiful seducting demon, i wouldn’t have been writing this stuff.

  11. TeraS


    Thank you for commenting here Callum…

    I’d love to read some of your works someday…


  12. Succubus Fan

    Hello TeraS… If you don’t mind indulging a question from a curious mind. Do you have wings? (I mean in your roleplay). Have you and your husband ever played out you using them for him, if you do? I find the ‘natural’ form of most succubus art to be quite fantastic. The whole shapeshifting thing to become an ideal lover seems needless… Most of the succubi I’ve seen depicted are ideal as they are.

  13. TeraS


    Hello and thank you for visiting!

    I, to be honest, don’t like using wings in our real life roleplaying as odd as that sounds… It’s a lot simpler not to be wearing wings… Easier on your back too… We’re happier with just a nice pair of red horns, my red tail and a slinky black dress and heels…

    Unless of course my other half Tail wants to play, then it gets interesting…


    As for the shapeshifting part of the Succubus myth, I can see your point, but having horns and a tail and walking around in public like that would get you a lot of stares… Not that being a total knock-out wouldn’t do that anyway, but I digress…


  14. Ez

    Blew my mind! 🙂

  15. TeraS


    Thanks Ezzy…

    Notice your book on the page?


  16. Moon

    Greetings oh beautiful Queen,
    I have just been touring your wonderful site and wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you have done. I am looking forward to being able to explore your many delights further. Take care and may your light always expel the darkness.


  17. TeraS


    Thank you for the kind words Moon….



  18. mcguy101

    Hi Tera (QotS)-

    Just decided to visit your site, Very nice. Not sure if you’ve had a chance to read “My Former Succubus” yet (I’m sure I don’t have the mythos completely down, but hopefully I’m in the ballpark for some of the legends).

    Anyway, I joined and look forward to exploring the site when my membership is approved. ’til then, see ya ’round “The Garden” 🙂

  19. TeraS


    Thank you for the kind words MC… I am reading it, but silly me tends to comment when the story is done and I think you have something like another 5? chapters to go I think, at least from how the tale is flowing to me at least…


    See you soon!


  20. CPO Lopez

    Hey their Tera, i was wondering how i can get myself a succubus, and i also have to say that i love your site it is the succubus website i have found, so to back on track i was wondering if you could help me out it would be very much appreciated thank you.

  21. TeraS


    Sweetheart, no one can tell you how… I just know that my world is better for finding the one that is my Eternal in real life…

    If it is meant to be… Will be…



  22. CPO Lopez

    Queen Tera, you are right, no one can actually tell how to get myself a succubus, and i have a question, can you only meet a succubus in your dreams? and is that your picture on the top, and if so you are really pretty=]

  23. TeraS

    One of the piccies that appears is me… There are four that rotate randomly… Which one I’m not telling…

    A Succubi has to have her secrets you know… I’l be adding another one on the anniversary of the Tale next month, which will probably be me again…

    I’ve had long talks over the idea of Succubi and those that come in dreams, and, personally, I think that if you have a really good idea of the Succubi you want to appear in your dreams and think of them when you are just about to sleep, your dreams with reflect her…

    At least I, and others, think so…



  24. CPO Lopez

    Thank you very much for your help Tera, i appreciate it very much, ill try this out tonight and very much hope that it works.

  25. Gryphon

    Dear Mistress Tera (!) Finally worked out problems I had with connecting to your Site, Love it all! Anticipating every week your reviews of ‘lost (but good) Girl’
    and can’t help but wish You were the Writer…
    Still watch your site on DA, and I know it is secondary to your own. I still
    hack at what I started to write there, and actually another idea came to me that
    may get organized (After I put Brandouin back in Her Cage…



  26. TeraS


    I’m just glad you have managed to find your way here…


  27. Gryphon

    Lovely Mistress Tera – have spent some Time reading your stories on the Site,
    and now I really Do think you could Write better stuff than ‘lost girl’ has….
    (or at least better than what I could…) Checked out the HypnoPics site, found
    it interesting to look at, but the whole RP thing is…. a little strange, in that it’s
    not something I would do. (how would I play a sociopathic loner in any RP genre
    remains a mystery to me…)
    p.s. I have a good idea which banner photo is yourself, but that is for you
    to know and me to merely guess at….


  28. Gryphon

    Mistress Tera – Have a Fun Halloween, and (of course) I know you will have some
    better Clothes to Wear than how some unknowing fools think a Succubus might
    Dress…. Hope you will Dress Warmly, for a Half a Waning Moon will Rise a Half
    Hour before Midnight, and it seems that the wind will be cold and Damp. I know
    that your Light and Strength will bring Warmth to those you are with….

  29. TeraS


    I’m not that good Gryphon…

    Too many things I write I still think aren’t good enough by far…


  30. TeraS


    Oh I plan to… My Eternal and I will be making our appearance at the office Halloween party… Hopefully not too many lovely ones will fall to my tail…


  31. Gryphon

    Dear Mistress Tera –

    Really love the Homepage photo of the Succubus and the ‘Mice’.
    I’ll be more than happy to stick my fingers in the mousetrap if
    She will take me home…

  32. TeraS


    She’s the work of my Brother FF…

    She appears from time to time as the seasons change…


  33. Gryphon

    Dear Mistress Tera- I saw in the posting on the Tale today about
    that story contest for Halloween- somehow I missed that, as the
    subject (sort of) might have made me think of something…
    But, ‘Support Group for ‘victims’ of the Succubi’? (?) What is this
    World coming to?? >bangs head on computer keyboard< I should
    Wish to be a 'Victim' of any Silly Succubus, just to have that sort
    of Luscious little Nightmare every Night (or at least twice a Week,
    so that the Scratches and Bruises have time to Heal)
    Well, that's just Me… and James did a good one, very short,
    Descriptive and Suggestive, much better than I would have.

    And I'm sorry I haven't put up more of the one I posted on
    that other Site, but after having written some 'isolated' parts of
    it, 'filling in' enough to make it possible to put them together is
    much more Difficult for the Time I have Available….


  34. TeraS

    Well the “victims” part is a bit of a in joke as it were…

    I think that the stories that came from it don’t really need the setting as such, but play off it…


  35. Gryphon

    Dear Miss Tera – I have now and then looked at some of the Linked Sites,
    and I don’t know if you follow it, but one called “Collar 6” is just brilliant…
    The subject, of Girls wearing Collars, is much more familiar to me than
    Succubi, (only really having taken notice of that recently, as it were) and
    for a comic format, the Author/Artist is a Genius. He has really captured
    (pun intended) the Serious but Fun side of genuine B & D stuff, where as
    I always liked to say, “To some People, it’s Not a Game…” I’ve seen quite
    a bit of what he writes, and have to say he has it ‘Clipped, Whipped, and
    Ball-Gagged perfectly.
    I can say “Yessss, Mistress”, but always with a Smile…

  36. TeraS

    I do read Collar 6 regularly, but I have to say that the last long arc in it, the battle one, almost made me leave it for the… well… inconsistencies in the story../

    But I still am reading it, the art is just lovely…


  37. Gryphon

    It was very… Fantastic, it seemed like the Storyline spun out
    of control from the Writer; I have had that problem myself, of
    Writing things that needed Extension, but then went off to Crash
    and Burn somewhere else… that is why I have some Fragments
    of stuff posted, and about 12 ‘sections’ more, but it is difficult to
    tie them together.
    Interestingly, the Writer of ‘Collar 6’ has put up a bit apologetic
    self-critique for doing just that; I don’t think it is going to be easy
    to Write himself Out of the Corner, but even so, it is an interesting
    Fantasy that is SO accurate about how the real Serious B&D stuff
    is ‘played’, and to some people, it’s Not a Game…
    He really has an interesting Concept of setting his Stories in a
    World where “fetish” isn’t “freaky”…

  38. TeraS

    The overall world I don’t have an issue with, it’s the classic problem of putting thoughts to paper that is the problem I think…

    We all have that…


  39. Gryphon

    Dear Mistress Tera… I think I have got the Bugs and Cookie Monster
    under control here and am working to reestablish the Links that I had
    to the very few sites I was with before.
    I hope that You and your Loved Ones will have a nice Christmas/New
    Year (if that is something you enjoy) and that all of what you do goes
    well for you. I still cannot tell of how much I love your Site, the Care and
    Imagination that goes into it is always Amazing….


  40. Maye

    Myss Tera,

    I was looking across the web for additional sites on the ancient dark goddess Lilith, who is known across time and culture as the mother of the night spirits and Queen of the Succubi. I came across this site and I must say that I am thoroughly unimpressed. Your true knowledge of Lilith or the Succubus is, at best, quite lacking. I am working on my dissertation in the mythology of Lilith as she appears in her many forms from Lilitu, the Mesopotamian dark side of the mother goddess in paganism, to her appearance as Adam’s first wife and later as the serpent in the garden and the wife of Samael, or Satan, in the mythos of Judeo-Christianity, to what she is today. I believe that before you call yourself the Queen of the Succubi, you should rescearch the ancient legend you are attempting to dethrone.

  41. TeraS

    Hello Maye and thank you for commenting on my Blog…

    Firstly I think I should say that I am not, nor have I ever said that I wish to, as you say, “dethrone Lilith”. Perhaps the problem is that you are confused to what I am referring to when I write what I do.

    You see, I am a Succubi, not a Succubus. My stories, mythos, world and family that are part of that are not, nor have ever been, part of the generally accepted myth of Lilith and what the world describes as a Succubus.

    Setting that aside, I am aware of the Lilith myths and her place in the world. My personal belief in her is that she was created with Adam and they were meant to be equals in the world, but Adam would not accept that and demanded Lilith submit to him. She refused and left him to find her own way in the world. I do not accept that she is an evil being, nor do I accept that she was cast away by her creator.

    I accept your opinion, you will note that I posted it for all to read, because what I hope in creating this blog, and moreover, my site, is to broaden the knowledge of Succubi in all their forms.

    Knowledge is, after all, important to us all isn’t it?

    That is why I would like to suggest that you might consider an account on my Wiki and think about helping to expand the knowledge of Lilith on it. If you would like to, I would be quite interested in reading your thoughts on the Succubus myth and Lilith in particular…

    I wish you success in your studies and I hope that your future is a bright one…

    Blessed Be….


  42. TeraS

    Happy Holidays to you and yours Gryphon…



  43. Loyal kitten

    I love you TeraS your so awesome. ^_^

  44. TeraS


    Thank you sweetheart…


  45. Loyal kitten

    *blushes red at the hug* I wanna talk with you sometime is that okay, your majesty?

  46. You know my name

    cute little devil

  47. TeraS

    You can find me in the usual places sweetheart…


  48. Loyal kitten

    I can? I never see you, we need to set up a time

  49. TeraS

    I’ll poke you on the Forum chat Honey…


  50. macgyver500

    Thanx one question i have .? Does a demon angle or succubi/succubus live4 ever or are they like humans and age or die ? Sorry 2 hear your feeling sick hope you get better soon i am just realy tired in the past 48 hours i have had 6 hours of sleep maybe less
    i bought the movie Jennifers body on dvd it was ok
    Hello Tera S How are you ? i am ok .been busy working I work at Sams Club from wednsday -sunday from 9pm-5am off monday and tuesday. I just thought i would say hello i hope you didnt 4get me lol take care

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