Feb 03 2014

Just a bit of inspiration for a story to come…

I really have nothing to share this week story-wise at least. However I did come across something that I thought was interesting, at least for one of the Succubi…

The Dress

I think I know who will be wearing this particular creation… It’s just a matter of putting the words in the right places… Hoping for next Monday that will all come together in the right ways…

In The Dress…




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  1. James

    So, clearly not a Miriam story . . . 😉

  2. legion

    looks regal enough for a queen to me.

  3. Pocong

    I love how shiny it looks! Like a serpent about to wrap around her prey…

  4. Elliot

    My goodness, that *is* lovely… and elegant… and, of course, alluring. ^^

  5. TeraS

    Not Miriam, but perhaps another Succubi we’ve seen…


  6. TeraS

    Or someone that wanted to be Queen?


  7. TeraS

    Which she did…


  8. TeraS


    Thank you Elliot…


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