Jul 29 2012

A Review of While Santa’s Away by Sullivan Hart

Earlier this year, I reviewed several works in a series called The Succubus Shorts here on the Tale. You can find those reviews here and here and here and the one from last week here as well for those interested in the previous stories in the series. This review is of the last book in the series that has been released so far… And yes, I know that it’s not quite the right time of year for the subject matter to review it, but I am regardless of that…

While Santa's Away by Sullivan Hart

While Santa's Away by Sullivan Hart

The story tells of:

The North Pole, bastion of goodness and kindness, may not be all it seems. And on Christmas Eve, while Santa is off delivering his toys, Jazz and Asher-Khan, sex demon pair from way down under, will visit to bring their own particular form of kinky cheer to the elves.

But Jazz, always one to take on the most difficult jobs, has one more thing to accomplish before the return of Santa and the dawn of Christmas morning traps them in the workshop until next year. And it involves Santa’s naughty niece and a special surprise gift for her partner…but what does an incubus really want for Christmas?

What does an Incubus want for Christmas? Oh that would be telling here, but in telling that story, the author has created a really hilarious situation for Jazz and Bob this time that I just had too much fun reading…

I honestly think that this work would be my favourite, but the fourth book, Co-Workers with Benefits just edges this one out for that honour. That’s not to say this isn’t a great read, it is, but that it’s less about the world of Jazz and Bob and the Succubi and Incubi than what happens at the North Pole every year when Santa is away.

And I didn’t expect anything like the story that appears here. It’s funny, sexy, and really more intriguing than I expected it would be from the story description. The really odd thing is that it makes a lot of sense really when you finish the story and you can sort of see how it fits into the traditional description of the North Pole that everyone knows.

Jazz and Bob don’t grow as characters too much this time, the story isn’t really about them to be honest, but they are both our eyes to this world of snow that they come to… or cum to as the case turns out to be. I still like them both a lot and would love to see them appear again…

But this time, how about a story about the two of them together as they seem to be right for each other as much as Jazz seems not to see that most of the time.

I’ll give this story three and a half pitchforks out of five.

A funny, silly read for the Christmas season, but like all of the books in this series, it left me wanting to see more of this world and the characters that I have come to love…




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    Leaving the reader wanting more is a good thing . . . perhaps an [i]especially[/i] good thing when succubi are involved . . .

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    So very true…


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