Apr 04 2012

I don’t get a burning desire from this Succubus costume…

I still don’t understand how costume designers named their costumes. Especially the one I found this week that really, truly, does nothing for me at all…

Burning DesireThis is called Burning Desire and the costume comes with a bikini top, the red mini skirt with garter straps and a pair of devil horns…

The stockings and shoes are not included, not that they help any,  and it sells for, and I can’t believe this, $90 US.

Can someone please explain to me how this is at all a possibility price wise?

Setting that aside, why would anyone want to buy this trashy thing in the first place? The look on the model’s face, to me at least, tells me this isn’t worth buying at all. And really, if you want someone to buy something from you, couldn’t you tell her to smile just a little bit?

I can’t see any means of making this costume something worth buying, not even the horns are anything that would be worth keeping…

Then, of course, there is no tail either so that doesn’t help in my dislike as well.

But again, what really gets to me is that two almost not there pieces of clothing and a pair of horns is worth almost $100. I have reviewed so many other costumes that are better and have more material or props in them for half of what this costs… I hope that no one actually takes this seriously as a Succubus costume because, truly, it isn’t.

I’m giving this costume zero pitchforks out of five.

I don’t give many of those, but this one deserves it for the look, which it hasn’t got, for the price, which is ridiculously expensive, and for the sheer pain I have in my eyes looking at it…

Avoid, avoid, avoid….




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    The “Burning Desire,” Majesty, was on the part of some costume manufacturer (I cannot call it designing) to make a ridiculous amount of money off of tacky remnants.

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    Unfortunately. the people who will be paying for this lack the intelligence to read your review.

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    That makes a surprising amount of sense really…


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