Feb 14 2012

Valentine’s Day love from the Succubi Queen…

Today is of course Valentine’s Day and so this poem is for all those that are part of my online family…

Love you all no matter where you are,

No matter where you may go.


My love is with you and will always be,

But that I am sure that you know.


Love is special, that’s what we have shared,

And once shared never grows old.


You’re in my thoughts every day,

And in my mind wherever I go.


On Valentine’s Day, I’d like to once again say

I care more than you will ever truly know.


You make me smile, laugh and remember that,

Huggles and love are forever.


And they will be with our family,



Love, huggles and kisses always…




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  1. Derek

    Love you too, Mistress. *huggles*

  2. richard

    All the best to you Tera, may all your days be valentines day:)

  3. James

    *huggles for my Dear One and her Eternal from her heart*

  4. Bro'
  5. FZY1

    hugs and kisses to you and yours.

  6. TeraS



  7. TeraS


    Thank you Richard…


  8. TeraS

    *huggles for my heart and his love*


  9. TeraS

    *hugs for my Bro*


  10. TeraS

    *snugs and kisses for my hero*


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