Oct 22 2011

Yet another Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

Time for yet another YouTube of everyone’s favorite anime Succubus Morrigan Aensland!

And if you can’t see it here:


Some really nice images of Morrigan in this one, a few repeats from other videos but that’s okay… There is one image of her in the beginning of the video that has her being very red in colour which I don’t quite understand as that’s not really her colour traditionally…

Still, some really nice images of her in this one…




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  1. Dai

    Droooool great find!

  2. James

    Well, even though we cannot see Morrigan’s tail, she may have a tail-self who is much redder than she. Imagine what her personality might be like.

  3. TeraS

    Thanks Dai…


  4. TeraS

    The thought is an interesting one my heart…


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