Jan 02 2011

Remembering a dear friend…

Today marks one year since the passing of a dear friend of mine that I knew as Danny Lilithborne. I did not know of his passing last year on this day, and so I just wanted to mark it here and now for he is missed by his friends and family…

Rest well Danny… All is just a dream…

Love, Huggles and Dreams always…



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  1. Derek

    *cuddles close*

  2. James

    *huggles as we remember Danny together*

  3. Gryphon

    Sorry to hear that, Mistress…. remember there are those
    who will be strong for you.

  4. TeraS

    A year later and it’s not any easier for me…


  5. FZY1

    It never is but he feels our love and respect for him.

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