Oct 31 2009

My next Succubi Manip – Halloween Surprise

Happy Halloween to all!

I hope that it has been fun and all of the devilish things you wanted to do, have been done…

And here is mine for this day of days for the Succubi…

Halloween Surprise by TeraS

Halloween Surprise by TeraS

Happy Halloween all!




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  1. Larss

    The twist in such a small piece of story is perfect, and the image is all kinds of sexy. Outstanding image.

  2. FZY1

    Another home run milady you continue to do excellent work.

  3. TeraS


    Thank you as always Larss….


  4. TeraS

    Thank you my hero…



  5. James

    A lovely image, which you made more lovely, and a great piece of poetry which is all kinds of evocative. Well done, Majesty!


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