Apr 15 2009

The Queen as a D&D Character…

I was sent this today in my Email…

It’s a computer generated D&D Character sheet for me as it were…


Level 20 Female Succubus Warrior-Wizard
Height: 6'6", Weight: 150 lbs.

ST:    45,   IQ:    42,   LK:   259
CON:  179,   DEX:   31,   CHR:  203
SPD:   48,   POW:   88

Adds: 299, Missile Adds: 318

Wt. Possible: 4500, Wt. Carried: 422.8
Common Tongue (native language), Elven, Dwarvish, Hobbit, Simian

Gold: 1000 gp

Short Sword, Dice+Adds: 3
ST Req'd: 7, DEX Req'd: 3
Value: 35, Wt: 30.0

Target shield, Hits Taken: 4
ST Req'd: 5
Value: 35, Wt: 300.0

Other Equipment:
Warm dry clothing and pack
Value: 5, Wt: 10.0

Ordinary Torch (x8)
Value (total): 0.8, Wt (total): 80.0

Detect Magic; Lock Tight; Will-o-wisp; Knock Knock;
Oh There It Is; Oh-Go-Away; Teacher; Hocus Pocus;
Omnipotent Eye; Yassa-Massa; Hidey Hole;
Cateyes; Glue-You; Little Feets; Mirage;
Poor Baby; Magic Fangs; Curses Foiled; Slush Yuck;
Hard Stuff; Rock-a-Bye; Blasting Power;
Freeze Pleeze; Fly Me
Carnelian, value: 80, wt: 0.2

Garnet, value: 20, wt: 0.1

Quartz, value: 20, wt: 0.3

Garnet, value: 20, wt: 0.1

Jeweled Leather Necklace, Fire-opal (x1),
item value: 1001, item wt: 0.6

Fire-opal, value: 200, wt: 0.3

Quartz, value: 100, wt: 0.5

Topaz, value: 150, wt: 0.4

*Serpentine, value: 2600, wt: 0.3

*Magical: This item is primarily for use by magic-using characters.
The item is magically charged, and contains 7 charges.
The wielder of this item can expend one charge per combat turn,
and each charge expended grants the wielder 7 points of Power to use
in casting a spell in the same combat turn that the charge is expended.
When all charges are expended from the item, the item crumbles to dust.

Specials: Unaffected by fire-based effects

Unaffected by disintegration and instantaneous death effects

Unaffected by non-magical weapons

Capable of flight at an effective SPD four times
the character's normal SPD rating

Unaffected by mind-influencing effects, such as Oh-Go-Away,
Mirage, Rock-a-Bye, Dum-Dum, Mind Pox

Unaffected by poison

Able to see in the dark


It’s an interesting character sheet, but I think for a Queen of the Succubi, it’s a bit underpowered…

Something to ponder at least for the next time my hubby and I are at a con…


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    I agree. It doesn’t even account for the awesome power of your green eyes or your cherry fragrance . . . just the beginning. 8) 😈

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