Jan 12 2009


Ad Nauseum…



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  1. James

    as long as its ad nauseum and not ad nausea, Majesty.

    **many many more huggles and snugs; a tanker truck of chicken soup has been dispatched, along with three semis full of chocolate chip cookies**

  2. FreezeFrame

    Matzah balls are being airlifted by a squadron of AngelKitties!!!

    Operation Shoo Flu is in high gear!!!


  3. RachaelfromNJ

    I hope you feel better soon. Matzo ball soup definetely helpss, I agree. I always eat it when I don’t feel good.

    I thought of you recently after I reviewed some books with a succubus in them. Not sure if they’re reflected in the kind of way that you’d like but it’s still succubi so I thought you’d be interested. Here’s my reviews on them:



  4. TeraS


    Thank you all for your kindness!

    And I will have a peek I promise Rachael!

    Love to you all!


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