Dec 25 2008

Here Cums SuccuClaus…

It’s still Christmas here in The Realm and so… Something special for Christmas for you all…

This post is special in two ways…

The first is that this is my annual Christmas Succubi manip…

The second is that this Tale will mark the 400th one that I have written…

And so here it is:

Here Cums SuccuClaus…


Merry Christmas to all!




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  1. FreezeFrame

    Yum! Definitly will warm up the cold winters eve!!

  2. James

    Yes, yes!! Very nice, Majesty!! Merry Christmas and another happy succu-versary. 😀

  3. James

    Try this again (it didn’t seem to take):

    Yes, yes, she is very delicious! Merry Christmas and another happy succu-versary! 😀

  4. Bytefyre

    Ha ha ha! That’s awesome, Tera! Thanks for such a yummy holiday treat.

    Talk to you soon,

  5. BFslave

    This is just too good, Mistress. I love it more than words can say.

    *Happy Holiday huggles*

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