Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 23 2008

Succubus Encyclopedia Entry

Succubus Entry

This is something that a member of the Garden of MC discovered and posted in a thread there… It is a encyclopedia entry on Succubi… I’m posting this today so the perhaps someone will be able to point me at the website it is from. Again… Any help would be wonderful! Tera

Sep 22 2008

Succubi and Bowling…

Bowling Succubi

Came across a rather amusing movie this morning called Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation. It is produced by a film company called Happy Cloud Pictures… A short trailer is here: httpv:// And a quick plot summary, and I mean a really quick official one is: A bunch of Succubi help two geeky girls …

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Sep 21 2008

Middleman Update and Other Stuffs

Just a little note about the ABC Family Series The Middleman that I talk about from time to time… According to Slice of SciFi, in this week’s podcast, “And while the sets for The Middleman are still standing, as of this date its future on ABC Family is yet to be determined.” So… Still in …

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Sep 20 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 21

Week 21 V2

  The closing pricing as of Friday, September 19th… Giving an index price of: $35.46. Up 53 cents on the week… Aren’t you surprised? After the past week of trouble and screaming of recession… I honestly expected it to be down five or six dollars at this point… But it’s not in spite of Apple …

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Sep 19 2008

Succubus Costume Mistake…

Ugly Succubus Costume

It’s really a mistake. Completely and totally not what a Succubus is supposed to look like… Have a look! I’ll post an image of it here later today when I get home… And here it is for your general disbelief… Oh the mistakes… Where oh where do I start ranting? Vampire fangs. Right there it’s …

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Sep 18 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 39

Female Devil by Unknown Artist

This week’s Succubi is in my eyes might be more of a photo turned into a drawing rather than a drawing from scratch… I could be very well wrong on that but… The pose and the outfit and especially that pitchfork seems to remind me of a costume I saw on a website some time …

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Sep 17 2008


Another one of my short flashes about Succubi… _____________________________________ Calling By TeraS The book waited. You found it. The book spoke. You listened. The book promised. You believed. You found the tools. You prepared them. You made yourself ready. The lines drawn. The candles lit. The space just so. Your eyes read the words. Your …

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