Sep 24 2008

Hump Day Ponderings…

Welcome to Wednesday…

Don’t really have a lot to say today as I have other issues I’m dealing with at the moment…

Do have a question that, for those that are interested, can ponder and make suggestions for…

What should be the name of the Forum?

Any ideas would be very helpful, as I am just about ready to get the Forum up and running finally…

And in order to install the software I have to have a name for the forum before anything else…

So the sooner I have a name, the quicker I can get it working!



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  1. James

    Pondering and will be back with ideas, Majesty. Promise.

  2. James

    Here we go: a few meager attempts at names for your forum:

    The Lakeshore (where Succubi and AngelKitties tell stories and play)

    By the Portal (an entry to the Realm)

    Aroused Voices (or Voices of Arousal)

    Playing With Pitchforks

  3. freezeframe

    Der WaffleHaus?

  4. TeraS

    *pounces FF*

    Of evil I suppose?

    *tickles without mercy*


  5. TeraS

    *snugs James*

    I kind of like Aroused Voices, but it’s not quite there my heart…


  6. BFslave

    Astral Mere?

  7. TeraS




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