Monthly Archive: August 2008

Aug 10 2008

Pride and Succubus – A Play in San Francisco

This is a play running from August 7th, 2008 to the 23rd at the Thunderbird Theatre Company in San Francisco. The website of the company is: Now… You’d expect that a play with that name would be about a Succubus at some point, but based on the little tease information that they give, the play …

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Aug 09 2008

Succubi Stock Index Week 15

  The closing pricing as of Friday, August 8th…   Giving an index price of: $36.07. And as a result the index is up $2.25 this week. So why the rebound this week? Apple has been called as being to handle a downturn in the economy very well. Johnson and Johnson produced a really positive …

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Aug 08 2008

Succubus Blues Comic

  I came across something interesting on Deviantart today… It’s a series of pictures by an artist called LexMontyPython based on the book Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead… His site is:   And one image example of his work is this: According to his profile, he is based in Portugal and has several comic …

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Aug 07 2008

Succubi Image of the Week 33

Through a Google group about Devil Girls. I have discovered an artist with an amazing amount of talent… And he’s Canadian too! His name is Bruce Colero and his website is: And this absolute work of art is called Devildolls2. It’s just beyond words the amount of detail in this image.. I love the …

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Aug 06 2008

An odd thought really but…

Been running around most of the day today with my Eternal and just came home… So here’s a vague thought for the day…     Wings. This has always bothered me about Succubi. Think about it for a moment… Why would you have wings as a Succubus? Trust me when I say that having wings …

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Aug 05 2008

See the Horns?

I posted my 37,000th post and manip on the Collective a day or so ago… The link for the Collective is in the Blogroll in the right sidebar for those interested in seeing it… It’s not a Succubi manip FYI… A very very dear friend of mine, James, sent me this poem in recognition of …

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Aug 04 2008

Yet another stupid costume…

On my continuing quest for finding one single succubi costume that looks nice… I found this: This… thing… Is the creation of Allure Lingerie of the UK. The cost of it comes to 33.84 in British Pounds… The complete outfit includes the dress, devil horns, fishnet stockings and devil’s pitchfork. *sighs a bit* I can’t see …

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